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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 22 - Medical Research
by Avatrek ([email protected])

It had been a tumultuous day for nearly everyone on Yavin Four; Jacen and Jaina had lost their virginities to their aunt and uncle, Leia had fucked a seemingly unconscious Kyp Durron to exhaustion and Mara and Luke had consummated their love for each other again, by fucking like wild animals all night. All of this had culminated in Jaina, Tahiri Veila and Tenel Ka needing medical attention and as Jacen and Anakin carried their two girlfriends to see the Jedi Healer Cilghal; their sister was also stumbling on her way there to get treatment for her sore pussy. Tahiri and Tenel Ka were on their way to Cilghal after getting in the way of Mara Jade fucking her two handsome nephews while Jaina was on her way there after getting her pussy pounded and filled to the brim with hot Jedi cum for nearly six straight hours by her Uncle Luke. Jaina was the first to arrive at Cilghal's quarters and just before she hit the door buzzer, Cilghal opened the door and welcomed the young Jedi slut into her living quarters.

"Welcome Jaina... I thought I sensed you at my door." Cilghal said calmly, as she led Jaina into her plain but homey living quarters. There was a large table at one side of her room and as Jaina entered the living space, she wondered what Cilghal would think of her extra-curricular activities and whether she would help heal her of her pain. "What can I do for you, young apprentice?"

"I hoped you would be able to do a little healing for me, Cilghal?" Jaina asked, quickly snapped back to reality by Cilghal's question.

"Of course young Jedi, what do you need healing, may I ask?" Cilghal asked innocently as Jaina walked over to Cilghal's medical table leaned against it, already blushing. Although Jaina had no problem being the biggest Jedi slut in the galaxy, she still did feel embarrassed when she had to reveal to other respectable people how big of a slut she actually was.

"It's... Well... It's my pussy," Jaina told the Jedi healer, looking slightly redder and even more embarrassed. "It's really been hurting since I got fucked last night." Jaina finished bluntly.

"Fucked?" Cilghal asked, with her huge fish eyes getting even bigger as she considered what Jaina had just told her.

"Yes... I am of age!" Jaina replied defensively.

"No... It's not that, it's just I thought I'd be seeing you about this subject a lot sooner than now." Cilghal replied, not looking angry or disturbed in the slightest by the fact that Jaina was telling her about her sex life.


"I assume that you lost your virginity last night and got fucked hard to boot." Cilghal replied, still unfazed by the fact that Jaina was coming to see her about sex.

"I... Well... Yeah... How'd you know?" Jaina asked, understandably confused.

"Most young Jedi women who come to train at Yavin see me long before their sixteenth birthday about the very same thing you are here today for." Cilghal told Jaina as she pulled out a few medical tools.

"Oh... Can you help me them? It really hurts." Jaina complained.

"Of course Jaina. This is one of the reasons I have stayed on Yavin." Cilghal informed Jaina. "Please remove all of your clothing and sit on the table."

"Okay." Jaina said nervously; quickly pulling off her tight spandex shorts and top before sitting on the cold metal table. The cold table felt good on her sore pussy as she waited for Cilghal to start examining her and hopefully heal her.

"Now... How long were you fucked for?" Cilghal asked, placing an instrument that looked like a thermometer in her pussy before looking back up at Jaina for an answer.

"Ummm... About six hours I think... I think I was unconscious for the last couple of hours though." Jaina answered truthfully, wincing slightly at the sensation of having the cold metal instrument placed without warning in her pussy.

"Six hours? Ah... And how many times did your Uncle Luke cum in your pussy?" Cilghal asked Jaina with a smile, knowing for certain that the only male Jedi on Yavin actually able to fuck for that long had to be Luke Skywalker.

"What does that matter?" Jaina asked, as Cilghal made her spread her legs wide open, placing them each into leg holders so she could more closely examine her tight teenage pussy.

"I've been doing some research into Midi-Chlorian counts lately and I believe I have discovered a breakthrough, but I need someone to test my theory out on." Cilghal told an interested Jaina.

"And what do you need me to do?" Jaina asked as Cilghal placed another cold metal instrument in her pussy. Jaina would basically do anything for Cilghal if she could heal the soreness from her pussy and allow her to be her slutty self again as soon as possible.

"I just need a blood sample from you now and after every time you either have your pussy filled with Jedi cum or when you orally ingest any Jedi cum." Cilghal explained, as she picked up a small data pad and began recovering some data that she had stored on the device.

"Okay... But why?" Jaina asked as Cilghal quickly took a small sample of blood and fed the analysis of her blood to the data pad for a quick comparison.

"Excellent... I think I've just had a breakthrough... You see Jaina; I've been working under the theory that when a female Jedi is either inseminated or orally ingests male Jedi cum, their Midi-Chlorian counts increase. And it appears that my hypothesis is correct." Cilghal said happily before leaning over towards Jaina to show her the data pad. "You see this Midi-Chlorian count I got from you a few months ago and the one I just took from you now?"


"This data shows that your Midi-Chlorian count has increased by over four hundred in a matter of only a few months. Assuming that you've only been sexually active a few times since then, male Jedi cum ingested in any form increases your own Midi-Chlorian count."

"Wow! So you're saying the bigger the slut I am, the more powerful in the Force I become?" Jaina asked a little intrigued.

"Yes... But I need more data and more test subjects to make sure my hypothesis is correct. If only I had one or two more volunteers to prove my theories correct. As if Cilghal's prayers were instantly answered from above, the door chimed again and after Cilghal answered the door without any regard for Jaina and her complete nakedness, she allowed both Jacen and Anakin to enter, carrying their two unconscious girlfriends in with them. Anakin and Jacen nearly dropped Tahiri and Tenel Ka on the stone floor after seeing Jaina completely naked with her legs wide open and two metal medical instruments sticking out of her pussy, but they were able to hold themselves together and gingerly lay their injured Jedi companions on the floor without further harm.

"HOLY FUCK JAINA!" Anakin blurted out after putting Tahiri down and moving closer to Jaina to examine her pussy. Both Anakin and Jacen had wanted a piece of Jaina's sweet snatch ever since she had started acting like such a slut, and now that it was just sitting there, spread out for the both of them see, they could hardly believe their eyes. Jaina went to cover her pussy up and at least retain some amount of her dignity, but before she could, Cilghal intervened.

"Stop Jaina... I'm still running tests and I need you to remain still." Cilghal told her as she used the Force to levitate Tenel Ka and Tahiri to a nearby bed. "I see that there is no serious harm done to these young ladies." She said, quickly examining them using the Force and a medical scanner.

"Oh yeah good... I guess we should stick around though, just to make sure and everything." Mumbled an entranced Jacen as his eyes remained glued on his twin sister's unbelievable tight shaved pussy, immaculate body and perky little teenage tits. Neither Jacen or Anakin could have cared in the slightest about their girlfriends' wellbeing at the moment; they were far too interested in ogling their goddess-like sister.

"I agree actually." Cilghal replied, picking up her data pad before collecting a blood sample from both Tenel Ka and Tahiri.

"Really?" Anakin replied with shock.

"Yes... I was hoping you'd be able to help be complete a little experiment of mine. Jaina has already provided me with the first piece of viable data, but I need more to make certain my theories are correct." She replied.

"And what do you need us to do... Fuck Jaina?" Jacen replied in jest, but actually hoping that Cilghal wanted him and his brother to give it to his whore of a sister.

"No, but I do actually need you two to fuck Tenel Ka and Tahiri for me, and make sure you cum inside them." Cilghal responded, without sounding the least bit concerned with what she was asking them to do.

"Really? Right here...? Right now? What if we you know, get them pregnant?" Anakin asked shocked.

"Don't worry young Jedi; it is extremely difficult for two Jedi to conceive a child, so there is almost no chance of that. It will be for purely scientific reasons." She replied, taking a blood sample from Jacen, Anakin, Tenel Ka and Tahiri in turn before using the Force to rip both Tahiri and Tenel Ka's clothes off. Jaina looked over at the two unconscious Jedi teens with intrigue as she examined their tight attractive bodies. Tahiri was petite, fit and had beautiful curly blond hair with a completely bald teenage pussy that was just asking to be fucked, while Tenel Ka was taller, with a fantastic juicy ass, finely trimmed pussy, firm buxom breasts and perky little rosy nipples that Jaina herself wanted to suck on.

"For you maybe." Jacen whispered to his brother with a grin before tearing off their own clothes and walking over towards both Tenel Ka and Tahiri. Although Anakin had had several opportunities to fuck Tahiri, Jacen had never been lucky enough to slam his seven inches into Tenel Ka, and although she was unconscious, Jacen knew she would be one hell of a fuck. Side by side, the brothers spread open Tahiri and Tenel Ka's legs and slowly started to guide their hard shafts into their unconscious girlfriends while Cilghal and a very interested Jaina watched. Remembering how great it felt to have his cock stuffed in his little Tattooine slut, Anakin rammed his full six inches as deep into Tahiri as possible.

"Mmmmpf... Unnnnnnn!" Tahiri moaned quietly as Anakin bottomed out inside her and felt his balls slap against her tight pussy.

"Fuck... I forgot how tight this slut was." Anakin groaned as he slowly pulled out and imagined he was ploughing his sister instead of Tahiri. Jaina was imagining nearly the same thing as she started driving the two medical instruments in and out of her pussy while Cilghal took notes and ran a scanner over everybody as if nothing abnormal was going on.

While Anakin started slamming his hips forward at an ever-increasing speed, Jacen had only managed to fit the head of his cock inside Tenel Ka's warrior princess pussy. Jacen had only recently lost his virginity to his Aunt Mara and although she had been the tightest thing he had ever experienced, the pressure being exerted by Tenel Ka's pussy was nearly overwhelming. Throwing caution to the wind and needing to be fully inside the gorgeous red-headed Hapan Princess, Jacen used all his skill with the Force to help him slam the rest of his cock into the unconscious teen.

"Good Jacen, slam it into that fucking whore!" Jaina chanted as her hands moved like a blur and the medical instruments moved in and out of her even faster.

"Wow Jaina... It appears that the temperature inside your pussy is increasing at an accelerated rate!" Cilghal said, extremely interested at the data now being fed directly to her data pad. Still examining her data pad, Cilghal picked up another small medical instrument nearby and slowly slid it into Jaina`s extremely tight teenage ass. Jaina shuddered in orgasm as she felt the cold instrument slide a couple of inches into her asshole before Cilghal let go and started typing something into her data pad. Jaina had never had anything in her ass before and as she watched her two brothers fuck their girlfriends even harder than before, one of Jaina`s hands slid down to the instrument in her ass.

"So fucking tight!" Jacen groaned as he bottomed out and slammed his balls against Tenel Ka's tight teenage ass. Feeling the need to really give it to the Dathomir warrior, Jacen lifted her legs up and got on the bed with Tenel Ka to slam his cock down into her.

"Good idea bro... I think I might do the same thing!" Anakin panted, mimicking his brother's movements and getting up on top of his unconscious partner. With their two girlfriends moaning in unconsciousness and Jaina fucking herself with three medical instruments in her pussy and ass, Jacen and Anakin preceded to really give it to Tenel Ka and Tahiri. Had the two Jedi sluts been awake, they'd have welcomed being used like the dirty whores they wanted to be, but since they were unconscious and unable to hamper the power and speed of the Jedi brothers, both Jacen and Anakin were able to use their incredible Jedi speed to fuck them faster than anything they would ever experience.

"Holy fuck... There really giving it to those lucky sluts, aren't they?" Jaina moaned out loudly as Cilghal got closer to Jaina's pussy to examine the heat coming off of her and how fast Jaina's hands were moving.

"Yes... As a Mon Calamari, I never usually get to examine such a ritual up close, so the breeding traditions of human Jedi is extremely fascinating to me on both a personal and scientific level." Cilghal recited unemotionally, with Jaina not paying attention in the slightest. Her eyes were glued on her two brothers who had started to pant and moan; signalling an upcoming end to the brother's little show. Anakin's face was in a grimace as he did all he could to avert his orgasm. Knowing it to be fruitless however, Anakin grabbed hold of Tahiri's small perky tits and slammed his cock as deep into her as possible while Jacen started to suck on Tenel Ka's tiny perky nipples and groan in similar distress.

"FUCK YES! Fill those sluts up brothers!" Jaina screamed out in orgasmic relief, as she quickly pulled out the three medical instruments from her spasm-stricken pussy and ass, and let her warm juices gush out onto the metal table. As if waiting for something to trigger his orgasm, the moaning and groaning of his sister having her own orgasm was just what Jacen needed to hit his peak as well.

"UNGHHHH... Ahhhhh... UNGHHHHHHHHH!" Grunted both Anakin and Jacen together. With both of their shafts fully inside their tight unconscious girlfriends, Jacen and Anakin exploded inside their pussies, pumping each of them full with their hot sticky Jedi cum as their sister watched with envy. Little did Jaina know however, that both Jacen and Anakin were actually dreaming about the same thing as they fired off a few more hot sticky loads each inside Tenel Ka and Tahiri, fulfilling Cilghal's wishes for them to fill them to the brim with their warm Jedi seed.

"That was so hot!" Jaina moaned in exaltation as Jacen and Anakin slowly pulled their cum covered cocks from their girlfriends full pussies and stood back up to examine their handiwork. With their cum leaking out of both Tenel Ka and Tahiri's tight teenage pussies, both brothers looked over at the sweaty and glistening Jaina, whose own juices were now dripping from the metal table. As Cilghal collected a sample of Jaina's cum for her own scientific purposes, Jaina eyed both of her brother's cocks with a clear desire to suck off the last remnants of their cum.

"Here you go Jaina... I can tell you want to clean us off!" Jacen said with a smirk as he and Anakin walked over to either side of the table Jaina was on. Not denying her desire in the slightest, Jaina leaned over in turn and sucked off as much cum from both her brother's softening cocks as she could.

"Mmmmm... Tenel Ka and Tahiri taste good on your cocks!" Jaina moaned as she lay back to bask in the glory of her own orgasm and the flavour of both her brother's shafts. Before Jacen or Anakin could make a witty response, Cilghal had pricked all five of her test subjects for a Midi-Chlorian count.

"Amazing... It appears that my hypothesis was correct!" Cilghal said out loud with a sense of pride in her voice as Anakin and then Jacen moved over to Jaina's pussy to have a quick taste of her tight teenage pussy. As Jacen's and then Anakin's tongues delved into her pussy one after the other, Jaina moaned out in pleasure before being snapped back to reality by Cilghal's words. "Both Tenel Ka and Tahiri's Midi-Chlorian counts have increased by fifty after their insemination and even your Midi-Chlorian count Jaina has increased slightly from sucking the cum off your brother's cocks.

"Wow... That's so amazing Cilghal! So the more female Jedi fuck and suck, the stronger they get in the Force?" Jaina asked as she sat back up and watched her brothers get dressed.

"Yes, but not just female Jedi. It appears that both Jacen and Anakin's Midi-Chlorian count has increased by fifty as well after having sex with Tenel Ka and Tahiri. It seems that the more cum and Midi-Chlorians they pump out into their partners, the quicker their count regenerates and increases. In fact, I would wager that if I were to take their Midi-Chlorian count again after licking your pussy and juices, their count will have increased again." Cilghal told all three of the Solo siblings as she paced around her room.

"And can you use your Jedi healing to stop my pussy from hurting so much... Uncle Luke's cock must have done some internal damage or something." Jaina said out loud, catching Jacen and Anakin's attention.

"Of course... Here." Cilghal said, quickly waving her hands over Jaina's pussy and healing the harm Jaina's first fuck had caused her.

"Wait... Uncle Luke fucked you last night Jaina?" Anakin said with a twinkle in his eye. Instead of being angry at his Uncle Luke for taking away her virginity, both Jacen and Anakin looked overjoyed at the fact that Jaina was no longer a sweet innocent teasing slut.

"Yeah... So... Oh... That feels much better Cilghal, thank you!" Jaina said in relief as she hopped down from the cold metal table and put her tight-fitting spandex shorts and tube top back on. "Why...? Do you two want a turn now?" Jaina said sexily as she slowly walked by them and wiggled her ass at them as she opened Cilghal's door and exited with a wicked grin on her face.

"Please let her be serious!" Jacen groaned as he and Anakin followed after her as quickly as they could, completely forgetting about their two cum-filled, naked and unconscious girlfriends and thinking about only one thing as they left Cilghal alone to clean up their mess.


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