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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 5 - Evaluations
by Avatrek ([email protected])

"Jacen... Gimme back my panties!" shouted Jaina as she ran from the bathroom wearing her red tube top, short red leather skirt, and long white leggings. Jaina found herself in the peculiar situation of not having any panties to wear due to her pervert of a twin brother stealing them right out from under her while she was having a shower. Because most of her wardrobe was either back home on Coruscant or at the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4, Jaina had no substitute for the pair Jacen now had in his pocket. She would have had two or three extra sets of clothes with her, especially when on such a prolonged trip, but because Anakin accidentally left half of their bags back home on Coruscant, Jaina was stuck on board a ship without any clothes except for what she was wearing, and that wasn't much.

"Hey Jaina... You're the one who wanted to look just like Ahsoka Tano... I just helped you perfect your outfit." Jacen laughed as he ran to the bridge and locked Jaina out.

"What did you do, Jacen?" Anakin Solo asked his brother just as he took the controls of their ship and began the descent towards Bilbringi's atmosphere where the three Solo children were to meet their Uncle Luke before setting out for Yavin 4 and the Jedi Academy. For the past several hours however, on their short voyage from Coruscant to Bilbringi, Jacen, Jaina and Anakin had been watching more holovids of their grandparents doing things they never thought they were capable of doing. Jaina had been so turned on she had needed a shower to cool herself off, but instead, used the time to slam her fingers into her wet teenage pussy and finally reach a much desired climax. Jacen, facing his own need for release, had stolen Jaina's panties for a little encouragement and after blowing his load onto her thong and seeing his twin sister's completely naked and very wet body, Jacen had run for dear life and locked himself inside the main bridge with his younger brother Anakin.

"Don't worry about it Anakin... Just land this thing and find Uncle Luke as soon as you can... I think I'll need the help of a Jedi Master to be safe from Jaina." Jacen told his brother while he took the co-pilot's seat and began radioing his Uncle using the ships communications system.

With Jaina screaming and slamming her fists into the locked bridge door, Anakin and Jacen were able to bring the ship safely down on Bilbringi and get a hold of their Uncle Luke, who was already there waiting for the three children. Little did they know however, the Master Jedi Luke Skywalker had more planned for the three Solo children than a simple rendezvous and a trip back to Yavin 4. Because he and his wife personally oversaw the development and Jedi education of Jacen, Jaina and Anakin, it was left up to him to test them annually on everything they had learned. Mara Jade was still away with Leia on some diplomatic mission, so Luke had taken on the responsibility of giving Jaina her evaluations as well as her two brothers all by himself.

"Jacen if you don't open this door right now... I'll cut it open with my lightsaber!" Jaina yelled through the door, igniting her lightsaber to prove her point further.

"Too late Jaina... Uncle Luke is already here and he's waiting on the docking platform for us." Jacen shouted back at his sister as Anakin landed the ship and got ready to open the hatches to let their Uncle Luke board the ship.

"Hello Jaina... Aren't you looking..." Master Jedi Luke Skywalker began as he made his way onto the ship and saw his niece in a ridiculously revealing outfit. If he wasn't mistaken, he could actually make out Jaina's hard nipples through her leather tube top and just the hint of her round little ass from beneath her short little skirt.

"Oh Hi Uncle Luke... Do you like my new outfit?" Jaina asked with a smile, twirling around in a circle and completely forgetting she had no panties on. Realizing her mistake as soon as she began spinning, Jaina made to cover up her tight little bald pussy and ass from her Uncle. The damage was done however, and Luke was able to glean a great deal from the few seconds of Jaina exposing herself.

"Huh..." Luke murmured as a familiar twinge could be felt in his groin area. Just before he was able to say something else about Jaina's new look however, Anakin and Jacen opened the bridge door and walked by their sister looking as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

"So Uncle Luke... Are you ready to head out to Yavin?" Jacen asked, nudging his sister in the process and giving her a smirk for good measure.

"Ah... Yes... I mean No... No... Ah, first I'm going to evaluate you on what you've learned in the last year and then we'll head to Yavin." Luke mumbled, still a little shocked with Jaina and her outfit. She was only fifteen and probably hadn't filled out quite yet, but Luke was very impressed, almost so much so, that he dreaded being her uncle.

"Evaluations... Darn!" Jaina sighed, knowing full well that there was always a physical test of endurance and strength during the evaluation and in doing so she knew everybody would again be in a great position to get an outstanding look at her pussy and ass.

"Yep... And I think we'll start with you Jaina... I've already set up a small obstacle course just off the landing pad over there" Luke said, pointing towards a grassy area not a hundred metres away.

-Not a fucking obstacle course!,- Jaina thought to herself as she followed her uncle off the ship and towards her first and hopefully only test of the day. As soon as she stepped off the ramp and onto the landing pad, she noticed how unbelievably windy it was. Gusts of winds swirled about, blowing her skirt everywhere but down, constantly treating her three male Jedi family members with a beautiful view.

"Alright Jaina... All you have to do is crawl under that barb wire for twenty metres, climb that ten metre stone wall, jump over those twenty-five hurdles, swim across that small mote, levitate that boulder onto that platform, climb up that tower and zip line across to this other tower right beside me to finish the course." Luke said as he pointed out all the obstacles and tried not to think how perverted it was that he was having such impure thoughts about his own niece.

"That's all, is it?" Jaina groaned, knowing that every single one of the obstacles in some way would expose her like never before; especially the first obstacle.

"You have five minutes to complete the course once I give you the signal... GO!" Luke shouted, ushering Jaina onto her first obstacle.

Jaina took off and dove under the barb wire to begin crawling to the other side, very aware how great a view she was giving her brothers and uncle while she struggled through the tight confines that the wire produced.

"Damn..." Anakin said, grabbing onto the bulge that was forming in his pants as he watched his panty-less sister navigate the obstacle course. He had a perfect view of her beautiful little bald twat and nicely shaped and round ass. After less than a minute of crawling however, Jaina was through the obstacle and already at the wall, where she used her Jedi gifts to leap upwards and grab the top of the ten metre wall in a single leap. She struggled a little to pull herself up but did so within seconds until half her body was over the obstacle, which of course exposed her yet again.

"This isn't so bad" Jaina said to herself, fixing her skirt again and heading towards the twenty-five hurdles at a sprint. Every time she lunged over one of the hurdles, Luke, Jacen, and Anakin were treated to another look at her twat and by the time she finished jumping over the last hurdle, even Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master could feel the bulge growing in his pants. The only thing that could be hotter than Jaina dressed in such skimpy clothing however, was Jaina soaking wet, dressed in skimpy clothing and that was exactly what everybody was treated to when she finally swam across the mote and got out dripping wet.

Come on Luke, be strong in the Force... Temptation is a path to the Dark side..., "Fuck me!" he said out loud to himself as Jaina finished levitating the boulder with ease onto the platform and started to climb up the first tower. Luke was presented with another immaculate view of her tight snatch as she used the zip line to cross the last section of the obstacle course and come to the finish just feet away from him.

"So... What was my time, Uncle Luke?" Jaina said, out of breath, flustered and turning red with embarrassment. She just wanted the test to be over with so she could run off to the ship and hide there until they were back on Yavin 4.

"Time...? Oh yeah, your time... Your time was three minutes, twenty-two seconds... Excellent." Luke stuttered again, trying to get over what he had just seen.

"Do I have to do anything else, Uncle Luke or did I pass?" she asked as Uncle Luke tried to hide his shame.

"Ya... Pass... You passed... Um... I'm going to take Jacen and Anakin on a 20 mile run to test their endurance, but you're good to go." Luke replied, grasping at any chance to leave Jaina and her sexy ass behind while he ran off any impure thoughts he was having about his niece.

"Okay... Well I'll be on our ship until you get back." Jaina said before running off to the ship and leaving her uncle and brothers to finish their own trials and evaluations. Extremely embarrassed and just wanting to be alone, Jaina locked herself onto the bridge and sat down in the pilot's chair, exhausted. "Well... I guess I could relax and watch another one of those videos... I mean, they won't be back for a few hours" Jaina assured herself as she turned on the holo-projector to watch another exciting instalment of the true history concerning the Old Republic.

* * *

"But Master Plo Koon, I tried my best... Isn't there anyway you can pass me." Ahsoka pleaded the Kel Dor Jedi Master who had been in charge of her evaluations since arriving back on Coruscant with her Master Anakin Skywalker. Every Padawan had to go through an evaluation on an annual basis until they were knighted and although Ahsoka had only recently begun her training under Anakin Skywalker; her skills as a Jedi were superior to many. Not only that, but after the long trek back to Coruscant with her Master, which involved several amazing hours of unrestrained sex, Ahsoka had never felt so powerful. Her ability to command the Force had only increased after the trip home and Ahsoka was sure Master Plo Koon was somehow mistaken in failing her.

"I'm sorry little Soka, but I just think you can do so much more." Master Plo Koon said, putting his hand on Ahsoka's shoulder and trying to comfort the upset Padawan.

"But I broke almost every record and my command over the Force is greater than it's ever been!" Ahsoka replied, not understanding how it could be possible that she actually failed.

"Yes... Yes... Ahsoka... But, your emotions are all over the place and even though you command great power, you must always keep those emotions in check, less you be tempted by the Dark side." Plo Koon recited, not breaking his concentration once while he explained his concerns about her emotional state.

"But Master Skywalker says that not all emotions lead toward the Dark side... I believe if I can channel and control these emotions like I have just begun to, I'll have an even better understanding of the Force." Ahsoka responded with belief.

"What sort of emotions are you talking about little Soka?" Master Plo Koon asked; curious about what had led her to believe in such a thing.

"Well... It's kind of hard to explain... But I can show you if you want... I mean... As long as you promise to keep an open mind about it." Ahsoka replied, not too sure if her old friend would be very receptive to what she had to offer once she demonstrated what she meant.

"If you think this will help prove your point Padawan Ahsoka" Plo Koon responded in his deep empathetic voice.

* * *

"That guy has no idea what she's got in store for him." Jaina said out loud as she got very interested in the situation that was developing on the holo-projector. She was also intrigued to find out that the videos were not just following her grandparents, but also other Jedi Knights, Masters and Padawans. It was an interesting point she'd have to discuss with her brothers later but Jaina was too absorbed with what was about to take place on the projector to really care about it at the moment. She had flipped her skirt up again and was absent-mindedly rubbing her wet slit with her fingers again.

* * *

As Master Plo Koon looked down on Ahsoka not realizing in the least what she had planned for him, Ahsoka turned to face him and dropped down to her knees before he could even blink.

"Little Soka... What... Ummmm." Plo Koon began to mumbled as he felt little Soka's fingers grasp the draw strings holding up his pants. "... Inappropriate.... Unnnhhh..." he started again when he felt her fingers grasp his soft cock and begin to rub it back and forth. Unlike the average human cock, Plo Koon's odd shaped shaft and disproportionate ball size caught Ahsoka off guard and made her rethink what she was about to do. She really knew nothing about the Kel Dor species and for all she knew, she was rubbing the wrong thing. "Ohhhh... Little Soka... That feels... Feels... GOOD!" Plo Koon continued as his shaft began to harden and his worries about it being inappropriate began to evaporate as quickly as his cock began to swell.

"Holy Fuck!" Ahsoka moaned into Plo Koon's misshapen cock as its size began to overwhelm her and grow to over ten inches long. While Ahsoka did her best to get as much of his shaft into her mouth as possible, Master Plo Koon was groaning and moaning in a pleasure he had never yet felt before. Sticking to the strict Jedi Code of no attachments, Plo Koon had never had the pleasure of having his cock sucked by a gorgeous young girl like Ahsoka Tano. The fact that it was the first time he'd ever gotten a blowjob didn't bode well for his stamina and since Ahsoka seemed to be quite good at rubbing and sucking on his long dick, he knew he would explode at any moment.

"Mmmm... This is the biggest cock I've ever tasted." Ahsoka moaned, running her tongue up and down his shaft while squeezing and massaging his massive balls.

"Ohhh... Little Soka... I'm about to explode!" Plo Koon groaned, as his cock began to swell even further and an amazing feeling started to come over him.

"Gimme that cum Master!" Ahsoka moaned, looking up at her long time friend just as he threw his head back and groaned a deep guttural sound while his cock began to spasm.

"UHHHHHH!" He shouted, just as Ahsoka took her mouth off his shaft and got ready to receive a hot load of Master Plo Koon's seed. Ahsoka couldn't believe what happened next; instead of a few streams of the delicious liquid her Master Skywalker had both covered her face in and filled her snatch with, Master Plo Koon's cock shuddered once and sprayed a hot golden liquid from the tip in such quantity, it actually knocked Ahsoka onto her back. It didn't stop there as Ahsoka got back onto her knees as quickly as possible and tried to outlast Plo Koon's massive orgasm. For an entire minute his cock shot stream after stream of his hot golden cum onto her face until his balls had shrunk back down to a more normal size.

"Oh my God!" Ahsoka managed to blurt out as she licked her lips and looked down at herself. Her entire body, tube top and skirt was just covered in the golden goo and Master Plo Koon looked as though a hundred years of stress had been lifted from his shoulders. He sank down on the nearest chair and gave Ahsoka a smile before pulling his pants back up and throwing his old friend a towel.

"I guess you were right little Soka... Some emotions can be good for a Jedi." Plo Koon mumbled as Ahsoka cleaned herself off and stood back up in front of him.

"So I passed then?" Ahsoka asked a very relaxed Plo Koon with a look of anticipation on her face.

"With flying colours my dear... With flying colours!" Plo Koon said before nodding off to sleep and to dreams of Ahsoka Tano.

* * *

"I guess it's alright to use sex and sex appeal to get what you want." Jaina said to herself, feeling much less embarrassed about frolicking about without any underwear. Next time she didn't do well on a test, she'd just do what Ahsoka Tano did.


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