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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 3 - Grandma?
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo had stumbled upon a very important piece of historical data; a chip which contained a number of holovids dating back over 45 years, all of which seemingly containing candid videos of sexual incidents. The first two videos had involved their grandfather, Anakin Solo and a Padawan they had never even known existed. All three Solos had been mesmerized and turned on by the seemingly unrestrained erotic acts involving two Jedi of the Old Republic. They simply couldn't wait for another showing, but unfortunately for the three siblings, they had been recalled back to the Jedi training facility on the jungle planet of Yavin 4. They had come home to Coruscant for a brief visit with their mother and father, but after their Uncle Luke decided that their break had lasted long enough, he had recalled them to meet him on the planet of Bilbringi where after a very brief stay; they would make their way back to the Jedi Temple at Yavin.

"I really wish I could take you three to Yavin... I don't like letting you go all by yourselves" Han Solo said to his two sons while they began to board one of the diplomatic shuttles the New Republic had lent them for the express purpose of traveling to and from Yavin.

"I know Dad, but the Falcon's still down for repairs and I'd rather take my chances with this ship than that ticking time bomb you've got over there" Jacen said to his father with a smirk while he pointed down the bay towards Han's broken down ship.

"Hey... Watch it kid... The Falcon may look old, but she's just coming into her prime... Where's Jaina by the way?" Han said as his two sons got ready to depart.

"I don't know, I think she's getting changed into some--" Jacen started but was taken off stride when his eyes fell on his twin sister and what she was wearing.

Inspired by Ahsoka Tano and her quite revealing choice of clothing, Jaina had decided to emulate her new idol and wear almost the exact same attire. Decked out in long white leggings and a very short red leather skirt, Anakin, Jacen and even Han were taken aback by her long luscious legs and obviously juicy young ass. All that covered her perky yet ample teenage breasts was a small red leather tube top, so tight, that evidence of her little nipples could be seen through the material. Her midsection and most of her upper body were otherwise uncovered and sparkling in the morning light.

"Jeez Jaina... What the hell are you wearing?" Han said a little outraged at his fifteen year old daughter for wearing such a revealing outfit. Although her ass was covered and her breasts not visible through the thick red leather, the clothing was so tight and conforming to her body, it wasn't very difficult to imagine what kind of body the attractive young teen had. "I don't think your mother would want you wearing that... and neither do I" he finished, blinking once to regain his composure and assert his authority as her father. For just a second, Jaina's sexy little body had brought back memories of Leia in her gold bikini back in Jabba the Hutt's lair on Tatooine.

"There's nothing wrong with it father... It's standard Jedi attire... See" Jaina said, clipping her lightsaber onto her skirt.

"I guess if it's standard" Han said, not sure whether or not to put his foot down and make her change her clothing or slap her tight ass for being a bad girl. It was usually Leia who did most of the strict parenting and since she was still away on her diplomatic mission, he had to make the tough decisions.

With that, the three siblings boarded the ship and left their still stunned father alone with his Wookie friend and his broken down ship.

"Wow Jaina, are you even wearing any panties?" Anakin asked his sister as Jacen manned the controls of the ship and took off through the atmosphere and towards Bilbringi.

"Yes, of course... I'm not a whore like that Ass-hoka Tano... I do have standards" Jaina replied with a smile as they entered the bridge to find Jacen at the controls. Just to prove the point further, Jaina turned her back to her two brothers, flipped up her skirt and showed them her ass. To their surprise, she wasn't wearing just any ordinary panties; she was wearing a very tight white cotton thong, which only accentuated her gorgeous ass even further.

"Fuck me sideways Jaina... You're not as big of a whore as Ahsoka... Maybe" Jacen replied, staring at his twin sister's ass, as she pulled her small skirt back over it and took a seat beside her brothers. "Did you bring it by the way...? You know... the chip" he finished as Jaina scoffed at him and slapped away Anakin's hand which hard reached out to touch her near perfect ass.

"Of course I did... its right here" she replied, pulling the small data chip out from under her tube top and placing it into the small holo-projector in one of the front consoles. "Too bad this projector isn't as good as the one at home"

"Oh well... At least we'll have enough time to watch at least two more videos on the trip out to Yavin" Anakin replied, regaining his composure after seeing his sister's sweet ass.

"It looks like the third video is dated a couple weeks after the last one" Jaina said as she started the holovid and the three Solos went silent.

* * *

"Come on Padme... I almost never make it back to Coruscant and when I do I never get to see my lovely wife" Anakin Skywalker told the beautiful woman embraced in his arms at the entrance of a very elaborately decorated home.

* * *

"Wife... Then that means she must be... Grandma?" Anakin asked his two siblings, who were just as stunned as their brother was at seeing what their grandmother looked like and the fact that she had actually gotten married to their grandfather.

"That also means Grandpa cheated on Grandma... What an asshole" Jaina added, now looking disgusted for having enjoyed her grandfather's little taboo act with his young Padawan.

"Hold on... Hold on... Let's just see how this plays out" Jacen said, not so eager to besmirch his grandfather before all the facts of the matter were out.

* * *

Padme pushed away from Anakin and turned her back on her husband with anger. "What... Did you think, that I wouldn't find this?" she yelled at Anakin, picking up a white pair of torn panties that Anakin had taken from Ahsoka during their time in the dilapidated house two weeks prior.

Fuck, thought Anakin as he quickly thought up a viable excuse to tell his wife. "Those aren't mine" Anakin replied with a very weak and lame excuse.

"Yeah Anakin... That's the problem!" Padme responded smartly before throwing them into Anakin's face.

"But Padme... I swear... I've always been faithful to you" he lied convincingly, using all his Jedi powers of persuasion to just slightly alter her emotions. Because Padme's mind was not weak enough to fall for Jedi mind tricks, the best Anakin could hope for was to make her less angry at him and more trustful in what he was saying. It seemed to work somewhat, but Padme was still not very convinced.

"Fine... But what about those rumours of you and that Twi'lek dancer on one of the moons of Dathomir" Padme asked, regaining her composure and demanding a suitable answer.

"It's just Sith propaganda honey... There just trying to discredit the Jedi; especially me" Anakin lied convincingly again. "Just like the lie I heard about you and Obi Wan... It's all just propaganda" Anakin assured her until she finally appeared to trust him.

"Okay... Then I'll meet you back here after you go to the Jedi Archives" Padme assured her husband, who had been called to the Jedi library for an important meeting.

"Alright, honey... I'll see you soon" he replied before leaving their home and making his way to the archives.

"God... I thought he'd never leave!" Padme said in relief after shutting the door and running back into her bedroom where a half naked Obi Wan Kenobi was standing there keeping quiet.

"I thought he was finally going to catch us, Padme" Obi Wan replied, looking equally relieved but also ready to have a little naughty fun with his sexy little Senator. "I've never understood why you married him, Padme... We've been doing this ever since he was just a little kid" he finished, unzipping his pants and pulling off his underwear as Padme walked over to him and kissed him.

"I know... I know... It's just I love Anakin and no offence Obi... But you're really just a fuck buddy" Padme told Obi Wan as he helped her undress. "I mean, you knew what this was even before Anakin and I got married; a casual thing with no strings attached"

* * *

"I knew something smelled fishy... You see Jaina... She was just as guilty as him... Maybe even more so!" Jacen said, interrupting the holovid again to gloat.

"Yeah well... At least he's not having sex with a fourteen year old" she replied, knowing that the legal age of maturity in the New Republic was sixteen.

"The legal age of maturity in the Old Republic was fourteen, stupid... Don't you know any history?" Anakin replied smartly; taking his brother's side and proving his sister wrong.

"Whatever... Let's just keep watching... I have a feeling this is about to get hot!"

* * *

As Padme explained the situation to her long time fuck buddy, Obi Wan slowly slid off her expensive dress to reveal Padme's outstanding naked body. Relatively small but firm breasts, capped off by two tiny pink rosy nipples highlighted an equally fantastic and very fit young body. Although Padme was now entering her mid to late twenties, her body was just as spectacular as ever. Her round luscious ass, tight stomach and long slender legs could make any man faint with overexcitement.

"Don't you think you were a little hard on him...? Especially since you're doing exactly the thing you were criticizing him for doing" Obi Wan said wisely, grasping her round ass before beginning to kiss her inner thigh.

"Mmmm... That's good" Padme moaned. "Oh... Don't you get so noble on me Jedi Master... You know what you're doing is just as wrong as what I'm doing" she lambasted her good friend who had now moved his tongue towards her finely trimmed pussy and Padme's very wet slit.

"You're right... I just can't resist this pussy though!" he said before delving his tongue in and out of her tight twat and pushing her onto the bed to get even more leverage.

"God Obi... You're so much better than Anakin" she groaned, enjoying the sensation of having Obi Wan's tongue in her pussy again.

"That's why I'm the Master" Obi Wan replied before reaching up to massage one of Padme's erect nipples. It only took a few minutes using his skilled tongue to get Padme squealing with pleasure and a large quantity of her tasty Senatorial juices running through her slit and into his mouth.

"My turn Obi" Padme sighed after regaining control of her senses from the massive orgasm that had just shook her through her body. She slid off the bed and onto her knees in front of him to get a good look at his nice big Jedi cock. "You're every bit as big as Anakin" she purred, taking his eight inches into her hands before sucking on the tip of the hardened shaft. Padme's skills as a Senator and a diplomat didn't even compare in the slightest with her skills at sucking cock. For years and years she had perfected this very important skill, always being able to call on it when she needed it most. In times of peril or in times of diplomatic unrest, a good quick blowjob for the right male official and an entire crisis could be averted. In the case of Obi Wan, Padme knew exactly what buttons to push or more to the point what balls to squeeze. She massaged his balls with ease as her mouth moved slowly back and forth over the entire length of his cock and before long he was pushing her away; not wanting to blow his load before the best part.

"Slow down baby... Let's not miss the best part" Obi Wan said in haggard breaths, fighting his hardest to control himself and his failing stamina. With that, Padme jumped onto the bed, got onto her hands and knees and pointed her sweet ass and tight pussy back at Obi Wan, just inviting him to take her as hard as he wanted.

"Well... Aren't you gonna fuck me, Master Kenobi?" Padme said tantalizingly as she wiggled her juicy ass back at a near hysterical Obi Wan. Every time he fucked Padme, the same near insanity always threatened to take control of him. It was only by using his Jedi calming techniques that he could overcome the madness and get to work satisfying the insatiable slut in Padme Amidala. Without waiting another second, he got onto the bed with Padme and moved his cock towards her dripping wet snatch. "Take me Obi... Take me"

Obi Wan didn't hesitate for an instance; he slammed his hips forward and penetrated her delicate cunny for what was surely the thousandth time. "Feels as good as ever!" Obi Wan purred into Padme's ear as his shaft slowly inside of her while he moved his hands to her perky breasts and massaged the firm globes with his delicate touch. It was only occasionally that he made it back to the inner rim and the sweet embrace of his fuck buddy, so when Obi Wan did make it back to Coruscant and Padme's bed, he was sure to give it all he had. Within seconds he was thrusting in and out of her with determination and execution, causing Padme to scream and moan out several times in orgasmic bliss. It was only after what felt like hours of passionate sex that Obi Wan finally began to slow his thrusts and gradually reach his release.

"I... Unghhh... Forgot... UGHHHH... How long you could last... Ahhh!" Padme moaned out as Obi Wan flipped her onto her back and drove his cock down into her with even more power.

"I'm... Ughhhh... Gonna cum, Padme! Can I... Ughhh... Cum inside you again!" Obi Wan groaned, remembering back at how amazing it felt to empty a big load of Jedi cum into Padme's tight twat.

"Noooo!" Padme screamed in protest, while she went through the throes of another orgasm. "I'm not on any contraceptives right now!" she protested as Obi Wan's thrusts became even more unrestrained. Padme had been off her usual contraceptives for the last couple of weeks with Anakin in town; they had decided to start to try and have a baby and if Obi Wan was the one to slip one of his soldiers past her defences, Anakin would never forgive her. "Cum on my face... My face Obi!"

"UNGHHHHHHH!!!!! UNGHHHHH...." Obi Wan grunted only a few seconds later after having pulled out of Padme's cunt in the nick of time. Sliding around to the side of her face, Obi Wan aimed the tip of his cock at Padme's sweaty face and fired off several thick streams of his potent semen; plastering her face with ample loads of his sticky Jedi cum. Padme did her best to swallow as much of the tasty cream as possible but Obi Wan seemed to have no control over his ejaculation.

"Mmmm... Nothing like a good facial to start off a long day!" Padme sighed seconds after Obi Wan's cock finally ceased plastering her face. Obi Wan too sighed seconds later, nearly falling off the bed in exhaustion.

"I'd better leave before Anakin gets back, and you better have a shower... You don't want him to see your face covered in my cum" Obi Wan said smiling, while he quickly dressed and left the near comatose Padme to bask in the afterglow of some of the best sex she had ever had.

* * *

"Fucking Whore!" Anakin laughed seconds after the holovid ended. "She was just as big of a slut as Grandpa Anakin was" he said, looking over at his equally stunned brother and sister.

"God... Is our whole damn family a bunch sex addicts or is this just normal" Jaina said as she slipped her thong back on without her brothers noticing. She had found it necessary to pull off the tiny white cotton panties during the holovid in order to have better access to her wet fifteen year old cunny. Both of her brothers hadn't even noticed her during the entire video, mostly because they were too engrossed in watching their grandmother getting defiled by their Uncle's Jedi Master and teacher, Obi Wan Kenobi.

"It looks like we might just have enough time to watch one more vid before we make it to Bilbringi" Jacen said, getting ready to start the next holovid for his two siblings.

"You two go ahead... I've got to take a shower before we get there" Jaina told her two brothers, needing something to cool her off and take her mind off of what she had just seen.


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