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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 27 - Crisis At Shili Part 2
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The humanitarian mission to the planet of Shili by Jedi forces was well under way. The long voyage to aid the embattled Togruta homeworld would take several days by the New Republic stealth ship captained by the retired General Wedge Antilles. Tycho Celchu, Winter, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, Luke, Mara, Kyp Durron, Cilghal, Corran Horn, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin were all aboard the vessel and ready to do anything they could to stop the mysterious invading force of soldiers attacking Shili and bring peace back to the sector. *In the meantime however, the New Republic ship was a hotspot of sin and debauchery. Luke and Han had already double fucked the lithe and petite Tahiri Veila, blowing their massive loads deep in her 13 year old pussy and ass during a "training" session. Tenel Ka would have suffered the same fate, had she not been knocked unconscious. Luke and Han were transporting her to the medical bay and Cilghal's care after leaving a cum-filled and dazed Tahiri in the care of a grumpy Wookie who had similarily been knocked out but had finally regained consciousness.

"I hope Chewie takes it easy on Tahiri," Han commented to Luke as they carried Tenel Ka to the medical bay. "His cock is over a foot long and I don't think her tight pussy can take it."

"It can take more than you know Han," Luke replied knowingly, having fucked his fair share of tight pussies over the years. "Jedi are able to adapt to nearly impossible circumstances. It'll be a tight fit for sure, but Tahiri can take it."

"Well either way, we'll have to check out the damage after we drop Tenel Ka off. She's not looking so hot. *Well she's hot as fuck, but you know what I mean," Han told Luke, reaching up and squeezing Tenel Ka's pert young ass for good measure. *They reached the medical bay in short order, finding Cilghal deeply immersed in her studies. *Luke knew she was studying midichlorians in Jedi, but his understanding of her exact research was quite basic.

"Dear me, what has happened?" Cilghal exclaimed after taking notice of Han and Luke carrying Tenel Ka to the nearest table.

"I think a concussion, but she lost consciousness so we thought it best to bring her here," Luke told her, after laying her down.

"Let me probe her quickly and make certain there is no lasting damage," she said, running her hand over her forehead and concentrating on the Force running through Tenel Ka. "She's fine. She should regain consciousness in a couple of hours. Until then, she can rest here."

"That's a load off our minds doc. We'll take off then and check on Tahiri in the training room then," Han told Cilghal, as both he and Luke made ready to leave.

"Wait one moment Han. May I have a word with you in private before you leave?"

"Sure thing doc. How about you go ahead Luke and check on her and Chewie. Make sure there's no need for either of them to see the doc as well, and I'll catch up with you later," Han told Luke, obviously referring to Chewie's massive Wookie cock destroying Tahiri's tight teenage pussy.

"Sounds*good Han, thanks for helping me out with that 'training session,'" Luke replied with a smirk before leaving the medical bay.

"As you may know, I have been conducting research on midichlorians within Jedi and how they seemingly fluctuate within each individual," Cilghal began, as Han's eyes shifted from the Mon Calamari Jedi to the unconscious Tenel Ka, who's tight little ass and thong were visible under her tiny dragonscale skirt. "More specifically how the midichlorians in male and female Jedi seem to increase after insemination and orgasmic relief, or "blowing one's load" as you humans like to say."

"Wait... what?" Han replied with shock, snapping his attention back to Cilghal so fast his neck kinked.

"Male Jedi midichlorian counts seem to increase after they 'blow their load', while female Jedi midichlorian counts seem to increase after being inseminated, orally, vaginally, or anally," Cilghal continued, not phased in the slightest about the topic which she was discussing.

"You don't say doc. What about insemination of a female Jedi by a non-Jedi male?" Han asked her, catching on to the possible reason why the Jedi healer asked him to hang around.

"That is precisely why I need your unique talents to test my theories. I am quite certain Tenel Ka would not mind and since she is unconscious, I give you my consent to, as humans say, 'fuck her'," Cilghal informed Han, as he stared at her open mouthed and astonished.

"Well I can definitely do my part as long as it's for science," Han replied with a smirk and a hardening cock as he spread Tenel Ka's legs and tore off her tiny pink thong to reveal an extremely tight snatch and a thin red and gold landing strip. "Now that's a tight pussy!"

"I shall monitor your progress and make a video log of the experiment if you don't mind," Cilghal told him without the slightest hint of being uncomfortable.

"Whatever you want doc. It can be a training tool for future Jedi Healers!" He told her jokingly as he bent down and started licking the unconscious Jedi's tight teenage pussy.

While Han was getting ready to go balls deep in the defenceless Tenel Ka for science, Luke had finally returned to training room to see Tahiri Veila being used like a common fuck doll by the massive Chewie. He had the young teen suspended in mid-air, slamming her up and down on his 14 inch cock, driving the entire length deep inside her tight pussy. Luke was astonished to see that Tahiri could take the massive Wookie cock, but he could tell that the trauma of fitting the monstrous member inside her tight hole had caused her to black out once more.*That obviously hadn't stopped Chewie from manhandling the petite Jedi, unleashing every ounce of power he had with each thrust. Luke could feel his cock getting hard again as he watched Chewie continue to bounce her up and down. *Acting on instinct, he walked into the training room, found a small box, brought it over to where Chewie was pounding up into Tahiri and placed it just behind her.

"You don't mind if I fuck that tight ass, do you Chewie?" Luke asked as he pulled off his clothes again and stepped up onto the box so he was nearly Chewie's height.

"Rarrrrrrrr!" Chewie exclaimed in agreement, still pumping away at Tahiri as Luke got into position. *Chewie lowered Tahiri ever so slightly so Luke could press the tip of his hard 8 inch cock against her recently abused ass hole. *It was still tight as fuck but Luke had less trouble than Han had only an hour prior. *It took some coordination, but soon enough, both Luke and Chewie had Tahiri bouncing up and down between them, getting double stuffed to the limit.

While Tahiri was having her pussy and ass double fucked for the second time in less than an hour, Han Solo was deep inside the young Dathomiri Jedi, Tenel Ka. The Hapan princess was unconscious, but clearly enjoying the sensation of Han plowing into the tight teen's wet pussy as she moaned in pleasure with each thrust. Cilghal stood calmly to one side examining Han as he slammed his hips forward, over and over again, doing his best to aid the Jedi healer's scientific research.

"Fuck this bitch is tight!" Han moaned, feeling Tenel Ka's pussy squeeze his cock in orgasm. He could feel her hot juices coat his cock as he continued to slam his cock in and out of her. Han quickly tore off Tenel Ka's dragonscale tube top to reveal a perfect set of firm breasts, which he preceded to suck, pinch and bite with every thrust of his cock.

"Excellent work Han! I can tell you are about to inseminate the subject. *May I perform a simple test on you before you cum?" Cilghal asked a sweaty Han as he continued to thrust into Tenel Ka.

"Sure Doc! Anything for science! But you better hurry up, I'm getting close and this pussy needs a load real ba--!" Han groaned, getting extremely close before he felt a thin cold metal tube enter his ass hole in one quick motion. The probe was small but Cilghal had jammed it 3 inches deep in one quick thrust. The sensation was both uncomfortable and arousing, instantly making Han tense up and begin painting Tenel Ka's fertile womb with several large loads of his potent seed. *Stream after stream of hot cum filled Tenel Ka up instantly, past the brim, causing it to leak out of her tight pussy as Han continued to slowly thrust into her. "What the fuck Cilghal? A little warning next time!" Han groaned as he felt the probe being pulled from his ass and his cock slowly deflate inside of the still unconscious Tenel Ka.

"I wished to know your vitals while ejaculating into Tenel Ka.*It is of the utmost importance with regards to my research," Cilghal informed him, sticking the tube into a nearby device to examine the results. *Han slowly dislodged his shrinking cock from Tenel Ka's pussy as Cilghal went over the readings. *Han slowly dressed himself, definitely feeling his years after having fucked 2 young teenagers in a row. After quickly analysing the results, Cilghal took another much larger probe and jammed it nearly 8 inches into Tenel Ka's pussy, which was still leaking copius amounts of Han's hot cum.

"So what's the data tell you?" Han asked her, rubbing his sore ass as he looked on at the confusing numbers being displayed on the Mon Calamari's data terminal after the cum coated probe had been taken out of Tenel Ka and injected into a nearby terminal.

"It is as I thought. Even male non-Jedi cum will slightly increase the midichlorian count of the female Jedi, as long as it is absorbed by the body in some manner. Filling the womb is the most effective method however. It is also clear that male Jedi cum increases the midichlorian count in female recipients far greater than non-Jedi males," Cilghal went on to explain, removing both probes and reviewing the massive amount of data she had retrieved.

"Well I'm happy to help increase any female Jedi's midichlorian count whenever they want!" Han laughed, getting ready to leave as Cilghal seemed to be immersed in her research.*

"Your help was much appreciated. This is indeed a monumental discovery. Because it is nearly impossible for male Jedi to impregnate female Jedi, many will be able to increase their Jedi powers through sexual encounters with other Jedi. *

"Wait a minute Doc," Han said, slightly taken aback by Cilghal statement. "What about a non-Jedi having sex with a Jedi? Are the chances of impregnation just as low?" Han asked, slightly worried now, after having filled Tenel Ka up with a considerable amount of his potent seed.

"No. In fact, they are greatly increased. Proof being that Tenel Ka is already pregnant with your child. My initial tests have already confirmed this. Congratulations Han," Cilghal told Han with a congratuatory smile before the old smuggler passed out in shock.

While Han was learning about the bun he had put in Tenel Ka's oven, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca were both balls deep inside the blacked out Tahiri. Suspended in mid-air, taking it in both of her tight holes, she had already involuntarily cum 5 times since Luke had joined the party. Her ass was so tight that Luke could already feel his orgasm approaching and Chewbacca was not far behind. His own 14 inch massive cock was already starting to swell in anticipation of cumming when Luke pulled out of her ass.

"Set her down Chewie! Let's drench this Tatooine slut!" Luke groaned, holding off from cumming as Chewie slammed his cock into Tahiri one final time before dropping her unceremoniously to the ground between them.*

"Arrrrrrgggg!" Chewbacca roared, pumping his cock twice before both he and Luke started cumming. They both aimed their cocks at Tahiri's tight teen body lying unconscious on the floor before they both groaned out in release.

"Unghhhhh!" Grunted an exhausted Luke as his cock began to spasm and blow a sizeable Jedi load of hot sticky cum all over Tahiri's small firm tits. Before Luke was even finished pasting the young Jedi Padawan, Chewbacca was roaring in release, firing off massive loads of golden Wookie cum all over Tahiri's pretty face and blonde curls. Load after load of the sticky semen plastered the young teen until her face and tits were covered in both white and gold cum.

"Grarrrrrrrgh!" Chewie roared in triumph as he sank down to his knees and sank his massive cock into Tahiri's mouth to clean it off. *Luke simply took Tahiri's tiny thong from the ground nearby and cleaned off his delating cock.

"You said it big guy. I think Tahiri has learned her lesson to never get captured," Luke sighed, pulling on his clothes once more as he and Chewie left the young teen to sleep off all her sexual exploits of the day.

"Rarrrrrghh?" Chewie asked Luke, wanting to know if he wanted to grab a Rodian ale at the ship's small lounge area.

"No I think I'll turn in for the night Chewie. Han may still be in the medical bay if you want to see if he wants a nightcap," Luke replied, sounding a little tired and only wanting to check in with his wife Mara before calling it a night and recovering his strength and energy through meditation.

Little did Luke know, he, Han, and Chewie weren't the only ones getting their rocks off that day. Mara Jade and Leia were actually busy at that moment in Kyp Durron's room sparring against the Jedi Master to see who would be in charge of their second more interesting sparring match in the bedroom. Winter was in Jacen and Anakin's room sitting between the 2 Jedi teens, watching a very interesting holovideo. And Jaina was getting the best advice and guidance on how to pilot an X-wing from 3 of the best pilots ever to suit up with Rogue squandron.


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