Do not read this if your not of age. This story was inspire by another story
it was a simple story I've just turn it in to a longer and more in depth
story hope you like it.

Stargate Atlantis: Rodney's fantasy come true (MF,mc,oral,anal)
by ice_devil ([email protected])

McKay read the instructions of the device again and again. He couldn't
believe it. It was a mind control device! After few minor tries that
satisfied him he thought about going for gold. Tomorrow will be the big
test because if all when well he would live out one his fantasy.

The morning arrive and McKay was more excited maybe even more than when
they arrive in Atlantis today was the day he was going to put his plan in
to effect he had the mind control device hooked up to his laptop running
one last test before he tried it out on his subject. Rodney still could
not believe his luck it was only by chance that he found the device he was
exploring one of the abandon labs by himself. When he found the device it
was a small round device sitting on a stand in the middle of the room with
wirers still hooked on to it linking it with the main computer Rodney active
the screen and read the info that came up. And he was amazed to lean its
purpose that's when he took the device back to his living quarters and
reported that he found nothing of interns. There he did test after test
after test just to be sure what he found was for real now today was the day
he was sure and he decide to test it for real he unhook the device from his
laptop and put it in his pocket he was still amazed at how small it was it
remind him of a Tok'ra memory device he stood up striation his shirt out and
tapped his radio.

Rodney: McKay to Weir

Weir: yes Rodney what is it?

Rodney: are you busy I've got something that you need to see

Weir: kind of what is it?

Rodney: you really need to see this Elizabeth

Weir: ok Rodney I'm in my office

Rodney: I'll be right there McKay out

And with a smile on his face Rodney set off from his living quarters with his
mobile computer in his hands toward his subject.

Elizabeth Weir was sitting in her office busy working on reports and signing
of on tests she stop working her a report back to stargate commend for a
minute. And started to wonder what Rodney had to show her Elizabeth was
getting worried about him just lately he was acting distant and secret
spending a lot of time in his living quarters working on god knows what she
was hoping she'll found out what's the matter with him when he gets there and
what he has to show her. At that moment Rodney came thought her door.

Elizabeth: Ah Rodney can you make this quick I'm a bit busy

Rodney: well I'll get right to it then you'll have to put this on to show you
what it is.

Rodney took out the device from his pocket and held it up in front of her

Elizabeth: what is it?

Rodney: it's a bit like a Tok'ra memory device only it actually lets you
expectation your own memory's as if you would there.

Elizabeth: really so this is what you've been working on

Elizabeth said taking the device out of his hands

Rodney: yes well I wanted to be sure it doesn't fuck up your brain when you
use it

Elizabeth: have you tried it?

Rodney: yes and Elizabeth its amazing how it makes you feel like your there
in you own past put it on and give it a try.

Elizabeth: well I'm not sure…..

Rodney: trust me Elizabeth I'll be in complete control of the device the hole
time you have it on you'll have nothing to worry about.

Elizabeth: Ok I'll trust you but as I said before make it quick I've got a
meeting with SG-5 in 15 minutes.

Rodney: ok ok fine trust me it'll be great just put it on just under your
right ear.

Elizabeth put the device where Rodney said to put it not knowing its real

Elizabeth: ok now whaaaaaa...

Before Elizabeth could finish her sentence Rodney active the device on his
mobile laptop. Her face when completely blank emotionless as the device took
control of her mind her eyes were glaze over open but not seeing anything.

Rodney: Elizabeth can you hear me

Elizabeth: yes master how may I serve you

She said with a monotone voice Rodney punch the air in excitement it work all
that testing all that time he spend working on the device now he had the girl
he wanted for so long.

Rodney: right ok now Elizabeth first call off that meeting with SG-5 I don't
know said something imported has come up

Elizabeth: As you wish master

Rodney: oh and sound like there's nothing wrong with your voice if you can

Elizabeth: Yes master

And with that she tapped her radio

Elizabeth: Major Markus this is weir come back

Her voice sounded and her face when back to normal as it was before the
device was activated

Major Markus: yes doctor weir what's the matter

Elizabeth: look something more imported has come up I'm going to have to
reschedule your mission to M3X-709

Major Markus: understood

Elizabeth: I'll let you know when your mission is set to go Weir out

Elizabeth tapped her radio again to turn it off and her face when blank once
more awaiting her masters commends.

Rodney: good girl now call off any another meetings or anything else that you
do and follow me back to my quarters

Elizabeth yes master I hear and obey you

She said with that monotone voice once again. She did as she was told
Elizabeth cancel all her meetings and any another appointments she had that
day and follow her new master back to his quarters they make it back luckily
with out any one noticing Weir's condition. She still had a blank emotionless
face and her walk was stiff and ridged a bit like a robot but they make it
back to Rodney's quarters. Rodney sat down on his sofa and put his computer
down next to him with Weir standing in front of him still with her eyes open
but not really focusing on anything.

Rodney: Now you sexy ass cunt take off you shirt and bra get down on your
knees and suck my cock

Elizabeth: as you wish my master I obey

With that she lifted her red t-shirt over her head and unclasped her bra and
got to her knees and opened his zipper. She shoved her slender fingers inside
and pulled out his already hard cock. And wrapped her red lipstick lips
around it sucking him for all his worth. Rodney was in heaven he still could
not believe it but here he was sitting in his living room with the girl of
his fantasy's under his control topless on her knees sucking him off when she
belong. Elizabeth must have done this much before she was sucking him like a
porn star it didn't take long before he blow his wade down her throat and
without him ordering her she deep throat his hole dick not missing any of his
cum. With a loud sign of pleasurable relief he order Elizabeth to stop
sucking him off.

Rodney: ah yes thanks for that you cum swallowing cunt now stand up and
remove the rest of your clothes

Elizabeth: as you wish my master I obey

Before she stood up she sat down on that sexy ass of hers to remove her black
ankle high boot like shoe before she stood up to take of her trouser as she
did this Rodney was playing with his dick to get it hard again as soon as she
remove her trousers she revel her blue thong Rodney was surprise to is he
commending officer wearing a thin blue thong this gave him an idea.

Rodney: ah Elizabeth wait a minute I never knew you war thongs

Elizabeth: I don't wear them all the time master today is the first time I've
ever ware one does this not please you my master

Rodney: uh lucky me no in fact wear one at all times form now on now turn
round and continue taking of your clothes

Elizabeth: as you wish my master I obey

With that she span round on her heels and slowly slid her blue thong down
her sexy long toned legs bending over showing Rodney her nice tone ass just
seeing her ass gave Rodney an hard on again.

Rodney: now turn around and come and fuck me

Elizabeth: I hear and obey master

Elizabeth turn on her heels again and walk toward Rodney giving Rodney a good
look at her pussy for the first time nicely trim red hair pureeing that she
is a natural red head. Elizabeth got to Rodney and slowly slid her pussy down
on to Rodney's hard shaft and started to fuck him as she was ordered. Again
Rodney was back in heaven loving the feeling of Elizabeth's nicely trim pubic
hair tickles his stomach. Rodney moan in delight making Elizabeth to move
faster and harder on his cock Rodney moan again in pleasure that's when he
realized he was the only moaning he looked up at Elizabeth's face and she was
showing no emotion making no sounds what so ever still fucking him but just
showing nothing Rodney had to fix this.

Rodney: uh ermmm Elizabeth can ahhhh uhhh you show some emotion or go back to
normal like you were in your office but still be under my control? uhhhh!

Elizabeth: as you wish master I obey..... AAAAHHHH, YES! OH GOD YES

Elizabeth shout at the top of her lungs while tipping her head back emotion
coming back to her once blank face and picking up the tempo of her up and
down thursts.



Rodney was surprise of the passion that was unleashed from Elizabeth it must
have been some sort of programme that the device was sending to her brain to
act like this when he order her to show some emotion. Elizabeth ran her hands
under Rodney's t-shirt and started to rub and pinch his nipples this all most
sent him over the edge but he held back because he wanted to fuck her sexy
tone ass a bit before he blow his wade.

Rodney: uh ahhhh Elizabeth stop fucking me and prepare to take it up your

Elizabeth: oh god.....yes.....master.....i......obey

Elizabeth stopped thirsting up and down on Rodney's dick and stood up with
her own cunt juices running down her thighs and got down on all fours on his
rug waiting for her master to fuck her up the ass. Rodney took off the rest
of his clothes and guided his dick toward his target he rub his head up
against Elizabeth's ass hole making her moan in delight then he pushed the
rest of his dick in the tight ass cleanly this was her first time been fuck
up the ass. Rodney started off slowly make Elizabeth moan and squirm in


Elizabeth shouted loud making Rodney push harder and faster.



And with that Rodney blow his wade up Elizabeth ass making her blow her pussy
juices All over the flood and all over his legs. They both clasp on the floor
Elizabeth fall asleep from exhaustion but Rodney was exhausted but still
awake. While Elizabeth was sleep on his rug still with the mind control
device firmly in place just under her right ear he deiced to go thought the
device's programme to see if he could modify any of her personality he got up
off the floor still naked admiring the naked form of Elizabeth asleep on the
floor and sat down on the sofa. He grabbed his mobile laptop and started to
go thought the device's programme it took him awhile but he found something a
programme that let him modify her likes and dislikes with out her noticing
anything is wrong. That's when he come up with an Idea to have some fun with
Elizabeth his new toy.

Feedback is welcome go easy this is the first time I've done a story like
this. Cheers.



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