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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 16 - The Duchess Gets Dirty
by Avatrek ([email protected])

"Anakin! You little bastard... I found this holochip in your room... I thought we made a deal that we'd only watch these holovids together!" Jaina shouted at her younger brother in Jacen's room as they got ready to watch the next exciting instalment of C-3PO's restricted files. Anakin had in fact stolen the holochip from Jacen's room after Jacen had stolen it from Jaina's. All three Solo children had used the holochip as inspiration to explore their sexual curiosities over the past few days. Jacen had gotten his cock sucked by the beautiful and tenacious warrior princess, Tenel Ka. Jaina had given out two amazing blowjobs in the course of three days; one to Wurth Skidder in her own room and one to the handsome and dashing Ganner Rhysode in one of the old courtyards behind a Massassi Temple. Anakin had fared the best out of the three siblings; he was able to nearly fuck Jaina while she slept and then succeeded in popping his best friend's cherry, Tahiri Veila, and proceeded to pound her pussy several times a day since. Anakin had finally gotten caught red-handed with the holochip when Jaina had gone looking for it and found her brother in mid-stride with Tahiri, slamming his cock down into her without mercy.

"I stole it from Jacen... I swear... I'd never steal it from you." Anakin said slyly before looking over at a silent Jacen, who had remained quiet the entire time, trying to evade any blame.

"Oh fuck you Anakin... Tattle-tale... Always telling mommy!" Jacen berated his younger brother, implying that Jaina was like a mother figure.

"Do you think Mom would be wearing this asshole?" Jaina replied in short order, turning around and twirling for her brother's benefit; showing off her gorgeous thong covered ass and near perfect physique. "I doubt he thinks of Mom when he sees this.' She continued, bending over and exposing her perfect tight teenage ass. She knew she was being a bit of dirty slut by acting like a complete whore, but whenever she wore her Ahsoka Tano imitation outfit, she just felt like showing off her body.

"I definitely don't think of Mom when you do that!" Anakin replied, with Jacen nodding in agreement and both boys grabbing their stiffening bulges to hide their shame.

"Already excited brothers? We haven't even started watching the next holovid." Jaina teased them before inserting the holochip into Jacen's holo-projector and sitting down on the end of his bed, between her two brothers.

"Can you blame us Jaina? With your smoking hot ass being waved in front of us every five seconds... It'll probably take every ounce of our resolve not to bend you over during the holovid!" Jacen sighed as his hand remained firmly secured around his massive erection, while his other hand absent-mindedly moved towards her inner thigh.

"Maybe I'll let you..." Jaina teased again, secretly fantasizing about being sandwiched between both Jacen and Anakin's big cocks before smacking away Jacen's hand which had started rubbing up against her pussy. Both Anakin and Jacen stared at her with their mouths open in surprise as she clicked the play button and got settled down to watch what would surely be another exciting and erotic adventure in the Old Republic.

* * *

"No choice, there is... Master Kenobi and his old apprentice will protect the Duchess, they will." Master Yoda spoke in his odd dialect of basic in front of the entire Jedi Council on Coruscant. All Masters were either present at the Jedi Temple or appearing as holograms to account for their physical presence. Obi Wan Kenobi was one of those holograms as he was given his orders by the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Obi Wan didn't much agree with the Council's decision on this matter, but because he and Anakin were the nearest Jedi to Kalevala and the Mandalore system, they had been given the task of protecting the Duchess of Mandalore while she gave a very important speech about unity and pacifism to a somewhat hostile crowd of Mandalorians. The Duchess had recently been through quite an ordeal after the Death Watch had tried to have her killed and replace her pacifist government with the far more barbaric one that had been traditional among Mandalorians in generations past. Both Obi Wan and Anakin had helped save her life and expose Death Watch in the time that they had been together and in the process had brought up some old feelings between both her and her old friend, Obi Wan Kenobi. Little did anyone know however, she and Obi Wan had had a secret love affair between them for years which had even bore a secret love child that the Duchess still kept secret and safe from everyone, including Obi Wan. Their recent time together had brought up some old feelings and although she had been unable to really rekindle their relationship during their brief reunion, due to the constant attempts on her life, she was very happy to know that she'd have another chance when both he and Anakin Skywalker came to protect her in the days to come.

"What's wrong Obi Wan, afraid you won't be able to control yourself around your old girlfriend?" Anakin laughed at his old Master as he engaged the landing gear and put the ship down on the landing pad in the capital city of Kalevala, where the Duchess's speech was supposed to take place.

"Be quiet Anakin... The Duchess and I are simply good friends and that's all!" Obi Wan replied with finality as he prepared himself to depart the ship and make his way to the capital building to begin his protection of Duchess Satine. In truth, Obi Wan was afraid that he'd lose control of his emotions around the Duchess and make an ass of himself and the Jedi Order. Obi Wan and Satine had been lovers years before and the effect she had had on him, had been profound for years after their separation and agreement that they couldn't stay together while he remained in the Jedi Order.

"Yeah... Okay Obi Wan... Whatever you say." Anakin replied before they both departed from the ship and made their way to the capital building where they would both serve as the Duchess's personal guards before, during and after her speech until the threat was identified and dealt with accordingly. Obi Wan and Anakin quickly moved through the growing crowd around the building and eventually found their way in without much difficulty. The Duchess already had quite a large guard contingent for her usual safety in day to day matters, but with such a substantial disgruntled crowd attending her speech, her usual guards would be too overwhelmed to deal with so many possible threats. Both Obi Wan and Anakin could use the Force to scan the crowd for malicious intent and deal with anyone who was thinking about attacking the Duchess before he or she actually had a chance to.

"Wow... Duchess Satine... You are looking very well!" Obi Wan stuttered after accidently running into the Duchess as soon as he and Anakin opened the door and walked into her waiting room. As always, the Duchess was looking fabulous in a very regal but oddly revealing short dress that truly emphasized her fantastic figure. Her hair was fashioned in elaborate curls and twists and her face was as pristine as ever. The Duchess had been pacing around with racked nerves for over an hour, fretting over the speech she was to give and whether she would be able to calm the restless crowd and stop any further violence from the Mandalorian people.

"Oh... Obi Wan... And Anakin... You've finally arrived... Don't mind me; I'm just a nervous wreck!" Satine told Obi Wan and Anakin as she gave them each a small hug and sat down in a nearby seat, shaking with nervousness.

* * *

"Ten credits says Obi Wan and Grandpa Anakin both fuck the Duchess!" Jacen shouted out as they watched both Anakin and Obi Wan sit down near the Duchess and go over the details of her security.

"Well... We know at least Obi Wan is going to fuck her... I mean, you could cut the sexual tension between the two of them with a knife!" Anakin replied, looking over at his sister's hand, which had slowly slid beneath her skirt and had started brushing up against her moistening pussy. No actual sex had taken place and she was already as horny as hell. Both Jacen and Anakin were hard as diamonds and still horny as hell, but that wasn't because of the action on the holo-projector; their horny little sister between them had been all the motivation they needed to keep their cocks rock hard.

"I just can't wait until she's being roasted between the two." Jaina moaned as her fingers crept past her thong and moved towards her wet slit. She looked over at both her brother's huge bulges and smiled playfully before looking back at the holovid and thinking about how she could really toy with them.

* * *

Obi Wan and Anakin talked through the protective security detail they had come up with and Duchess Satine seemed to relax a little. Having her old lover and past saviour in the same room seemed to calm her nerves and although she was still nervous as hell, she could at least take solace in the fact two powerful Jedi would be protecting her at all times.

"You're perfectly safe with us Satine, there's nothing to be nervous about." Obi Wan assured her, patting her shoulder and taking a seat next to her. Satine looked over at Obi Wan and placed her hand on his lap before smiling and looking pensive.

"Remember what we used to do to calm my nerves before a big event." Satine said seductively as she nodded at her two other personal guards and ran her hand up Obi Wan's thigh and towards his crotch. As her two personal guards left Satine's personal quarters with smiles on their faces, Obi Wan quickly pushed Satine's hand away and looked over at Satine wide-eyed and understandably confused.

"Satine... Anakin..." Obi Wan said, gesturing at Anakin, and trying to convey the fact that Anakin was in the room and that he had no idea of the totality of their previous relationship. For years, Obi Wan had helped calm Satine before her big events with a healthy serving of a little Jedi cock and a lot of Jedi cum.

"Oh don't mind me Obi Wan... I'm sure you and your girlfriend need to get... reacquainted... If you know what I mean." Anakin said with a smirk, winking at Satine and walking over to the door to leave the two past lovers alone.

"Anakin... It's not what you think... Don't bother leaving." Obi Wan lied as he tried to urge Anakin to stay and help him stave off the temptation of actually taking Satine up on her obvious offer and fucking her silly.

"Yeah Anakin... Don't go... The only thing better than one Jedi stud, is two Jedi studs!" Satine said sexily as she quickly grabbed hold of Obi Wan's soft cock with one hand and gestured for Anakin to join them with the other.

"Uhhh... I don't know... I wouldn't want to, you know, intrude." Anakin replied a little flustered, and surprised by Satine's open attempt to lure her into her bed.

"Satine! This is not the Jedi... Unghhh... Way!" Obi Wan groaned as Satine's hand firmly grasped his stiffening shaft.

"I don't know Obi Wan... You seem to be enjoying it nevertheless!" Satine cooed in his ear as she let go of his cock, stood up and guided Anakin to the couch beside a shocked looking Obi Wan.

"Come on Satine... This is ridiculous... I mean we're supposed to be your security," Anakin pleaded without much effort as Satine ripped off both his and Obi Wan's pants. Before either Obi Wan or Anakin could protest any further, Satine had both her hands grasped around their hardening shafts and was moving her hands up and down them in a slow and seductive manner. Obi Wan tilted his head back in defeat and exhilaration as Anakin smiled in amusement at being involved in Obi Wan's and Satine's little love relationship.

* * *

"Damn... That slut's giving me ideas!" Jaina said out loud as the Duchess continued to jack off both Obi Wan and her grandfather on the holo-projector.

"Really?" Anakin asked with hope in his eyes as he held his hand on his bulge and tried his hardest not to whip it out and rub one out right in front of his horny little sister.

"Stop being such a teasing whore Jaina!" Jacen replied, holding back his urge to do the same thing Anakin was thinking.

"Maybe I'm not teasing..." Jaina responded with a smirk before taking her fingers out of her own pussy and lifting them up to her lips to taste her own pussy juices. She then proceeded to place both of her hands both Anakin and Jacen's laps. "And if you'd just pull down your pants I'd show you." She finished, just in time to see both Anakin and Jacen strip out of their pants and sit back down on either side of Jaina with two huge hard shafts erect and completely visible to Jaina for the first time. She licked her lips and slowly slid her hands across their laps and took hold of the two pulsing hard dicks. "Nice cock Anakin, but I think Jacen's got you beat by half an inch," she teased as her hands slowly pumped up and down across their shafts.

"Am I dreaming?" Anakin moaned, as his deepest desires finally came to fruition.

"I hope not, otherwise, I'm having the same one... And it's too good to be true." Jacen groaned as Jaina's soft delicate fingers slowly slid up and down his shaft.

"Oh... It's no dream... It's just a fantasy come true!" Jaina replied back to her brothers and increased the pace of her jacking as Satine did the same on the holo-projector.

* * *

The Duchess of Mandalore was acting like a real slut; switching between Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, the Duchess jacked and sucked off her two powerful Jedi protectors as the crowd outside the capital building started to grow, signalling that the Duchess's speech was about to begin.

"It... Ughhh... Sounds like the crowd's getting... Unghhh... restless... Maybe we should... Unghhh!" Obi Wan groaned, as Satine's perfect little lips clamped down around his cock and blew him to perfection.

"What... Maybe we should get to the good part?" Satine said slyly as she let go of both Obi Wan and Anakin's cocks before standing up and moving toward Anakin. Without even a warning, she got on top of Anakin's lap, pulled up her short dress and guided his amazingly hard eight inch shaft into her unbelievably tight and panty-less pussy.

"So tight!" he groaned as Satine wasted no time in sinking four of his inches into her with a slight groan of pain.

"I usually only save myself for Obi Wan... Unghhh... And we haven't had sex for ages... Ahhh..." she whimpered as Anakin took hold of her ass and sank the rest of his cock into her tight snatch. Not wanting to leave out a lonely looking Obi Wan, Satine ushered him to over to stand beside her while she rode Anakin's cock. "I'd never forget you honey.' She purred at Obi Wan, as she took hold of his eight inches and started sucking it like it was her profession.

"I forgot how much you... Ughhh... Loved this!" Obi Wan said with a smile as Satine bounced up and down on Anakin's cock and engulfed almost all of Obi Wan's eight inches in a steady rhythm.

"Mmmppfff... Mmpppfff... Mmmmm!" Satine mumbled back.

* * *

"Oh fuck Jaina... I'm not going to last very long if you keep up this pace!" Jacen groaned as his cock throbbed with excitement.

"Me neither... Come on Jaina... At least let us fuck you before we blow!" Anakin pleaded with his sister as her hands slowed down just a little at the behest of her brother's wishes.

"Fuck me? I don't think so brothers! This is only an appetizer and that's it... So enjoy it!" Jaina smirked as she gave a wink to both Jacen and Anakin. "You can rub my pussy though Jacen... And you can do the same to my tits." Jaina compromised as she let go of both her brother's shafts for an instant to pull down her tube top and reveal a perfect pair of perky little teenage breasts.

"I guess..." Jacen and Anakin said in exasperation and excitement as they each moved one of their hands towards their assigned positions. Jacen's hand slid underneath Jaina's short leather skirt and into her already wet panties. He felt the warmness of her moist pussy even before two of his long fingers plunged inside his sister's tight snatch.

"Fuck it's nice and warm!" he groaned as the desire to actually fuck her increased tenfold. Oh well, if she's letting me finger her pussy, it won't be long until I have her bouncing on my cock!, he thought to himself as his brother's hand took a firm grasp of her firm little breasts and squeezed her perky and rosy little nipples.

"Mmmmm... That feels really good boys... Keep that up and I might have a special prize for you!" She teased them as she looked up at the holo-projector to see that Satine had reversed positions and was now on her knees, getting pounded from behind by Obi Wan, while sucking off the now standing Anakin Skywalker.

* * *

"OH FUCK SATINE... I' M FUCKING CUMMING!" Anakin shouted after only a few minutes of having his cock sucked again by the insatiable Duchess.

"Don't cum on my face... Or my dress... Or my hair... I have a speech to deliver in a few minutes." Satine replied thoughtfully as Anakin tried to stave off an imminent orgasm.

"Where... UGHHH... Should I cum then?" Anakin struggled to say as his cock began to jerk.

"In my mouth... In my mouth!" Satine shouted in the nick of time before Anakin jammed his jerking cock back in her mouth and unleashed a torrent of hot seed down her throat. Satine did extremely well to swallow the entire hot load of his sticky seed, even licking her lips in enjoyment after Anakin had finished cumming and had pulled out of her hot wet mouth. "Delicious... AHHHH... Yes OBI!" she moaned as she hit her third climax of the day and coated Obi Wan's piston-like cock with a dose of her warm juices.

"I think there's only one place I can shoot this load... UNGHHHH... Mmmmm!" Obi Wan groaned as he slammed his hips forwards one more time and filled Duchess Satine with four streams of very hot and sticky Jedi cum. As her womb filled with Obi Wan's hot seed once again, she was quickly reminded of the last time she had let that happen and what had come out of it. She only hoped that the results would be the same and Obi Wan would father another secret love child that she would always treasure.

"I think that did it... I don't feel nervous at all!" Satine sighed as she let Obi Wan pull his softening shaft from her cum-filled pussy. Satine proceeded to pull her dress back down and not even bother to wipe away the stream of hot cum still leaking down her leg as she walked out of her chambers and onto the podium outside the capital building to give her speech.

"I think I know what you see in her Obi Wan."

* * *

The holovid ended just as all three Solo children were ready to hit their peak and scream in orgasmic ecstasy. Jaina was the first to reach the ultimate goal and moaned out in pleasure as Jacen's fingers were covered in her sticky warm juices.

"I guess you've earned your reward then!" Jaina sighed, after coming down from her orgasm. She leaned over towards Jacen's throbbing cock and just before she was able to open her mouth and enclose it around his warm stiff shaft, Jacen cried out in release without warning.

"Uhhhhhhh!" he shouted as his cock jerked in Jaina's hand and spurted his warm seed out all over her face and in her mouth.

"Jacen... You fucker... You could have warned me!" Jaina shouted at him as she licked her lips and let go of his softening cock to wipe away a string of cum that had nearly blinded her. Before she could even lean over towards Anakin's throbbing shaft and suck him off to conclusion, she felt his cock begin to jerk and after he grunted out in relief, she felt his sticky cum leap up from the tip of his cock and land on her arm and hand. "Well... It looks like you both blew it... But at least one of you will end up with a souvenir." she laughed as she stood up from Jacen's bed, took the holochip out of his holo-projector and proceeded to walk to the door.

"What souvenir?" Jacen managed to say before collapsing on his bed along with an equally exhausted and satisfied Anakin and licking off his own fingers to savour his sister's sweet juices.

"These!" Jaina replied with a smirk before hiking up her skirt and pulling off her panties. As both boys turned around to see Jaina's bare ass, she flung her tiny wet thong across the room before leaving them for a shower. As the door closed behind her, she laughed as the sound of crashing and banging came from Jacen's room signalling the all out battle for her sweet smelling and sweet tasting panties.


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