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Star Wars: Origins Of Palpatine (MF,preg)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Beginning

The Clone Wars have begun. The Old Republic is torn apart by war. The
Separatist Movement along with the thousands of worlds included in its roster
declared war against the Republic. They are led by a former Jedi Knight named
Count Dooku of Serenno. Count Dooku is a man of great wealth and power. He
once served the Jedi Order but recently decided to join the Separatists. He
has joined the Dark Side. Count Dooku has joined the Order of the Sith Lords.
He has taken on the title of Dark Lord of the Sith under the name Darth
Tyranus. He is the Apprentice of the secretive and infamous Sith Lord known
as Darth Sidious. Darth Sidious is one of the universe's most clever
politicians and strategists. He has gotten himself elected as the Supreme
Chancellor of the Galactic Senate which leads the Old Republic. Darth
Sidious, one of the most powerful Sith Lords the Dark Side has ever known
walks among his sworn enemies unscathed. He is disguised as the benevolent
Chancellor Palpatine. Darth Sidious wants to control the Old Republic and
turn it into the Empire.

He has trained a young man named Zabrak to become his weapon, the Sith Lord
known as Darth Maul. Darth Maul was a fearsome Sith Lord. He killed the
legendary Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn. He was killed by the Jedi Knight known
as Obi Wan Kenobi. Sidious replaced Darth Maul with Darth Tyranus. The
ultimate goal of Darth Sidious was to take over the Republic and ensure that
the Sith Lords rule the galaxy. The Sith Lords have remained hidden long
enough from their enemies, the Knights of the Jedi Order. Darth Sidious was
a mysterious figure. A nobleman on the planet Naboo who became the advisor
of the Queen Padme Amidala. He became a Senator and a member of the Council
of the Senate. He would become the Supreme Chancellor. He was also a member
of the secret sect of the Sith Lords. The Sith Lords were the sworn enemies
of the Jedi Order. They tapped into the Dark Side of the Force and gained
power from it. The Sith Lords had many powers which the Jedi Knights did not
have. The Sith could use Force-lightning. They could also use the primal,
animal-like Battle Frenzy. The Battle Frenzy turned any Force-user who
accessed it into a ferocious, bloodthirsty killer hellbent on destruction.
The Jedi Knights never tapped into the Dark Side. Because of that, they could
never use Force-lightning.

They couldn't tap into the Battle Frenzy for fear that it would make them go
over to the Dark Side of the Force. Darth Sidious was the apprentice of the
Sith Lord known as Darth Plagueis. Darth Plagueis was the Sith Lord who
achieved the power to transfer his consciousness - and powers - from body to
body. Darth Plagueis was immortal, in a way. Darth Sidious killed him in his
sleep. Darth Plagueis's secret path to immortality died with him. Darth
Sidious nevertheless became one of the greatest Dark Lords the Order of the
Sith had ever known. Complete control of the Old Republic and the
extermination of the Jedi was the ultimate goal of Darth Sidious. That's why
he needed to engineer the ultimate weapon. There were many Force-users in the
galaxy. Humans and aliens born with the ability to tap into the invisible and
all-encompassing energy field created by the life force of all living things.
The Jedi Order sought these Force-sensitive individuals and often trained
them to become Jedi Knights. The Order of the Sith Lords also sought
Force-sensitive beings to train in the ways of the Sith. These Sith
Apprentices would become the Heirs to the Power of the Dark Side of the
Force. The Sith had only one rule: There could be only one Master at a time,
and one Apprentice. Both the Master and the Apprentice held the title of Dark
Lord of the Sith.

Darth Sidious wanted to have an enforcer. A Force-sensitive being who would
have powers far beyond those of any that came before him or her. The Sith
had a legend. The legend says that the Sith'ari, a Force-sensitive being of
awesome power would become the champion of the Dark Side. He or she would be
the greatest of the Sith and bring about the end of the Jedi. Darth Sidious
had learned from his master, the deceased Darth Plagueis that the time of the
Dark One was near. Many great Sith Lords also predicted the coming of the
Dark One. Xender, the first Dark Jedi predicted it. Freedon Nadd, a rebel
Jedi who turned to the Dark Side dreamed of the Sith'ari. A mighty Jedi
Knight named Exar Kun prophesized that the Jedi would be brought down by one
they thought was their champion. It was destiny. Darth Sidious would
unwittingly create the Sith'ari. The being who would change the galaxy
forever. The Chosen One of Prophecy. This is how it all began. Palpatine
boarded the spaceship leaving the planet Naboo. He was a slender man of
medium height with black hair and blue eyes. He wore a black shirt and pants.
He looked perfectly ordinary. Palpatine sat on the ship, and rested. Lately,
he'd been tormented. He had recently discovered that he was different from
those around him. He could move objects with his mind. He could also sense
when bad things were about to happen. He couldn't explain it. Recently, he'd
been approached by a strange man.

The man called himself Plagueis and he told Palpatine that it was his destiny
to become his apprentice. The man had some amazing powers. Palpatine had seen
him leap sixty feet into the air and lift an armored flying vehicle whom
fifty men couldn't budge. Palpatine wasn't buying it. He was the son of a
wealthy politician on the planet Naboo. He was an ambitious politician's
aide. Someday, he wanted to be a Senator. Maybe even be on the Senate of the
Republic. Why not? Plagueis was masquerading as a high-ranking government
official. Only Palpatine knew what he was. The man was scary. Palpatine could
sense it. He didn't want to be the apprentice. He only wanted to live his
life and follow his dreams. That's why he was leaving Naboo. He wanted to go
to Coruscant. He'd be safe there. The spaceship flew toward the capital of
the Republic, which was billions of miles away. It was a ten-day trip.
Palpatine went into his cryogenic pod, and slept. The spaceship from Naboo
flew through hyper-space. At first, everything was alright. Things got
complicated when they got out of hyper-space. One of the navigational drives
malfunctioned, causing the ship to lose power and thus unable to complete the
trip. The spaceship and its hundred-plus passengers would be forced to land
on an impoverished desert planet on the Outer Rim....the planet Tattooine.
Home of the Tusken Raiders. Home of the Hutt Lords. When the ship landed, the
passengers were attacked by a tribe of Tusken Raiders. Palpatine was the only
survivor. They brought him back to their camp and tortured him.

They wanted to see how long he would last. They bound him to a large wooden
pole and tortured him. He was left exposed to daylight and at the mercy of
the elements. "I will survive," Palpatine croaked.

The Raiders kept poking and prodding him. He was already wounded. He was on
the verge of losing consciousness when he remembered Plagueis's words to him.
He could hear the Sith Lord's words in his mind as he was tortured by the
savages. It was loud and clear:

There is no fear, there is power. There is no death, there is immortality.
There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side. I am the Heart of Darkness. I
know no fear, But rather I instill it in my enemies. I am the destroyer of
worlds. I know the power of the Dark Side. I am the fire of hate. All the
Universe bows before me. I pledge myself to the Darkness. For I have found
true life, In the death of the light.

Palpatine looked at the Tusken Raiders. They were primtives, little more than
beasts. How dare they think they could kill him ? He was Palpatine of Naboo,
destined for greatness in the political arena ! He was the prince of his
House. He was the top student at the Academy. He was the pride of Naboo's
Elite Youth. He wouldn't die...not like this...not at the hands of savages...
He looked at them. He felt rage mounting inside him. The rage was unlike
anything he'd ever felt before. He felt...powerful. Suddenly, he felt a surge
of power and the metallic shackles that bound him simply cracked and broke.
He was free! The Tusken watched, shocked. The next instant, they attacked
him, brandishing spears!

Palpatine charged, attacking them with a strength he never knew he had. He
grabbed one and threw him at the others. He took an energy spear and fired at
the others. He caught a sword when the spear ran out of energy and hacked his
enemies to pieces. The dark rage inside him drove him. He felt stronger. He
was stronger! He moved fast! So fast! He who had never been very athletic
moved as fast as the insect-like speed-demons of the desert. When he finally
stopped, the Tusken camp was littered with corpses. Palpatine stood in the
middle of it. He looked at his hands. They were filled with blood. "What have
I done?" He asked.

He looked at the skies of the planet Tattooine. Distant thunder rumbled and
suddenly lightning struck. Palpatine could hear distant, disembodied voices
calling his name. Palpatine ran away from the camp, terrified at what he had
become. At what he had done. He ran into the desert until he could run no
more and collapsed. When Palpatine came to, he was lying on a bed, in a hut
somewhere. There was a young woman sitting on a chair next to him.

"Where am I?" He asked.

"You are safe," said the young woman. "I am Shmi Skywalker."

Palpatine looked at her. He felt so weak. "What happened to me?" he asked.

"I found you wandering in the desert."

"How long have I been out?" He asked.

"Three days," Shmi said.

Palpatine said nothing. He remembered walking in the desert, after what
happened in the Tusken camp, where he... What had he done? He suddenly
noticed that the young woman was staring at him.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I am Palpatine of Naboo." He said.

Shmi Skywalker looked at him. "You're a long way from home, Palpatine."

Palpatine said nothing. He kept seeing the faces of the Tusken men, women and
children he'd murdered. What was he, that he was capable of such things? He
looked at his hands. They were normal hands. A normal man's hands. He wasn't
a superhuman alien like the Wookies. He wasn't a mental giant like the
Kaminoans. He was just an ordinary man. Well, a very wealthy, connected and
ambitious man but an ordinary man nonetheless. He thought about Plagueis.
Somehow, the bastard had done something to him and changed him in some
manner. Palpatine vowed to himself that he'd make Plagueis pay for what he
turned him into. For now, he would rest... Or not. Someone from outside the
hut called for Shmi Skywalker and she left.

"Excuse me," she said. "I've got to go."

When Shmi Skywalker came back, Palpatine was already up. She looked at him
strangely. "You should be resting, your injuries..." Her voice trailed off.

"I am well," Palpatine said. "I seem to heal quickly."

He touched his chin. His injuries were almost gone. The deep cuts and gashes
made by the spears of the Tusken, the burns, they were healed. Only faint
traces remained. He got ready to walk out. Shmi tried to stop him.

He looked at her strangely. "Who are you?" He asked. He looked past her, at
the camp. "Who are these people?"

Shmi Skywalker cocked her head. "These are the members of my tribe. We are
called the Skri."

Palpatine nodded. She took his arm and led him outside. He saw a bunch of men
and women clad in robes gathered around a fire. Shmi introduced him to them.
"This is Palpatine of Naboo, guest of our tribe." She said.

Palpatine looked at the locals. They were hard-bodied and rugged men and
women. The tough desert people. "Hello," he said.

They burst out laughing. Palpatine said nothing. Shmi suppressed a laugh.
Palpatine cleared his throat. "Do any of you know where is the next city or
port off this planet?"

Shmi took his arm. "Mos Eisley." She said.

Palpatine smiled. "Good," he said. "Good. Now all I've gotta do is get

He thought about getting to the city and taking a shower. He'd get some money
from his account with the Trade Federation, get a ship and leave. Palpatine
looked past Shmi Skywalker, at the vast desert that surrounded them. He
wasn't going anywhere. He might as well stay with those people until he got
the chance to return home. Shmi smiled at him. "You can't make it out alone,
Palpy. You need someone to help you." She took his arm. "Let me get you some

Palpatine looked at her. She was certainly...different from the women he had
met on his homeworld of Naboo.

She was...odd. He let take him to the camp and was given some food and water.
Palpatine didn't even ask what he was eating. Later, Shmi told him that it
was roasted desert lizard. Palpatine almost threw up. He hated reptiles. Shmi
laughed. Palpatine didn't find it funny and told her. She ignored him. He
sighed and went to bed. He was stuck on a desert planet full of primitive
savages, all because of Plagueis and his infernal ways. Palpatine wanted to
punch the bastard. Still, as time went by, he grew to like the desert life.
The Tribe of Skywalker was primitive but the people were fair. They depended
on each other for survival in the deep desert. They respected each other. He
had never seen such camaraderie and discipline. They were something to
behold. The most fascinating among them was Shmi Skywalker, the wild and
beautiful young desert woman. He had never met anyone like her...

Palpatine did not know that he was being observed. Darth Plagueis watched
him. The Sith Lord watched his Apprentice struggle on Tattooine. If Palpatine
were indeed destined to become the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith, he would
have to survive in the desert. He'd have to be the best. The Sith expected
nothing less. All the Sith Lords that came before him had been strong and
smart. They gained power and sought knowledge. All in the hopes of someday
destroying the Jedi Order and conquering the galaxy. Power was the ultimate
goal of the Order of the Sith Lords. Darth Plagueis sensed greatness in
Palpatine. As far as he was concerned, Palpatine was half-Sith already and
didn't know it. Rage increased Palpatine's strength and speed, just like it
increased the abilities of any Sith Lord. Palpatine had to learn to embrace
rage, the path to power. The path to the Dark Side. Also, Palpatine had a
conscience. No great leader should possess such a flaw. To concern oneself
with the troubles of lesser beings was to become a lesser being. Darth
Plagueis was a superior being. He didn't care for the lesser beings. He was
above them all. He never felt any remorse over anything he ever did. He had
ruthlessly manipulated, slaughtered and maneuvered his way to power. Darth
Plagueis had many identities. He was someone else entirely in the eyes of
the galaxy. Darth Plagueis was originally from Hal Karuun, a jungle planet
teeming with Force-sensitive humans. He had been trained as a Sith Lord on
his homeworld. After his Master's death, he grew more powerful and sought a
worthy Apprentice with whom to share his knowledge. Darth Plagueis thought
he had found this Apprentice in thirty-year old Palpatine. Time for the
ultimate test to begin. If Palpatine was the one, then the Order of the Sith
Lords would welcome its newest Dark Lord. If Palpatine wasn't the one, then
he would die. It was that simple.

Palpatine was lying in bed one night when he had a strange dream. He dreamed
that he was gonna become someone powerful and important. He dreamed that he
was gonna be like a god among the humans and aliens that filled the cosmos.
Somehow, he sensed the hand of Plagueis in this. As his dream concluded, he
saw himself battling Plagueis...he saw himself fall... He woke up screaming.
His screams awakened Shmi Skywalker. She had been sleeping in a nearby tent.
She went to check up on him. The Tribe had made it clear that he was her
responsibility. She went to check up on him. Palpatine was lying in bed,
shouting and looking very frightened. Shmi came to him. "What is it, Palpy?"
She asked.

"Plagueis." He said. "He's here."

Shmi Skywalker looked at him. "Who in hell is Plagueis?" She asked.

"The evil one." Palpatine said.

Shmi shook her head. The desert could render off-world humans quite mad
very quickly. She hoped it wouldn't happen to Palpatine. Desert madness was
incurable. Its causes were unknown. It turned the afflicted person into a
blood-thirsty menace that had to be put down.

Palpatine sat up in bed. He willed himself to be calm. Shmi sat next to him.
"Are you okay, Palpy?" She asked.

He nodded. She could tell that he was not okay. He looked so handsome in the
dark. For some reason, darkness seemed to suit him well. She clasped his hand
in hers. "Don't worry about the Plagueis monster, Palpy. I won't let him get

Palpatine looked at her, and laughed. "YOU will protect ME from HIM?" He
asked, incredulous. "You're a very small female."

Shmi moved like lightning and she was on him. Right on top of him. Palpatine
hadn't even seen her move. "Never underestimate a woman." She said. "It's
gotten many men killed."

Palpatine looked at her. She was quick. She was strong. She was smart.
"Okay." He said. "Let go."

Shmi smiled. "What will you do if I don't want to?"

Palpatine looked up at her. The situation wasn't funny anymore. She was
making him mad. Shmi Skywalker looked at the man underneath her. For a
fraction of a second, she could have sworn that his eyes had turned a
feral yellow. Palpatine summoned a burst of strength from within and
clearly flipped her. Now, he was on top of her. "You were saying?" He said

Shmi was impressed. "Okay, Palpy. You got me. Now let go."

Palpatine looked at her. How in hell did he just do that? He wasn't an
athlete, certainly not a wrestler and yet...he definitely had the right

Shmi Skywalker was still looking at him, fascinated. Palpatine looked at her.
Not for the first time he noticed how pretty she was. Slowly, their faces got
closer together and they kissed. The desert woman and the nobleman entwined
on a bed under a tent in the desert. They embraced. Palpatine hastily
undressed. Shmi was already half-naked due to the desert heat. Palpatine
kissed Shmi Skywalker. Her hot feminine body pressed against his. He caressed
her and she caressed him. Slowly, they unleashed their passions on each
other. They made love like this, passionately. She took his cock in her hand
and pumped it up. She took it into her mouth and sucked on it. When he got
hard, she straddled him. He entered her. His hard cock went up in her pussy.
They fucked and sucked the night away. Shmi Skywalker's screams filled the
night air. Palpatine moaned in pleasure. He hadn't done this in a long time.
They continued to fuck and suck until day came. When the first rays of dawn
came, they found Palpatine and Shmi Skywalker in bed together.

Neither of them knew that what had transpired between them would one day
alter galactic history. Palpatine of Naboo, the future Darth Sidious sired
Anakin Skywalker that evening when he made love to Shmi Skywalker. Soon,
Plagueis would come and he would test his resolve. Palpatine would fall in
love with Shmi and choose to remain on Tattooine with her forever. Plagueis
would not allow it. He would order raiders to attack the Tribe and sell
them into slavery. He would capture Shmi Skywalker and torture her before
Palpatine's very eyes. Palpatine could not bear to see his beloved suffer.
He would go into a mad rage and unleash his power against the raiders. He
would kill the whole lot of them, drawing closer to the Dark Side. Darth
Plagueis would subdue Palpatine and use mind-altering technology to wipe
away any memory he had of Shmi Skywalker and the child growing in her womb.
Shmi would be sold into slavery to Watto the greedy winged business-alien.
She would have no memory of Palpatine. Darth Plagueis would return to Naboo
with Palpatine in the hopes of completing his Sith training. Palpatine
would murder Plagueis in his sleep and thus become Darth Sidious, the most
profoundly evil Sith Lord the universe had ever known. Since Palpatine did
not remember Shmi Skywalker and the love they shared, his mind was corrupted
by Plagueis and he became a power-hungry schemer hellbent on galactic
domination. Meanwhile, on Tattooine, Shmi Skywalker gave birth to Anakin
Skywalker, the Chosen One destined to change the Jedi and Sith Orders, and
the very fate of the galaxy forever.

The End


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