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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 28 - Crisis at Shili Part 3
by AvaTrek ([email protected])

The planet of Shili was still in grave danger as the New Republic stealth ship captained by none other than retired General Wedge Antilles hurtled through hyperspace to attempt an aid mission against unknown forces attacking the home planet of the Togruta people. The atmosphere should have been one of tension and seriousness aboard the military vessel, but with Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Kyp Durron, Corran Horn, Jaina, Tahiri Veila, Tenel Ka, Jacen, Anakin, Winter, Tycho Celchu, and Wedge Antilles aboard, the ship had turned into a den of sex and debauchery. Tahiri Veila had already been double teamed twice by Han, Luke and Chewbacca, while the Dathomiri and Hapan royalty, Tenel Ka, had already been impregnated by none other than Han Solo. That was only the start of a very interesting night as Mara Jade and Leia Organa Solo sparred with Jedi Master Kyp Durron in his quarters, while Jacen and Anakin Solo watched a very interesting holovideo with their former nanny, and Jaina Solo was being taught the fundamentals of XXX-wing piloting by Tycho, Wedge and Corran.

"You lose Durron!" Mara Jade told the Jedi Master with a smirk on her face after having finally batted his lightsaber out of his hand. Kyp had managed to use the Force to fend off both Leia and Mara for over an hour, but after eventually overpowering Leia and knocking her out cold against a wall with a Force blast, Mara had got in close and knocked his lightsaber from his hand.

"Two on one is hardly fair Mara Jade, and I did take out Leia!" Kyp groaned in defeat. He hated losing, but the fact that he knew the whole sparring idea was only a pretext for Mara and Leia to fuck him, lessened the pain of loss.

"Don't be a sore loser Kyp! Leia gets to miss out on the next sparring match because she couldn't handle you in the first match, big boy," Mara Jade told him in a sexy and sultry voice as she unzipped her jumpsuit and showed off her perfect tits, tight body, and thin strip of red pubic hair. "Don't worry baby, I can handle you all by myself anyways!"

"Fuck me sideways Mara! Your body is spectacular!" Kyp moaned in pleasure, feeling his cock harden underneath his Jedi robes as Mara dropped to her knees and ran her hand up his leg. Kyp quickly tore off his robes to reveal 9 inches of pure hardness, ready for Mara Jade to handle.

While Kyp was about to have the sexual experience of his life, Jacen, Anakin, and Winter were just about to start the latest holovid from C-3PO's restricted files.

"I hope this holovid is a good one Jacen," Anakin whispered to his brother as they set up the holovid player in their room. "I really want to fuck Winter. I have ever since I was a kid!"

"Has the restricted files ever failed us before bro? Besides, it looks like Winter came for exactly what you want anyway," Jacen replied with a grin as he took a quick peak back at the waiting Winter, sitting on the leather couch, dressed in a skin tight and revealing white leotard.

"It's about to start! Ready for something full of action Winter?" Anakin asked the white haired bombshell as he and Jacen took a seat on either side of her.

"Well if it lacks the action I'm thinking about, I'm sure we can remedy that!" She said with a wink, placing a hand on each of their legs as the holovid started.

* * *

Ahsoka Tano was in serious trouble. *After being defiled and ass fucked by Count Dooku, she and her master Anakin Skywalker were the prisoners of some unknown enemy. They had dragged off the pair of Jedi and secured them in the hold of what looked like a purely organic vessel. *Indeed her wrists and ankles were bound by an organic tether as she hung suspended from a hook by her wrists in a dark cell alongside her master.

"Master! Wake up master!" She whispered to Anakin as she swung helplessly by her wrist bindings, trying not to alert any guards that she was in fact awake. Anakin had been knocked unconsious and violated by Asajj Ventress before being brought on board and he still hadn't regained consciousness. Ahsoka could tell she was completely naked hanging from the ceiling, and the warm trickle of Count Dooku's hot cum leaking from her ass let her know that she hadn't been aboard long.

"Ah.. Ahsoka?" Anakin mumbled, regaining consciousness slowly. "Where the fuck are we? Why are you naked? Wait, why the fuck am I naked?" Anakin asked in a confused state.

"Dooku and Ventress fucked us and then must have sold us into slavery master!" Ahsoka moaned trying to break the organic bonds holding her. *They seemed indestructable as if they were a void in the Force.

"Strange... I can't sense anything but you in the Force. Do you think they drugged us?" Anakin asked, confused by what he was sensing.

"I'm not sure master. I have no idea who we were sold to."

"Don't worry Snips. I've been in tighter spots than this. Like your pussy for instance," Anakin assured her, looking at her sexy body, firm tits and tight teenage pussy. "I've already set off the sub-dermal device under my skin. Jedi reinforcements should be on their way."

"They may come, but they will suffer the same fate as the two of you," said a rasping voice from the shadows behind them. "Now let us begin!"

* * *

"Is this what you two and your sister have been watching the last few weeks? That little teen tramp running around naked like some space slut?" Winter asked the boys as they continued to watch the holovid. "That little girl has nothing on me," she said, pulling off her leotard to show the boys her big firm tits and tight pussy with a tuft of white hair just covering her wet slit. Her hard body was that of a 20 year old in her prime as Jacen and Anakin surveyed her with open mouths. "Why don't you suck on my titties and I can jack you boys off while we watch this little Togruta slut get fucked," Winter told them as she sat down between them again.

"Yes mam!" They both said together, each leaning over to take one of her nipples into their mouths as Winter unzipped their pants and started jacking off their hardening cocks.

While Jacen and Anakin received 2 of the best handjobs of their lives, Mara Jade had both Kyp's hands and feet bound, he was gagged and on his back in the middle of the floor as she sat on his face completely naked, letting the Jedi Master lick her wet pussy while Leia remained unconscious in the corner.

"Ahhh fuck Kyp! Again ahhhhhh!" Mara moaned, as her pussy exploded, coating his face in her pussy juice for the second time. "You fucking know what you're doing baby!" Mara said in satisfaction as she stood up and took in the sight of Kyp's massive 9 inch cock. "I wonder how it tastes?" She asked, getting on her knees in front of him to lick the tip of his cock. *Kyp shuttered from the sensation but looked eager for more.

"Mmmpfff mppppfff!" Kyp groaned in pleasure as Mara deep throated the Jedi Master's 9 inches in a single attempt. Cupping his balls with one hand, Mara slowly teased him as she continued to deep throat Kyp without taking a breath until his entire body tensed up and a flood of hot salty cum shot down Mara's throat. She eagerly sucked down every drop before letting go of Kyp's still hard cock.

"Just as tasty as Luke's! You ready for the main course then?" Mara asked with a giggle as Kyp nodded his head vigorously.

While Mara got ready to ride Kyp harder than he had ever been ridden before, Winter was now lying sideways on the couch in front of the holo-projector, with Jacen's cock balls deep in her tight pussy pounding away and Anakin's slamming in and out of her mouth. *While they continued to roast their former nanny like a common slut, the holovideo was still playing.

* * *

Ahsoka and Anakin's situation was dire. After having been probed with numerous organic devices, all of which inserted deep in Ahsoka's pussy or ass, or in Anakin's case, just his ass, their mysterious captors brought out 2 very large and muscular beings. *Both of which were completely naked, heavily scarred and had tattoos all across their bodies. *The only difference being that one was clearly a female with small firm breasts and what looked like a pierced pussy, and the other was a male, sporting a massive foot long hard cock, also pierced in several places.

"Now that our tests have proven your fertility, these mighty soldiers will breed with you and give us a new class of warrior to crush your filthy races!" The shadowed and cloaked man told them as the warriors approached both Ahsoka and Anakin. The organic tethers holding them changed as they approached, lowering Ahsoka and turning her horizontal, while her legs were forced to spread wide to reveal or tight orange pussy to the approaching male warrior. Anakin was lowered right to the ground, forced to lie on his back with his cock already hardening at the thought of fucking the exotic alien.

"Fight it master! At least you can resist! I'm fucked either way!" Ahsoka moaned, not relishing the thought of trying to fit that entire 12 inch pierced cock in her tiny little pussy. She knew she would enjoy it. She also knew it would hurt too.

"Can't help it Snips! They must have injected me with something," Anakin lied, actually getting hard just thinking about planting a bun in the alien's oven.

"Holy FUCK!" Ahsoka screamed as the male warrior grabbed her by her hips and jammed in the first 3 inches of his hard cock. The piercings all along his cock made the experience even more painful as he slowly forced more of his cock into her.

"Fucking tight!" Groaned Anakin, as the female warrior slowly lowered her tight pierced pussy onto his cock. "And fucking wet!" Anakin moaned as he felt the slickness of her pussy and her obvious desire to have his cock inside her. The warriors were obviously unskilled and inexperience when it came to sex. The male warrior groped Ahsoka's tits and continued to force more of his monstrous cock inside her until 12 inches, piercings and all, were deep inside the Togruta teen. Her tight pussy was ready to split and Ahsoka had tears in her eyes as the male started to move his cock in and out of her at a slow pace. *He leaned over, took one of her nipples in his mouth and bit down with his pointed teeth as he slammed his cock into her again. He mauled both of her nipples, drawing blood and causing her to scream in pain. *Anakin all but ignored his Padawan as the female warrior bounced up and down on his 8 inch hard cock faster and faster, until she was a blur.

"Fuck master! He's tearing me up inside!" Ahsoka moaned, just before her eyes shot wide open in surprise.

"Unghhhhhhhhh! Take my seed infidel!" The male warrior grunted in release. Gripping Ahsoka's hips as he slammed his entire 12 inches into her one more time and unloaded his massive hot load of sticky potent seed directly into her fertile Jedi womb.

"Oh fuck it's hot!" Ahsoka moaned as she felt stream after stream of his hot cum fill her up and leak down her thighs. The male warrior slowly dislodged his shrinking cock from her cum filled pussy and admired his handiwork. His bright green coloured cum steadily poured out of Ahsoka's overfilled pussy as the warrior's female counterpart moaned in orgasm and Anakin grunted in release.

"Unghhhh ahhhhh yes!" They moaned together as Anakin's hips bucked upwards, driving his cock as deep into the female warrior as possible to unload his potent Jedi seed and hopefully impregnate the bitch. He filled her tight pussy up to the brim with his hot cum before she finally stood up and admired the thick stream of his cum running down her leg.

"We're fucked master!" Ahsoka moaned before passing out again.

* * *

"Ohh fuck boys! Fill my tight pussy up with that hot cum!" Winter moaned as both Jacen and Anakin worked in tandem, double stuffing her tight pussy at the same time. *Anakin was underneath Winter pumping up into her while Jacen was behind her pounding down into her. *The friction and tightness of them both having their cocks pumping into her was more than either boy could take.

"Ready to blow bro?" Jacen asked Anakin as he continued to pump away at Winter's tight pussy.

"Fuck yes! Unghhhhhh!" Groaned Anakin as he started to cum. Jacen quickly followed and both brothers started to fill Winter's vulnerable womb, pumping it full of hot and potent Solo cum.

"Fuck it's so hot!" Winter moaned, enjoying the sensation of her pussy being filled by the Solo teen's hot seed, not even concerned with the fact that she was being impregnated that very second.

While Jacen or Anakin knocked up Winter, Mara Jade was bouncing on Kyp Durron's hard cock, taking every single inch, deep in her tight ass. Kyp was still tied up and gagged as Mara used him like her own personal fuck doll.

"Fuck! Do you like fucking my ass Kyp? You wanna cum deep inside my tight ass?" Mara Jade moaned as Kyp nodded his head vigorously. The strain on his face was evident and it didn't take long for him to be panting in anticipation. "Fill me up Kyp!"

"Unnghhhh Mmmmpppfff!" Kyp grunted, still gagged but thrusting his hips upwards as he blew his load deep inside Mara's tight ass. He fired off 6 big loads into her ass before his cock finally stopped spasming.

"Fuck that was the good hard ass fucking I needed! I shouldn't be so greedy and keep all this hot cum to myself though," Mara said with a wicked grin, standing up and letting Kyp's softening cock pop out of her ass. Mara plugged her ass hole with her fingers as she walked over to the unconscious Leia. "Friends share in everything," she told Kyp as she squatted over Leia's open mouth and pulled her fingers from her ass to let a rush of Kyp's hot seed flow directly into Leia's mouth and down her throat. She coughed twice but didn't wake up. "Now be a good boy and get hard again so Leia can have a go when she wakes up."


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