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Star Wars: So He's My Brother, I Still Want To Fuck Him
by Trickserson ([email protected])

Leia faced Han Solo on a terrace built on a huge tree while below them the Ewok celebration of the victory over the Empire, the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of Emperor Palpatine went on in full force. She had asked him to "talk" and he thought he knew about what.

Nevertheless he asked, "What did you want to talk about."

"You...and me...and Luke."

"You love him don't you?"

She blushed and said, "Yes, but..."

"It's alright. I understand. I won't get in the way."

"Han, he's my brother!"

"Your brother?"


However there was something in her voice, a hint of desperation, denial, and raw need that told him there was more to this than she was saying.

"I sense a 'but' hhere."

"No you you don't! He's me brother and that's all there is to it!" She turned away angrily and he heard her mumble something to herself. He moved up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"I still hear a 'but'. If there's going to be an us, don't start it by lying to me."

Her reply came in a strangled whisper. "But I still want him."

If what she said came as a surprise, his response made her jaw drop and her eyes bulge.

"So do I."

Leia's eye's bulged, her jaw dropped and she turned around and stepped back


"Really" He ducked his head. "I mean I love you but...yeah. So what do we do now?"

"Well, right now," Leia said, taking his vest off and running her hands up and down his chest, "You can show me just how much you love me."

Han smiled raffishly and undid the belt of her tunic, then squeezed her breasts through the material. She took him by the hands and walked backwards into the treehut that had been given her by the Ewoks, pulling him with her.

Inside it was dark, lit only by a hanging oil lamp, the bed a pile of leaves in a hide sack covered with furs but it was sufficient for their needs.

Leia let go of Han and pulled her tunic over her head revealing a sports bra underneath. Before she could remove it his hands were there, sliding it off, then his mouth was on her pale brown nipples, licking and sucking.

"Ohhhh," Leia moaned softly as her hand slipped inside his pants and brought out Han's cock. She looked down and said, "Wow. I always knew you had big balls but not quite *that* big." She pushed herself away from him and knelt down as he took off his shirt and she pulled his pants down to below his knees then took his dick in her hand, stroking slowly as she licked his cockhead. He groaned with pleasure and his hands came up on either side of her head and pushed it deeper down on him. Leia's hands came around and clutched his lean, muscular ass in order to brace herself as her mouth went up and down his pole.

Just as Han's cum started to build for release she pinched it off with her thumb then withdrew her mouth, stood up, took him once more by the hands and pulled him towards the hut's primitive bed. They kissed again, slowly, tongues mingling then he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed. The foreplay paused as the two of them hastily removed what remained of their clothing and then he got on his knees between her legs. Leia moaned softly as his tongue licked up her thighs with unexpected gentleness. The moaning became louder as his finger pulled her labia apart from each other and his tongue thrust into her, her legs coming up around his head and her fingers knotting themselves into his hair. Finally as her orgasm hit she threw back her head and howled.


Han grinned at the sound of his lover coming than started to lick his way up her body whil his hands reached out to play with her round, medium sized tits. Soon his mouth joined his hands as Leia spread her legs to let him inside her..

"Oh...yess!," she grunted, closing her eyes in ecstacy as the raffish rogue entered her. Han felt her arms and legs wrap around him and her fingernails diggin into his back as he obeyed her pleas to ram ever harder and faster into her. Finally as her second orgasm of the night hit she almost lifted off the bed and let out an ear drum shattering howl. A few seconds later Han buried his face in her neck as he spurted his cum into her.

As she lay on top of her Leia said, "I love you. And if you say 'I know' I'm going to rip off your balls." To emphasize her threat she reached down and cupped the balls in question, massaging them but with her fingernails as a reminder that they could just as easily claw.

Han chuckled and said, "With sweet talk like that, how could I say anything but 'I love you too.'"

"Good, now that that's out of the way let's figure out how to get my dear, sweet, handsome brother in the sack."

* * *

Rebel Cruiser, Leaving Endor

Luke sat in his room meditating, trying to calm his mind and focus it away from the place it kept going. To his sister. To how she had kissed him. To how even now he wanted her almost more than life itself. He had just centered himself when the door to his cabin opened. He looked up to see his sister in the doorway. What she was wearing made it ever harder to remember that she was indeed his sister. Technically it was a full length white robe covering her from neck, to arms, to ankles. But it was also of a gauzy material that completely revealed what she was wearing underneath which was a lacy black bra and panty set that was skimpier than the slave girl costume she had worn on Jabba's barge.

"We need to talk," Leia said. He noticed that her normal voice had gone husky and that there was an odd seductive tone to it.

"About what?"

"About...our feelings. About what happened between us before we knew we were brother and sister and about how we feel about what happened...and what we might want to do about them now." As she spoke Leia sat down next to Luke, very closely and leaned towards him.

Luke took a deep breath. This was too close to what he had been trying to dispell from his mind for comfort. Aloud he said. "That was the past."

Leia leaned in still closer, her breasts brushing lightly against his chest, her lips less than an inch away from his ear as she whispered, "But the feelings are still here."

"Just because they're within us doesn't mean..." Luke's protest was stopped when his sister's tongue flicked out and licked his ear followed by a hissed, "Fuck me."

The young Jedi found his carefully crafted stoicism starting to collapse even as his cock hardened. "What about Han?," he asked although even he could hear how weak his protest sounded.

"Oh, I don't mind kid," he heard his friend's voice saying. He looked up to see the ex-smuggler leaning against the door, his trademark smirk on his face. "as long as I get to watch." In fact he and Leia planned for him to do a lot more than just watch but Luke didn't need to know that just yet.

This latest turn of events shattered his Jedi equanimity and any reply he might have come up with in any case was stopped by his sister taking his head in her hands and planting her lips firmly onto his. Her tongue darted at his lips, slipping along the seam between them probing until finally his mouth opened up to her and his arms went around her slender, soft skinned back.

Leia pushed her brother down to the floor and undid his top then covered his chest with slow, lingering kisses. While this was going on Han took advantage of his friends distraction to start stripping as well. He felt himself starting to get hard as his girlfriend pushed his young friend down onto the floor, straddled him and then pulled her robe down, letting it pool around her hips.

Luke, acting as if he were hypnotized reached for his sister's breasts but his attempt was what you might expect from a rank virgin.

"Not so eager, kid," Han said and moved in behind Leia unhooked her top and then guided the younger man's hands. "Gentler." Leia, feeling her lover's erection began rubbing her ass against it. Meanwhile her hands took of her brother's tunic, one hand exploring his hairless, smoothly muscled chest while the other went down to rub his crotch. The young Jedi, now completely entranced by his incestuous sibling, sent his hands from her breasts to her ass, where they inadvertantly brushed Han's cock through his pants which would have caused it to harden if it wasn't already hard enough to penetrate ship metal.

Leia bent over to kiss her brothers lips, then his neck. Feeling both Luke's and Han's erections pressing her fore and aft she knew what *she* wanted from tonight, a full blown double fucking! Then Han's cock left her skin and she made a moue of dissapointment but returned her mind to the task at hand which was licking and kissing her way down the young Jedi's chest towards his cock. She would have been less saddened if she had spared a glance to see the space smuggler taking his pants and boots off, revealing his sizable cock.

Finally she reached the top of Luke's pants and pulled them down, making him totally commit himself to the incest they were about to commit by raising his ass to allow it. His dick sprang out and Leia's tongue flicked out to lick off the drop of precum that was already there. She took it in her hand and rubbed it against her face then licked her tongue slowly down it from tip to root and back again. His hands slid back up from her ass up her back and to the sides of her head where they tangled in her long brown hair, finally set loose like her lust.

She finally spared a look for Han and saw him on his knees beside the, long, thick cock in hand and motioned him to kneel down next to her and her brother. As she engulfed Luke in her mouth she took Han's dick in hand and started stroking it. Then after a bit she switched, sucking the space pilot and stroking the Jedi. In her hair she felt both her lovers hands, clutching not only it but each other.

Beneath her Luke felt the grasp of his older friend's hand and extended his feelings to see if what he expected was true. It was.

Any reaction he might have made was thrown off track by Leia releasing both of them and saying, "Fuck me. Both of you. Luke in front, Han in back."

The raffish ex-smuggler cocked an eyebrow. It hadn't been Leia's ass he'd been hoping to get into tonight but he was more than happy to comply. He went to his discarded clothes and pulled out a vial of lube then got on his knees behind her then tore off her panties, the lacy material easily giving way.

Luke also obeyed, kneeling in front of her, his mind running through a mixture of confusion and anticipation. Even though he hadn't been raised a Jedi he was, like most of them, a virgin, due to the isolation of the moisture farm he'd been raised on. The Jedi Order believed in discipline and dedication to Order, as opposed to the passions and self indulgence of the Dark SIde. Now he had to wonder if that discipline was too rigid, it's confinements creating the monsters it sought to control.

Extending his senses to read the desires of his partners he reached behind Leia to spread her soft but firm asscheeks while Han put a lubed up finger in her asshole causing her to emit a long gasp.

Once they were lined up Luke slowly entered his sister's pussy as Han entered her ass. As they thrust and counterthrust into Leia the swarthy space pilot reached forward and cupped her tits while she reached around her brother's back grabed his shoulders and pulled him in for a scorching tongue kiss. Luke's own hands dug into Leia's ass, briefly once again brushing the other man in the triad's testicles, though not as accidentally as the first time.

Han buried his face in Leia's luxurious brown hair and she broke off from kissing Luke to whisper hungrily in her brother's ear, "Oh fuck yes! That's it brotherlove, I want both my men to cum in me! Cum now! CUM in me NOW!" Her eyes rolled back in her head as felt two hot sttreams of sperm flowing through her body and the threesome slowly fell apart and tumbled to the floor afterwards, Leia's last words ringing in her brother's ears. "I hope you made me pregnant."

* * *

As they lay together, limbs tangled and each partners hand running lazily over the skin of the other two, Luke reflected on what this meant for his future as a Jedi. He now saw how false the way of rigid self discipline and the abandonment of fleshly pleasures was. Not that he wanted to pursue the Path of Anger and Hate like his father and the Emperor before him. No, he saw a better way, the Path of Lust and Seduction.

And so he took the first steps that would lead to his becoming a new type of Sith Lord and his eventually taking the name Darth Horni.


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