This story is set just before the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,
and after Shadows of the Empire. It finds Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker at
Ben Kenobi's old home on Tatooine waiting for the call to rescue Han Solo.
Lonely, Leia's fantasies lead her to an unexpected night of passion with the
Jedi in Training. Feedback is very much appreciated.

Star Wars: The Burning Desire (MF,F-mast,inc,oral)
by Syren Callista ([email protected])

The all-encompassing heat pressed down in a death grip upon Tatooine as its
twin suns beat down upon the desert planet with all of their considerable
force. It was the hottest time of the day, mid-afternoon, with the suns at
their apex as they prepared the planet for its journey into night. The only
relief that Princess Leia Organa received from the small hut on the edge of
the Jundland Wastes was being out of the direct sunlight. The heat was
unmerciful as it bled into the former home of Ben Kenobi, making the air dry
and stale.

Leia was enduring the proverbial calm before the storm, a dull routine of
waiting that seemed as if it would go on endlessly. She was stuck out in the
middle of nowhere, forced to wait as the painfully slow machinations took
place that would hopefully reunite her with her love, Han Solo. Leia knew
even as she sat in the dusty, sparse hut that Lando Calrissian was out there
in the lair of Jabba the Hutt, setting the stage for Luke's rescue plan.
Patience was required because the timing had to be perfect, but the waiting
was torture almost worse than what Darth Vader could inflict upon her.

The princess was not alone at Ben Kenobi's former home, but for all intents
and purposes she felt she might as well have been. Luke Skywalker spent his
almost every waking minute in deep meditation or carefully crafted practices
meant to further strengthen his connection with the Force. At first Leia had
thought she could count on at least three times during a day when she'd find
some conversation with him, but she quickly learned that an aspiring Jedi
did not indulge in three daily meals. Dinner was virtually assured, but
often times Leia would awaken in the morning to find Luke already in his
meditations. To keep from going insane with boredom she made sure to try and
make the most of their brief dinner conversations, but thus far Luke had been
extremely distant, his thoughts lost in another place completely.

So Leia found herself waiting and alone, trapped as time seemed to pass her
by, knowing that at this point the future was completely out of her hands.
She had no way of knowing that her situation was not unlike that which her
mother had faced decades before, on a different part of the same planet,
waiting for Anakin Skywalker to return from the rescue attempt of his mother.

Earlier that afternoon the princess had gone about preparing a special dinner
for Luke and herself. With the somewhat limited supplies on hand it was far
from the lavish, stately dinners she had enjoyed in her younger days on
Alderaan, but definitely a step up from the typical rations available to most
rebel troops. Leia even went so far as to dress for the occasion, replacing
her scratchy, desert tunic and pants with a flowing white skirt and blouse
which left her flat stomach exposed. It was not practical for any type of
excursion out into the outdoor heat and harsh sandy winds, but she wasn't
planning on making any such journey that evening. The only thing missing now
was her dinner companion, whom Leia knew would not be ready until the suns

Sitting down in the only comfortable piece of furniture Obi-Wan Kenobi had
allowed himself in his humble home, Leia's mind started to wander as she
waited for Luke. The sharp hiss of an igniting lightsaber abruptly caught her
attention, and instinctively Leia began to reach for one of the blasters that
she had strategically placed around the hut. She quickly calmed herself,
realizing that there was no danger at all. Luke would've warned her, after
all. Instead he had just begun another one of his practice lessons with the
floating seeker droid, honing his lightsaber skills. Slowly relaxing, the
princess concentrated on blocking out the faint sound of the humming blade as
it cut through the air. Gradually her eyes closed, once again allowing her
mind to wander.

Leia began to imagine how Obi-Wan Kenobi must have sat in this very chair,
contemplating the rise of the Empire, his self-imposed exile in this wretched
place, or perhaps even the many friends he had lost in battle. The stories of
the Jedi purge Leia's father Bail Organa told her years ago still haunted the
princess. Just the thoughts of the losses that came from battle made Leia's
heart ache, remembering her family, her former home, and even Han's terrible
imprisonment in carbon freeze. Dismissing these painful memories, unwilling
to consider the idea of losing Han forever, Leia worked hard to rid her mind
of all thoughts, something that proved exceedingly difficult. She had to
wonder how the hell Luke managed it in his focused meditations.

Time drifted by just as Leia's thoughts did, her efforts to keep a clear mind
far from successful. Instead she was a virtual broadcast antenna of emotions,
with her frustrations and fears so strong that Luke could detect them with
startling clarity from outside Ben's house, almost emphatically, and actually
finding himself affected by the strong feelings. It took him a few moments to
realize he was picking up someone else's emotions, and it distracted him from
his work. He considered going in to talk with Leia about whatever was
troubling her, but after some consideration he decided to leave her be. She
was strong; she'd be able to handle it for now. So with conscious effort, he
blocked out Leia and he threw himself more fully into his practice.

Completely oblivious to the strong emotional feedback she was bombarding Luke
with through her latent connection with the Force, Leia finally gave up on
trying to direct her thoughts in a certain direction and let them run rampant
and free. Her frustrations about the imminent rescue plan bubbled to the top
of her subconscious, mentally reviewing it for the thousandth time before, at
long last, happier thoughts of Han managed to reach her.

Lost in her daydream, Leia thoughtfully reflected on the crazy times she had
shared with the Corellian, fondly recalling some of their more thrilling and
dangerous adventures, going back to their meeting on the Death Star. A smile
formed on her lips as her thoughts drifted from one man to the another,
remembering that first frantic introduction in the prison cell and the
expression on Luke's face as he gazed upon her in the flesh with those bright
blue eyes. Oh... Luke.

Various other memories randomly flew through Leia's mind as the desert heat
helped ease her more fully into a dreamlike state, until she found herself
kneeling in warm water, steam partially obscuring her vision, a white foam
lurking atop the otherwise clear water. Naked and glistening, a chill went
up her spine as cool air blew across her wet skin, making her shiver a small
bit, and she looked down to see her nipples harden from the breeze. Then she
felt the heat on her shoulders as two impossibly warm hands began to glide
along her backside. Smooth as velvet, the two hands expertly worked their way
across her skin, pressing with just enough force to massage the knots out of
her muscles and between her shoulders. Unable to help herself, Leia leaned
back in the water, almost immediately pressing against the broad muscular
chest of the man behind her. With her eyes contentedly closed, Leia breathed
in deeply, delicious scents filling her head and further fanning the burning
flames within her heart, and between her legs.

The princess' mouth opened to let out a small moan as the man's hands snaked
around her body from her back, now moving to her chest, slowly dragging down
until his hands cupped her full breasts, kneading them with just the right
amount of pressure, and stopping just before it would become painful, just
the way that she liked. With each squeeze of her luscious tits her lover
ensured that his palms teased her swollen nipples, making her gasp each time
he did it, always knowing exactly what to do to make her melt.

One of those hands slowly dropped from her breast, making its way down her
chest and over her flat stomach. Leia's legs had already begun to spread in
anticipation of the hand that now pressed between them, his palm pressing
firmly over her womanhood, the heel slowly rubbing against her clitoris,
making Leia gasp and instinctively press her hips forward.

Then the tease ended, the man having expertly brought Leia to the height of
arousal, assuring her compliance in whatever he wanted. She felt him rising
behind her in the water and wordlessly she rose up higher on her knees. For
a moment her eyes opened, briefly taking in the luxurious bedroom suite,
looking out over the enormous gold and marble tub she was in, letting her
hands run through the bubbles that floated on the surface. She closed her
eyes again upon feeling the hand lay gently on the top of her head. Turning
in the water, still on her knees, Leia let her eyes stay closed as she opened
her mouth, letting her lips form a small circle. She knelt there waiting,
breathing through her nose, her heart thumping loudly in her chest, until she
felt the tip of her lover's cock press between her lips.

At that moment Leia took over, moving her head forward to take the shaft
deep into her mouth, allowing her tongue to glide along the warm underside,
feeling its tip touch the entrance to her throat. With a small adjustment
she moved forward the rest of the way, letting the tip of the man's shaft
enter her mouth deeply, moving forward until there was no more to take.
Relishing the sensation of having her lover's manhood all the way in her
throat, Leia slowly opened her eyes to look at the green crimson-tinted skin
of the man standing above her. Her eyes traveled up and over the muscular
body above her until finally coming to rest on the smug expression worn by
Prince Xizor.

With a gasp she awoke from her daydream, panting for breath, feeling a sudden
sense of revulsion for having fantasized about the Falleen again. Leia looked
down at herself to see how much she was sweating, shocked to find the outline
of her nipples clearly poking against her thin, white blouse, and then
discovering a dampness which had accumulated between her legs, having nothing
at all to do with the hot temperature on this arid planet. Carefully standing
up, Leia felt her legs wobble beneath her and took a moment to steady
herself. She walked to the door of the hut, looking out to watch the would-be
Jedi continuing his training exercises.

Luke Skywalker stood shirtless in the heat of the Tatooine suns, his
upper body and face glistening with sweat. Leia found herself admiring the
well-defined musculature the young man had developed over the last couple of
years. She allowed her gaze to drop even lower, watching the muscles of his
legs and rear work beneath his tight black pants as he executed his well
practiced routine. As her eyes focused on the bulge in his groin, Leia felt
an unexpected rush of arousal wash over her, starting at her cheeks and
falling lower before finding a home between her legs. It then occurred to
the princess as she watched him that Luke's saber moves seemed less elegant
than usual, a certain grace suddenly absent from his regular style.

Unbeknownst to both of them, the powerful emotions stemming from her arousal
had reached the budding Jedi, in spite of his efforts to block them out.
While Luke tried to keep focused and attuned to the living Force around him,
he found his mind drifting back several years to a different time and place,
one of his earliest adventures with Leia on the marshy planet Mimban. He
recalled how well she filled out the skintight, black miner's jumpsuit she
had worn in disguise, and then immediately remembered a moment just before
that when he had accidentally seen Leia changing into the jumpsuit. Just as
his vivid imagination began to picture her without it on, Luke suddenly
regained control and the memory ended.

Looking around at the barren desert that stretched out before him, Luke
became aware of Leia's presence at the entrance to Ben's hut. He started to
turn to face her, then stopped in mid-motion, startled to find that his
manhood had become erect beneath his trousers from the naughty memories of

"Sorry, I didn't notice you there," he said softly, his voice a bit
breathless as he stared at her, hoping that she had not recognized his
erection, while at the same time noticing the outline of Leia's breasts,
prominent against her semi-transparent white blouse. "Everything all right?"

"Not really, but I can't do much about it right now," Leia replied, casually
folding her arms across her chest, her modesty still prevailing, even as she
felt her cheeks grow warmer from thinking she had glimpsed Luke's arousal.
"Dinner will be ready anytime you want," she told him.

"I'll be in at sundown," Luke answered, deciding to continue his practices
for the remaining hour of sunlight.

"Very well," came Leia's answer before she turned and walked back into Ben's
home and out of view of the open doorway. As soon as she knew she was out of
sight Leia went to the dining area and sat down in one of the chairs. She
immediately replayed in her mind what had just happened, recalling Luke's
bare muscularly toned chest as he exercised in the hot outdoors.

This time, deliberately, she allowed her hands to drift lower down her body,
sliding along her bare stomach. One hand pushed beneath her skirt, and as it
moved lower her stretched fingertips brushed the top of her silky, white
panties until finally they could comfortably massage against her already
damp crotch.

Knowing that she would be uninterrupted for at least an hour, Leia
contentedly let herself fantasize about Luke Skywalker, her body finally
experiencing the sort of touch that it had been craving. It would be so much
better if someone else was doing it, but she had to make do with what the
situation offered. And so as the minutes ticked by she slowly rubbed herself,
fingers slowly manipulating her furious desire. She teased herself for
several minutes, letting her lustful needs build and build until she began
to massage herself in earnest, her fingers making small, insistent circles
around her swollen clitoris. Finally Leia exploded in a thunderous climax,
forcing herself to remain quiet even as her pussy fluttered and contracted
in delicious release.

Leia came down from her orgasm slowly, gradually becoming aware of her
surroundings again. She breathed in deeply, immediately detecting the scent
of her arousal, thick and heavy on the unmoving air. She realized the
temperature had started to come down, and looking out she saw that her self
pleasuring had eaten up all but the last traces of light from Tatooine's
setting suns. Luke would be in soon, but dinner was already prepared, so all
Leia needed to do now was compose herself.

Much to her surprise the princess found that indulging her carnal necessities
had done nothing to quench them completely. Instead she found herself even
more aroused than before, with her first orgasm having only served as the
appetizer to a much larger craving.

When Luke finally entered the main room, Leia immediately found herself
disappointed that he was fully dressed, his bare chest now hidden beneath
his black tunic. She was, however, pleased that Luke noticed the additional
preparation which had gone into the place-setting and meal for the night.

"This looks great, Leia. What's the occasion?" he asked, genuine appreciation
in his voice towards the Alderaani princess' efforts.

"We're stuck out here in the middle of nowhere, waiting for Lando to contact
us with new information," Leia answered, a hint of frustration in her voice.
"The least we can do is have an enjoyable dinner for once," she finished.

Considering her point, Luke nodded in agreement and sat down at the table.
They began to enjoy their meal, the silence broken only by an additional
complement from Luke about the fine food, and the sounds of their eating.

Leia found just being in Luke's presence was intoxicating. Even as the desert
air began to cool that evening, it only brought more attention to how hot her
body felt beneath her attire. Each inhalation brought with it a trace of
Luke's scent, the musky smell of his body only partially obscured by his
clothes. Leia found it to be almost as potent as Xizor's pheromones, arousing
her senses deeply.

She suddenly found herself remembering another encounter with Han Solo aboard
the Millennium Falcon before their arrival at Bespin. He had grabbed her in
one of the narrow passages of the ship, pressing Leia up against the hull,
his mouth and body forcibly shoved against her...

"Tell me about your training," Leia's wavering voice abruptly broke the
silence, Luke immediately noticing something odd about the way she said it.
"And tell me more about the Force," she added, this time her voice a bit more
controlled, allowing Luke to relax. He did not immediately answer, as the
subject of the Force was not something that easily discussed with those who
could not sense it, as he had learned from experience with his friends in the
Rebel Alliance.

"Well," Luke began, "I've been strengthening my conscious connection to the
Force. It is much easier now, for it requires less thought. I just have to
open myself up to it..." his voice trailed off for a moment as he did just
that. "And I can easily detect it all around us. I can experience it so much
more now since..."

Leia had stopped listening at that point, for she had only kept Luke
distracted with the discussion so that she could let her mind wander off
again. While he talked of the Force and his connection with it, the princess
was back on the Falcon, feeling Han's rough hands running over her body,
unzipping her padded thermal jumpsuit, forcing it down to expose her soft
naked skin. She found herself helping him to shed her clothing, pushing the
jumpsuit down past the swell of her firm buttocks, welcoming his urgent hands
to wherever they wanted to go.

Luke eventually became aware of the fact that Leia wasn't listening to him,
somewhat offended. She was distractedly eating, and her mind was entirely
somewhere else. He had a sense of what was on her mind thanks to the strong
emotions she emitted through the Force, so strongly that he felt certain
he'd be able to detect them from miles away. Unwanted thoughts began to make
their way into his head and Luke hurriedly attempted to disconnect himself
from the empathic connection to escape the overwhelming bombardment of
emotional feedback he was getting from Leia.

"L-Leia?" he asked, unsure of what to say next. When she didn't immediately
answer he started to rise, calling to her again.

Han had helped Leia get her feet free from the jumpsuit that was bunched up
on the deck beneath her. Anticipation ran through her body as he pushed his
own brown trousers down and lifted one of her legs, easily holding her
lightweight body and exposing her so that he could stab into her as she

"Leia," Han said, but it was not his voice. It was a different voice, and
when it sounded again Leia's reverie was broken, and she was suddenly back
in the hut on Tatooine, with Luke Skywalker sitting across from her.

"Leia!" he said once more, forcing her to focus on him.

With a lunge her hands snatched out across the small dinner table, grabbing
Luke by the shirt with Jedi-like reflexes. She jerked him up out of his chair
with more strength than he would have thought possible, pulling him toward
her. She didn't bother with walking around the table, instead she moved on
top of it, scattering the food and plates onto the floor with a loud crash.
The moment Leia was close enough to him she kissed him firmly, her arms
wrapping around his neck hard enough to choke him.

Luke could barely breath as the princess kissed him, and he started to push
her away but found that he couldn't. Every time he pushed at her she just
cinched her arms tighter around his neck, and then he stopped wanting to try.
His earlier thoughts of Leia had started to wear away at his inhibitions, and
her forcefulness was too much for the aspiring Jedi to withstand.

Leia's tongue forced itself inside of Luke's mouth as she kissed him, pent
up passion and lust-filled emotions now flooding out of her. She finally
released her death grip from around his neck, at least partially. One arm
removed itself from his neck and dove straight down between their tightly
pressed bodies, searching for and finding his hardness already pressing
against the inside of his pants.

With almost rehearsed precision, Leia undid Luke's trousers, allowing her
hand to ease inside and grasp his manhood firmly. Luke jerked with surprise
at her sudden touch, but his response was immediate, pressing back against
her hand. She felt his length pulse in her grip, throbbing with the desire
that she had awakened within him.

Then Luke's hands were upon her, just as soon as he remembered that he
possessed them. The closeness of their bodies didn't allow him the room to
reach her chest, so instead his arms encircled her thin waist, his hands
going straight to her firm buttocks, squeezing them roughly, pulling them
apart, fingers probing in the smooth crevice between her magnificent cheeks.

As Leia's hand continued to squeeze and rub along his length, Luke began to
pull and tug at her skirt, forcing it down past the curves of her hips and
down her smooth legs. Finally he managed to pull back enough so that one hand
could press between her legs, finding her panties soaked with arousal and
feeling the heat of her sex burning hotter than the desert's twin suns.

Leia pressed her hips forward against Luke's hand, grinding her dripping
pussy onto his fingertips, urging him to rub harder against her. Squeezing
Luke's throbbing penis once more, Leia then released him, one hand pushing
his away from her crotch, both of them tugging her soaked panties down and
off of her legs. At last breaking their kiss with a gasping intake of breath,
Leia allowed Luke only that one moment to breathe. She then pushed herself
back onto the edge of the table before spreading her legs wide. Her hands
reached out and grabbed Luke by the back of his head, pulling him down and
toward her.

Luke was helpless under Leia's relentless assault, and again her strength
caught him by surprise. The next moment he found himself on his knees between
her splayed legs as she sat on the table and he knew then what she wanted as
she urged him closer.

Obediently he let his mouth press against her dripping pussy, his lips
caressing her juicy slit, his tongue exploring her netherlips, tasting her
sweet juices. Her loud cries of passion filled his ears as his tongue poked
at her, stroking along her delicious sex, lapping at her sweet nectar,
encircling her swollen clitoris, making her legs quiver before they wrapped
around his head as well, trapping him there. With his every breath Luke
inhaled the intoxicating aroma of Leia's sex, every movement of his tongue
bringing in her sweet taste, every brush of his hands seeming to glide
across her silky smooth skin, exhilarating all of his senses.

Leia took every advantage of not having to remain silent anymore, and with
every breath a sound came from her, moans, small cries, and small purrs
coming from deep within her chest. Her hands stayed pressed against the back
of Luke's head, pushing him against her as she arched her hips, rubbing
herself harder against his mouth. When he began massaging her clit with her
tongue she moved her hands away, raising them up to cup her own breasts on
top of her blouse. She rolled her nipples between her fingers, pinching them
softly at first and then harder, all the while rocking her seeping pussy
against Luke's hungry mouth.

Luke finally sank into a rhythm, keeping up a steady pressure against her
sensitive clit, sometimes sucking it into his mouth, making her head spin.
The consistent stroke of his tongue persisted for several minutes, which
each passing bringing Leia closer to the brink. The Jedi felt her tense,
heard her moans become higher, and finally her climax washed over her.
Leia's hands went to the back of his head, pressing him almost painfully
hard into her spasming cunny as she climaxed. Luke delicately traced his
tongue along her, feasting on her sweet honey until she finally pushed him

"Come here," Leia said, her voice husky as she stared down at Luke with
lust-filled eyes, noticing his mouth still wet with her juices. Bidding him
to stand, Leia smiled at him in a way that made his knees weak as her gaze
slid down to his throbbing cock, anticipation suddenly filling him.

Sliding off the edge of the table, Leia sank gracefully to her knees and with
one smooth motion took his entire length into her mouth. Luke gasped as her
hot, wet tongue slid along the underside of his shaft as she withdrew his
length back out of her mouth, slowly dragging her soft lips along him. Then
she took him back in, her tongue fluttering along the sensitive underside of
his head, making him see stars. Already Leia could taste the salty sweetness
of his pre-cum and she knew full well that his first orgasm would not be long
in the making.

The princess reached up and placed her hands on Luke's hips, pulling him
toward her to take more of his cock into his mouth, pushing back to slide
him out. He got the idea that she wanted him to move on his own and so he
did, placing his hands gently on the side of her head to keep her steady.
Then Luke began to thrust in and out of her mouth, slowly at first, testing
how much he could take. When he pressed all the way forward and felt his
cockhead slip into her throat he knew that she would be fine. He began to
thrust in and out of her mouth quickly, and Leia stayed perfectly still,
just letting her lips slide along him, teasing his head with her tongue
whenever she was able. When Luke started thrusting faster and harder she
knew that he was almost at the brink.

Leia took control again, stopping Luke's thrusts before starting to run her
mouth very fast along his length, one hand reaching out to squeeze his shaft
while her lips and tongue focused on the head.

"Leia, I'm, I'm..." Luke started to warn her, and Leia felt him expand
and shudder in her mouth. She felt a rush of heat through her body as she
prepared to swallow Luke's cum, and suddenly he exploded. The first blast
went straight into her throat, pooling on the back of her tongue, which she
quickly swallowed down. Then she pulled back so only the very tip of his
cock was between her lips as the next two thick spurts fired into her mouth.

She pulled him all the way out, looking up at him and letting him see her
smile as his last three spurts left white, pearly streaks along her beautiful
face and in her dark hair. Leia relished the taste of the salty cream,
keeping it there a moment before swallowing the rest of Luke's seed down her
throat, feeling the gooey liquid fill her stomach.

Luke staggered back from Leia, and stared at her slutty visage as she knelt
on the floor, wearing his cum on her face. The princess's dark eyes were
filled with primal hunger as she looked up at Luke, staying still for a few
moments so that he could catch his breath. She then stood slowly, pulling
her blouse up and off of her body, finally standing naked before him. Her
gorgeous body glistened with sweat in the pale light of the room, and even
though he had just came, Luke found his eyes wandering over Leia's
magnificent figure as his penis began to harden once more.

"Leia, that was amaz..." Luke began to say, only to be interrupted by Leia's
advance on him, and then silenced by her hand over his mouth.

"Who said we were done?" she asked in a teasing purr, her voice low and
throaty as she grabbed him by the hand and forcefully pulled him towards Ben
Kenobi's old bedroom. Once there she pushed Luke back on the bed and climbed
atop him, straddling his hips.

"I want..." Leia said lowly as she looked down at Luke's slowly diminishing
member, "to see..." she continued, carefully lifting it so that when she
lowered herself down, her wet slit could be rubbed along his length, "some
of the legendary Jedi stamina," she finished, rubbing herself up and down
against Luke's lengthy shaft, not allowing him to enter her just yet, but
merely grinding against him and coaxing him back to full hardness.

"Leia, are you sure we should..." Luke began to say, but she didn't want to
hear it, silencing him with another passionate kiss. With her mouth secure
against his, their tongues entwined and fought for dominance as Leia slid
herself faster along Luke's length, feeling his erection return.

Luke could not believe what had happened over the last half hour, just as he
could not believe the exquisite feeling of having Leia's slippery wet pussy
lips sliding along his stiffened cock, bringing him back to readiness with

The moment that Leia felt he was ready, she lifted up, pointed Luke's shaft
upwards, and impaled him in the wet velveteen vise that was her womanhood.
Leia broke the kiss once more and leaned back so that she could look down at
young Jedi and watch his expression as she began to ride him. She easily
lifted herself into the air until Luke almost slid out of her, just before
she slowly sunk back down, her grasping pussy seeming to draw his length back
into her wet silky depths. Again she rose and slid back down, smoothly taking
Luke's entire cock inside of her body.

When Luke was fully sheathed inside of her, Leia squeezed her vaginal muscles
and smiled as he gasped beneath her. Luke felt her pussy gripping his cock
before they released, then squeezed again, almost massaging him inside of her
with skilled precision. For the time being he could do nothing but watch as
she started to ride him again, eyes transfixed by the way her breasts bounced
as she moved. They seemed to call to him and finally he reached up and
grabbed them, squeezing them, pressing them together while Leia moved up and
down on his rock-hard cock.

Leia's moans became louder when Luke started massaging her breasts and she
rode him faster, each downward push of her hips harder than the last, a
ripple going through her ass each time it settled down on the front of Luke's
legs. Leia pushed his hands away from her breasts and then leaned forward so
that they hung just above his face.

Luke took the cue and immediately drew one of her firm nipples into his
mouth, sucking it wetly, his tongue circling the hard bud, poking, teasing
and caressing it. A low, deep moan came from Leia at this new stimulation.
Because she was leaned forward, Luke's cock entered her in a different way
and Leia changed her movements, now making small, tight circles with her
hips before driving up and down on him, the sensation making Luke see stars.
With his mouth busy at her tits, Luke's hands grabbed for Leia's bouncing
ass and soon he was helping to pull her down onto him. In a minute they had
a rhythm, and each time he pulled her down, his hips would rise to meet hers,
his cock slamming hard into her, the ancient bed creaking beneath them.

Leia thought she felt Luke's cock start to grow larger inside of her with
another potential orgasm ensuing, and she feared that they would be done too
soon. With one last push down, Leia quickly rose up, Luke's gleaming wet
shaft slipping out of her.

"Come on, you've got a little bit more in you," she teased him, gasping for

"You are... incredible!" Luke finally managed to get out a sentence as he sat
up and wrapped his arms around her. It was his turn to kiss her passionately,
forcing his mouth on hers, his hands free to run down her back, knead her
buttocks, draw red lines on her sweaty skin.

When the kiss was broken, Leia looked at Luke with hazy eyes and slowly moved
off of him.

"Stand up," she urged him, and he did so immediately, finally done
questioning her motives.

With the bed just to herself, a seductive smile spread across Leia's mouth
as she laid face down on the mattress, scooting herself forward toward the
headboard. Then, as Luke watched, she lifted her ass into the air, rising up
to her knees in a stretch not unlike a feline would do. From Luke's vantage
point he was clearly able to see the dark, puckered hole nestled between
those tantalizing buttocks, and then the glistening opening between her
legs. Leia finished rising to her hands and knees, and then looked over her
shoulder at Luke, the sultry look in her eyes leaving no question that she
was inviting him back inside of her.

The Jedi took to the bed immediately, situating himself on his knees behind
her. His hands ran over Leia's ass, unable to resist slapping each cheek
once, making Leia squeal like a girl in surprise, and leaving a small but
distinct handprint on her soft white skin. Then Luke moved forward, the tip
of his cock pressed to her spread entrance. He stabbed back into her pussy
with such force that Leia screamed, both in shock and in pleasure. Her slick
walls squeezed him tightly as he slammed into her, not bothering to be
gentle. Leia was pleasantly surprised by Luke's sudden aggression, remaining
docile with her ass raised high and presented to him, offering herself fully
to his eager lust.

Each thrust inside Leia made her cry out in exquisite ecstasy, feeling a
yearning emptiness whenever he withdrew, only to have that emptiness
immediately filled again by his thick manhood. Luke drove himself into Leia
with long, fast strokes, loving the warm wet sensation of her tight walls
fighting to keep him inside each time he drew back. Every cry that filled
his ears encouraged him, and soon his grunts joined her pleasurable cries,
their animalistic moans echoing with the wet slap of sweaty flesh against
flesh as they coupled.

Soon Luke felt the princess pressing back to meet his thrusts, and he stopped
moving. Leia seamlessly took over, pushing her ass back to take him deep
inside of her, and then pushing forward to start the process over. He looked
down at her, pure amazement in his eyes. Even in his most vivid fantasies he
never imagined that he would have Princess Leia Organa on hands and knees in
front of him, fucking him with wild abandon.

Leia loved the feel of Luke's cock as it slid into her from behind with rapid
violent thrusts, but she knew that she couldn't get off that way. And she
wanted to with him inside of her. Suddenly she stopped thrusting and moved
forward off of him, rolling onto her back before Luke could protest, spread
her legs wide again for him.

"Come on, Luke," Leia urged him, her eyes desperate and demanding. Luke
sank between her spread legs and re-entered her with a quick desperate
penetration, making the princess cry out as the slippery length of his
cock brushed against her clit as it slid in. Leia's legs were spread wide
but flat against the bed, assuring that each stroke of Luke's cock was
hitting her just where she needed it most.

"Harder!" she demanded of him, then cried out as he immediately did so.
With Luke's muscular, athletic body pressed down atop of her, Leia lifted
her hips slightly to meet his powerful thrusts. Her eyes closed tightly in
concentration, focusing on his cock rubbing her swollen clitoris, feeling
her excitement begin to reach its boiling point.

Luke pounded into her furiously and he listened to the wet noises of his cock
pushing through her abundant juices. He could tell by her cries that she was
getting close, and he kept it up, determined to bring her to the peak of

"Keep going!" Leia all but screamed at him, her hips rising faster to meet
his thrusts, her arms wrapped tightly around his back to pull him harder
against her. Leia's toes clenched, her breath became nothing but gasps, until
her whole body froze for just a second, the entire world seeming to stop for
her. Then she cried out, her body jerking beneath Luke as though she had been
electrocuted. Her pussy squeezed and spasmed around his cock, rhythmically
contracting, almost feeling as though it was trying to milk his seed out of
him as the princess orgasmed. Leia's sweet honey flooded out around his cock,
leaking out onto the bed beneath them.

Luke had stopped moving, staying still as Leia's breath returned to normal
and her body relaxed. It was a full minute until she opened her eyes and
looked up at him, a dazed and very content look now worn. Luke smiled down
at her and moved slightly, reminding Leia that his still-hard cock was still
inside of her.

"Come inside me, Luke," she whispered softly, shaky hands moving around him
to settle on his butt, pulling him a bit towards her. "Please," she whispered
again, moving slowly beneath him to encourage him to move again.

Luke's throbbing cock didn't need Leia's encouragement, and he slowly thrust
into her again. He realized that he had been desperately holding back in
order to get Leia off first, and when he started moving inside of her again
he knew that he couldn't resist for long.

Leia's eyes closed, her breath still fast but slowing down as Luke slowly
thrust into her. She knew that she would not get off get, but she just ached
to feel an exploding cock deep inside of her pussy, needed to feel the hot
flood of sticky semen within her very core. Luke's thrusts began to speed up
and Leia welcomed him into her with her hands pressing against his buttocks,
urging him inside of her again and again.

"Leia... almost..." Luke warned her breathlessly, and Leia spread her legs
as far as part as possible, lifting them up so that Luke could thrust even
deeper inside of her. Her abrupt change of position that gave him deeper
penetration was too much for Luke. He gasped and plunged his cock as far
into her pussy as he could. Leia moaned softly as she felt Luke's cock
swell inside of her before exploding, the searing hot spurts of his cum
painting the deep inside of her well-pleased vagina. She held him tightly
to her as his cock jerked again and again inside of her, filling her up
with its thick, life-giving cream. Finally he stopped jerking inside of her
and Luke slumped atop of her.

Luke's weight on top of her made it difficult for Leia to breathe but she
didn't care. She hugged him gently to her, her heart thumping inside of her
chest as he lay atop her. In her mind Leia imagined that it was Han laying
atop of her, Han who had just emptied himself into her. She fantasized that
even now his cum was pooling deep inside of her, starting the wonderful
creation of new life.

Leia fell asleep beneath Luke. Luke slowly removed himself from her and
slowly covered her with a blanket, making sure she would be warm as the
cold air of night blew into the hut. He would have to think about what
just happened. It was weakness that had allowed that to happen, Luke
imagined. He still had much to learn, much to meditate on. He left Leia
in the bedroom to go and get himself dressed. When he was cleaned up and
dressed for the night he went and sat in Ben Kenobi's sole chair, cradled
his chin in his hands, and begin to think. Think about the past, the
present, his future.

That night Leia dreamed about her reunion with Han and the happiness that
had to be in store for them. Sometime during the night she found herself
thinking about Luke, but the thoughts were strange, as though she was seeing
them instead of actually thinking them. It was the strangest sensation,
and one that she would not remember when she awoke the next morning. What
happened between the two of them would not be talked about, she knew from
the moment she woke up. And there wouldn't be time, because a signal came
into the hut letting her know that her wookiee companion, Chewbacca was
ready to meet her. It was time for her part at long last. It was time to
rescue her love.


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