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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 24 - It's a Family Affair
by Avatrek

It had been a few hectic and sexually charged days at the Jedi Temple on Yavin Four since Jaina, Jacen and Anakin had lost their virginities, and although neither Jacen or Anakin had had the pleasure of fucking Jaina's sweet barely untouched snatch, their efforts were at last getting them somewhere. Little did they know however, Jaina had been stringing them along for the last few days, using all the feminine wiles she had picked up from both her Grandma and Ahsoka Tano to get whatever she wanted. 'Always tease, never treat', seemed to be Jaina's new motto and although she had enjoyed having her pussy stuffed with cock and filled with hot cum, Jaina found it far more fun and profitable to simple tease those who clearly wanted her. Jaina had been getting everything she had wanted from Jacen and Anakin; if she needed something fixed, cleaned, or delivered to her quarters, her two devoted brothers did it for her as quickly as possible. In fact, Jaina had asked them to her room one afternoon to fix her malfunctioning holo-projector.

"It seems to be on the fritz Anakin, I was hoping you and Jacen could get it working and we'd maybe watch another holovid from C-3PO's restricted files." Jaina told her two brothers as they entered her room and were stunned to see their darling sister wearing a little pink see-through teddy. Not wearing any bra or panties, both Jacen and Anakin gawked, wide-eyed at the brunette beauty as she beckoned them into the room. So short was the teddy, that the bottom of Jaina's sweet teenage ass and the smallest trace of her tight little pussy were visible while she stood there waiting in front of them. "Uhhh... Hello?"

"Ohh Yeah... The holo-projector... Why don't you fix that Anakin and I'll go make sure Jaina's comfortable." Jacen suggested as Anakin continued to stare at Jaina's gorgeous little outfit.

"What? Why do I always have to fix everything?" Anakin complained, snapping out of his reverie as Jacen walked over to Jaina and guided her back over to the couch in front of the holo-projector.

"You're the youngest... Besides, I seem to remember letting you have Jaina's thong!" Jacen said with a smirk as he grabbed Jaina's ass quickly to rub it in a little. Jaina slapped his hand away with a smile before taking a seat with Jacen next to her.

"Don't worry Anakin; you'll always be my favourite brother. Besides Jacen, you can fix my shower while Anakin works on that; the hot water doesn't seem to be working." Jaina teased Jacen as she lightened the darkening mood. After fingering Jaina's tiny little thong stuffed in his pocket, Anakin got to work with a smile on his face while Jacen stamped off to the shower to see what he could do. The holo-projector wasn't in too bad of condition and before long; Anakin was making the final repairs. Looking back at Jaina to make sure she was still sitting on the nearby couch, Anakin was delighted to see between Jaina's legs. Nearly setting the holo-projector on fire by crossing the wrong wires, Anakin quickly regained his composure and started up the now perfectly functioning projector, just as Jacen came out of the bathroom looking slightly wet but clearly triumphant.

"Great work you guys, I guess we should watch a video now to make sure it works properly. Don't you think?"

"Maybe you should test out the shower quick, just to make sure it works properly." Jacen basically begged as he and Anakin took a seat on either side of Jaina.

"Why Jacen? Do you want me all wet before we start watching the holovid?" Jaina replied, knowing full well her teasing would get both Anakin and Jacen harder for her than ever before. "... Besides... I thought I'd let you fuck me while we watched a vid, but if you think I should test out the shower..."

"What... NO! Really!" Jacen and Anakin said in unison as their eyes lit up and the holo-projector started playing. With a wicked grin, Jaina pulled off her little pink see-through teddy and placed both of her hands on Jacen and Anakin's stiff cocks.

* * *

"So Master... Unghhhh... You said the Jedi Council is certain Count Dooku and Ventress are on the junk planet... Unghhh... Raxus Prime." Ahsoka Tano panted, nearing orgasm as she bounced up and down on her Master Anakin's lap.

"Exactly... Unghhh... The Council believes they're searching for something that will help them make a direct attack on... Ughhhh... Coruscant." Anakin replied looking overjoyed that he was yet again fucking his hot young Padawan aboard his vessel on the way to their next mission. It had been some time since Anakin had been fortunate to have his cock being bounced up and down upon and even longer since Ahsoka had been willing to let him fuck her. Lately the young Togrutan nymph had been exercising a little more restraint when it came to sex, and although she had allowed her Master and others to eat her pussy, she had been stingy when it came to actually letting them fuck her. Instead of just fucking everything in sight, Ahsoka had taken her Togrutan friend's advice as well as Padme Amidala's and had used her sexual wiles to make the men around her, do what she wanted. The Urge, coupled with the importance of the upcoming mission and the fact that her Master was in dire need of a good fuck, had led Ahsoka to giving it up to her Master on their way to Raxus Prime.

"Do they... Uhhhhnnn... Know were coming? I'm cumming again Master!" Ahsoka moaned as she started grinding back and forth over her Master's cock, making sure to get as much of Anakin's eight inches inside her as possible as she came.

"Again Ahsoka... That's ten times in only a couple of hours! And no, I don't believe they know were coming, but we should... Unghhh... Be ready for anything." Anakin said, feeling the familiar sensation of Ahsoka's warm sweet juices coat his cock for the tenth time. Besides, I don't think Ventress will be very happy to see me, Anakin thought to himself, remembering back to when he planted his seed deep within her womb. Impregnation of another Force-sensitive individual is extremely rare, but it was not unheard of and Anakin was pretty sure Ventress would not be happy to see him, whether she had a bun in the oven or not.

"I've been so horny for your cock Master and I haven't had a good cock inside me for weeks!" Ahsoka admitted as she recovered from her last orgasm.

* * *

"Wow... They're already going at it! Fuck, it's making me hot!" Jaina moaned to her two horny brothers as her hands worked up and down on their cocks and they in turn massaged her breasts and pussy.

"So... We can fuck you now?" Anakin asked, eager to slam his full six inches into his sister's tight teenage pussy.

"Yep... You can both fuck me as hard as you want!" Jaina moaned as she felt Anakin's finger penetrate her pussy and Jacen squeeze her sensitive little rosy nipple.

"I'm going to fuck your pussy raw Jaina!" Jacen said in eager anticipation as Jaina was forced to lie down on the couch with her legs open and her head sticking over the end of couch. As Jacen took off his clothes and proceeded to probe her pussy with his cock, getting ready to slam it forward, Anakin did the same and placed his cock next to Jaina's overhanging head. "What the fuck Jaina? Are you using the Force to create a barrier around your pussy?" Jacen asked his sister in distress as he tried to force the tip of his cock past her tight entrance.

"Ha ha ha ha... No one said you could fuck my pussy... I just said you could fuck me, and I meant my tits and face!" Jaina teased them, thinking it hilarious that she had just strung them along so beautifully.

"FUCK... Come on Jaina... Stop being such a fucking tease!" Jacen shouted in anger and frustration as he slammed his hips forwards to no avail. "Fucking slut! Fine... but you're going to pay for teasing us!" Jacen said with a smirk as Jaina quickly looked back up at him looking a little worried. Getting the hint and feeling just as frustrated and disappointed as Jacen, Anakin pulled Jaina's head back with the Force and slammed half of his six inches into her mouth without warning. "Good one Anakin... I'll do the same with her tits!" He said looking a little more pleased as he climbed onto her chest and placed his hard six and half inch cock between her small but firm breasts.

"Mmmpppff... Mmmmm... Mmmpfffff!" Jaina managed to mumble as Anakin slammed his hips back and forth, forcing her to deep-throat his entire six inches every few seconds.

* * *

Anakin Skywalker was now on top of Ahsoka Tano and was driving his cock down into her with as much speed as the Force could muster. Ahsoka was screaming and moaning as loud as she could as her pussy was assaulted from above and her body was continually slammed down into the deck plating of the ship, leaving a slight dent in the floor.

"HOLY FUCK MASTER! You're going to fuck me right through the bottom of the ship!" Ahsoka moaned as sweat dripped from Anakin's brow and onto her forehead.

"It's not my fault... Unghhh... You've been holding on me for too long!" Anakin groaned as he slowed down a little in order not to punch a hole through the hull.

* * *

"I'm flipping her over Anakin, I need to see that ass again!" Jacen said in excitement as he got off of Jaina's chest and flipped her around with Anakin's cock still in her mouth. "As sweet as ever!" Jacen sighed as he placed his cock between her beautiful ass cheeks and started hot dogging them for all they were worth.

As Anakin and Jacen basically molested their teenage slut of a sister, Han Solo had finally arrived at the Jedi Temple on Yavin Four. After a week of traveling aboard the Millennium Falcon with Winter Celchu and fucking every day for hours at a time with the white haired ex-Rebel spy, Han had finally made it to Yavin Four to confront his cheating whore of a wife.

"Thanks for taking this trip with me Winter... I had a great time, and I know you did too!" Han told Winter as they embraced each other one more time before exiting the Millennium Falcon. Winter was off to find Leia and say hello to Luke and Mara while Han made his way over to the other Massassi Temples in order to find his children.

"I'm getting really close here Jacen!" Anakin panted, finally pulling his cock out of Jaina's throat long enough for her to take a few deep breaths and recover from the incredible face fucking she had been getting from her younger brother.

"Let's switch up then... I want to feel her mouth on my cock before I cum anyway." Jacen reasoned as he got off of Jaina's back and moved over to where Anakin had been standing.

"Hold up a minute Jacen and let me catch my breath... Anakin didn't let up a bit." Jaina whined as she quickly regained her stamina and got ready to taste her other brother's cock.

"I hope you're ready Jaina, because Anakin has nothing on me!" Jacen said with a grin as he slammed his hips forwards and made Jaina basically choke on his entire six and a half inches. As Jacen made Jaina deep-throat his entire shaft, Anakin had climbed up behind her, took hold of both her supple ass cheeks and began sliding his cock back and forth between those cheeks.

"Fuck Jaina... You have the best ass in the galaxy!" Anakin moaned as he fantasized about taking his cock out from between her ass cheeks and slipping the head of his cock into her tight little pussy while Jaina was caught unaware. He had once been lucky enough to have the head of his cock in her pussy before, but he had never been fortunate enough to get any farther than that. As he watched Jacen use the Force to face-fuck Jaina even harder than he had, Anakin decided to go for it and hope that Jaina's attention would be too occupied to notice the initial intrusion of the tip of his cock. Being extra careful not to attract any further attention to his actions, Anakin slowly slid his cock from between her cheeks and lightly placed the head of his cock against the tight slit of her pussy. With Jacen fucking her face harder than ever, Anakin moved in one quick motion and just as Anakin felt the tip of his cock begin to penetrate the tightest pussy he had ever felt, Jaina's focus with the Force intensified and she flung the unprepared Anakin back off the couch and onto the floor with a thud.

"Nice try buddy!" Jacen said with a smile as he pulled his cock out of Jaina's mouth and let her make her own remark to Anakin's attempt at fucking her.

"You crafty little bugger... I'm not going to give it up to you that easily." Jaina replied before rolling back around on her back and getting ready to let Jacen fuck her face again and Anakin have a try at her pert little tits.

* * *

As Jacen, Anakin and Jaina continued to enjoy themselves, Anakin Skywalker was getting ready to cum. He had been fucking his Padawan Ahsoka for nearly three hours on their way to a very important mission and although Ahsoka had cum nearly fifteen times already, Anakin had held off as long as he could, hoping to magnify an orgasm that was already going to be legendary.

"TOOO TIGHT... I'M FUCKING CUMMING!" Anakin groaned as he slammed his full eight inches into Ahsoka and started unloading inside of her, plastering her womb with over a month's worth of pent up sexual frustration for his teasing whore of a Padawan. "Take it all you slut!" Anakin grunted as he continued pumping her full with his hot sticky cum. Anakin had been unable to fuck Ahsoka for some time due to her new policy on teasing him instead of pleasing him, so the chance to finally blow another load inside her only magnified his extraordinary orgasm.

"It's so much Master! It's so hot!" Ahsoka squealed like a satisfied whore as she felt her womb being painted with stream after stream of her Master's warm seed again. She had gone a long time without having the familiar sensation of her pussy being filled to the brim with her Master's hot sticky cum and as his cock finally stopped jerking inside her, she smiled up at him and slipped into unconsciousness.

* * *

Han Solo had looked all over the Massassi Temples for his children, but after searching both Jacen and Anakin's rooms, he had still not found any of them. 'Maybe they're in Jaina's room', Han thought as he walked down one of the Massassi hallways towards his daughter's room. As he approached, Han could hear the sound of someone moaning Jaina's name. Opening the door ever so slightly, Han peered inside to see a most peculiar sight. His two sons Anakin and Jacen were double teaming some girl on a sofa in front of a holo-projector which had stopped playing. 'Holy fuck, they're really giving it to that slut, but I could have sworn I heard Jaina's name and this is Jaina's room', Han thought to himself as he watched Anakin slam his cock between the girl's firm little tits and Jacen ram his hips forwards into her open mouth.

"I'm gonna cum... Get on your knees Jaina!" Jacen moaned as he pulled his saliva-covered cock out of her mouth and got ready to blow a massive load all over her face. Anakin beat him to the punch and just as Jaina looked up to see if he was going to get off her, Anakin grunted out in relief.

"Mmmmmm... Yes!" Anakin moaned as he slammed his cock forward one more time between her tits and fired off five thick streams of his hot sticky cum across Jaina's chest, chin and face. Jaina had no time to open her mouth but took the hot load without flinching. Just as the last stream of Anakin's cum struck her right cheek, Jaina heard Jacen walk over to her side and grunt in similar relief.

"Unghhhhhhh... Mmmmmm!" Jacen groaned, aiming the tip of his cock at her face and pasting her completely with several hot strings of his sticky cum. Jaina was able to open her mouth just in time, swallowing half of the salty seed with a smile on her sticky face.

"What the fuck!" Han said to himself as he watched his two sons cum all over her smoking hot daughter's face and tits. "Those lucky bastards!" Han said as his hand drifted down towards his stiffening cock and he watched his gorgeous cum-soaked and naked daughter stand on her feet and wiggle her ass at her two brothers before making her way to her dresser.

"Here... These should hold you until next time." Jaina said sexily with cum still dripping from her face. She picked up two colourful thongs and flung them over at her two exhausted brothers. Catching the panties and instinctively sniffing the sweet smelling underwear, Jacen and Anakin smiled backed at Jaina, got dressed and high-fived each other before making their way to the door.

Knowing he needed to hide, Han dove behind a nearby pillar and waited until Jacen and Anakin exited the room and went in opposite directions. Curious to get another look at his slut of a daughter, Han peered back inside the room and heard Jaina curse at the fact that she had only one pair of panties left. After closing her panty drawer in exasperation, Jaina opened her bathroom door and proceeded to clean up before going to a training session with her Aunt Mara. Horny and feeling a little rebellious, Han snuck into the room, opened the panty drawer and stole his daughter's last thong. Stuffing the sweet smelling panties in his pocket, Han left the room and considered what he had just seen and what he should do about it.


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