*** Warning!! The Interrogation of Leia is a very strong story involving
bondage and torture. ***

Star Wars: The Interrogation Of Leia Part 2 - Leia Remains Defiant
by Dark Ranger (bd,nc,torture)

Leia was woken. She had no concept of how long, if all, she had been allowed
to sleep. Despite her nudity in front of the guards, she remained firm and
tried to resist, but their strength was too great for her. She was dragged
back into the torture chamber, where Darth Vader was already waiting. They
took her over to the table and bound her her naked body firmly down. Her
arms were strapped securely at her sides, and her ankles firmly bound. Two
straps held her shapely body tightly to the table. They stood back, admiring
the Princess's lovely naked flesh.

She struggled briefly at the straps that held her body, arms, and ankles
firmly in place. She clenched her hands into fists, and curled and uncurled
her toes. She resolved to endure the humiliation, and then one of the
cabinets opened, and what she saw filled her with terror. A strange looking
device was being pulled out. It had many arms, with very thin needles
sticking out the end of each arm, and it was being moved towards her. She
had heard rumors of such hideous torture devices, but she didn't believe that
people were capable of producing a device of such monstrousness.

She looked on with horror as Vader walked towards her, took a needle and
approached her shoulder. Vader felt around her shoulder, finding the pressure
point between the bones of her shoulder, and the needle was positioned to the
tender flesh. She squirmed to try to avoid the needle, but to no avail --
she watched in terror as the needle pierced her flesh. She cried out and
winced with pain as it drove deeper inside her and then she jumped as a jolt
of pain went through her. The needle had found the nerve.

With terror, she watched her other shoulder be pierced the same way, with the
same resultant pain as the nerve was found. Vader then went down to her
legs, her smooth shapely legs, held firmly by the straps. Her breath came in
short gasps as Vader caressed her legs, and then drove the same needle into
her knees. She grimaced and grunted as each knee was pierced. Then Vader
leaned close to her. She turned her face away, but he turned her face to be
close to his. She could hear and feel his heavy breathing as he spoke.

"Now, Princess," he began, "this is called 'The Pain Machine' and is one of
the purest torture devices in the universe. It will stimulate the nerves and
give pure pain, intense excruciating agony, with no damage to the tissues.
You will be able to feel the pain for a long, long, time. Do you have
anything to tell us?" Terrified, but determined to remain firm, Leia shook
her head. "Then let us turn this machine on the its lowest setting."

He pushed a button and turned a dial. The machine started to hum, and Leia
jerked in her bonds as the most intense pain she had ever felt roared through
her body. A gasp of agony escaped her lips, and she strained at the bonds
holding her firm, luscious body securely to the table. The pain coursed
through her body for what seemed like an eternity. And then it stopped.

Leia lay, drenched in sweat, gasping in agony. She couldn't believe the pain
she felt. How much longer could she possibly stand it? Then, though her
tears, she heard Vader say, "Increase the power."

She started to gasp out "No!" but her body was wracked with the excruciating
agony of the device. Pain consumed her, she had never felt anything like it.
Every once in a while, the pain would stop, and just when she would begin to
think it might be over, it would begin again, only stronger. The torture
session seemed to go on forever, she strained and cried and screamed but to
no avail -- the agony just overwhelmed her.

After what seemed like an eternity, it stopped. She was panting in agony,
and Vader leaned over her helpless, naked body and again asked her for the
location of the rebel base. Leia summoned up all her courage and strength,
started right at Vader. She knew that she was exposed, naked, and helpless,
but she could still be strong. She shook her head firmly. She would not
give in!

"As you wish, Your Highness," mocked Vader, and more needles were displayed
to the terrified girl.

Leia whimpered as she saw each new needle which would pierce her flesh. They
went into her thighs, her armpits, her hips (she thought, based on the agony
it caused, that they also went into her kidneys). Then he went to her feet.
She tried to curl her lovely naked feet and supple toes away from the
torturer, but to no avail.

Holding her lovely heel in his hand, Vader put a needle into her ankle. Then
a device was pulled out which was clearly designed to torture her foot. It
held her foot and toes in place while a pair of needles pierced the tender
sole of her bare foot. Vader carefully held each of Leia's toes and inserted
a tiny needle into the pad under her toenail.

As each needle was inserted, Leia whimpered in pain. Just the insertion of
the tiny needle into the tender pads of her delicate toes caused agony, so
she could only tremble at the thought of what it would feel like when they
started the machine. And she didn't have long to wait. The machine was
going, sending waves of unutterable agony through her body. Now every inch
of her body, from the top of her head to the very tips of her tender, supple
toes cried out in shrieking pain.

All pretense of strength had left -- Leia screamed and cried and struggled
as she felt more pain than she had ever imagined possible. The agony went on
and on and on and on... she thought it would never end, it was a nightmare, a
living hell. Again, the pain would stop for a minute, Vader would stroke
the tender, soft, naked flesh of her nubile body and then she would be
screaming and begging and straining at the bonds while the pain roared
through her body.

Finally, during one of the pauses, Vader leaned over her again. This time he
fondled her breasts, tweaking the tender nipples. "Well, Princess, will you
tell us the location of the rebel base? Or do we have to get rough?"

Leia didn't know how she did it, but she managed to simply look away. She
had little strength for anything else, but somehow she had the strength to
refuse to betray her friends.

"Very well," spoke Vader, "then we will proceed." Vader took out some more
needles. Leia whimpered as he came towards her body. He grabbed one of her

"Oh, no, no, no..." whimpered the helpless naked girl as one needle was
driven into the side of her breast and another pierced into her nipple.
Her other breast was prepared the same way. Then he went down and began
massaging her genitals. "Oh, no, oh God, no..." begged Leia as a needle
was driven through the inside walls of her cunt and her clitoris.

Agony shot through her. But she was determined to resist. The machine was
turned on, and she almost went insane with the agony. Sheer, excruciating
pain was the only thing that she felt -- nothing else existed. Each second
seemed like an eternity. Her luscious nubile body strained at her bonds as
the torture continued and continued and continued. Finally, the pain
overtook her and she fainted from sheer agony. But she still refused to

Once again, cold water brought the Princess back around. "Now, Princess, for
some more persuasion."

Vader approached her with wires. He clipped them to the walls of her cunt and
to her clitoris, he clipped them to her tender nipples, and he wrapped them
around each of her lovely toes and made sure that the end rested against the
tender sole of her bare, naked foot. Then he flipped a switch, and pain as
great or possibly even greater than what she had just experienced tore
through her body.

Vader had added electroturture to the pain machine, so her nerves were being
stimulated from inside by the pain machine and the electricity flowed through
her tender flesh, combining to inflict a level of pain that Leia couldn't
believe possible. Her naked body tensed against the bonds that held her
firmly as she screamed out her agony.

Then it stopped. Leia gasped and panted and heard, "How is she doing?" She
turned and saw General Largo, her old enemy. Seeing the old man leering at
her naked body was extra humiliating, especially when he stroked the naked
sole of her bare foot, played with her toes, rubbed her cunt and ass, and
fondled her breasts, tweaking each tender nipple.

"Having a good time?" he taunted.

Leia looked away, unable to bear the humiliation. Tears formed in her eyes,
and then the agony returned. She looked through her agony and saw the
General smiling at her pain. The pain stopped and started again and again.

As the machines were started, Leia would strain against the straps, crying
and moaning and screaming in pure agony. Each time Leia hoped and prayed
that it was over, the General would fondle her firm body and the pain would
begin again. The agony shot through her, from her breasts to the very tips
of her toes. She couldn't believe this much pain was possible, and she
screamed and screamed and screamed.

Despite their animosity for her, Leia's tormentor's could not help but be
impressed with the girl's endurance, for as she lay on the table thrashing
and writhing in incredible pain, she only whimpered and had yet to start
pleading for mercy. If they could have seen Vader's face under his mask,
they would have seen that he was smiling, smiling in anticipation of the
lengths of torture that would be inflicted on poor Leia. The General, in
fact, was smiling at that very moment for the same reason.

The machines were turned off, and Vader approached her bound body, holding a
long, thin needle. Leia lay bathed in sweat, and looked on in fear. Vader
went to her firm, muscular right leg and began to rub and hold her thigh.
Leia tried to move her leg away, but the straps held it firmly in place. He
grabbed the flesh, and began to insert the needle into her thigh. Leia began
to squeal in pain and terror as the long needle pierced her flesh, and then
gasped in complete agony as the needle finally struck the bone.

Once it had hit the bone, Vader began to slowly and carefully rock the needle
back and forth so that the tip of the needle began to scrape at the covering
of the bone. This technique, called bone scraping, is exquisitely painful
and, despite all of Leia's efforts, she began to scream in pain. Her screams
filled the room.

"AAAHHHH!! AAAAHHH!!! OH GOD! OH GOD!" cried the miserable girl, and her
screams got even louder as the torturer went to her left thigh and performed
the same torture on her left leg, but this time the needle was driven into
the INSIDE of her smooth thigh. Leia's screams of agony were pitiful to
hear. General Largo nodded his approval of the tortures being used on their

Finally, the needles were removed from her leg, but the needles from the pain
machine remained. Leia lay back, panting, bathed in sweat. Leia's tears
began to flow again... she was determined not to give in, she couldn't give
in! She must endure it, although she didn't know how she would be able to!

As Leia's nude body was literally quaking in terror, the General and Vader
approached her pretty face. Vader grabbed her head and forced a rubber
stopper into her mouth, and it made it impossible for Leia to close her
mouth. Vader held Leia's lovely head and the General showed her a dentist's
drill. Leia's eyes, already consumed with pain, went wide with horror. The
General chuckled, leaned forward, and began to drill one of Leia's teeth.
Leia could not believe the pain. She could feel the drill cutting into her
tooth and the agony that it brought her.

The General then took a needle from the pain machine and inserted it into
the nerve of the tooth that had just been drilled. Leia was bathed in sweat,
needles inserted into her body, the electrodes still wrapped around and
clipped to her most delicate areas... the terror of what was going to happen
was overpowering her senses. And then she entered Hell.

The machines were turned on. Sheering, burning agony coursed through her
body. She strained with all her might at the straps that held her firmly as
pitiful screams of agony escaped her mouth. Vader, in order to make Leia's
agony more acute, would stop the machines, let her lay back and pant, and
then start up the machines again.

Leia couldn't believe how much pain she was in, there was just pain and pain
and more pain. She would look up at the smiling face of the General, the
never changing mask of Vader, and the pain would overwhelm her. She screamed
and screamed and screamed in agony, the pain simply consumed her entire body,
not a single inch of her firm, lovely body wasn't screaming in absolute
agony, and sometime during the treatment she broke.

The pain had simply overwhelmed everything else in her life, she would do
anything to finally stop it, she just couldn't stand anymore. The rebels
knew she had been captured, they'd know enough to move their base. She
couldn't stand the pain anymore, she had to make them stop, just tell them
what they want and they'll stop hurting her, she had to tell them, tell
them and they'd stop, do anything ANYTHING just make them stop, oh God,
please make them stop! She began to beg for mercy. The agony stopped,
and then her head was held and the General began the drill again.

"NOOO!" begged the helpless naked girl, "I talk!! I'll talk!!" but it was to
no avail -- the General turned the drill on and continued on her tooth. Her
screams filled the air and were music to the General's ears. He kept up the
drilling, savoring the girls' agony. She couldn't conceive of the pain she
was in, her fingers and toes curled and uncurled in unbearable pain -- she
would do anything, ANYTHING, to stop the pain.

Finally, they stopped, and Leia began to cry and whimper. "No more, no more,
please, no more, I'll talk, I'll tell you anything, only please God no

"Well, Princess," gloated the General, "where are the rebels?"

"On Dantooine," said the Princess, all resistance gone. "They were there
when you captured me. They might have moved on, but that's where they were.
Oh, please, no more, no more, please, please..."

"Take her away," said the General, pleased with himself.

The girl was taken away into a cell, and given a dress and some shoes to
wear. She collapsed to the floor, utterly exhausted. She wondered what
was going to happen to her. Probably some phony trial and exile or life
imprisonment. She hoped the rebels were going to be smart enough to move
their base when they heard she had been captured. But for now, her ordeal
was over, and she only wanted to sleep. What the poor girl didn't realize,
of course, was that her ordeal was far from over. The horror had only


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