Disclaimer: These Characters belong to George Lucas.I only borrow them to
have fun.

Rating: NC-17 (sex)

Parings: Anakin/Padme

Star Wars: The Honeymoon
by Robbins([email protected])

Darth Vader stands on the bridge of the Star Destroyer. He keeps thinking of
Padme, his now dead Wife. If only she would not have brought Obi-Wan to face
him she, and their child would be alive. Everything he did was for her. He
still can't believe she Is gone. She was so beautiful. His thoughts went back
to right after their wedding on Naboo.

~ ~ ~

Three years earlier Anakin, and Padme were secretly married on Naboo with
only C-3PO, and R2-D2 present.

Anakin thinks how beautiful Padme Is. He sure does want her.

Anakin and Padme go Into a bedroom. Both of them are virgins. Padme has never
had the time for sex before. And Anakin could only think of fucking her.

"Your so beautiful, Padme" Anakin tells her.

Padme smiles at him. Padme knows It Is time for them to consummate their
passion for each other. She Is ready to give herself over completely to
Anakin. She begins to undress for her new husband. Anakin Is excited.

Padme now stands completely nude before Anakin. He thinks he has never seen a
more beautiful sight In his life than the sight of his wife nude. Anakin
begins to undress himself. Padme smiles,and lays on the bed.

Anakin, now nude, goes over to the bed. He gets on Padme. With both his real
hand, and his mechanical hand he touches Padme's fine breasts. Padme enjoys
being touched by Anakin.

"Continue, Ani" She tells him.

With his real hand he caresses one of her tits. Padme enjoys it. Anakin gets
his face in between her breasts. He moves down, and kisses her chest. Anakin
spreads her legs, and goes down on her, into her pussy.

"Oh Ani!" Padme says as he begins to lick her cunt with his tongue.

"Fuck me, Ani!" Padme says.

Anakin is really licking out Padme's pussy. She feels In heaven.

"Oh Ani! More! More! Please!" she moans.

Suddenly Padme explodes.

"Oh Shit!" she moans.

Anakin drinks her fine juices.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Padme moans.

Padme lays on the bed on her stomach. Anakin Is on her. He Is riding his dick
into her.

"Oh Padme!" he moans.

Padme loves this. She enjoys being fucked by her husband.

Anakin lays on the bed. Padme lays on top of him. She is riding his dick with
her fine pussy.

"Oh Padme!" Anakin moans.

She keeps going.

"Padme! You are the best! Keep going!" Anakin moans In pleasure.

~ ~ ~
Vader remember what is was like fucking Padme. And now she is gone. He knew
he would never be complete without her, and would never fuck again.

He walked on.

The End


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