*** Warning!! The Interrogation of Leia is a very strong story involving
bondage and torture. It is purely a fantasy, and if it is not to your
tastes, please do not read or download. ***

Star Wars: The Interrogation Of Leia Part 6 - The End Of A Princess
by Dark Ranger (bd,nc,torture,snuff)

Leia was in pretty bad shape when she was woken up and dragged to the torture
chamber yet again. She couldn't give any resistance to the two guards who
dragged her along the hallway, since her mutilated feet still screamed in
agony, so she let them drag her along. When she saw that she was brought
to the torture chamber again, she began to shake. This meant that her sole
remaining prayer -- that they would kill her and release her from the
constant torment -- would go unanswered.

Inside the torture chamber, Leia was bound face down on the torture table.
Vader walked towards her with a hypodermic needle. "Kill me," pleaded the
miserable girl, terrified that the syringe contained more of the acid that
had caused her so much suffering. "Just kill me, that's all I ask of you,
please, just kill me..."

"Kill you?" asked Largo, taunting her, "I don't think so. In fact, Lord
Vader is just now injecting you with a powerful stimulant to make sure you
fully appreciate what we have in store for you today!"

Leia moaned in anguish as Vader injected her with the stimulant. He then
went and took a, iron rod and put it into a brazier of red hot coals. A
combination of terror and the stimulant made her heart pound in her chest,
as she watched the rod heat up.

Once the rod was glowing red hot, Vader picked it up and held it before
Leia's terrified eyes. "Oh, God, no more no more no mo... AAAAAIIIHHHH!"

Vader had taken the rod and, with all his might, swung it and struck Leia's
shapely ass with it. It cut and burned her, and embedded itself in her
lovely flesh. Vader let it sit for a second to allow it to cool slightly,
then he pulled it free, ripping and tearing her ass even more. Vader then
put the iron back into the brazier to let it reheat. Leia's screams of
pain were more intense than ever, and only increased as Vader repeated the
beating, burning, and tearing of Leia's ass. Only the stimulant kept Leia
conscious while Vader continued to beat her. He only stopped when Leia's
beautiful ass had been turned into a charred, bloody, mangled lump of flesh.

Leia was removed from the table. She had felt like she had become part of
the table, and for a brief second she felt strange without the straps holding
her securely in place. Two guards quickly bound her arms tightly behind her,
as Vader and the General looked on with satisfaction. They brought her to
the center of the room, where the one of the guards held her. Of course,
after the torture her feet and toes had undergone, just standing was agony in
itself, and she whimpered in misery as the guard held her up.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader had pushed a button and two ropes descended from the
ceiling. Once they were at the level of Leia's chest, Vader released the
button and the ropes stopped. From a vat of alcohol, where they had been
kept sterile, he removed two very sharp, large hooks. As Leia watched on
in unimaginable terror, he secured them to the end of the ropes.

"Bring her over here," he said, and Leia's eyes went wide with horror as she
realized what was in store for her. She struggled to escape, but every time
she tried to press down on her mutilated feet and toes waves of agony shot
through her.

"NO! NO! NO!" pleaded the helpless girl as she was dragged to the hooks.
"No more, please no more oh God... please just kill me just AAAAAIIIHHH!!"
Leia's screams wrenched from her throat as Vader slowly slid a hook through
her left breast. "OH GOD OH GOD NO NO NO AAAAHHH!"

The second hook was slowly pushed through Leia's right breast. Once the
hooks were firmly in the breasts of the screaming girl, Vader pressed another
button, and the ropes began to rise to the ceiling. Of course, Leia was
raised as well, and hung by the hooks through her breasts. Wails of anguish
came from her throat.

Then Vader pressed yet another button, and the ropes released and Leia came
crashing down, but stopped abruptly with her mutilated toes six inches from
the floor. The hooks in her breasts stopped her descent, her breasts began
to tear and the blood, which had been coming from her pierced breasts, began
to flow even faster. Leia's screams increased with the increase in her
pain -- she couldn't believe that she was actually feeling more agony -- and
she twisted in her bonds, but every twist caused her breasts to tear even
more, causing even more agony.

Once more she was raised and came crashing down. Her breasts were masses of
fire, unbelievable agony as the hook tore them even more. And again, she was
raised to the ceiling, and came crashing down. But this time, the hook tore
through her right breast and it hung, split almost in two, from her chest.

Vader and the General laughed merrily at her, since she was hanging by a hook
in her left breast, in an awkward and (to them, at least) humorous position.
Her screams were no longer recognizable as human as Vader came to her with
the red hot poker and seared her torn breast, cauterizing the wound. Only
the stimulant they had given her kept her awake and conscious, and Leia kept
screaming as she was raised again to the ceiling.

When she came crashing down, the hook, as you might expect, tore through her
left breast. Leia lay screaming and thrashing on the floor, and Vader went
to cauterize her left breast when the General waved him off.

"Couldn't you do something that will hurt her a little more?" queried the

"As you wish, General," intoned the Dark Lord, and he walked to the writhing
girl, turned her on her back, grabbed half of her left breast, and with one
mighty pull, tore it from Leia's chest.

Leia threw her head back and wailed in pure agony as her breast tore free.
Vader held the breast in his hand and waved it before her face, and the sight
of part of her breast in Vader's gloved hand sent additional waves of shock
through her already ravaged frame.

"Does that meet with your approval, General?" asked the Dark Lord.

"Yes, indeed. Thank you!" said the General, who was still savoring every
moment of Leia's agony.

Continuing on, Vader then cauterized the fragments of her left breast that
remained attached to her body. Despite the stimulant that flowed through her
bloodstream, Leia passed out.

Leia awoke with a start. A fresh injection of stimulant had brought her back
to the living Hell she was in. She was strapped to the table again, and
Vader approached her left hand. Slowly, he began to work around her wrist,
slowly and carefully removing little pieces of flesh and, as the blood began
to flow, cauterizing the exposed wound with the hot iron. Leia wailed in
agony as her flesh was removed and when the sensitive nerves were burned.

Once Vader had removed enough of her flesh to expose the bones underneath,
he brought out a small saw and slowly sawed through the bones of her wrist.
Leia's face was a mask of pure pain, her throat was raw from screaming and
yet she continued to scream and scream and scream. Once Leia's hand had
been removed, a blowtorch was used to cauterize the exposed end of the limb.
He then went to her other wrist and duplicated the same horrendous procedure.

Once he was finished with her hands, Leia's feet were the next targets of
the monster. Going to one of Leia's shapely ankles, Vader slowly removed
the flesh around the ankle, taking care to scrape the Achilles' tendon to
increase Leia's agony before severing the tendon. It took longer to saw
through the bone of the ankle, but soon Vader held Leia's mangled foot in
his hand. Leia continued to scream, but her screams were decreasing in
intensity as her vocal cords were strained beyond use. She thrashed and
twisted and writhed, her sanity long gone, now reduced to an almost
mindless, instinctive struggle to escape the agony. But there was no
escape for the once proud Princess, and her other foot was soon removed.

As Leia was sinking fast, and Vader and General Largo were determined to
make sure that she suffered even more than she already had, so Vader took
the scalpel and made a shallow slice down the front of her body. Using a
pair of pliers, he grabbed a flap of skin and, using jerking motions,
removed the skin from Leia's torso, leaving it hanging from the sides of
her body. Leia's eyes were open, drool dripped from her mouth, and she
pounded her head against the table as the agony from her skinning consumed
her, adding to the other torments that had been inflicted on her body.

Moving quickly, Vader moved to Leia's mouth. He took a small hammer and
smashed all of Leia's teeth one by one. Pain had completely consumed Leia,
she no longer existed except for pain. Next were Leia's eyes. Sliding a
small rod under her eyelids, he slowly gouged her eyes out of their sockets,
taking great care not to damage the optic nerve. As a result, her eyes
hung out of their sockets onto her cheeks.

The reason for this was to allow the eyes to continue sending messages to
Leia's brain (although all sense had, of course, left her already), so she
could "see" as Vader sliced off her nose and cut out her tongue. She could
also "see" as her stomach was sliced open, exposing her internal organs.

Finally, the General and Darth Vader stood over her. As the General smiled
wickedly, he poured the remainder of the acid slowly into her exposed body.
The acid began to consume her internal organs, and Leia gave out one last
wail of pure agony, a cry that could no longer be identified as human, and
then fell back onto the table and was still.

The silence in the room seemed strange, since for so long it had resonated
with the pitiful screams of Princess Leia. The only sound was Vader's heavy

"Well," said the General finally, "a fine job. Yet another traitor to the
Empire is dead. This is a glorious day for the Empire! I must report this
to the Emperor personally and, Lord Vader, your fine work here will not go

"Thank you, General," replied the Dark Lord, bowing deeply.

And they went off, leaving the mutilated body of Princess Leia in pieces on
the table. A "reconnassaince" mission (which was fully armed) was nearing
Dantooine, and would shortly "stumble" upon the Rebel's base. One of the
spiritual leaders of the rebellion was dead, and soon the entire rebellion
would follow. Truly, it was a fine day for the Empire.


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