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Date: 09.10.2015

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Leia learns how cruel Empire can be.

Other Notes: English isn't my first language, but I'm learning it since a really long time, so I really hope that this story is written well enough to be posted.

Star Wars: Taming The Rebel
by Tytus ([email protected])

Princess Leia Organa lied strapped to the table, in the spread eagle position, with metal rings around her ankles and knuckles. She wore a white one piece dress with matching boots. Despite her situation, she still struggled, in vast attempt to free herself. But it was all in vain, she was secured for good. Empire wasn't making mistakes like that. She hoped they'll respect her diplomatic immunity, but seems that she was wrong. Her ship was captured, her men were killed and she was brought there, probably for some sort of interrogation. She had bad feelings about it. But living as a princess of Alderaan made her strong woman who knew that she should give up easily. There was still a hope...

Doors went open. Her eyes went wide when she recognized Grand Moff Tarkin himself, accompanied by the another man, dressed in dark blue uniform with a black mask covering his head and hiding his face completely. Leia's eyes meet with cold eyes of Tarkin. She wasn't coward, but his gaze made her shiver. This man was known of his cruelty.

"We believe you know the location of the rebellion's HQ, princess. Will you be wise enough to reveal it to us willingly?"


"Well, I'm asking only once. I'm busy man, so I'll leave her to you, Mr. Bogger" he said to the masked man and left the room, saying nothing more.

Man named Bogger approached the computer on the wall and prepared something. Very soon there was a hissing sound and some kind of panel left the wall, moving above Leia's shackled body. It dridted slowly, from her head to her legs, emitting some sort of energy. She couldn't feel anything at all, but she had a feeling of being stripped naked, despite still having her clothes untouched. She could barely see pictures displayed on the screens on the wall, showing various parts of her body. There were red dots here and there, on her most sensitive parts usually.

Without a warning machine above her shot out a ray of red light, pointed right between her legs. Leia made a loud moan. Laser didn't cut her clothes nor skin, but when it touched her pussy, it almost exploded from the instant, intensive pleasure that filled her body. She tiled her head back, her body jumped in the sudden pleasure, only the shackled kept her in the place right now. She breathed deeply, trying to control herself, but it wasn't easy. Her nipples grew hard, almost poking through her white dress. Leia thrust her hips up, tossing her head around, trying to escape this unwanted pleasure that attacked her body.

Another lasers appeared, pointing at her breasts. This time she moaned even louder. None touched her, but she felt like being intensively caressed. Her body responded with enthusiasm, despite her mind. Lights aroused her, giving her no chance to resist. Leia tried to clench her teeth, but very soon she moaned like a whore in the heat, her lust filled cries echoed in the walls of the room. She'd prefer being tortured in the more common way than this. It was so humiliating. She could feel wetness between her legs. Drool dripped from her wide open mouth. Climax was getting closer, she knew she won't be able to resist it...

But she didn't came. Red lights molested her, keeping moaning princess of the edge of climax, but they weren't meant to let her cum at all. Leia moaned from delight, lust shone in her eyes, her body bucked on the table, but she couldn't came at all. She prayed to end it, but none listen to her pleas. More lasers came, playing with her soles, her armpits, her belly, her lips. It was like a being caressed but the ten or more hands, skilled in pleasing a woman. Despite her efforts, Leia couldn't fight it anymore. It was too much for her.

"Cum! Let me cum!" she moaned with animal lust in her voice. "I'll tell you everything, just let me cum, please!" Sweat shone on her forehead as she screamed this words, betraying her honor and dignity.

Moment after she made this humiliating declaration, lasers stopped. Leia gasped, surprised by this sudden pause.

"You know the price, rebel slut", said Bogger, "Tell us everything you know and you'll get what you want"

Microphone approached her, hanging just above Leia's mouth. Princess did what she was told, revealing all the secrets of the rebellion she knew, giving the Empire names, addresses, secret codes, passwords, everything... Machines collected the data instantly, working on it and sending where it was needed. Leia was shooting informations like a machine gun, betraying her fellows without hesitation. Her body was burning from passion and delight. All she needed was an orgasm.

"Sir, that cunt said everything we needed, I thin", said Bogger to the intercom, "What's to do with her?"
"Good job, Bogger, you're right man on the right place. Do what you want, you can treat her as you prize. We don't need her anymore." andwered Tarkin.
"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir"

Bogger approached Leia. He grabbed a handful of her white dress and ripped it, exposing her body. He yanked her white bra, tearing it with ease. His fingers clenched on her stiff nipples, causing her to moan.

He moved his other hand between her legs and rubbed her womanhood through the material of her white panties, now dark, thanks to the wet stain on their front. His touch was enough to stimulate the woman. She moaned when his fingers were sliding underneath the front of her wet panties. There wasn't much of the dignity in her behavior when he caressed her soaked flesh and pushed into her pussy. He worked more on her helpless body, pushing his fingers deeper, rubbing her moist cunt and causing Leia to moan even louder.

"Taste yourself, rebel whore" he said and brought his hand to her mouth. Leia licked her pussy juices from his fingers without hesitation.

He called the panel and pushed some buttons. Few laser lights focused on Leia's head. She gasped.

"I'm gonna keep my word. You'll feel the pleasure that none recieved. To put it simply, I'm gonna give you more that you can withstand."

Leia could barely understand his words, because more lights came to work, riding over her body and driving her libido to it's borders. Bogger undressed himself. He looked at the panting princess. Not so long ago she was noble and stubborn. There was not a trace of that woman in her now. He undid her wet panties and tossed them on the floor.

Noticing that the slut is at her limit, Bogger turned the machines off, climbed onto the table and positioned himself between her wide spread legs. Wasting no time, he pushed his dick right into her pussy, penetrating the princess.

Leia found herself in heaven. It was like sudden, electric shock. Her moans were loud and long, more like an animal than the human. Bogger fucked her hard, with a long, deep thrusts. Each thrust was breaking the walls of her sanity, giving helpless princess more pleasure. Lasers were a toys comparing to what he was doing to her. Intensive pleasure was flooding her body and brain, destroying the dams of her logic and reason. Bogger grunted, enjoying what he was doing to her. Not because of the sex itself, but also because he knew that he was destroying her mind.

Not so long ago princess Leia was a noble, the leader of the rebellion. Now she was panting, drooling sex machine. Her mind was focused on sex only. She didn't care where she was and who was fucking her, ale she needed was more sex. Her head titled to the left, her tongue was hanging there, a drool flooded from her open mouth, forming the puddle on the table.

Bogger came with one last thrust, giving her the last, mind blowing climax that exploded in her brain like a nuke. As his semen filled her pussy, her sanity was shattered into pieces. Not a minor part of the princess Leia was left. He left her pussy with a wet "plop".

Leia was still there, moaning in the most lewd way, bucking on the table. Her eyes rolled up, she repeated "Fuck! Fuck me! Please, fuck me! Need sex! Need more fucking!". Bogger knew that this picture will make a devastating effect on rebellion's morale, so he made sure to record everything. He dressed himself up and made a call. Moment later a group of Stormtroopers entered the room.

"You can have your time with that slut, men" he said, "Just don't damage her... much", he added leaving the room. Yes, he enjoyed his work as the imperial inquisitor. Thanks to the Leia's confession, there'll be soon much more prisoners and much more sluts to interrogate. He'll make sure to fuck any rebel ideas out of their heads... and their cunts as well. All for the glory of Empire, of course.


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