Star Wars: Leia's Interrogation Part 3 (M/F,ncon)
by Dr. Evil

Leia had been awoken by a pair of Stormtroopers opening the cell door and
pulling her to her feet from her cot. Looking down at herself she was
thankful she had been able to dress after the torture droid had kept her
on the brink of orgasm for several hours before they disconnected it. She
had to use all of her self control not to throw herself on the droid
operator when he came to collect it, however as soon as he had left the
room she quickly stimulated herself to an explosive climax. She was then
ready to collapse from exhaustion, but had enough presence of mind to get
dressed first.

"Your presence is requested on the control deck this morning," said one of
the troopers.

It was not a request no matter how they worded it. She was not surprised by
this, but she was shocked that she had managed to sleep for hours. I guess
a three hour orgasm will wear you out, she thought to herself. The guards
slapped a set of manacles on her wrists and then shoved her out into the
corridor. They then headed up towards the lift and shoved her into the
waiting car. It moved up and came to a halt, the doors hissed open onto a
large, spassly furnished room.

One entire wall was taken up by a video display, and standing before it
was Grand Moff Tarkin. While the troopers held her in place waiting for
something, she watched Tarkin as he contemplated the image before him.

The room was in near darkness, with shadows everywhere. A nearby patch of
darkness began to move forwards, and she recognized the sense of dread which
usually preceded Darth Vader. He stepped out of the darkness alongside them
and walked in front of her. He began to stride towards Tarkin, and the
troopers fell in behind him, taking her with them.

"Governor Tarkin. I should have expected to find you holding Vader's leash.
I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board," said Leia to the
older man, hoping it would cover her unease.

"Charming to the last. You don't know how hard I found it signing the order
to terminate your life!" said the grey haired man. He stood before this young
senator, his smaller form doing little to hide the power he actually had at
his command.

"I'm surprised you had the courage to take the responsibility yourself!" she
said, more to cover the shock of finding out she was to be terminated than as
any real sort of a comeback.

"Princess Leia, before your execution I would like you to be my guest at a
ceremony that will make this battle station operational. No star system will
dare oppose the Emperor now," he said, ignoring her comments.

"The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip
through your fingers," she said trying to frustrate Tarkin. She could tell
from his little grin that it wasn't working.

"Not after we demonstrate the power of this station. In a way, you have
determined the choice of the planet that'll be destroyed first," smiling to
himself, he was going to enjoy the look on her face. "Since you are reluctant
to provide us with the location of the Rebel base, I have chosen to test this
station's destructive power... on your home planet of Alderaan."

Tarkin was most pleased with the reaction he had caused. Leia surged towards
him before being restrained again. "No! Alderaan is peaceful. We have no
weapons. You can't possibly..."

"You would prefer another target? A military target? Then name the system!"
he exclaimed, cutting her off. He continued to glare at her, and he could see
the indecision written across her face. Moving forwards he fixed her with his
penetrating gaze. "I grow tired of asking this, so it'll be the last time.
Where is the rebel base?"

Leia could see no way out. How could she condemn her entire planet to save
her friends? Looking up at the screen she saw the green globe of Alderaan
hanging in space, she had no choice at all. She might be able to stall them
for a while though. "Dantooine," she said quietly, in her best impersonation
of a defeated person. "They're on Dantooine."

"There. You see, Lord Vader, she can be reasonable," said Tarkin with a smug
smile. He turned to face the control personnel. "Continue with the operation.
You may fire when ready."

"WHAT?!" yelled Leia in surprise.

"You're far too trusting. Dantooine is too remote to make an effective
demonstration. But don't worry. We will deal with your Rebel friends soon
enough." Tarkin stepped back to allow her to see the full screen. She
watched, gripped with the horror of anticipation. Like some sort of macabre
play, she knew the ending and was waiting for it to happen. At each moment
she expected them to tell her it was a trick, that they were torturing her
mentally again. It never came. A green beam of energy shot out of the Death
Star and drove straight into the planet. An instant later she saw her home
explode. If she hadn't been held in place she would have collapsed from
shock. It was unbelievable, everyone and everything she had grown up with
were gone. In an instant her life had been ripped away and thrown into

"Monitor this region for any ships which survived. Allow two to escape to
spread fear of this battle station. Destroy any others," ordered Tarkin. He
stepped back in front of Leia and looked at the young woman before him. Once
upon a time she would have held immeasurable power, but today under the
Empire she was his prisoner. He was God to her with the power of life and
death. He enjoyed the totality of this power He had played God for this
entire world, and had judged them in contempt of the Empire. There would be
many other systems deserving of such attention. With a satisfied smile, he
watched as she struggled not to cry in front of them.

"Please follow me your Highness. This initiation ceremony is not over yet, I
have more festivities in store for you." Tarkin began to walk back to the
lift and she found herself being marched along behind him, leaving the
remnants of her world behind in the cold of deep space.

The door opened with a hiss and Tarkin strode impatiently forwards into the
room beyond. Leia was quickly marched in and found herself in a totally black
room. Directly in front of the door was a viewport showing the area directly
outside this room, deep space. She watched the stars glowing brightly, with
the occasional piece of Alderaan floating past to obscure the view. To the
left was a desk made of some sort of jet black wood, it shimmered in the
room's half lighting, and this was where Tarkin had retreated to. He was
sitting behind the desk in a matching black chair, his grey uniform a strange
beacon of colour in the otherwise colorless room. She looked to her right and
saw a large bed, also black, with some sort of black sheets. With a start she
realized this was Tarkin's private quarters, and she had heard about his
legendary appetites for female flesh. What did he have planned for her?

"Don't just stand there man, get a seat for the Princess," said Tarkin to
one of the troopers, and then turned back to Leia with a strange smile. She
suddenly felt a stinging sensation at her neck and heard the hiss of an
injector gun.

"What are you doing? What was that you injected me with?" she just managed
to get out as she collapsed back into the arms of the trooper holding her.

* * *

Leia struggled to regain consciousness, and finally with a groan she managed
to open her eyes. She found herself strapped down to some sort of strange
metal chair. She was lying face down, bent forwards at the waist. She was
nearly down on all fours, but her chest was raised a little. The metal tubing
which made up the chair was, of course, black and was quite cold against her
skin. It was then she realized she was stark naked, her clothes nowhere in

She struggled a little and found herself firmly secured to the strange
chairlike device. She could feel the carpet under her toes if she stretched
them downwards, but she couldn't move any other part of her legs as they were
secured to the tubing running down the length of each of her legs to the
floor. Her legs were spreadeagled, and she could imagine the display she
would be presenting from behind in this position.

The two chair legs rejoined around her navel and connected to a metal seat,
which her stomach was resting on. The two tubes re-emerged under her
breasts, encasing their circumference in cold metal, which made her nipples
stand to attention. They continued upwards, holding her torso up a little,
and then went down to form the other two legs of the chair, and her arms
were strapped down to each of them. Her chin was resting on another metal
plate which emerged from the top of the tubing around her breasts, and held
her head at just the right angle to see the view panel.

Trying to turn her head she found it was held down on the plate with a
leather strap which went over the top of her head, and was also anchored at
several other points. She realized she was right in front of the doorway so
if anyone came in they would see her lewdly spread out like this. She felt a
hand cup her right buttock and she flinched involuntarily.

"So you're finally awake. I was starting to think I would have to start
without you," said Tarkin's voice from behind her. She heard him moving
around and he suddenly came into view in front of her. He had removed his
uniform and was now wearing only a silky black, ankle length robe. This
made him seem even more a part of her surroundings, as the only color was
his pale flesh peeking out through the top of the robe. "You will notice
that you are firmly secured. This is so you do not force me to injure you.
There is a certain enjoyment to be had from that sort of encounter, but I
am in no mood for it today. The gag is purely for my benefit, I do not wish
to hear your incessant whining any longer," and before she could try to
respond he had again moved around behind her. "My men have informed me that
you are quite a prize to be had. However I will save that for later. For
now I will introduce you to other pleasures."

Leia was trying to yell at him through the black ball gag in her mouth, but
could make very little sound. She realized she was also still groggy from
whatever they had injected her with, and this was why she hadn't noticed the
gag before he mentioned it. She felt the back of the ball with her tongue
and tried to push it out, but the binding holding it in place was secured.
She could feel it's rough texture around her cheeks and the knot pressing
into the back of her head.

Her mind was clearing and she was now beginning to be overloaded by all the
various sensory inputs. Her body was cold from all of the metal tubing
pressing into her flesh, her jaw was aching from being stretched open by the
ball in her mouth and her arms and legs were starting to ache from being
held in this position.

Her mind suddenly snapped back to Tarkin as she felt his hands on her ass.
He was spreading her cheeks apart to reveal her asshole, with her pussy
hiding below it. She heard him moving around as he removed his hands, and
heard the robe flutter to the ground. Now she knew why they had left her
virginity intact. Tarkin wanted it for himself.

"Hnmomo," was all she managed to get out as she tried to yell at him. She
heard him chuckling behind her as he was preparing himself in some way. "Now
if you pay attention to the screen in front of you, I have a little something
for you," and she heard the click of a control pad, and then felt it's weight
as he placed it in the small of her back, and left it there. The screen in
front of her suddenly changed it's view.

Before her was a very familiar sight, her former home on Alderaan. It was not
a still image however, she realized. It was actual footage as she saw the
trees softly swaying in the gentle breeze. She saw signs of movement from
inside the building, and she saw the family transport parked outside, waiting
for her father to come out and drive to the city for his daily meetings.

"We sent some people down a little while before we fired upon Alderaan. I had
them set up a couple of cameras so that you would get the best view possible
of what is about to happen. Here's a second image for you to watch as well,"
he said with a chuckle.

She felt the pad press down lightly into her skin as he pressed another
button on it. Her home suddenly shrank to take up the right half of the
screen and the left now contained footage of the main chambers in the city.
Leia lay there watching the people coming and going. They had no idea what
was coming. She felt the anger and the sadness welling up in her again. She
hated this man, and more so than ever. She had a reason to hate the Empire.
She felt him press another button, and a little countdown indicator appeared
on the bottom right of the screen.

"You can guess what that is my dear," he said as she felt him take her
buttocks in his hands again. As she saw the countdown reach zero she heard
the beam coming down and as it slammed into the planet creating a shockwave
which instantly demolished the buildings before her. She cried in agony as
Tarkin drove his rock hard cock into her asshole.

"They were right my dear. Such a tight little ass. I am going to enjoy this,"
and he began to ram it deeper and deeper into her. She had just seen her
actual home destroyed and the most familiar things in her life disintegrate
before her eyes. The sudden shock of this and the sudden intense pain from
her ass, which Tarkin was currently reaming in and out of, had brought a
choked sob to her throat. She was glad she had the gag as she didn't think
he heard it.

"So very tight indeed, and such a lovely ass too." Suddenly she felt a sharp
stinging slap across her left buttock. Tarkin was now spanking her in time
with his thrusts. Moving back and forth between the two cheeks he slapped her
tight cheeks and drove himself into her as deep as he could go. He did not
tire of this for many minutes, and it was only once Leia's entire ass was
bright red that he slowed down again.

"We're almost there, prepare yourself." She felt his tempo increase again.
She could feel the length of his shaft as it drove it's way inside her. It
forced the little rosebud of her asshole apart, stretching it open and over
the head of his cock before it closed around the shaft as it made it's way
inside her. He hit bottom and with a grunt she felt him start to spurt his
hot cum deep inside her ass. He pumped his cock back and forth a little as
he shot into her again and again. Then with a satisfied sigh he pulled his
hard cock back out of her with a wet pop.

"That was most enjoyable. I think I'll get myself a small drink. I'll be back
in a minute, don't go off the boil," he said with a chuckle as he moved away.

She guessed that some of the other walls were actually doors, as she heard
one of them hiss open. He would have some kind of kitchen unit here, as well
as a sonic shower and other amenities. She saw him pull a black leather
lounge chair in front of her and he lowered himself into the chair and sat
staring at her. He took a drink out of the crystal glass he was holding, and
returned to staring into her eyes. He had dressed into his robe again, so
he now stood out from the black of the room like a star himself.

"Did you enjoy the holovids? I thought you might like a little souvenir from
home. I also had them bring a little something back for you. Would you like
to see it?" he asked as he reached forwards and undid her gag. She felt the
relief of being able to close her mouth, and then she spat in his face.

"You lowlife. I will make sure you pay for this," she whispered coldly at

"I have not finished yet, my dear. Are you sure you don't want to see your
present? I'm sure you'll like him. Oops I've ruined a part of the surprise

"Who is it? Show me you bastard!"

"All you had to do was ask." He stood up and walked around behind her again
and grabbed the control pad off her back. With a click the screen changed to
the picture of an airlock. Lying on the floor of the airlock was the body
of a beaten man. As the lights in the airlock came on and the vidscreen came
to life high above, he slowly looked up and Leia could see his face.

"Father! Father are you alright?"

"I assure you he is fine my dear. I thought you might like us to save your
family. We flipped a credit and your father won so here he is," said Tarkin
cutting off any response from Bail Organa. Bail was surprised to see Leia,
but was more surprised to hear something had happened to his wife.

"You bastards, what have you done with my wife?" came the voice from the

"Well we only wanted one of you, so my men went inside your home and I
allowed them a little recreation with her. Then they killed her."

Bail Organa slumped to the ground in the airlock and began to sob. Slowly he
looked back up at the screen and snarled at it.

"I'll kill you myself Tarkin, do you hear me?!"

"Yes, very good Organa. Now be quiet. I have a little something to show you."

The screen in front of Leia clicked off and went black.

"What have you done to him?" Leia demanded.

"Nothing. He is unaware of your planet's fate. I am showing him. I'm sure
he'll find it most riveting."

"If he doesn't kill you then I will."

"Tell me, does melodrama run in your family? I assure you that neither of you
will ever be in a position to kill me. I hold both your lives in my hands."

The screen came back on and Leia saw the shocked face of her father staring
up at her.

"Is it true Leia, are they gone?"

"Yes father, they've destroyed Alderaan."

A primal scream of anguish came from Bail as he collapsed to the floor
again. His face was streaked with tears. He was a peaceful man who had just
witnessed more destruction than he ever thought possible. He sat staring
at the metal wall in front of him, taking no notice of anything now.

"Organa! Organa, wake up! Do you hear me, wake up!" ordered Tarkin, snapping
his fingers at the screen. Bail didn't move and simply sat staring off into
the distance.

"I'm afraid Leia here is also scheduled for termination. She is a rebel
sympathizer, much like yourself, and you are both my prisoners."

Bail's head moved slightly, he appeared to have responded to Leia's name, but
he had reacted to nothing else.

"I am going to allow you to view her final interrogation before her death."

"Father, save yourself if you can! Don't worry about me," yelled Leia while
she still had the opportunity.

"Oh, do be quiet, can't you see the man's a basket case?" snapped Tarkin as
he walked back behind her again. "Alright Bail, here's something special for
you. I have daddy's little girl here, and she's just ready and waiting for
me. You are quite privileged, most fathers don't get to see their daughters
loose their virginity," commented Tarkin as he dropped his robe to the floor,
again unleashing his erect member. This had the desired effect on Bail who
was now again on his feet.

"Leave my daughter alone you bastard!"

"No I'm afraid it's gone too far for that. Wish her luck, and welcome her to
womanhood. Oh, and one last thought... think about what room you're in."

With that he snapped off the speaker, and Leia could see her father yelling,
but could hear nothing. She watched as Bail looked around and noticed he was
in an airlock.

"Look how brave your father is being now that he realizes I can kill him at
any time I choose. I think you should put on the same brave face for Daddy,
don't you?"

She snarled at him as she felt his hand move down and begin to stimulate her
clitoris. "You have a lovely little pussy as well, I imagine it should be
incredibly tight too. I am almost ready to explode from anticipation, but
there is a certain order to things, and they must be done properly. We need
to get you nice and wet, so I don't hurt myself," he said as he slowly began
to massage her pussy lips.

"Before I forget," he ducked back in front of her and placed the control pad
before her mouth. "Just to make sure the microphone picks up everything, we
wouldn't want Daddy to miss any of the experience now would we?"

Leia gritted her teeth and was determined not to make a sound. If nothing
else she would save her father the indignity of hearing her being violated.
She felt Tarkin behind her again, working around her exposed little pussy.
He was slowly running his finger through her dark curly pubes, tracing the
line of her slit, down one side and back up the other to the clithood at the
top. He wet his finger and slowly began to work it around her clit. She felt
the sensations running up her spine. She tried to concentrate on that fact
that this man was a cold blooded murderer who was about to rape her. She
would be damned if she was going to allow herself to respond to his

He slowly inserted a finger into her parted pussylips, and began to massage
her interior walls. She felt his finger stroking her insides, slowly plunging
in to rest on her hymen and then slide back out.

"I think that's as much as I'm going to get out of you. Are you ready, your

She now felt the head of his cock at her pussylips, and slowly it parted
the lips and forced it's way inside. She felt herself spread apart by the
thickness of his cock, and it slid in ever deeper until it hit her cherry.

"By the power of the Empire, I sentence you to termination," he said so Bail
could hear him, and thrust in forcefully.

Leia felt his cock slam into her, it tore through her virginity and drove all
the way in. She had been unprepared for the sudden pain, even though she knew
it was coming. She gave a tortured cry and suddenly there was movement on the
screen in front of her. She saw her father suddenly buffeted by a rushing
wind, she saw him screaming silently as the air rushed out and he was
suddenly sucked out into space. The screen quickly changed to an exterior
view and she saw him floating away from the station and in the cold depths
of space she watched him die.

She was already sobbing from the pain of being torn open, and was now sobbing
even more. She had given up all pretence of being an all powerful senator.
She was now the vulnerable 18 year old that she truly was.

"My God you've got a tight cunt! Did you enjoy killing you father?"

This shook Leia out of her sobs, and through the repeated shoves from behind
as Tarkin drove himself into her, she managed to speak, "What do you mean?"

"I set the airlock to respond to your voice, so any sound from you would open
the door. I thought it was a nice touch," he said with his usual smugness. "I
can feel your sobs right down here in your pussy. That's right, cry for me

Leia could not help herself, if he wasn't lying to her then her lack of
resolve had caused her father's death. The light sobs came again. She felt
the pain decreasing as she became used to the abuse her pussy was taking.
She clenched her teeth and swore to herself she would see this evil man dead.
She stopped crying and began to fuel her rage even further.

Tarkin was enjoying this. It had been ages since he'd violated a virgin, and
never before such a high class one. He decided that once he was done here,
he'd use this command to visit some other royal capitals and make use of
their princesses as well. He could feel Leia's muscles doing their best to
expel him as he drove in deeper and deeper. Each time he hit bottom, he could
feel her pussy hair tickling his balls, and he could feel the light wetness
of her virginal blood trickling out over him. His earlier abuse of her
asshole had given him more resolve than he otherwise might have had with a
tight pussy like this. My god this one was hot.

Leia was doing her best not to move or help him in any way, but she could
feel her muscles working against her. They were responding, and were working
over his cock as it plunged in and out. She felt Tarkin's hands snake up and
grasp her nipples, he began to pinch and tug on them, providing extra pain
for her mind to deal with. The sensations were incredible, she did not know
how to respond to this, but she wished he'd get off her, and leave her alone
right now.

Tarkin was enjoying the feel of her pert, springy little tits in his hands.
He felt her nipples engorge with blood as he pinched on them and pulled them.
He was holding onto them like handles and was using them to pull himself
forwards for each thrust into her. He could feel himself finishing, so with
one last thrust deep into her he began to spurt his cum deep into her womb.

Leia could feel the hot sperm spraying across the depths of her pussy, and
she was repulsed. She hoped she would not become pregnant to this vile
creature. That would be the ultimate indignity.

Tarkin pumped the last of his load into her, and stayed in that position
for several minutes more. He loved the warm, tight feeling around his cock
and did not want to pull out. Slowly his dick began to deflate and with
reluctance he slid out of her, and went for another drink.

"Well I must say that you were quite a prize, and I'm glad I was the one to
take you."

"You sick evil bastard, how could you do all this to me?"

"Because I can," he said with a loud laugh. He reached forwards and grabbed
the control pad and pressed a button on it. Leia heard the door behind her
slide open and a blonde female Ensign slipped past her and headed to Tarkin.

"Clean me off," he ordered. The blonde instantly took his flaccid dick into
her mouth and began to suck the blood and juices off it. She went hard at it
for several minutes before Tarkin pulled her off him. "I have told you in
the past, you have not yet earned my attentions. Now go and clean out the
little whore over there, her ass has cum in it too. When you're done, take
her back to her cell and inform the command crew that they are welcome to
her. I'm going to sleep," and he stood and climbed into his black bed.

As Leia opened her mouth to protest the blonde slipped a black rubber square
into her mouth, effectively gagging her again. Leia heard the door open again
and the blonde was joined by another Ensign, a redhead.

"You can clean out her ass. I want her virgin pussy," instructed the blonde,
and the redhead nodded her agreement and they moved around behind her. She
heard the blonde drop to the floor, and then felt hands grab her thighs from
below as a mouth stretched up and locked onto Leia's abused pussy. She felt
the tongue work it's way in and the mouth began to suck. Another tongue
pressed against her ass and began to work it's way into her, and slurp out
her asshole.

Leia's mind was reeling, and she wondered what the command crew would do to
her. The next thing she knew there would be Stormtroopers barging into her
prison cell to have their way with her too.

She hoped it would all be over soon.



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