Star Wars: Leia's Slavery (M+F,MF,oral)
by JabbaTheHutt39094

Day 1

Leia was dragged into a dungeon by two guards. She sees a young woman with
red hair and dressed in a black jumpsuit, which clings to her skin.

"So you're the one who Jabba is in love with. You are quite beautiful."
The woman eyed her body with a surveyor look.

"Take your clothes off." She ordered.

"No you can't make me. I'm a Princess of Alederaan."

The guard grabbed her throat to make her shut up. "It doesn't matter that
you're a princess you are now a plaything for Jabba the Hutt and his court.
Now either remove your clothes or I have 4 guards come in here and remove it
for you."

The guard let Leia go and Leia started to remove the armor revealing a green
tunic with a belt strapped on around it. Leia reached behind and unzipped
the tunic letting it fall to the belt. She reached down and let the belt drop
letting the tunic fall showing a thin bra clinging to her the round of her
breasts. Her small pink nipples stuck out of the shirt. She still had her
leggings. She started to remove the leggings showing bare supple legs with
thin panties.

"Are you now happy."

"No underwear you have to be totally naked."

Leia unclasps the bra letting it fall off her breasts is bare now and the
panties drop to the floor. The woman picked up several items off the desk.
The items were a pile of silk and metal.

"Here put this on." She handed Leia the pile. Leia unwrapped it seeing a
red and gold bra with narrow strings and a skirt made out of two pieces of
silk and a throng which goes over her but and her public hair. Leia slipped
into the costume, which was very uncomfortable. The woman handed her two
earrings, which Leia placed in her ears. The woman worked on Leia's face
making her more flush with make up. She then forced two bracelets on each of
Leia's arm and a doggie chain on her neck.

"Take her to Jabba's private room."

The guard grabbed Leia's chain and dragged her to Jabba's room. Jabba was
sitting on his bed that was covered in pillows. Bib Fortuna, his monkey
bird who was a jester, and Threepio surrounded Jabba. The guard handed Jabba
the chain, whom pulled Leia to him. Leia's face hit Jabba nose smearing the
yellow slime out of Jabba's nose on her face. Jabba said something in
Huttesse to his droid.

"His Exaltedness, said that you will stand still and let him taste your
flesh and wipe you clean."

Leia stood still. Jabba reached out with his tongue and started to lick her
face collecting the snot on his tongue. Jabba pulled Leia closer until her
face was mere inches away from his. Leia tried to struggle but Bib Fortuna
pushed her closer and Jabba kissed her on the mouth forcefully. Jabba two
hands went to the clasps on her slave girl costume top and he unclasps it
letting it drop to a heap on the floor. Jabba licked at Leia's breasts his
tongue tasting her nipples.

"Bib, show in my guests I want to show off my newest pet."

Leia quickly placed her top on her breasts. The dais moved to Jabba's
throne room where his guests was. Jabba pulled her closer to his body. Her
smooth back lying against his rough dead skin. Jabba's hand was stroking her
shoulder making her sick.

Jabba ordered some strange spice drink. He pulled on the chain making Leia
stand up to him.

"Here you go, my Lovely." He forced Leia to drink out of the glass that
gave her a strange high and made her kind of sick. Jabba pulled her closer
her bare back to his dead skin again.

A beggar came in and stood in front of Jabba.

"Please can I have some money from you." He begged.

Jabba belched an order.

"Jabba said to take the beggar to the dungeons." Threepio ordered.

Two pig guards walked up and grabbed the beggar and led him to the dungeons.
Some drug dealers walked up and start to deal with Jabba. Leia noticed that
one of the drug dealer's eyes darted to her some eyeing her body with lust.
"We will let my pet taste the drugs." He tugged on the chain making Leia
stand up.

He then made Leia sniffed some white powder that made Leia very high. Leia
sat down in front Jabba her breasts showing a little.

The next guest was a spy from the Empire who also noticed Leia's skimpy
clothes and he eyed Leia's breasts.

The deals went well into the night when Jabba decided it was time to go to

Jabba moved his dais back to his bedroom. Jabba reached and unclasps Leia's
top letting her breasts fall out that Jabba stroked and caress until he fell
asleep squeezing one of them in his hand.

End of Day 1

Day 2

Leia awoken in Jabba's bedroom with Salacious Crumb sitting on her thigh
crackling to himself. Leia grabbed the top and placed it on her breasts
quickly before Jabba woke up.

Jabba started to wake up. When he woke up Leia reached down and caresses
Leia's face.

"Bib, have my slaves prepare a bath me and my lovely need a bath."

"Yes, my lord, he ordered the servants to draw up a bath.

"While I'm bathing send Leia to Boba Fett." He ordered.

The guards grabbed Leia and led her to Fett's private chambers. She
struggled with them for a while until she led her to a door with a knocker.
They knocked on the door bringing Boba to the door.

One of the guards grunted.

"From Jabba. Enjoy her." They handed over her chain.

Instead of having his way with Leia, Boba let Leia sleep in his bed for she
didn't get much sleep the night before.

After a few hours, a guard knocked on the door.

"Jabba need his pet back."

Leia was led to Jabba who grabbed the chain and pulled her until her face
was mere inches from his. Jabba kissed Leia's face with his tongue. Jabba
pulled her to him until her smooth back was pressed against Jabba's stomach
that was disgusting. Jabba went about his business with his court.

"We will have some more fun after tonight's feast my lovely." He would say
to Leia around noon. After most of the guests left, Jabba ordered for some
entertainment. Two of his slave girls stepped out each of them alien. One
was red spotted with wild red hair and dressed in a tight bodysuit while the
other was a Twi-lek who was dressed in leather straps. They both move to the
center of the stage and started to dance. Jabba prodded Leia and said
something to her that sounded like watch and maybe you should join them. The
two dancers started dancing seductively making their breasts and butts
bounce. Then this made Leia scared. The two dancers started to strip dance
both of them was soon kissing.

"Why don't u join them my lovely." Jabba ordered.

All Leia did was lie down on her side and watch the show with distaste. The
dance was soon over when both girls bowed to their master and went off to
seek lodgings for the night. Jabba moved Leia and his close friends to his
bedroom where he removed Leia's skirt and ate out of her pussy tasting the
sexual juices. Jabba fell asleep with Leia lying half naked in front of him.

End of Day 2

Day 3

Jabba woke Leia up saying it was time for the morning party. Leia quickly
placed her skirt on and was led out by Jabba.

"Guards, take Leia to the slave pit to talk to the other girls about the
dance tonight they will teach her about it."

2 guards grabbed Leia's chain and led her down the hall. They stopped in a
room where there were 3 other guards. One of them and ugly human looked at
her with drunken eyes.

"Who is this?" he asked.

"Jabba's newest whore. Why don't we have some fun with her." One of the
guards said.

Two guards grabbed Leia and threw her on the floor and held her down while
The other three remove Leia's clothes showing her breasts and pubic hair.
Each of the guards had their way with Leia before they allowed her to dress
again. They led her to the slave pit where other girls who led her inside
and sat and talked with her.

"So Jabba wants you to participate in the dance tonight. Hey Rystall, meet
Leia she will be your partner tonight."

The red haired dancer who danced the night before walked over and eyed
Leia's body.

"She has a good body. She will do perfectly. The guards have been talking
about having their way with her for the last three days."

They planned for the whole day until Bib walked in and told them it was time
for the dance. Leia and Rystall walked toward the throne room and the music
started. Both of them danced out very exotic making most of the males in
the room very horny. Leia made her skirt fly up and down letting people see
her butt with the throng in her crack. While Rystall rubbed her body, which
was covered in a purple jumpsuit, with her hands. Leia slowly let her skirt
down a little bit showing her public hairs more. While Rystall unzips her
jumpsuit letting it drop to her waist showing her perky red spotted breasts.
Leia unclasps her top letting it drop revealing her rounded plump breasts,
which looks to be softer, then a cushion. Both of them hugged each other
their breasts rubbing against each other. The suddenly kissed Rystall reached
down and unclasps Leia's skirt letting it drop and reaching over and caress
Leia's butt squeezing it. While Leia dropped the rest of Rystall outfit
reaching behind Rystall and stroked her back. For a brief moment Leia enjoyed
this more than anything this sensual pleasure. Soon the dance was over and
Rystall headed to the slave pit while Leia was pulled over to Jabba. Jabba
led Leia to his bedroom where Jabba grabbed Leia by her waist and put her in
his mouth up to her butt.

"What are you doing." She demanded.

Jabba's tongue stroke Leia's breasts and then the small of her back tickling
the small brown mark on Leia's back. Leia was worried about being swallowed
until she felt something that looked like a dick coming toward her mouth. The
dick went into Leia's throat all the way to her stomach and it started to
pump until it sent out something that was gross went into to Leia's stomach.
Jabba dropped Leia on the bed of pillows where Crumb jumped onto Leia's
breasts and played with her nipples. Leia and Jabba fell asleep and day 3 is

Last day

Leia was awaken by a familiar voice. Leia looked up and found herself on
Jabba's dais still half naked and Crumb near her thigh. Leia quickly placed
The top on her breasts and saw Luke walking toward Bib.

Leia heard Bib told Luke that Jabba didn't want to see him.

"You will take me to Jabba now." Luke said calmly.

"The great Hutt is sleeping with his newest slave. He is tired."

Luke said again it again and this time Bib led Luke to Jabba. Luke looked
At Leia with lustful eyes.

Bib wakes Jabba up who is twice as angry.

"I was sleeping. What is he doing here me and my pet was sleeping."
He pulled the chain a little bit.

"You will bring Han and his friends to me."

"Nice try boy, your Jedi mind tricks won't work on me." He tugged the chain
a little bit more.

"Nevertheless, Han and his friends will be set free."

"You stupid fool, how dare you."

Jabba hit the switch letting Luke fall into the pit with that horrible

While Luke was battling the rancor Jabba stroked Leia's back with his hands.
Luke killed the rancor that surprises Jabba so much that he nearly kills
Leia by choking her.

"Bring me Luke, Solo, and the wookie they will all pay for this. Don't
worry my pet when Skywalker is dead we will have more fun and you will learn
to love me instead of Solo."

Jabba's guards led in Luke, Han, and Chewie. Jabba massaged Leia's
shoulder, while Leia struggled to get free.

"Be still, my pet. Droid tell them that will be drop in the Sarlacc pit."
Jabba stroked Leia's back until the sentence was over.

"Take them to the cells. Come on my pet, we will go to the ball room and
have a party." Jabba pulled her to his body until her smooth back was against
his dead skin.

Jabba smoked his hookah during the party occasionally stroking Leia's hair
until the barge was ready to go late in the afternoon. Jabba moved his dais
with Leia on it to the sail barge. On the sail barge the party was started
again, Leia sat next to Jabba while Jawas walked all over Jabba's tail. One
of them stroked Leia's leg with his rough hands making her sick. Leia walked
over to the window and stared out. While she was staring out some of the
guests would come over and pinch her butt. Jabba was getting drunk, he pulled
Leia to his body until her face was mere inches away from his. Jabba's breath
smelled like spice and frogs.

"We have some fun after the death of Solo and his friends." He made Leia
drink out of his glass.

Of course the story goes on that Luke killed Jabba's henchmen and Leia
strangled Jabba.

The End

Even through this is my 2nd attempt at writing a slave Leia story I hope
People like this one even through I'm sure they will like Shabby Blue's more
than mine. Shabby, I have nothing but respect for you and I hope that one day
I will post a story that will be good enough to get on your site.


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