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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 18 - The Twins Finally Lose It Part 2
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Ever since Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo had stolen the restricted files from C-3PO's memory drive, only one thing had dominated their minds - SEX, SEX, and SEX! Every chance they had gotten, they had either been watching another one of the several hundred educational videos from C-3PO's restricted files or finding some way to pleasure themselves and those around them. Anakin had fucked Tahiri several times and violated Jaina while she slept; Jacen had gotten his dick sucked by the beautiful Hapan Princess Tenel Ka and received a top-notch handjob from his sister. Jaina meanwhile, had been the most sexually active, sucking off Wurth Skidder, Ganner Rhysode and Kyp Durron, along with giving both her brothers and a handjob and finally getting fucked like the whore she was before being filled to the brim with her uncle's hot cum. Little did Jaina, Jacen and Anakin know however, their mother, uncle and Aunt Mara had been planning on how they'd introduce the three Solo children to sex, long before the restricted files had ever been found. Luke was given the important task of taking Jaina's sweet sixteen year old innocence and he accomplished this goal several times over. Mara was given the even more important task of dealing with the other two Solo siblings and to make sure their first time was every bit as exciting and informative as Jaina's was.

While Mara made her way towards Jacen's bedroom to find the two Solo brothers, Jacen and Anakin were sitting outside in one of the Massassi Temple courtyards, watching an intense sparring session between Tahiri and Tenel Ka. The four Jedi in training had made a very interesting bet - whoever lost the sparring match would have to have sex with both Jacen and Anakin. It was a win-win bet for Anakin and Jacen and since both Tenel Ka and Tahiri had already had sex at least once prior, the excitement of such a bet intrigued both teens.

"This was a great idea Jacen; I can't believe you got Tenel Ka to go through with this though... I mean you haven't even fucked her yet, and she's willing to take on both of us at the same time!" Anakin said excitedly as the sparring match's intensity continued to increase.

"After watching that last holovid and sucking my dick, she would basically do anything I ask her to." Jacen replied with a smirk, remembering how good Tenel Ka had looked with his cock in her mouth and the huge sticky load of cum he had plastered her with.

"Yeah... I've got Tahiri wrapped around my little finger too... And anyway, she said she had a bit of a crush on you." Anakin responded, just as Tenel Ka took a serious advantage against Tahiri by knocking her off her feet with the Force.

"So boys... This is what you've been doing with your spare time... Making your girlfriends fight over the two of you to see who gets fucked?" Mara Jade Skywalker asked the two Solo brother's from a few feet behind them. Mara had looked for both Anakin and Jacen in their rooms and after meditating for a few seconds; she was able to successfully pinpoint their location in one of the courtyards nearby. After listening in on their conversation and realizing what they were up to, Mara had come up with a very innovative way to make sure she was Jacen and Anakin's first sexual conquest and not a couple of slutty inexperienced teenagers.

"Ohhh Aunt Mara... What do you mean?" Jacen replied non-convincingly, as Tenel Ka and Tahiri stopped sparring and came over to see what Mara was doing there.

"Oh really... Then you and your brother weren't planning on fucking the loser of this little sparring match?" Mara asked them as she looked over at the two blushing girls. "Have either of you even had sex before?"

"I have, but Jacen hasn't." Anakin said smugly, before looking over at Tahiri and winking.

"Her...? That's not much to gloat over... Having sex with someone who's just as inexperienced as you is nothing to be proud of." Mara said snidely, giving Tahiri a little shrug of contempt.

"Fuck you Mara... You're just jealous you haven't had a taste of this!" Tahiri replied angrily, grabbing Anakin's soft cock and showing it off to Mara like a trophy.

"If you think it's so great, why don't we make a new bet?" Mara said confidently as Tahiri let go of Anakin's package and turned around to converse with Tenel Ka.

"What kind of bet?" Tenel Ka asked, a little bit interested in the stakes.

"Same basic idea, except whoever wins a fight between me and you two as a team, gets to fuck them both at the same time. If you girls like their cocks so much, you won't mind sparring me to keep them to yourselves." Mara said, revealing her master plan and a sure way to make sure she was at least Jacen's first.

"Deal!" Tenel Ka and Tahiri said together, reigniting their lightsabers and preparing themselves for what would surely be a challenging match. They weren't too worried though, both Tahiri and Tenel Ka possessed amazing Jedi abilities and sparring skill. Even though Mara was a Jedi Master and clearly better than them individually, Tenel Ka and Tahiri were fairly confident the two of them could take her down and protect their boyfriends from a jealous Jedi slut.

"Uhhhh... Aunt Mara... I don't know if Uncle Luke would want us fucking you..." Anakin said to his aunt as she ignited her own lightsaber and got ready for the dual assault.

"Oh don't you worry honey, Luke knows all about this... In fact he's introducing your big sister to the art of lovemaking right as we speak." Mara said, lunging forward to begin the sparring match.

"Holy fuck! I'm not really sure who I want to win this sparring match." Jacen whispered to his brother as he felt his cock harden just a little. Tenel Ka and Tahiri had the advantage of being young, sexy and horny as hell, but their Aunt Mara had tits, experience and a faux pas about her that turned on both Anakin and Jacen. The sparring match was one of the most exciting matches either Anakin or Jacen had ever seen - Tenel Ka and Tahiri were attacking from two different sides and Mara was having a little difficulty fending off their combined attack. But that was all a ruse to draw in the two young inexperienced Jedi. Within seconds, Mara had countered the attack and had knocked both girls to the ground using the Force. The girls were down but not out as they stood back up shakily and resumed their attack on Mara one at a time. When one of them tired out or was being overpowered, they quickly switched up and try to use their combined endurance to outlast Mara. It was to no unveil however - Mara had the endurance of a seasoned Jedi Master, and neither Tenel Ka or Tahiri could find an advantage. After a few more minutes of fierce lightsaber sparring, Mara again drew in the two girls and used a massive Force blast to knock both Tenel Ka and Tahiri into a nearby wall and unconsciousness.

"Whoa... You fucked them up Aunt Mara... I hope they're alright!" Jacen called out to her after both Tenel Ka and Tahiri hit the wall and stopped moving.

"Don't worry boys... They're just unconscious... They'll be up and about in a few hours without any serious injury." Mara called back to them, turning off her lightsaber and walking over to the two stunned Solo siblings.

"Wow Aunt Mara... You really socked it to them!" Anakin said impressed as his aunt approached with a sexy sway in her hips. Her form fitting jumpsuit that she had thrown on before arriving at Yavin 4 really showed off her curvy ass, tight body and beautiful breasts.

"Now you two can sock it to me!" Mara said with a smirk before tearing off her jumpsuit with a single motion.

"Holy FUCK!" Jacen said out loud after getting his first look at Mara's near perfect body. Jacen's cock went immediately from semi-hard to rock hard in moments and before either he or Anakin could say another word, Mara was on her knees pulling down their pants and underwear.

"You're so hot Aunt Mara!" Anakin exclaimed as Mara pulled out his rock hard shaft and began jacking him off alongside Jacen. Anakin wasn't kidding either - Mara had the body of a twenty year old; perfect tits, a nice round juicy ass, a beautiful face and the sexual knowledge that only age and a liberal attitude towards the tantric art of sex could give her. After giving a handjob that nearly made both Anakin and Jacen cum within minutes, she used her keen Jedi senses to stop just in time to avert any premature ejaculations. Cupping both Jacen and Anakin's tightened balls; Mara started moving her tongue up and down both brothers' cocks in turn, causing both to moan out in pleasure.

"Hmmmmmmm... So good!" Jacen moaned as he felt his Aunt Mara's skilled tongue moving up and down his cock. 'Slow down Aunt Mara, or I'm gonna cum!' He groaned, not sure if he'd even make it to fucking her.

"Don't worry Jacen; I won't let you cum to early." Mara replied, moving over to Anakin's shaft and causing him to moan out in similar satisfaction. "Just use the Force to help sustain yourself longer."

"You can... Ummmm... Use the Force.... Unnnn... For that?" Anakin asked as Mara's tongue slid back and forth over his dick. Mara continued to fondle both brothers' balls as she licked and then sucked them off in succession.

"You sure can Anakin... Just focus on the Force and use it to redouble your sexual reserves." She replied with a smirk before getting back to suck off both Jacen and Anakin. After a few more minutes of Mara showing Jacen and Anakin what a real woman could do with her mouth, Mara stood back up and let the Solo brothers take another nice long look at her gorgeous body and tight shaved pussy.

"Dibbs!" Jacen shouted out first, looking down at her tasty pussy.

"Unnn... Unnn... Unnn... First you've gotta pay me back first and because you called it Jacen you get to do it!" Mara replied, lying down on her back and spreading her legs to show Jacen and Anakin her delectable pussy.

"What do I get to do?" Anakin asked as Jacen got down on his stomach and started slowly licking her wet twat.

"You just march your little ass over here and straddle my stomach." Mara replied, patting her tight stomach as Jacen's tongue started moving in and out of her pussy.

"Now what?" Anakin asked his aunt after straddling her chest with his hard cock sitting between her firm breasts.

"Do I have to tell you?" She responded smartly before squeezing her breasts together to let Anakin start titty-fucking her. She spat on his cock as it moved back and forth with increasing speed for extra lubrication, causing Anakin to moan out in pleasure again. "Mmmm... Not bad Jacen... Not bad at all!" She murmured with surprise as Jacen slid his tongue in and out of her like a pro.

"God Aunt Mara... You taste so good..." Jacen groaned as he moved his hand up to her dripping wet pussy and moved a couple of fingers in and out of her while continuing to lick her snatch.

"Ahhhh... MMMMMM!" Mara moaned in orgasmic bliss as Jacen hit just the right spot and put her over the edge, splashing his tongue and face with her sweet nectar. "Okay... Now you can fuck me!" Mara sighed, coming down from her orgasm and needing a big cock inside her immediately.

"Can I keep fucking your tits Aunt Mara?" Anakin asked, pleading with his aunt to continue slamming his cock back and forth between her perfect plump breasts.

"Of course Anakin... I wouldn't have it any other way." She replied as Jacen started to guide his six and a half inch cock into her wet snatch.

"Unnhhh... Tight!!!" Jacen groaned as the head of his hard cock started to penetrate Mara's extremely tight Jedi twat. Her mastery of the Force and high level of physical training made Mara's pussy one of the tightest that Jacen would ever experience. Mara often took pride in the fact that her pussy was in many cases tighter than most teenagers.

"Tight just for you nephew!" Mara screamed as Anakin started thrusting his cock between her breasts faster and Jacen moved over four inches of his shaft into her cunt. It took several minutes of readjustments and several more painful groans of discomfort before Jacen was completely balls deep in Mara's sweet snatch. Anakin had moved over to Mara's face and was getting another skilful blowjob from his Aunt and waiting impatiently for his turn at Mara's hot pussy.

"Hurry the fuck up Jacen... I wanna fuck her soon!" Anakin pleaded as Mara's fingers clenched around his tightening balls.

"Hold your horses bro... I just got into this sweet pussy." Jacen replied with a smirk before increasing his speed and pounding his cock down into her with a little more power.

"Okay Jacen... Let your brother have a try." Mara told Jacen after Anakin finally pulled his six inches out of her mouth to let her breath again.

"Come on Aunt Mara... I was just getting a good rhythm going." Jacen said a little annoyed before plunging his cock down into her completely one more time before pulling out to let Anakin have his turn.

"Don't you worry Jacen... I've got something special planned for you." She said, pushing Anakin onto the ground so he was on his back and climbing onto his waist. Anakin took this as a sign to slide his six inch cock into her wet pussy and begin bouncing his aunt's fabulous ass up and down on his cock. After a couple of minutes of readjustment, Anakin had his entire six inches in her hot twat. "Okay Jacen, now you have the privilege of fucking my ass!"

"Really?" Jacen said excitedly, as Anakin pulled her down by the waist and Mara wiggled her ass for Jacen's pleasure.

"You're so lucky Jacen... I don't think I'll make it much longer in her pussy!" Anakin replied, both a little dejected and already a little stressed. Jacen had already lined up his cock and was pressing it against Mara's tight asshole before anyone could even say another word.

"This is even tighter than your pussy, Aunt Mara." Jacen groaned as he tried to force the head of his cock into her tight ass. As Jacen did his best to force his six and a half inch cock into her ass, Anakin had already started slowly thrusting his hips upwards, moving his cock in and out of her twat in a smooth rhythm. Mara was pretty impressed by both boys stamina and natural skill and although they were young and inexperienced compared to Luke, they were both vigorous and eager to please. After another five minutes of grunting, sweating and discomfort, Jacen was finally able to slam the last inch of his cock into his aunt's tight ass and after a couple more minutes of awkwardness with Anakin, soon fell into a steady rhythm with his brother and started giving Mara the fuck of her life until she screamed out in orgasm again.

"Oh My Goodness!" she moaned as her pussy exploded in a shower of juices, coating Anakin's cock in a layer of her warm cum and setting in motion both Anakin and Jacen's own orgasms.

"UNGHHHHHH... FUCK YESSS!" Jacen and Anakin grunted in unison before filling both of Mara's tight holes with two massive loads of hot sticky Jedi cum.

"SO HOT! I can feel you two shooting inside me!" she groaned as both Jacen and Anakin's cocks jerked inside her ass and pussy, filling her rectum and womb with what felt like a gallon of cum. Jacen and Anakin had a hard time stopping, they were so turned on by what they had just done to their Aunt Mara. After nearly thirty seconds of straight ejaculation, their cocks finally ceased jerking and they were able to at long last pull out and enjoy the afterglow of fucking their aunt.

"Good job boys... I have to say I'm really impressed... Especially with that finish," Mara gasped, as she felt both Jacen and Anakin's hot Jedi cum start to leak out of her ass and pussy. "I don't think I've ever been filled with so much hot cum!" She sighed before standing up and getting dressed back in her form fitting jumpsuit. She gave Jacen and Anakin one last wink, wiggled her ass, picked up her lightsaber and left the two stunned teenagers with a dumb look on their face and memories that they would never ever forget.


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