*** Warning!! The Interrogation of Leia is a very strong story involving
bondage and torture. It is purely a fantasy, and if it is not to your
tastes, please do not read or download. ***

Star Wars: The Interrogation Of Leia Part 5 - How Much Can She Take?
by Dark Ranger (bd,nc,torture)

Once more, Leia was rudely woken up and dragged into the torture chamber.
Once there, she once again lay bound and naked on the table. Vader moved a
table full of horrendous looking devices near her bare feet. Vader begins
to stroke her feet, and Leia whimpers and tries to move them, but her ankles
are firmly secured with straps.

Vader approaches her with a syringe which is filled with a liquid. "Do you
know what this is, Princess," he intones. She looks on in fear, unable to
speak. "It is acid, Princess. Behold."

And with that, he dripped a single drop onto a small piece of wood which was
next to her. Upon touching the wood, the liquid began to sizzle and steam.
Leia watched it with increasing terror.

"Imagine, Princess, just imagine," taunted the Dark Lord, "what this will do
to your lovely body. Imagine the agony as it burns your flesh, eating away
at your tender nerves..."

As he delivered this speech, Leia writhed in her bonds, tears began to flow
from her eyes, as terror consumed her very being. "No, please no, no, no..."
whimpered the terrified girl.

"Let's see how it feels, shall we?" and Vader went to her smooth, firm
stomach, and slid the needle into the flesh of her stomach and inserted a
single drop of the acid. He was horribly clever, since he had bypassed the
epidermal coating and deposited the acid directly on the nerve endings under
her skin.

"AAAAHHIIIIIEEEE!!! NOOOOO!!! AAAAHHHH!!" Leia exploded in agony as the
acid ate away directly at the nerve endings. The horrible pain lasted for
a while, and Leia's screams were pitiful to behold.

He then went to her bare feet. Grabbing her right foot, he slid the needle
under the toenail of her fourth toe, the one next to the little toe. The
pain Leia felt when the needle slid under the delicate toenail was increased
a thousand-fold when he injected a drop of the acid under the toenail. The
toe began to bubble and sizzle, blood and pus poured from under the nail as
Leia screamed and screamed and screamed.

The General and Vader looked on with satisfaction, but the General noted
that Vader had missed her little toe. So Vader then slid the needle under
her little toe and shot it with acid. Leia's screams of agony were almost
unbearable to hear. Her little toenail was almost black with the fluids
that were oozing from it, and after a little while it actually fell out.
To prevent too much blood loss, Vader then used a hot iron to burn the
exposed flesh that once held her toenail, and with that piece of pain the
miserable girl fainted.

Leia was revived. Once she was awake and ready to feel more pain, Vader
took up a small, thin piece of metal. It was pointed, and shaped like the
end of a nail file. It was burning hot as well. Grabbing Leia's foot, he
took firm hold of her third toe and slowly inserted the burning metal under
the toenail. Leia absolutely wailed in agony as the metal found its way
under her nail, and then Vader first let her appreciate the burning agony
and then twisted the metal until her toenail popped out of its socket.

Again, words cannot describe the agony Leia felt, nor can they describe the
strength and volume of her screams. But her ordeal was far from over. Vader
used the same piece of hot metal to burn and remove the next toenail, and
then inserted the needle and acid deep under her big toenail. Then, as she
screamed in agony and her big toenail oozed blood and pus, he injected acid
into each of her delicate toes. Then he and the General stood back and
watched as Leia's foot swelled and twisted as the acid did its work.

Leia's other foot was the next target for the monsters. Each toe was the
target of their abuse, with the hot iron being used to burn and wrench away
the delicate toenail or acid inserted under the toenail. Either way, it
caused unspeakable agony for Leia, and she fainted several times during the
ordeal, only to be brought back to consciousness to face more pain. At the
end, she was thrashing and screaming, her bare foot filled with acid just
under the skin onto the nerve endings, and she was praying for death as an
escape from the pain she was in.

Once Leia had stopped thrashing about (to her, it seemed like an eternity),
Vader approached her again, ready to continue the torture. He took up a pair
of pliers, and approached her swollen feet. He grabbed her little toe, and
with a mighty twist of the pliers, broke her toe. Pain shot through Leia's
entire body, and she went rigid with agony. And then she could feel the cold
steel grab her fourth toe. "NO!! NO!! NO!! NOOO! AAAHHH!! AAAAAHHHHH!"

The miserable girl wailed in anguish as Vader broke each one of her toes.
Leia had not thought that she could ever feel any more pain than she had been
experiencing, and yet they were inflicting more and more and more and more...

As Vader broke the next toe, she knew she just couldn't stand any more pain,
she would surely die if he tortured her any more, but then he'd mutilate yet
another of her delicate toes and the pain would increase and she would feel
certain that now she was there, now she was at the limit where there was no
more pain possible, this was it, she couldn't possibly feel any more pain, no
greater pain was possible but then Vader would grab yet another tender toe
and with another wrench of his wrist she would experience a new, greater
level of pain ...

Finally, Vader had broken all ten of her toes. Next, he took a burning iron
and cauterized each of her toes, since they were all dripping blood. Since
he had the iron and was burning her feet, he decided that the tender soles
of her feet should be burned as well, so the iron was brought to play and he
slowly, carefully, charred the tender soft soles of her feet. While he was
burning her feet and toes, Vader would also take the time to occassionally
tweak her mangled toes, sending waves of agony though her entire body. Leia
passed out several times, but was quickly revived each time and had ample
opportunity to savor her pain.

Leia lay firmly strapped to the table as the torture session appeared to have
winded down. The table near her head was wet with her tears, sweat, and
drool. She looked on in horror as Vader approached her, holding the dreaded
syringe in his hand.

"And now, your Highness," taunted the monster, "a little more entertainment."
He then grabbed her right breast and squeezed. Her nipple popped firmly out,
and Vader injected a drop of acid into the very tip of her lovely brown

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! AAAAIIIHHHHH!!!" Leia wailed and struggled as fire
leaped into her nipple. Then he grabbed her other breast and injected acid
into the tip of her other nipple. Leia's threw her head back and continued
to scream. She was pounding her head against the table, trying to knock
herself unconscious, but to no avail. Her horror increased even more then
she felt Vader's gloved hands fiddling around her crotch. He then took the
syringe, and inserted the needle into her clitoris. The pain of the needle
entering her most delicate organ was intense, but was made even greater when
he injected the clitoris with the acid. When the pain hit Leia, her mouth
went wide open. Her pain had passed the point where she could even scream
about it anymore, so her pretty face was twisted almost beyond recognition
and her mouth was wide open in a soundless shriek of pure agony.

It took about a half and hour for the acid to destroy the nerve endings and
thus, to allow Leia's agony to abate slightly. Vader called to a pair of
guards and she was dragged away to her cage to rest and to prepare for
further ordeals.


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