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Greetings. My name is Doctor Evil and I am here to present to you a series of
tales from the realms of popular fiction, in particular television and movies. I
inhabit the dark realms within these universes, and it is here I see the things
that weren't shown, the things that might have happened and the things that
should have happened. I present these tales of dark pleasures to you the
readers who deserve to know the entire story. Did you ever wonder what could
happen if the situation was changed in one of your favourite films or television
shows? I am here to present the answer to you. If you have a situation which
you would like to see exposed, then inform me and I shall do my utmost to
find out the real truth for you. Today's story exposes a situation from the Star
Wars universe.

What actually happened to Princess Leia when she was captured by the
Empire in Star Wars? Just what happened after Darth Vader and the
interrogation droid entered her cell and shut the door?

Well here today we have those answers for you!

In a tale called:

"Star Wars - Leia's Interrogation"

Chapter 2 Leia looked up in defiance as Vader swept into her small cell, with
one quick glance he took in the entire area and then fixed her with a gaze from
behind his tinted lenses. "And now, your highness, we will discuss the
location of your hidden rebel base." Behind him she could see an egg shaped
droid lower itself down between the two Stormtroopers guarding the door, and
propel itself slowly into the room. The room filled with the constant buzzing of
the droid as it moved closer to her and extended a syringe. With a certain
finality the door slid shut closing her in with Vader and the droid. Vader stood
watching her face for a reaction as the droid drifted down alongside her. She
would be damned if she was going to give him any reaction, so she sat
stoically staring at the metal of the door behind him. She had been trained in
the techniques of resistance to the drugs and the mind probe, but who knew
what other techniques the dark lord might bring into play. "It is useless to
resist me Princess, eventually you will be broken and you will tell me what I
want to know. Don't make it any harder for yourself." "You will get nothing from
me, I don't know anything about the rebellion," she said, smiling sweetly at
the sith lord. "So be it," he said, indicating the droid should continue. With a
sudden whine it rose up on it's repulsors and moved alongside her.
Instinctively she tried to move away from it, but she was held in place by
some kind of invisible power. She realised Vader was not just staring at her,
he was using the force to hold her in place. With a sudden thrust the needle
was plunged into her upper arm and then the droid moved back to wait
patiently next to the door. Suddenly wave after wave of dizziness swept
through her body, and she collapsed back onto the bunk as Vader released
her from his grip. Staring glassy eyed at the ceiling she felt the sensation of
great heat and then incredible cold run up and down the length of her body.
She did not know what the drugs were supposed to do to her but she hoped it
would wear off quickly. "Now you should be a little more willing to answer my
questions." "The Senate will have your head for this Vader," slurred Leia. "I
don't think so, and now about your Rebel bases....."

Vader had questioned her relentlessly for over an hour, and she had managed
to tell him nothing. She could feel the drugs moving through her mind, and if
she didn't concentrate totally, she would say whatever thought sprang into her
head. She realised the questions had stopped and the room was silent aside
from the mechanical hissing of Vader's suit breathing for him. She lifted her
head and with a great effort managed to focus on him. He was standing
perfectly still on the other side of the room, observing her. "What are you
waiting for?" she yelled at him. "The drugs have not tempered your resolve, I
think it's time for the mind probe," he said quietly. For a moment she thought
she heard a twinge of regret in his voice, but this thought was quickly chased
away as she saw him advancing on her with a metal band. Reaching down
Vader lifted her head with one hand, and placed the band around her forehead
with the other. Pressing the small touch plate on the front of the metal, the
band quickly shrunk until it was snugly encasing her head. Instantly she could
feel the machine scraping through her mind, it was as though her mind was
being smothered and it took all of her will just to think coherently.
Remembering her training she concentrated on trivial and unimportant things.
She was halfway through the second verse of her favourite childhood song
when she felt the pressure increase. "I see you are aware of some techniques
to defeat the probe. I have turned it up to a higher setting, we will see how you
fare now." She could feel the probe desperately trying to ravage her thoughts,
it was tearing through her head like a screaming, howling tornado. She started
her song again, and began to scream the words in her mind at the top of her
voice. She could just hear young Leia yelling loudly over the top of the wind,
but the probe was not getting anything useful so she continued. "I see that
further effort is required on our part," said Vader as he indicated the cell door
which slid open. "I have a task for you," he said to the two troopers outside of
the door. Quickly the made their way inside, eager not to anger Lord Vader,
and snapped to attention in front of him. "She is resisting the mind probe, I
require the two of you to provide further distraction." "Yes my Lord, what shall
we do?" asked the first trooper. "Remove her clothing, perhaps the humiliation
of being exposed will provide the necessary distraction." "Yes Lord," said both
troopers in unison. Suddenly Leia felt herself jerked up off the bed, and her
wrists were locked into a pair of shackles hanging from the ceiling. Now she
could feel two pairs of hands running over her body, but she had to ignore it
and continue singing otherwise everyone in the Rebel command centre would
be killed and this station would be loose in an unsuspecting galaxy. She felt
her robes being undone and removed, but she knew there was no way they
could get the body suit off without undoing her wrists. One of the
Stormtroopers was behind her, he reached down and cupped one of her firm
buttocks in his gauntlet covered hand, then as he saw that Vader was not
moving to stop him he began to squeeze it. Even through his armoured glove
he could feel the wonderful flesh, he knew he was going to enjoy this
immensely. The other trooper was standing in front of her admiring her pert
breasts through the taut material of the body suit. He grabbed her left breast
and began to rub the nipple with his palm. He did this for a few moments and
was rewarded with the feel of the erect nipple pushing back at him through the
material. He treated her other breast to the same attention and then ran his
palm down the flat plane of her belly. Lower and lower he slid his hand until it
reached the valley at the top of her thighs. Slowly he slid his hand between
her legs, taking the whole of her pubic region into his hand. He was staring at
her, watching for some reaction, and to his satisfaction he saw her flinch
slightly as he made contact with the clitoris hidden beneath the cloth. "Your
efforts are not enough to distract her, proceed further," instructed Vader.
Nodding in agreement the two troopers turned back to their hanging captive,
and with a sly grin beneath his helmet the first trooper reached out to seize a
handful of the bustline of the body suit. With one swift tear he pulled the front
of the suit away, and as he continued to pull at it, the other trooper helped him
tear away the clothing, to leave the Princess hanging totally nude. She could
feel the cold air of the cell playing across her vulnerable flesh, and felt the
flesh react and rise up into goose pimples. Her mind had stopped singing and
had moved onto the imaginary scenario of what she planned to do to these
troopers when she had them up before a Senate inquiry. She was playing out
the entire scene in her head and was taking great pleasure in it as well. The
next person due before the inquiry was Vader himself and she knew she would
enjoy that immensely. She felt the trooper's gloved hands playing over her
naked flesh, roaming freely over her breasts, buttocks and pussy lips. To the
joy of the troopers she kept flinching each time they came into contact with
her little clit, and try as she might she couldn't stop herself from reacting. The
first trooper removed his helmet to reveal a hard, weathered face with sandy
brown hair. He had a short scar down his right cheek and was still sporting a
large bruise on his chin from an earlier training incident where he had beaten
some sense into a new recruit. He dropped down onto the bed next to her,
and was face to face with her pert little breasts. He latched onto one and
began to suck. Holding it between his lips he began to run his tongue around
the nipple, before starting to nibble on it with his front teeth. The second
trooper removed his helmet revealing a younger blonde haired boy underneath.
He was only a few months out of the academy and had been paired with his
mentor for the entire time. He stood behind Leia and ran his hand down her
buttocks again. He continued down the curve of her arse, and then reached
down between her legs to attack her pussy from behind. Slowly caressing the
lips he made his way upwards to the clit hiding under it's little hood. Leia
could feel the attention being given to both her pussy and to her nipples, and
she was going out of her mind trying to ignore them. If she allowed her
concentration to slip even momentarily everything she knew would be easily
accessed by the probe. Her forehead creased with the strain as she fought
back the sensations radiating out from her erogenous zones, she did not know
how much longer she would be able to keep this up for. "Intensify your efforts,
she is near to faltering, I can sense it. Utilise the droid's equipment," ordered
Vader. The second trooper broke off his assault on her pussy and moved over
to where the droid was still waiting. He pressed against the side of the droid
and with a click a little compartment opened up revealing a storage area. The
droid quickly extended the container held within and the trooper grabbed it and
headed back over to Leia. The first trooper had now made his way down her
body and had begun to giver Leia's pussy a tongue bath. Leia squirmed in
agony as she fought to hold onto her mind while she could feel every
sensation from the man's tongue as it played against her sensitive pussy lips.
She could feel his older leathery face pressing against the skin of her thighs
and the warmth of his cheeks against her skin as he continued to work at
breaking her. His tongue snaked up and down the length of her slit, slowly
easing into her depths, before plunging in and out repeatedly. It made it's way
up and danced around her clit, trying to pull back the hood by itself, sending
all sorts of vibrations shooting through the sensitive nub underneath. Leia felt
like she was going to loose her mind, or her brain was going to explode,
whichever came first. She knew she could not allow herself to reach orgasm
as it would provide the opportunity the mind probe required, but it would
almost kill her trying to prevent it. The first trooper had eaten a few pussies in
his days as an Imperial soldier, and none were any sweeter than this high
class royal pussy he was nibbling on now. He could feel her muscles rolling
and contracting each time his tongue plunged inside her. He could feel her
orgasm building and he was trying his damnedest to make it happen. He
allowed his tongue to linger within her hot box, as he began to coat her
insides with his saliva. He enclosed her clit between his lips and began to
suck, lightly at first, slowly increasing the pressure. As he sucked he ran his
tongue over her clit, moving the fold of flesh around between his lips. Leia was
not far from the point of incoherent screaming when the second trooper moved
up behind her. He had been watching the other trooper eating her out and now
he wanted to get in on the action himself. He opened the little storage case
and removed the penis shaped object within. It was one of the new self
lubricating models, and he pressed the button on the end to activate it. Slowly
it grew to a size he was happy with, and he released the button. Squeezing it
in the middle he felt the lubrication ooze out of the pores of the rubber skin of
the probe to prepare it for insertion. He reached down and positioned it
between her defenceless buttocks and aimed it at her arsehole. He moved it
forwards so that it was touching her skin and as she realized something was
about to happen, he began to slide the probe into her. With a grunt of
discomfort she felt something slide into her arse, and continue further in. This
was the final straw she could feel her resolve beginning to leave her and she
felt herself sobbing involuntarily. It was like she was looking down on someone
else. She watched as the sobbing Princess below her had her pussy eaten
out by a seasoned professional, while her arsehole was reamed with a large
probe wielded by an enthusiastic amateur. This went on for a few minutes until
Vader suddenly moved forwards and stopped both of the troopers. "Your
efforts are unsuccessful, she is still resisting the mind probe. That will be all,"
he said holding out his hand for the probe. The second trooper quickly pulled
the probe out of her arsehole, with a loud plop, and handed it to Lord Vader.
Quickly he grabbed his helmet and headed out the door, followed shortly after
by the other trooper who was still wiping Leia's juices from his face. Vader
turned to face the dishevelled young woman hanging before him. "You have
won this minor victory, but we will obtain the information. We shall just have to
find other ways to motivate you." Leia tried to smile as the he removed the
probe from her head, but she wasn't sure if she was actually doing it or she
just imagined she was. The drugs still hadn't worn off yet, but she could feel
herself begin to sob lightly in relief before she managed to regain her
composure. Vader returned the mind probe to a compartment on the droid
and slid the rubber probe back into it's containment vessel as well. "I leave the
droid to try and convince you to see things our way," said Vader as he
attached another implement to the front of the droid. He turned and left the
room as the droid moved towards her again. She saw that the droid now had a
kind of cuplike attachment on the front of it, rather like an oxygen mask. It
quickly dipped down in front of her and manoeuvred forwards to position the
cup over her pussy. With a suction noise it affixed itself to her pubic area,
totally covering her pussy. She could feel regular suction from the cup, as
though the trooper was back sucking on her pussy. She now also felt some
sort of rubbery wet probe extend out of the cup and fix itself onto her clit. It
was like having someone lick her clit and suck on her entire pussy at the
same time. She could let herself go now that the mind probe was switched off
and she relaxed and let herself head towards orgasm. The droid was quite
efficient, applying the right amount of pressure here, a lick at exactly the right
moment and so on. She quickly felt her orgasm coming on when the droid
stopped. Groaning in frustration she felt her buzz start to fade away and once
it was gone the droid started up again, forcing her towards orgasm again, only
to stop just before she reached it again. After this had happened a couple of
times she realised what was going on, the droid was going to keep turning her
on and then stop just before orgasm. It wouldn't stop until someone came
back for it, and she would probably have gone insane from frustration by then.
Now she really knew why this was called a torture droid.

To be continued.

Copyright (c) Dr Evil Productions 1999


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