Star Wars: Substitute Scoundrel
by Chirpa (edited by Shabby Blue)

As the Rebel Fleet regrouped and Luke Skywalker sat aboard the Medical
Frigate to receive a cybernetic replacement for his lost hand, Princess Leia
went back down into the docked Millenium Falcon with their newest Rebel

"It should be down here somewhere," she said, heading to the back of the

Leia opened the magnetically-sealed door that led to one of the cargo bay
storage areas. A large, dark open space appeared and an old greasy smell came
from the shadows.

Behind the Princess stood Lando Calrissian... former gambler; former
scoundrel; former traitor.

As the ex-Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Lando didn't have much going for
him now that the Empire had taken over his tibanna gas mining operation on
Bespin. After the daring escape from Cloud City, Lando made the decision to
join the Rebellion so that he could settle his score with Vader and the

More importantly, Lando wanted to make amends with his newfound Rebel
comrades and redeem himself for betraying Han, Leia, and Luke at Cloud City.

Leia still didn't completely trust Lando. She felt uncomfortable with his
presence. His slick behavior gave him a very cool appearance...too cool in
Leia's opinion. However, at this moment he was all they had, so they had to
trust him. Chewie couldn't handle the Falcon alone and Lando was the only
person who could infiltrate Jabba's domain with ease. He still had some
underworld connections and Han's rescue would require all the help they could
get, even if it meant going down into the shadows.

In order to accomplish this, however, Lando would have to dress the part of a
typical rogue smuggler for when he journeyed to Tatooine. His blue Bespin
silk shirt and trousers didn't exactly fit the image, nor would any clothing
in the Rebel Alliance's supply. Luke had suggested they check Han's storage
on the Falcon for some spare clothing. Han must have a whole "smuggler
wardrobe" just perfect for Lando to borrow from.

The Princess took a step down into the gaping hole of the Falcon's cargo bay.
She blindly moved her hand along the wall.

"There has to be a light switch... right about... HERE!"

With a low buzzing sound followed by a plinking pop, a bright white light
filled the room. Leia and Lando stepped into the storage bay. They both
looked around, examining the room.

"What has he done to this place?" Lando said in disgust, staring at the mess
around him. "I used to stash my most valuable transports in here."

Pieces of scrap-metal were spread around the room, greasy cloths stuck to the
ground, an open toolbox lay on its side, and a rusty puddle formed under a
leaking ceiling. In a corner stood a generator of some sort, which probably
no longer worked. A big, dusty, metal case stood against the center-wall.

" know Han," Leia said, almost apologizing for the sloppy behavior
of her now-frozen lover.

"I'm going to go check on Luke now. You'll find it around here somewhere...
try the case." Nervously Leia turned around. "See you later, Lando."


Lando's large hand gently grabbed Leia's shoulder, creasing the padded
material of the white thermal jumpsuit she had worn on Hoth. She froze in
fear of what was to come. Quickly she checked if the comlink was reachable
in case of an emergency.

"I haven't been in here for a long time. I would really appreciate it if you
would help me," Lando pleaded.

Slowly he released her and Leia turned her head, looking over her shoulder to
stare at Lando. There was no mischievous grin, no twinkle in his eyes. For
the first time he looked trustful, a bit helpless. Maybe she was wrong about
him. Maybe his slick behavior was just a shield to protect his pride. Maybe
right now he needed them as much as they needed him.

"Okay, I'll stay," Leia almost whispered. "But I don't know if I can be of
much help. I'm not too familiar with what all Han has stored back here."

"Any help will do."

Lando smiled. Leia didn't.

The thought of going through Han's stuff, smelling his smell, feeling his
clothes. It would be very emotional for her, but she couldn't tell Lando
this. In his eyes she was the strong leader of the Rebellion. If she happened
to break down crying in front of him over a pile of clothes, who knows what
she might do in a different situation.

"Where should we start?" Lando asked.

He didn't feel comfortable either. Leia sensed it. She overcame her fear of
Lando and walked over to the storage case by the wall.

"His clothes must be in here," she said, touching the flat surface of the
huge trunk, stroking gently over it until she reached the lock. Her finger
pressed a small button and after a click the case's top lid unlocked. Her
hands slipped under the rims of the lid to give it a couple of rough tugs,
but the lid wouldn't budge.

"Here, let me try." Lando flew over to Leia, his arms and hands softly
brushing against hers. Leia stepped back. She didn't want to be touched by
him. Lando didn't notice her reaction. He bent his knees and squatted in
front of the case, bracing his hands firmly against the lid. He pushed,
groaned, and after a terrible squeak the case finally opened.

As if they had just discovered a long hidden treasure, Lando and Leia slowly
bent forward to inspect the contents.

The case was filled with small paraphernalia and clothes. It really was a
treasure... the treasure of Han's life. All the things that meant something
to him were in here. Leia felt like she was trespassing, entering prohibited
territory. Lando didn't mind though. He grabbed a handful of things and
casually tossed them on the floor behind him.

Lando searched the small heap in front of him as Leia watched quietly. She
stared at the contents of the case and felt sad. Such a beautiful life... so
many things Han had seen, so many adventures...all those memories were now
without someone to tell them.

Her hand caressed the top of the pile, her finger slid through the rough

"Leia?" Lando touched her, gently he took her hand. "Leia, are you okay?"

Leia blinked her eyes. "It's…it's okay... It's just that, Han..."

"I understand," Lando said in a soft, soothing voice. "If you don't want to
be here, I can search through Han's stuff on my own now."

He gave her hand a comforting squeeze, something Han used to do in moments
like these. For a moment she forgot it was Lando touching her hand.

"No, it's okay. I want to stay. I want to see this," she said.

Leia's curiosity slowly overcame her sadness and grief for the moment and she
starting sifting through the storage case too.

Lando looked back at the objects on the ground. He felt embarrassed by what
he'd done. He should have shown more respect towards Han's personal things
rather than tossing them around everywhere as he dug through the storage

Quickly he grabbed the piles of clothing and other items on the floor, making
a little bundle, as if he was nursing a child, and carried most of it back to
the case.

Leia felt something odd wedged between a set of folded clothes still buried
in the bottom of the case. It was hard and round... a disc of some kind? Her
hand slid between the soft fabric of the clothes and pulled out a flat silver
holo-disc. It was about three inches in diameter and one inch thick. It felt
warm to the touch and was polished smoothly.

What could be on this thing? Carefully Leia inspected it, finding the tiny
grooved switch along the edge of the disc that would trigger its image
projector. She laid it flat on the palm of her hand and flicked the switch
with her fingernail. Suddenly a small three-dimensional image projected from
the surface of the disc.


A tiny 4-inch holographic image of a naked girl appeared and spoke those four
words in a soft sultry voice.


Again the girl spoke, repeating the words the same as before. The image must
be on a cycled loop, repeating over and over. It was a very pretty girl, Leia
thought. From what she could make of it, the girl had black hair and a
soft-greenish tone to her skin. She had small breasts, about the size of
Leia's, which the girl playfully squeezed whenever she said...


Recognizing the voice of the girl, Lando looked up in surprise.

"He still has that?"

Leia looked at Lando. She never expected him to know anything about this

"What is it?" Leia asked curiously.

"Sara Dihn," Lando answered.


"Sara Dihn, the best hooker on Corellia."

Lando seemed very impressed by the little holo-disc, forgetting for the
moment to be gentle around Leia and turning back into his smug gambler self
she saw when she first met him.

Leia, in her turn, was confused. She had never heard men talk about
prostitutes before, especially not right in her face. In a way it suddenly
seemed funny. She let out a soft laugh.

"No really, she was good...even women thought so," Lando continued.

This time Leia laughed out loud. "WOMEN?!"

"Yes, women. Be a bit more open-minded, Leia."

"I guess I should be," Leia said, smiling. "So, what's Han doing with this?"

"Well, all good customers got one of..." Lando cut off his sentence.

The fun was over. Leia's face turned cold, the smile vanishing. Sure she
assumed Han had been with other women before her, but a prostitute?

"Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you," Lando said.

Leia's smile slowly returned. "It's okay."

"Ah... we were young, you know. We didn't think much of love back then, and
we often were just out to have fun."

"We?" Leia responded.

"Yeah...Han and I..." Lando said, not sure if he had just said something else

"You two visited this…together?" Leia asked hesitantly.

Lando nodded.

Leia became extremely curious. "You were both with her at the same time?" she
asked, her eyes turning to slits.

"Well...sometimes" He looked at the Princess who gave him a semi-suspicious,
semi-curious look.

For a moment they looked at each other, the hologram still repeating itself
in the background. There was an unknown tension. Then Leia couldn't hold it
any longer, she burst out laughing louder than she had before, her voice
echoed across the walls of the compartment.

As she laughed, a few a droplets of spit landed on Lando's face. Lando
started laughing with her, not quite sure what Leia found to be so funny. At
least she wasn't angry at him. Leia's laughing gave her a stinging pain in
her side and she bent forward, falling into Lando's arms. Her laughing
changed to snickering...her snickering turned to sobbing...Leia began to cry.

Lando held her tightly. Somehow, he saw this coming.

"I miss him, Lando," Leia wept.

Lando felt guilty again. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry about all of this."

In a lost moment he kissed her head. Leia looked up and their eyes met. Again
she cried, pressing her head against his warm chest. Lando moved his hand to
her chin and lifted her head.

"Don't worry, I'm going to do everything in my power to get him back for

They looked at each other, slowly Lando moved his head down and tenderly he
kissed Leia on her lips. She returned the kiss.

The gambler and the princess began to explore each other's mouths with their
tongues. It was wrong, but Leia needed someone right now. Lando's hands
drifted off to Leia's back and slowly lowered to her buttocks. He grabbed
them and gently squeezed them. Leia broke the kiss, closed her eyes and
moaned softly.


Leia instantly opened her eyes. The Holo-girl had broken the spell. Almost
disgusted, Leia turned her head and backed away from Lando.

"I...I can't...this is wrong," she said, pushing Lando away from her.

"I understand," Lando replied.

"No you don't! You're just saying that to sound comforting, but you don't
really care. You're just like all the others," she said in heated anger now.

She was angry now. Not just at Lando for taking advantage of her at an
emotional moment, but also because she had given in to it and actually kind
of liked it.


"Oh shut up!" Leia spat, kicking the holo-device into the corner of the room
where it crashed into a wall and stopped projecting the image of the hooker.

"Here..." Leia threw a bundle of clothes at Lando "Just put on some of Han's
clothes so we can get out of here." She faced him, tapping her foot angrily.
Lando didn't pick up the bundle, he looked at her.

"Well what are you waiting for?" she stammered.

"Aren't you leaving?" he asked.

"No. Just try it on."

Leia had enjoyed the kiss from Lando. She knew it was wrong, like she was
betraying Han's love the same way Lando had betrayed his friendship on Cloud
City. Then again, Han had done it with other women before. Hell, he'd done it
with Sara Dihn, the best hooker on Corellia. It wasn't like Leia was married
to Han or something. Leia had a million thoughts going through her head,
trying to justify what just happened.

Lando shook his head and pulled off his blue silk Bespin shirt. Underneath
the shirt appeared a dark chest filled with short, curly, black hair. Leia
licked her lips, staring at the well-muscled ebony chest. Lando probably
worked out a lot. It must be good for his ego. His was different than Han's
build. Han's body was more natural. Han didn't need to work out to look good.

Lando slipped off the shirt completely. His strong arms appeared. Leia licked
her lips again, scanning his body with her eyes. She soon shed her guilt and
started to enjoy this.

Lando looked up, his naked upper-body shone in the bright light of the room.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he said, almost like he had read her

"PUT IT ON!" she commanded, her face red. Leia pointed to the pile of Han's

"Alright, alright," Lando muttered.

He opened the bundle of clothes on the floor. In it he found the white shirt
and black vest Han had worn during the Yavin awards ceremony three years
earlier. Leia remembered how handsome Han looked during that ceremony. After
the ceremony, Han had said he didn't need his old smuggler clothes anymore
and casually tossed them in the back cargo storage of his Falcon. Han was
such a slob, but she liked that about him. He was her complete opposite.

As Lando dressed, Leia's face brightened as she saw the sudden rebirth of Han
Solo before her eyes. Well... at least a temporary Han.

Lando buttoned the white shirt and slipped on the black vest. He spread his
arms wide, showing off the outfit he now wore, and said, "Are you happy now,

"Your Worship!" Leia demanded.


"Are you happy now -- Your Worship?" Leia repeated.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Lando said.

"JUST SAY IT!" Leia ordered him.

Lando murmured, "Are you happy now… Your Worship?"

"Good...good, Han," Leia said with a smile.

Lando figured it out. His eyes got that twinkle again. The Princess was
pretending he was Han. Wearing Han's trademark outfit must have really
started messing with her emotions and confusing the poor Princess. Oh well...
if she wanted a 'Substitute Han' for awhile, he'd play along if it would make
her feel better.

"The pants, get 'em off!" Leia barked at him.

Lando looked down at his trousers. He was still wearing the blue Bespin
trousers. He got up and slowly unzipped them. Sliding them down his legs, he
stepped out of the pants. A huge erection was growing in his undershorts, and
Lando felt kind of nervous about Leia seeing it.

But Leia did see it, and again she licked her lips. She walked over to him,
slowly unzipping her white jumpsuit down to her waist. Opening it, Leia's
pert breasts popped out.

"Looks like you're enjoying this as well...Han," she said.

Her hand slid over his chest, moving downward to the crotch of his
undershorts, tracing the erection with her nails.

"But of course, Your Worship," Lando said with a sly grin.

Leia smiled and knelt down on her knees. Her small hands started to unpack
the throbbing package in front of her. Her fingers hooked inside of the
undershorts above the huge bulge. Something this huge must hide something
equally huge, she thought.

Pulling the undershorts down, Leia gasped as Lando's cock rose to salute her.
It stood twelve inches long, the skin was dark, almost black, and the head
was purple, like a ripe piece of Alderaanian sun-fruit in early Spring.

Leia took the cock in both of her hands and guided it toward her mouth. It
was way too big to take it in entirely, so she decided to just suck the head.
Her hands could take care of the long shaft. She took it between her warm wet
lips. The cock-head was smooth and spongy and her tongue greased it, making
it slick. Her sweaty hands made massaging the shaft quite easy.

Lando groaned, whipping his head backwards. Leia teased him by making loud
smacking noises with her mouth while sucking. She took it out of her mouth
and licked the tip. A drop of precum appeared but was quickly devoured by
Leia's hungry tongue.

She let go of the cock and licked it's entire length from the based above his
balls to the round head again. Then she took it in her mouth sideways,
sucking her way forward to the head. She took him in as deeply as she could,
eight inches of the dark meat disappearing deep inside her royal throat, the
soft head tickling her tonsils.

Leia bobbed up and down, still making suckling noises with her lips, her
tongue sliding smoothly across the base like a professional whore would do.
She could definitely give Sara Dihn some stiff competition if Leia became a
hooker at some spaceport. Lando smiled at that humorous thought, but chose
not to tell the Princess.

She cupped his balls and playfully squeezed them. Lando bent forward and took
her breasts inside his hands, slowly pulling them, his thumbs working on her
round swollen nipples.

"I want to fuck your tits," he whispered.

Leia smiled, the dick still in her mouth, she slid it out, kissed the head,
got up and walked to the metal case where she sat down and beckoned Lando to

"Come here, Han," she purred.

Her breasts were now at the right height. Lando stood in front of her,
nestling his cock between her two mounds. Leia pressed them together and
Lando started humping her. She opened her mouth, licking the head of his cock
whenever it was close enough. Lando put his hands at his side, rocking his
pelvis back and forth. It soon tired him out, so he stretched his arms and
grabbed hold of the storage case under Leia, his musky sweat dripping on
her's face, breasts and open jumpsuit, making it almost humiliating for her.

"Oh Han..." she moaned as Lando's humping increased.

"I'm cumming," he grunted.

Leia knew what to do. She took the head in her mouth and sucked him, streams
of cum hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop and cleaned
it with her tongue. She opened her mouth, the shriveled but still long cock
falling out.

Lando wiped his wet messy dick off on her unzipped white jumpsuit.

"Good you suck me!" Leia commanded.

Leia leaned up, kicking off her boots, and pulled her jumpsuit completely off
until she was naked from head to toe. Her petite pale body seemed to glow in
the brightly lit room. She climbed back onto the case and parted her legs.
Her brown bush was neatly shaven into a small furry triangle.

Lando grinned again, reaching out to her and pushing her onto the cold metal
lid of the trunk. Lando dived onto her cunt with his face. He spread the
pussy lips with his fingers and began licking the fleshy cunt with large laps
of his tongue. His moustache tickled Leia's pussy and made her giggle like a
young girl.

Slowly Lando let his finger trail its way down to her tight asshole. He
looked up and grinned at the Princess. Her eyes were closed and her head
tilted back. Lando jammed his finger deep inside her anus. Leia opened her
eyes and squealed in a mix of pain and pleasure. Lando started moving in and
out of her, forcing Leia to relax her muscles until his probing became easier
and less painful.

Lando combined his actions. His tongue started probing her pussy, delving
into it and licking upwards. Through his licking, her clit had grown and he
sucked on it as he sped up his fingerfucking of her ass.

Leia grabbed his head, the soft black curls of his hair sliding through her
fingers. She spread her legs even wider, giving Lando all the space he
needed...but he wanted more. It was time for business. His black rod had
grown hard again and it had to be relieved. He withdrew his finger and his
tongue from Leia's body and and stood up.

"Wait! What are you doing?" Leia pouted. She hadn't come yet and she wanted
more. Little did she realize that she was about to get more... much more.

"Princess, get ready for some good fucking!"

Lando pulled open her thighs as far as possible and positioned himself in
front of her. He took his cock in his hand and pressed it against her

Leia got out of her dominating role for a moment, suddenly feeling very

"No, wait, Lando! Not my pussy! It belongs to Han, I'm sorry."

Her hands covered the soft pink lips of her quivering pussy.

"I wasn't planning to fuck your pussy, Princess! Whenever Han and I visited
Sara Dihn, I always fucked her ass!"

Leia looked up in shock. "Her...ass!?"

"Yeah, I love that squeezing feeling. I don't fuck pussies."

Lando took his member and lubricated it by gently sliding it across Leia's
juicy cunt.

"Turn around!" he demanded. This time, Lando would be giving the orders.

Leia looked very worried now.

"Um...Lando...I've never..."

"Just relax. It'll go easier if you do. Now turn around. We might as well
finish this. It's too late for regrets now -- Your Worship," Lando said in a
sarcastic tone.

Leia thought about this. He was right and she obeyed.

"Get on your hands and knees," Lando instructed.

Once again, Leia obeyed.

He pushed the small of her back down a little. "Arch it. It'll give me better
access," said Lando. "And it's less painful the first time when you do this!"

Again Leia obeyed. Perched on top of the storage container, completely naked
with her firm ass raised invitingly in the air for Lando's eager cock, Leia
looked as ready for action as one of those Corellian hookers.

"Okay...are you ready?" Lando asked.

Leia nodded, not saying a word. She just bit her lower-lip and waited.

Lando put one foot on the case and with his hands he parted her ass-cheeks,
the tiny pink star of her virgin anus revealed. He took his cock close to the
head and slowly pressed it against Leia's anus. Just to be sure it was well
lubricated, he slid against her dripping pussy once more and then he entered
her ass.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" Leia screamed from the sudden painful invader.

She was so tight...too tight. Lando's cock-head was almost in when the muscle
of Leia's rectum reflexively pushed it out again.

"Just relax and think of something pleasant. Think of Han," Lando suggested.

Leia did. She thought back to their first kiss inside the asteroid. Han's
soft lips... everything was so new to her then.

Something filled her from behind, causing Leia to grunt nastily. Lando's head
was inside!

"Ahhh...There's nothing better than a virgin ass," Lando muttered under
panting breath. "Okay the head's in," he told Leia. "Things should go
smoothly from here."

Lando spit on Leia's anus and greased his shaft, giving her pussy a playful
tickle. Leia giggled. "Han..." she whispered.

Lando got onto the case as well. He squatted, his cock still inside Leia's
ass. He started pumping her, slowly at first...but faster after a while.

"Oh Han...HAN!" Leia moaned.

Lando didn't mind that she kept calling Han's name and pretending it was him
fucking her. He knew this would be the first and last fuck he'd ever have
with the Princess, so he might as well make it a good one. Maybe he could
convince Han some day into a threesome with Leia just like they used to do
with Sara Dihn. Lando chuckled.

Leia had quieted down now. After several minutes of Lando's cock sliding in
and out of her ass she began to grunt like an animal, sticking her shapely
ass up into the air so that he so could plow it better with his dick.

Leia mewed nastily, arching her back even more as her ass quivered. "Ohhh
Han, hurt my ass! Come on! Make it hurt!" she cried out.

Lando savaged her, pounding his dick up her ass. Leia wailed and shivered.

Lando's hands moved forward and grabbed Leia's breasts. He enjoyed playing
with them. He had a girlfriend once with small tits...Rystall was her name.
She also enjoyed taking it up the ass. Why did they ever split up anyway?
Awhile back he had heard that she was now a dancer at Jabba's palace. Maybe
he would pay her a visit while he was there. But first... he had to finish

"Okay Princess, get ready."

"For what!?" Leia gasped between breaths.

He rammed his entire twelve inches into her tight passage.

"Aaaaggghhhhhhhhhhh!" Leia screamed out in painful joy. Her anus almost tore
off his dick, but Lando liked it like that. He pulled out and again rammed
the entire length in. Leia turned her head as far as she could, her eyes were
small slits.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK!!!" she screamed madly. The sensation was

"HAN HAAAN!!" she cried out to her frozen lover, wherever he may be.

Her unfilled pussy clenched and contracted, her whole body thrashing and
squirming uncontrollably. Her pussy came violently as Lando plowed her anal
orifice. Sweet girlcum gushed onto the storage case from her trembling pussy

"Ahhhghhhh!!" Lando grunted, unleashing a torrent of hot jism up into Leia's
rectum. She gasped and clenched her ass-cheeks as tightly as she could.

"Oh yeah, Leia, squeeze it!" he yelled, and pumped her like a jackhammer,
sending jet after jet of his load deep inside her bowels.

He finally pulled out with a loud pop, a small stream of his cum squirting
out of Leia's ass. He spread it over the inside of her cheeks with his limp
cock. Lando collapsed on top of Leia's hot body and licked her neck, tasting
the salty sweat. Leia turned her head and again they kissed.

"Thank you Han... I mean Lando...thank you, Lando," she whispered.

"I assume we don't tell Han about this," Lando asked.

"That's probably for the best," she said. They both laughed.

Luke's voice appeared over the comlink.

"The fleet's ready to go. Did you two find what you're looking for?"

Chewie's growl followed Luke's voice.

Reaching down to pick up the comlink, Leia replied, "We're more than ready.
I'll be up there in a minute, Luke."

She shut off the comlink and pushed Lando off of her, trying to get up. "Come
on we need to get dressed," she said.

Leia slid back into her jumpsuit. It felt sweaty and had a musky smell to it,
much like her own freshly-fucked body right now.

"I should change into something else back on the ship. So should you," she
told Lando.

Lando put on his blue pants, the white shirt was sticking to his sweaty body.
"This is good. I don't mind."

They kissed once more time...the last kiss they'd probably ever share. Then
Leia went back to the Medical Frigate and Lando headed to the cockpit of the

On her way out, Leia encountered Chewie entering the Falcon. She reached up
and patted his shoulder.

"Take care of Lando, Chewie. He really isn't such a bad guy after all."

Chewbacca threw his huge arms around her and growled sweetly.

"Goodbye Chewie. See you on Tatooine," she said, exiting the Falcon.

* * *

After a brief visit to her quarters to change into some clothes, not even
bothering to shower and clean up, Leia returned to the surgical lab of the
Medical Frigate where Luke was sitting up in a recovery bed. 2-1B was making
final adjustments to Luke's new prosthetic hand.

Luke smiled at Leia. She wore a thin white gown much like the one she had
worn when he first met her aboard the Death Star. Her hair was pulled back
and tied up in a bun.

"Luke, we're ready for takeoff," said Lando over the comlink.

"Good luck, Lando," said Luke.

"When we find Jabba the Hutt and that bounty hunter, we'll contact you,"
continued Lando.

"I'll meet you at the rendezvous point on Tatooine," responded Luke.

There was a brief moment of silence for everyone as 2-1B made another
adjustment to Luke's hand. Suddenly Lando's voice spoke over the comlink

"Princess... we'll find Han. I promise."

Chewie growled in the background. Leia smiled at Lando's words. A small
trickle of his remaining cum ran down the inside of her thigh under the white
dress. She quietly pondered the intimate moment they had just shared aboard
the Falcon. She knew now that she could trust him fully and that he would
keep his word about finding Han.

"Chewie, I'll be waiting for your signal," said Luke. "Take care, you two.
May the Force be with you."

Leia walked over to the large window, past the droids R2 and C3PO, and stared
out into space. Luke soon joined her, putting his arm around her, and they
both watched silently as the Millenium Falcon sped away into the stars.



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