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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 21 - Jaded Aftermath
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Mara Jade Skywalker was in a terrific mood; she had recently stopped a major slave ring near Hutt Space with the help of her sister-in-law, Leia Organa Solo, and now after fucking both of her nephews long and hard, she was making her way back to her and her husband's quarters to get some much needed rest. She had let the two Solo brothers fuck both her holes and fill them to the brim with their hot Jedi seed and as she walked down the Massassi Temple hallway, she could feel the two loads slowly leak down her thighs. Mara Jade wasn't the only one basking in the afterglow of a tremendous night. Back on Coruscant, Han Solo was just about to depart aboard the Millennium Falcon with his good friend and fuck-buddy Winter Celchu. After learning of Leia's supposed infidelity from an old smuggling acquaintance, Han had taken it upon himself to seek a little revenge sex with the former rebel spy. The two had fucked long and hard for all to see in a raunchy little cantina and although Han had gotten what he had needed from Winter's pussy and ass, he had decided to take her along with him on his trip to Yavin Four to confront his cheating slut of a wife. Han had a point to be angry with his wife; at the very moment Han was departing for Yavin to confront her, she was fast asleep on top of Kyp Durron, with his cock lodged inside her and a good deal of hot Jedi cum inside her. After finding the Jedi stud seemingly unconscious, naked and hard in her daughter's bedroom, Leia had decided not to let a good thing go to waste. The most important development at the Jedi Temple on Yavin Four however, was the fact that the sexy and irresistible sixteen year old Jaina Solo had finally lost her innocence and by none other than her uncle and Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker. Fucked for nearly six hours straight, Luke filled Jaina's pussy full of his sticky Jedi cum over and over again. In fact; of all the people that had hooked up on that faithful night, it was Luke Skywalker and Jaina Solo who were still going at it. Jaina had passed out four hours into the marathon fuck session, but Luke had decided to continue his little act of incest until he was good and satisfied. After over six hours, Luke finally decided to bring the exhausted and unconscious sixteen year old Jaina back to her room.

"Unghhhhhh.... Fuck!" Luke grunted for the tenth time in the last six hours, pumping Jaina full of another few hot loads of his Jedi seed. Luke had pumped Jaina so full of his cum, that it was now leaking down her inner thigh and onto the stone floor as he continued to fuck and cum in her as he carried her back to her room. Opening Jaina's door, Luke was surprised to see Leia, completely naked and apparently unconscious on Jaina's stone floor with a puddle of cum leaking out of her pussy. It was clear to Luke that Leia had been fucking someone, but whoever it had been, had left before he had arrived. Luke also saw no sign of Kyp Durron and assumed he too had left after waking up from Luke's attack earlier that night.

"Mmmmmm... Don't stop Uncle Luke!" Moaned Jaina in her sleep as Luke finally dislodged his semi-hard cock from her cum-filled pussy and dropped her onto her bed. Luke smacked Jaina's ass one more time, pulled the covers over her naked and glistening body, and turned off the blank holo-projector.

"That's my slut... Always wanting more," Luke said to himself, staring down at the sleeping Jaina before looking over at his naked sister and saying, "Speaking of sluts... Here's my number one slut!" Luke leaned down and smacked Leia on the ass before picking her up and carrying her back to his room to let her sleep off whatever she had done. Carrying her unconscious body over his shoulder, Luke walked naked back to his own quarters and was delighted to see that his fully nude wife had finally returned from her little sexual expedition and was waiting for him as he dropped Leia onto the nearest couch.

"I hope that wasn't your handiwork baby." Mara Jade asked Luke as she pointed to the sticky mess that was Leia's tight cum-filled pussy.

"It wasn't me... I've been fucking Jaina for the past six hours... Whoever did this was gone when I found her." Luke replied truthfully as he sat next to his wife on their soft plush bed.

"If you've been fucking Jaina all night, how the hell are you still hard?" Mara asked Luke sceptically as she pointed down at his rock hard eight inch cock. Mara Jade knew that Luke's skills as a Jedi allowed him to fuck for hours; but six hours was definitely pushing it.

"I've been thinking about you, of course." Luke lied, knowing full well that his hardness was due partly to how hot Jaina had been and how turned on he was to find Leia fully naked and full of some random person's cum. "You must have really done something serious to Leia on your mission to turn her back into the mega-slut she used to be, honey."

"Well... Leia always had it in her... I just helped her reawaken it." Mara Jade replied before reaching down with her hand to stroke Luke's already wet cock. Jaina and Luke's juices were still covering his cock as Mara leaned over to lick his shaft and balls.

"Mmmmmm... It's good to have a professional's touch!" Luke groaned in pleasure as Mara's mouth enclosed on the tip of his cock and she started giving her loving husband one of her trademark blowjobs. Mara may not have been the most faithful wife since marrying Luke, but she did truly love the Jedi Master and especially his unique Jedi abilities in bed. His endurance, recovery and pure skill in the sack were more than enough for Mara to look by his infidelities and unceasing lust for tight young pussy.

"I bet you didn't mind Jaina's little mouth on your cock though, didn't you honey?" Mara said with a devilish grin as she stopped to look up at him. Although she, Luke and Leia had agreed on letting Luke pop Jaina's cherry, she was a little concerned at the fact that he had fucked her for so long and hard.

"She never had a chance to suck me off... I fucked her as soon as I could." Luke said truthfully, knowing that he hadn't been able to hold off penetrating Jaina's tight teenage pussy any longer and her mere presence in the same room as him was more than enough to get him fully hard.

"Really? Well then, maybe you'd rather have her sucking your cock then?" Mara replied with a little anger in her voice. Mara knew that Luke had a crush on the budding Jedi slut, but she had no idea how badly Luke had wanted to fuck her. "And did you really have to cum in her that much? I mean really... She's only sixteen... Do you think she wants a bun in her oven already?" Mara continued, lifting her head off Luke's lap completely to stare into his eyes.

"Why the fuck are you so angry... We agreed on this beforehand, and you don't hear me complaining about all those thugs and assholes you've fucked and how you no doubt enjoyed every second of having your pussy and ass filled with Jacen and Anakin's cocks!" Luke argued back a little testily.

"I didn't think you'd like fucking Jaina so much!" Mara argued back, absentmindedly lowering her hand back to Luke's shaft to continue stroking it.

"I knew you'd say that, but don't you fucking forget Mara; you wanted a piece of that ass too!" Luke quipped back, knowing that Mara had wanted to introduce Jaina to sex even before Luke had.

"Fuck you Luke!" Mara shouted back at him before jumping right on his lap and sliding his eight inch cock right in her tight snatch without warning. "Or fuck me at least!"

"What the fuck Mara?"

"I love it when you're angry... It gets me so hot!" Mara moaned in his ear as she started bouncing up and down on his shaft.

"You slutty little she-devil!" Luke groaned back as Mara increased the tightness of her pussy with the Force, trying to get the Jedi Master to cum before her. Mara and Luke usually competed against each other in bed; often using the Force and their years of experience in bed to try and get each other to cum first. Mara may not have as much Force ability as Luke, but she was no novice when it came to sex.

"I couldn't give a shit if you fucked Jaina or any other slut every night for the next year Luke... I'm sure I'll be getting double teamed every other night by anyone who wants a piece of this!" Mara moaned, pointing down at her ass as Luke gripped her hips and used his Jedi speed to slam her harder and faster down on his cock. "I just wanted to get you angry... You always fuck me harder when you're mad!" She moaned as she slipped one of her hands beneath Luke's balls and started to massage them with only the skill that Mara Jade Skywalker could muster.

"I knew you were just messing with me honey... Ughhhhh... I was only yelling at you to get you angry. You always turn into an insatiable slut when you get mad!" Luke laughed as he realized how alike he was to Mara. The stereotypical view of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade was that the two married lovers were nothing but honourable and respectable Jedi Masters, who would do anything to protect the innocent from harm. The traditional view of the Jedi Order and Luke and Mara was not however the correct view. Both Luke and Mara were two of the horniest people in the galaxy and although they would do anything for the innocent, they could hardly be called respectable.

While Luke pounded his cock up into his wife's ridiculously tight snatch, Jaina was finally starting to recover from her six hour night of pure, unbridled and untamed sex. Her uncle Luke had fucked her for so long and hard, she was sure she wouldn't be able to walk straight for a week without proper Jedi healing. Knowing no one else with the Jedi healing skill talented enough to do the job right, Jaina struggled to her feet and felt her Uncle Luke's boiling seed drip down her inner thigh. Still naked, sweaty and full of hot and sticky Jedi cum, Jaina stumbled over to her shower to at least clean herself off before seeing the Mon Calamari Jedi healer, Cilghal.

As Jaina washed off her gorgeous teenage body and tried to regain at least a little bit of her sexy composure, Jacen and Anakin were carrying their two girlfriends back to their rooms to sleep off the severe beating they had received from their Aunt Mara. Tenel Ka and Tahiri had challenged the redheaded Jedi Master to the right to fuck their boyfriends and after Mara systematically knocked the two teenage Jedi girls into unconsciousness, she had proceeded to give Jacen and Anakin a true taste of sex with a real slut and not just their horny inexperienced girlfriends. Jacen and Anakin had fucked her hard in both her ass and pussy, and after finally blowing their loads deep inside Mara, they agreed on carrying Tenel Ka and Tahiri back to their respective rooms for some much needed rest.

"Do you think Jaina... Mmmmm... Will be able to walk for the next week after getting fucked like she did?" Mara asked her husband as her ass continued to slam up and down on his full eight inches.

"I doubt it baby... Fuck, I nearly came... I remember you not being able to walk for that long after I first fucked you all those years ago, and you at least had some experience." Luke replied with a smirk as he slapped Mara's ass as hard as he could.

"Yeah... That was a tough... UHHHH... Week for me. Talon Karrde couldn't understand why I was bed-ridden for three or four days... He had no idea I was recovering from that first night!" Mara replied with a twinkle in her eye as she remembered back on the faithful day.

"So... Unhhhh... How'd you get the boys to fuck you, honey?" Luke groaned as Mara turned around on his lap to face the opposite direction and ride his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Luke's hands instinctively reached up to her ample but firm breasts and took hold of them. Neither Luke or Mara had given into their need to cum thus far and although they usually each gave in eventually, both lovers were committed to forcing the other to cum first.

"Oh... It wasn't so hard... Unhhh Yes... I had to fight their little girlfriends for the right, but I beat them silly pretty easily." Mara said with a wicked grin before leaning back and kissing Luke deeply. "You know I like to fight dirty baby, and besides, those sluts wouldn't have been able to get those two boys off like I could!" Mara replied with air of pride as she felt her husband's balls begin to tighten and his panting increase.

As Luke was getting close to cumming, Jaina was just finishing her shower and was putting on a new outfit to wear to Cilghal's quarters. Jaina had run out of all her Ahsoka Tano outfits she had made up and therefore decided on something a little different. A tight pair of black spandex shorts and black spandex tube top seemed to fit Jaina just right as she remembered to take C-3PO's holochip from the holo-projector and cursed herself for leaving it on. She slowly made her way to Cilghal's, walking awkwardly and wincing in pain as she walked the Massassi Temple halls with an obvious limp.

Jacen and Anakin had almost made it to Tenel Ka and Tahiri's rooms when they realized that it would probably be better to check in with the Jedi Healer Cilghal first before returning the girls to their rooms. Their injuries didn't look too serious, but it couldn't hurt just to make sure. Besides, the Solo brothers needed their little sluts at their fittest for when they next got them on their own.

While Jaina, Jacen and Anakin all headed off towards Cilghal's for a little healing, Mara was in serious trouble. Luke had feigned a near orgasm to put Mara on edge and make her expend all her reserves to push him over the edge.

"You fell for it honey... You... Unghhhh... Should have realized that that I had more than that to offer!" Luke moaned in her ear as he twisted her perky little nipples and slammed his cock upwards with more power and speed than ever before.

"FUCK... Unghhh... AHHHH... YOU WIN!" Mara shouted out as she went through a powerful orgasm and coated Luke's shaft and balls with her sweet nectar. Mara slumped backwards into Luke's chest as she came down from her orgasm and got ready to receive Luke's imminent seed. "FUCK LUKE! FILL ME UP BABY!" Mara encouraged her husband as his tempo increased and Mara started to feel his shaft begin to twitch in her pussy.

"UNGHHHH... TAKE IT ALLLLLL!" Grunted Luke as he slammed his cock up into her as far as he could and planted his seed deep inside her womb; trying his hardest to knock up his lovely redheaded wife.

"Oh Yeah baby... At least I hope so! It's so hot!" Mara moaned as Luke fired off the last of his cum inside her and pulled out of her cum-filled pussy with a small pop. Mara slumped to the floor and closed her eyes in bliss as she felt her husband's cum slowly leak out of her and onto the floor. Noticing that Leia was still in the room, unconscious, Luke was struck by a sudden idea. Luke moved over to wear she was lying naked, kneeled down over her mouth and sank his softening cock into her mouth to clean it off. After a few seconds, Luke pulled his now saliva covered cock out of her mouth and wiped it off in her long luxurious hair before picking up his wife and carrying her over to their bed, where they continued their little fuck session for the next few hours.


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