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Star Wars - The Restricted Files Part 12 - Happy Birthday Part 2
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Jacen Solo was now sixteen years old and according to New Republic law he was now a full-fledged adult. As he disembarked from the ship along with his brother, twin sister and uncle, Jacen actually felt a little older. He felt so until he heard and saw the crowd of fellow Jedi bellowing "Happy Birthday" and welcoming them back to the Jedi Academy like they were a couple of kids. It was lucky for Jacen however that Jaina was dressed as she was; as soon as everyone got through wishing them happy birthday, their attention as well as their eyes were quickly drawn to Jaina's ridiculously hot outfit. Jacen and Anakin smiled to each other before escaping the crowd and making it to their respective rooms.

"Well... I'm off to see Tahiri... I told her I'd meet her as soon as I got back." Anakin told his brother as they parted. Tahiri Veila was Anakin's best friend and had been so for years; going on multiple adventures with him ever since they had first met.

"Have fun." Jacen replied, wondering if Anakin would put what he had learned from the holovids to good use and teach Tahiri a few tricks she would need when she became a full-fledged Jedi Knight. "You're going to have your hands full, brother!" Jacen whispered to himself before turning around and walking not to his room but to his sister's. Keeping quiet an using his Jedi abilities to be almost invisible to all others, Jacen crept towards Jaina's room and got ready to infiltrate it, borrow the holochip and maybe, just maybe, get his good friend Tenel Ka to join him for a showing. That was his plan as he made it to his twin sister's bedroom and cracked open the door to see if she was still inside. Jacen couldn't see Jaina but could hear her shower running. Believing she was in the shower, Jacen crept into the room and looked around her belongings until with luck he found the holochip and escaped the room just as Jaina came waltzing out of the bathroom dripping wet, with only a towel covering her luscious teenage body. Jacen hid outside her door for a few minutes, peeping through the crack as Jaina wiped her body down and slowly got dressed in another enticing outfit that only further emphasized her outstanding juicy little ass, firm little breasts and toned body. Jacen got hot just thinking about what he wanted to do to her, but before he could even think another dirty thought about his sister, he heard footsteps coming down the hall.

"Fuck... Time to make my exit!" Jacen said to himself, before quietly closing Jaina's door and running in the opposite direction before none other than Wurth Skidder walked around the corner and got ready to knock on the door.

Feeling a little hot under the collar and ecstatic about taking the holochip from his soaking wet sister, Jacen went in search of his old friend Tenel Ka. He realized he wouldn't find the Dathomir warrior inside on a gorgeous day so he made his way outside and in search for the beautiful warrior princess. Jacen knew he had a time limit on how long he could keep the holochip without his sister finding out that it was stolen so he hurried through the trees to a common training ground and to his luck, found Tenel Ka just finishing what was surely a very intensive workout. Dressed in a very short pair of tight fitting green shorts and an even tighter green tank top, Jacen was a little disappointed not to find the Hapan princess in her customary green dragon skin, tight one-piece warrior outfit. Jacen couldn't complain though; Tenel Ka was simply glowing with perspiration and the tightness of her skin-tight shorts was more than enough to get him horny.

Although she had chosen the life of a Dathomir warrior and Jedi, Tenel Ka was of Royal Hapan blood. With red-golden hair and one of the most attractive faces and bodies in the entire galaxy, the only thing that detracted from her outstanding attributes was the fact that she was missing half of her left arm. She had lost it during a sparring match with Jacen less than two years prior and although Jacen felt horrible for what had happened, Tenel Ka had not blamed Jacen in the least. Her own lightsaber had been poorly constructed and was the cause of her own misfortune. Since that day less than two years ago, Jacen and Tenel Ka had grown much closer and he knew that he could show her the holochip without her alerting anyone of authority to the chip's questionable subject matter. Besides, the show might be just enough to get Tenel Ka to open up a little and not be such a stingy tight-ass all the time. Not that Jacen had anything against her tight teenage ass.

"Oh hey Tenel Ka." Jacen said casually, as he walked over to her and stood in front of her, supremely confident in himself, despite Tenel Ka's usually icy demeanour.

"Jacen... You've returned already." Tenel Ka responded without any emotion, instantly phasing Jacen.

"Ummmm... Well... I was going to watch a holovid... Did you want to join me...? It is my birthday after all..." Jacen replied coolly, regaining his composure and knowing for certain that he had surely lured Tenel Ka into joining him for a thrilling showing.

"Sure Jacen... It is your birthday, as you said." Tenel Ka relented, following Jacen into the Jedi Temple and to his room. Jacen's room had a decent sized holo-projector, but there was only one seat in the house, and that was Jacen's comfy bed. Tenel Ka took a seat at the end of the bed while Jacen inserted the holochip into the projector and took a seat beside his good friend.

"What is the holovid about?" Tenel Ka asked Jacen as he hit the play button.

"It's a true historical holovid of the Old Republic... I found it in some ruins near the old Imperial Palace." Jacen lied, hoping that Tenel Ka would buy it and not think him a disgusting pervert when the action finally got started. "I haven't even taken a look at it yet... I was waiting to watch it with you."

"That's sweet" Tenel Ka replied, as Jacen's words cooled her usual icy demeanour. She reached over and squeezed Jacen's hand just as the holo started.

* * *

The holovid began several weeks after the events involving Asajj Ventress and her failed attempt at converting Ahsoka Tano to the Dark side. With only moments to spare before being truly broken, Anakin Skywalker had rescued his Padawan and with Ahsoka unconscious, he got his retribution against the bald headed Sith Assassin. In the current holo, Ahsoka, along with two scout clone troopers were quietly and stealthily traveling through the wooded forest of the planet Dathomir. The planet was sparsely populated and located on the far reaches of the Outer Rim; the perfect location for a secret meeting between the leaders of the Separatists. Ahsoka Tano had been tasked with the very important mission of observing who was attending the meeting and after confirming that the meeting was indeed taking place, to report back to her Master, who with her help, would arrest all those involved.

"Gee Wiz... Dathomir has some difficult terrain." Ahsoka Tano said to her two assigned troopers, who were wearing camouflaged trooper armour with a high-powered scoped laser rifle draped over their shoulder.

"Yes Sir... Over ninety percent of Dathomir is still unexplored." One of the clone troopers retorted before wordlessly falling in line behind his fellow trooper.

* * *

"Dathomir? How did you know it would involve Dathomir?" Tenel Ka asked Jacen, both shocked and surprised to find a historical holovid involving her mother's home world and a planet in which she herself called home.

"I didn't... I swear... I'm just as shocked as you." Jacen replied truthfully as Tenel Ka squeezed his hand harder and the sexual tension that had always existed between the two only increased. Jacen moved a fraction of an inch closer to the Dathomir warrior princess as the holovid continued.

* * *

Darn! The Urge is back already!, Ahsoka thought to herself as she ran through the woods in front of her two scout clone troopers. It hadn't even been an entire day since her Master had relieved the stress of her specie's sexual affliction and Ahsoka was already feeling the itch between her thighs and an overpowering need and desire to stop in her tracks and jam two fingers into her teenage pussy.

"Sir... We're there... The cave they're supposedly meeting at is just past the next clearing." One of the clone troopers said to Ahsoka as they approached the clearing.

"There is an excellent vantage point over there on that cliff." The other trooper told Ahsoka, pointing out a high-rising cliff that oversaw the entire clearing and the cave the Separatist meeting was supposedly taking place in.

"Okay... We'll set up on the cliff then." Ahsoka agreed, before following her clones up the cliff and setting up the observatory equipment. With the Urge still afflicting her sensibilities, Ahsoka took a seat next to the clones and got ready for a very long stakeout. With her two clone scouts scoping out the caves below them with high-powered binoculars, Ahsoka quietly snuck her hand under her skirt, and beneath her pair of white cotton panties. Sliding two of her fingers gently into her horny twat, Ahsoka proceeded to appease the Urge that had been building inside her for the better part of an hour.

* * *

"What is this Jacen? Some kind of holoporno?" Tenel Ka asked, interrupting the scene developing in front of them, looking shocked and stunned that Jacen would subject her to something like a holoporno.

"What...No... I... Uh... Didn't know!" Jacen protested, trying to look as if he really was innocent in the matter.

"Don't worry Jacen... I kind of like it... Besides, it is your birthday after all." Tenel Ka responded to Jacen's feign of anxiousness. She pulled Jacen's hand over to her lap and after unbuttoning her tiny shorts with her fingers, she guided his hand down towards her moist, finely trimmed pussy. Without pausing, Tenel Ka leaned over to Jacen and kissed him passionately as his fingers explored her tight teenage pussy. Tenel Ka might have been only a year older than Jacen, but her experience with men was far more extensive than most girls her age. Her immersion in both the Hapan and Dathomir matriarch cultures had afforded her several opportunities to sample the various male consorts she had been supplied over the years.

As Jacen felt up and made out with Tenel Ka, Ahsoka`s laboured sighs and groans of pleasure were alerting the attention of her two clone troopers.

* * *

"Sir... Are you alright?" A clone trooper asked Ahsoka, after turning around to see the young Jedi Padawan with her hand up her skirt and down her panties.

"So horny... The Urge... Can't fight it any longer... Please FUCK ME!" Ahsoka moaned out to both clone troopers as her fingers went deeper and deeper into her tight Togrutan pussy.

"I... Uh... Don't think we... Uh... Are allowed to sir." The clone trooper stuttered as his partner turned around from his duties to see what was going on.

"Right... We need to follow our orders and keep watching the cave."

"What's wrong troopers...? I thought you clones were fully equipped to handle EVERY situation!" Ahsoka jested as she pulled her hand from her panties and crawled over to both of the troopers with a wicked grin on her face. She licked her two sticky fingers before saying, "Besides... I know you two can do more than one thing at a time." Ahsoka purred, using the Force to quickly unhinge the clone's camouflaged armour and strip them down to nothing within a minute.

"Sir... But..." Started one of the clones as Ahsoka took hold of both of their soft cocks and began rubbing.

"Ah... Ah... Ahhhh... I'm giving you a direct order to fuck me silly... I do outrank you two!" Ahsoka replied quickly before opening her mouth and beginning to suck on both of the troopers slowly hardening cocks, one after the other.

* * *

"Mmmm... She's giving me ideas Jacen... Take off those pants!" Tenel Ka commanded Jacen as she looked over at the holo once again and proceeded to undress herself while Jacen did likewise.

"WOW!" Jacen muttered out loud as he pulled the last of his clothing down and got a great look at the gorgeous Hapan princess completely naked. Other than a severed arm, Tenel Ka was the epitome of perfection; with long legs, a tone body, great ass and perfectly shaped breasts, Jacen was thanking the Force for his tremendous luck.

"Sit back down, birthday boy." Tenel Ka told Jacen as she pushed him backwards onto his bed and got onto her knees to inspect Jacen's ample sixteen year old hard cock. A full six and half inches, Jacen's shaft was better than average and still growing as Tenel Ka leaned in and engulfed over half of his tasty prick while the holo continued to play in front of them.

* * *

The clones continued to obey Ahsoka's orders as they kept a close watch on the caves below them. Within minutes, Ahsoka was sandwiched on her hands and knees between the two clones, having one of the identical eight inch cocks in her hot wet mouth and the other one being driven mercilessly into her hot tight twat.

"Unghh... Mmmmm... Yesssss!" Ahsoka groaned as an orgasm rocked through her body within minutes and the overwhelming desire for even more clones to fuck her was soon becoming a fantasy for the young Jedi Padawan.

"Uhhh... Sir... The Separatists are arriving... What should we do?" The clone fucking her from behind asked Ahsoka as he slammed his hips forward with force and held up his binoculars to observe the latest arrivals.

"Shouldn't... Ughhhh... We report... Unnnn... Back to General... Ugghhh... Skywalker, Sir?" The clone having his dick sucked blurted out as Ahsoka fondled his balls and deep-throated his swollen shaft.

* * *

"Ummmmm... FUCK Tenel Ka! You're so good at sucking dick! If you don't... Unghhhh... Slow down, I'm gonna... Ughhhh... Cum!" Jacen shouted as Tenel Ka's fingers cupped his balls and her mouth engulfed the entire shaft without even gagging. Tenel Ka had been sucking Jacen's shaft for nearly ten minutes as the holovid played behind her. Every once and a while, Tenel Ka stole a glance back at Ahsoka Tano and her sweet ass bouncing off one of the handsome clones' hips. The sight of such a young beautiful girl being fucked so hard in front of her only urged her on to do an even better job sucking off the love of her young life.

* * *

"CUM INSIDE ME!" Moaned Ahsoka Tano as the clone trooper fucking her tight pussy began to pant laboriously and his thrust became wild and uncontrolled. Even though he was clearly on the verge of a powerful orgasm, the clone continued to do his job with almost undivided attention.

"UNGHHHHHHHH! I'm cumming Sir!" The clone scout grunted as he slammed his hips forwards and rammed his cock as deep inside the young Jedi as possible before spurting a massive hot load of his sticky cum directly into her womb. Ahsoka screamed out in her fifth orgasm as she felt the warm trickle of the clone's hot seed penetrate her so deeply. The other clone quickly took his predecessor's position behind Ahsoka as the cum inside her pussy started to leak out onto the rocky forest floor. Exhausted and satisfied, the clone that had just cum, regained his composure, redressed himself back in his trooper armour and continued observing the last of the Separatist leaders arriving at the meeting below him.

"I want you to cum in me too big boy!" Ahsoka moaned as the second clone slowly slid his identical eight inch cock into her slippery wet twat and began slamming back and forth into her.

"YES SIR.... UGHHHHHHH!" The clone complied only moments later, thrusting his hips forward and depositing an identically large sized load of sticky potent seed deep into her young pussy.

"FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" Ahsoka moaned in exhaustion as she felt the last of the clone troopers cum splash inside her.

* * *

As if the clone trooper's two powerful orgasms were a prelude to Jacen's own, Tenel Ka picked up the pace of her furious and skilled blowjob. Only moments after the second clone had filled Ahsoka for a second time with clone cum, Jacen's whole body began to shake and his cock started to swell.

"Ohhhh... I'm gonna cum on your pretty face Tenel Ka!" Jacen shouted as he pushed Tenel Ka's mouth off his cock and proceeded to rub his cock off for a few seconds until he ultimately began to spew a massive hot load of sticky cum all over the Hapan princess's stunning facial features.

"Mmmm Jacen! CUM ON MY FACE!" Tenel Ka moaned as stream after stream of Jacen's warm seed splashed against her face and covered her with a healthy load of his Jedi cum. Jacen collapsed backwards onto his bed and basked in the afterglow of a terrific blowjob. While Jacen recovered, the holovid continued to play and showed Ahsoka Tano cleaning herself up, thanking the clones, and reporting back to her Master with the location and disposition of the Separatist leaders. As the holo finally ended, Tenel Ka and Jacen put her clothes back on, embraced each other one more time and made their way back outside to finish of the day with a good lightsaber sparring match.

Both Jaina and Jacen each had a very exciting 16th birthday and although neither lost their virginity on their birthday, they were each well on their way.


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