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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 20 - Blackmail And Betrayal
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Han Solo was feeling quite lonely as he made his way down the busy streets of Coruscant. Night time was always the busiest time of day on the city-planet, especially the area in which Han slowly walked through. Han would never admit it, especially since he was quite used to being a loner, back when he had been a smuggler, but now that he had a family, a beautiful wife and his best friend Chewbacca around him almost daily, Han felt lonely without them. It was because of this that Han had decided to head down to a local bar and have a few drinks. He would usually take Chewbacca with him but furry co-pilot had left Coruscant aboard a local transport ship to his home planet of Kashyyyk to spend some time with his own family. Han had told him to borrow the Millennium Falcon but after Chewbacca persuaded him that he may in fact need the ship while he was away, he took a simple transport back to Kashyyyk.

"Man, this bar is a dump... Just my kind of place!" Han said to himself as he approached a very seedy looking bar in the heart of an extremely dangerous part of the city. The bar was notorious for outlaws, slavers and of course smugglers and Han was certain he'd feel right at home. Filled with lowlifes and criminals alike, the bar was everything Han thought it would be. With grimy walls and several attractive women stripping around the bar, Han took a seat at the nearest table and looked up to watch a young female Twi'lek swaying her hips back and forth, removing her clothing seductively for Han.

"Can I get a drink here?" Han shouted, slapping a nearby waitress's ass to get her attention.

"Owww... Watch it fucker... I'm not one of these sluts!" She shouted at Han, pointing at the nearest naked dancer before realizing who had slapped her ass. "Han Solo... You're a legend here... What can I get for you?" She asked more politely, looking a little overwhelmed to see a galactic hero in the dingy little bar she worked in.

Han smiled to himself as she ran off to get him a drink as fast as she could. He clearly still had it and he was obviously still an icon even among the scum that filled the dirty little cantinas that ran throughout the planet.

"Han Solo... You old bastard... How are you?" Called a young and attractive young man from across the room who clearly had a past relationship with the old smuggler.

"Captain Chaff... You deranged psychopathic slaver!" Han shouted back after realizing who it was. Han and Chaff had had some dealings in the past and although Han had never been betrayed by him in those dealings, he never could trust someone who trafficked primarily in innocent souls.

"I didn't think I'd see you down in a cantina like this Han... I thought you were too important for the little guys like us." Chaff said with a smirk of arrogance.

"I'm surprised they even let you in this place Chaff... I knew they let lowlifes in here but this is ridiculous," Han laughed, taking a good shot at the slaver before getting down to business, "What do you want Chaff... You know I don't smuggle anymore and I definitely don't want anything to do with your little slaving business."

"Actually Han... I was just on my way to see you at your mansion when I caught you walking into the bar." Chaff said, slowly pulling out a small holovideo player from his pocket.

"And why were you looking for me?"

"Oh... I just have a little business proposition for you... Either you pay me one million credits in the next twenty-four hours or I'll sell this little holovid to the highest bidding HoloNet provider as soon as I can."

"What's so important that I'd ever pay you that kind of money?" Han replied a little distressed at how confident Chaff was looking. Without saying another word, Chaff started playing the holovid in front of Han and as he watched Han could hardly breathe. He had known that Leia and Mara had gone on a secret mission to stop a slaver ring, but he would have never thought that she or Mara were capable of taking part in what they were evidently doing on the holovid. Han watched in horror as Leia was fucked like a whore by Chaff and then covered in his cum a few moments later.

"...And that's just a few of the highlights old buddy... I fucked both of those sluts long and hard and let me tell you something Han... They loved it!" Chaff said with a smirk, before reaching to put away the holovid. Before Chaff could even react however, Han had pulled out his blaster and blown the holochip and player out of Chaff's hand and into tiny pieces.

"There... Now you can either get up and leave, or end up like that holovid of yours!"

"You son of a bitch! That was my only copy!" Chaff said reaching for his blaster. Before he could pull it out however, Han had fired again, stunning the slaver Captain and knocking him backwards off his chair. Chaff was dragged out of the bar and thrown into a nearby dumpster while the rest of the cantina got back to business as usual as if nothing had even happened.

"Here's your drink sweety!" The waitress said to Han as she placed the drink on his table and walked away from the downtrodden former smuggler. Han could hardly believe what had just happened; he had just seen proof of his wife's infidelity. Han could not believe that Leia could ever betray his trust like that and as the Twi'lek dancer above him started to gyrate her hips and wave her naked ass in front of him, all Han could think about was getting absolutely plastered and doing something stupid.

Han followed through on his plan and over the next three days, spent nearly the entire time in the grimy bar getting drunker than he had ever been in his life and trying to forget what he had saw. Even after three days of drinking however, the images of Leia getting pounded like a slut and then taking a face-load of hot sticky cum kept playing through his mind time and time again.

"Han... What are doing down here... I heard from a few of my sources that you've been down here drinking for the past three days... What's happened?" A voice said just behind Han.

"Leia is a whore and you think there's something wrong with me?" Asked a drunken Han, turning around to lay eyes on Leia's oldest and dearest friend, Winter Celchu.

"What do you mean by that?" Winter asked quizzically, knowing exactly what Han was referring to. Winter had known Leia almost her entire life and because of her perfect memory, she could recall all the instances that could easily qualify in proving the truth of Han's statement. Han of course knew of Leia's sordid sex crazed past, but nothing to what Winter was privileged to.

"I saw proof of that whore fucking another man!" Han shouted, alerting the nearby patrons to what he was shouting about.

"Shhhh Han... Leia was on a mission... She might have been required to do that... Have you thought about that?" Winter reasoned smartly, knowing for certain that Leia probably did cheat on Han and it probably was more for pleasure than for business.

"Oh No... You didn't see the holovid of it... She was enjoying it!" Han shouted back at Winter before returning to his drink and ignoring the eyes now trained on the old smuggler.

"You're probably right Han, but you knew all about Leia's vices before marrying her, so this shouldn't be such a shock, should it?" She asked him, as she took a seat next to him.

"Why are you here anyway, Winter? Where's your hubby?" Han asked the white haired beauty before looking up at Winter and realizing how truly gorgeous the stunning former covert spy was. Han and Winter had history, but nothing since he had married Leia, and although Winter was now married to Tycho Celchu, Han still felt a twinge of excitement in his groin at seeing her perfect body and pristine face.

"Tycho is off planet for a special meeting and for your information, I'm here because I'm your friend and I didn't want you to make a complete ass of yourself." Winter said with a little edge before leaning in closer to Han.

"Thanks, but all I need is this scotch and a little revenge sex!" Han said more to himself than Winter as he looked over towards one of the Twi'lek dancers who had been giving him signs all night long.

"You're not going to fuck one of those dirty sluts... You should at least talk to Leia before you do anything really stupid!" Winter pleaded with Han, taking his hand in hers and making him truly listen to her reasoning.

"You know... I still think about us... How we'd fuck for hours in the cockpit of Millennium Falcon during the Rebellion?" Han whispered into Winter's ear, before using one of his hands to seductively stroke his fingers up and down her inner thigh.

"Han... What would your wife say...? Ohh Yeah... Well, we still shouldn't!" Winter pleaded with Han as his fingers persisted to grope her near her moistening pussy. Although happily married and not wanting to betray the trust of her oldest and dearest friend, Leia Organa Solo, she still couldn't help but remember how it used to feel when she and Han gave into their animalistic attraction to each other.

"It never used to matter!" Han whispered in her ear as he leaned over to kiss her neck. Winter was initially repulsed by Han's alcohol tainted breath and stale smelling clothes, but all that seemed to melt away once she felt his lips make contact with her soft neck.

"Well... Mmmmm... That was before we were married and besides... Mmmmm... That feels good Han - What about all these people though?" Winter replied, clearly enjoying Han's foreplay.

"If I remember it right Winter... You used to like it when people watched!" Han said playfully before quickly tearing off her long soft white skirt, revealing only a tiny pair of panties.

"Han... You little scoundrel!" Winter teased back at Han before standing up and turning around to show Han her perfect tight ass.

"Fuck Winter... You haven't changed a bit!" Han sighed to himself before standing up with Winter and turning her around so her hands were on the table and she was bending over. At this point, the entire cantina was staring over at the two with their mouths open in astonishment. Here were two of the most famous Rebel heroes of the New Republic and they were about to get it on in a dark dirty cantina in front of number of lowlifes and thugs.

"You're right Han... Let's just fuck right here in front of everyone!" Moaned Winter as Han's fingers groped her tight perfect ass and slowly slid down her little white thong. Han slid two of his fingers slowly into Winter's wet pussy, causing her to moan out in ecstasy. A small crowd was beginning to form around the two horny lovebirds and both Han and Winter seemed to be feeding off the growing audience. "Mmmm... Smack my ass!" She screamed as Han's two fingers bottomed out inside her.

"Smack... Smack... Smack!" Sounded Han's hand as it made contact with Winter's firm ass.

"NOW FUCK ME!" Winter screamed, extremely turned on and ready to get roasted in front of everybody.

"Fuck Winter... I forgot how much of a nymph you were!" Han said with glee in his voice as took hold of Winter's hips and rubbed his hardening cock up against her tight pussy. Winter moaned out in anticipation as she felt Han's hard prick through his pants make contact with her moist slit. Without any further hesitation, Han, pulled down his pants and underwear, and started rubbing his cock up and down against her tight twat until he could feel Winter's warm juices coat his stiff eight inch prick. "Here goes nothing!" Han groaned as the head of his cock slowly slid into Winter's unbelievably tight pussy. Fuck Leia! You made me do this!, Han thought to himself as he slammed four inches of his hard shaft into Winter.

"Yes Han... Fuck me like you used to!" Groaned Winter as she felt her pussy being stuffed by Han's big hard shaft. "I can't believe Leia would ever jeopardize this!" She screamed as Han forced more and more of his cock into her tiny pussy, reaching forward in the process and groping her buxom breasts. The entire crowd of people clamoured around each other to get a better look at the former smuggler hero fuck the beautiful white haired Winter Celchu. A couple of the more disgusting onlookers actually pulled out their own cocks and began stroking themselves off at the sight of the two rebel heroes going at it. Han and Winter couldn't care in the least however as Han started to really give it to Winter, slamming his full eight inches into her tight snatch with increasing speed and determination. Han continued to massage her breasts through her blouse and squeeze her nipples to the enjoyment of Winter until as if suddenly struck by lightning, Winter screamed out in orgasmic relief.

"Ahhh... Mmmmm... That's it Han... I'm fucking CUMMING!" She shouted before her pussy clamped down around Han's moving cock and coated it with a nice helping of her warm juices. Han instinctively reached down with one of his hands to scoop up a small amount of her sweet nectar to taste.

"Every bit as tasty as I remember." Han said with a smirk before continuing to pound his cock in and out of her tight twat for the next ten minutes. A few of the onlookers were actually cheering in approval as Winter came twice more in the next ten minutes and just as it looked like the famous Han Solo was ready to explode, he pulled out of Winter's tight pussy with a wince of regret.

"What... Come on Han... You were so close!" Moaned Winter as Han smacked her ass and smiled down at her looking even more mischievous.

"Has Tycho fucked your ass yet...? Or is that hole still mine?" Han asked Winter seriously as his cock brushed up against her very tight asshole.

"You know that'll always be yours, baby!" Winter cried as Han didn't even wait for a response and instead plunged half of his eight inches into her tight ass.

"Fuck Winter... I think this ass has gotten tighter... Ughhhh!" Groaned Han as he started plunging his cock in and out of her tight hole, getting more and more of his shaft into her ass with each stroke. It was only a matter of time before Han was slamming his cock into her ass balls deep, with the entire crowd of onlookers cheering his name with joy.

"Looks... Unghhh... Like we've got quite the crowd... Ahhh... Han... Let's not disappoint them!" Moaned Winter with a smile on her face as she felt Han's thrusts become frantic and his panting grow louder. As if on cue, Han quickly pulled his cock out of her ass just before Winter dropped to her knees in front of him and got ready for a sticky end. "Cum on my face Han!"

"You got it baby... UNGHHHH... YEAH!" Shouted Han moments later as his cock exploded all over Winter's beautiful face and white hair, covering her features with a healthy dose of his hot sticky cum. Winter took each stream without complaint, even opening her mouth to catch a few ropes of cum and enjoy the flavour of the old smuggler's hot seed.

The crowd around them erupted with joy at Han's climactic finish on Winter's face, with even a few of them more disgusting men in the onlookers, spraying the satisfied and clearly overjoyed Winter with a number of their sticky loads. Winter didn't seem to care as a few of the disgusting lowlifes and thugs stepped up beside Han and shot a few loads of their own hot seed across her face. After cleaning themselves off and getting dressed, Winter and Han received a few hardy handshakes from a number of adoring fans before leaving the cantina hand in hand.

"I really do think you should confront Leia about all the rumours and holovids of her Han." Winter said as they walked back to the docking bay and the Millennium Falcon.

"I know... It's just... I'll be awfully lonely on my trip out to Yavin Four... If only I had company or a way to occupy my time while I made the long, nearly weeklong trip." Han said playfully before grabbing Winter's ass and lifting her up into a strong embrace.

"Well... Tycho did say he'd be a few weeks at least... I guess it wouldn't kill me to see Leia and the kids again... And I'm sure I could find away to entertain you on the way to Yavin Four!" Winter replied playfully, before pushing Han away and leading him back towards his ship and what would surely be a very interesting and pleasing week of travel.


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