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Date: 07/04/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Mind control, voyurism, male solo sex, male/female sex, rape,
female/female sex, graphic violence, strong language

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Samantha/m/f

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Summary: General Hammond calls SG-1 away from their Fourth of July plans in
order to travel to a newfound planet and bring back a probe that had suddenly
lost all of its power and no one knows how or why.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Julia Parton -- who was
born on July 4th, 1964 -- and based on a Amanda Tapping fake by an artist
named Lagrange-5.

Dedications: Happy 44th Birthday to Julia Parton and Happy Fourth of July to
all of my family and friends! -- ATK 2008

Stargate SG-1: A New Type Of Dracula
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began on the Fourth day of the month of July which -- if I'm not
mistaken -- is the one holiday on which each and every citizen in the entire
United States of America would go on cook-outs and watch the night sky light
up with the greatest fireworks displays that anyone could ever come up with
all in the celebration of our country's independance.

But that was not the case for all of the military personal who are assigned
to a top secret project known as Stargate Command which happens to be housed
underneath the Cheyenne Mountain Military Complex and under the command of
Major General George Hammond, who had ordered Colonel Jack O'Neill and the
other members of the SG-1 team to put their Independance Day plans on hold
and meet with him in the SGC ready room.

And even though they would all rather be staying at home and watching the
Fourth Of July marathons that the TV networks had to offer, Jack had allowed
himself to have no choice but to obey General Hammond's orders and arrive at
the SGC headquarters with Doctor Daniel Jackson, Captain Samantha Carter and
Teal'c, the one Jaffa warrior who had just released himself from the
tyranical rule of the evil Goa'uld with the team's help.

Anyway, as soon as the entire team had just sat themselves down at the table
in the ready room, General Hammond had placed his hands on the table, let out
a sigh and said, "Look, Everyone. I really do understand that you really want
to be out there along with the rest of our country celebrating the Fourth of
July holiday but I'm sorry to say that we need your help in finding out what
had gone wrong with one of our probes."

And after he had told the SG-1 team members that a probe that he had ordered
to be sent through the Stargate to a newly-discovered planet had suddenly
went dead and he and the other base scientists had no idea as to how or why,
a curious Daniel had shrugged his shoulders and said, "Maybe it was that
someone had forgotten to make sure that the battery on the probe was fully

"Not a chance, Daniel. I had made sure that it was fully charged myself
before we had sent that probe through the Stargate. ", that was what General
Hammond had said to Daniel before Samantha had scratched the back of her head
and said, "Well, Sir. If I might be so bold as to say so, I do believe that
the Goa'uld might had found a new way of entering the Stargate without our
knowledge and tampered with the probe while it was on route to the planet."

"I am afraid that it is quite impossible, Captain Carter. Even the Goa'uld
had discovered that the nexus of the Stargate is of a single energy wave
flux and any tampering of that flux could indeed result in disasterious
proportions," that was what Teal'c had said before Jack had gotten out of
his seat, placed his hands on the table and said, "Look, People. We could go
ahead and argue what the cause is until the sun sets over the horizon for all
I care. The fact remains that we still have a suddenly-non-functioning probe
on that newfound planet and that only way that we need to find out how it
became that way is to go to that planet and bring it back for a full
diagnostic check. When do you want us to leave, Sir?"

And after General Hammond had taken a deep breath, looked at Jack and
answered, "Whenever your team gets itself ready, Colonel," the entire SG-1
team had left the ready room, gotten themselves all suited-up and walked
straight into the Stargate chamber, where they had waited until all of the
chifrons had been encoded and the nexus of the Stargate has been opened for
each member of the SG-1 team to step into the nexus one at a time and allow
that same nexus to transport them to that newfound planet.

And as soon as they had all arrived on that newfound planet and taken a good
look at the energy-drained probe, a curious Daniel had taken a deep breath
and asked, "Well? Does anyone have a way of dragging it back through the
Stargate?" before Jack had raised his hand up in front of Daniel and
answered, "Only one way to do that, Daniel."

But as soon as Jack had turned himself towards the still-open nexus of the
Stargate and began calling General Hammond back at SGC on Earth for some
help, Samantha had suddenly heard someone calling her by name and that
mysterious voice had caused her to move herself away from the rest of the
team and over to a river, where she had suddenly became compelled to remove
her gear and all of her clothes and stand bare-ass naked in front of the
water just in time for a beautiful maiden who was bearing a striking
resemblance of a female actress on Earth named Julia Parton to raise her nude
body out of the water, walk herself over to a confused Samantha and say,
"Hello, Samantha. And welcome to my world. My name is Vanessa and we were
expecting you. Were we, Michael?"

And as soon as a young and handsome male stud with dark-brown hair had walked
himself closer to the two nude babes with a small smile on his lips and his
hand stroking on his stiff cock, the mysterious male humanoid known as
Michael had looked at Samantha with pure sexual hunger in his eyes and
answered, "Why yes indeed, Vanessa. We really were expecting her," before
Vanessa had started pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet
pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand and Michael had placed
himself behind Samantha and began humping his stone hard dick in and out of
her asshole and carressing each and every part of her nude body with his own
bare hands.

And then, as soon as she had suddenly began to feel her 'life force' being
drained away from her and tried to free herself from Michael's embrace, a
small-smiling Vanessa had placed her gentle hand on Samantha's cheek and
said, "Sssshhhh. There is no need for you to fear, Samantha. You are only
serving a function for us. What you possess just happens to be one of our
basic needs. And besides, there is no reason as to why it should not be such
a pleasurable experience, is there?"

And as soon as Vanessa had started pumping two of her fingers in and out of
Samantha's hot and steamy cunt and kissing her ever so passionately on the
lips, Jack, Daniel and Teal'c had watched some SGC personal haul the
powerless probe into the nexus of the Stargate and back to Earth before Jack
had turned himself around and noticed that his team was one member short and
it had caused him to look at both Daniel and Teal'c and ask, "Do you guys
know where Carter had gone off to?"

And after they had noticed the same thing that Jack had noticed, a concerned
Daniel had looked at both Jack and Teal'c and said, "We better go look for
her right now,",before they had nodded their heads in full agreement and
started looking for Samantha with Daniel by following the same trail that
she had already taken to the same river, where they had made the shocking
discovery of Michael pumping his stiff cock in and out of Vanessa's pussy and
licking on Samantha's snatch and Vanessa placing her hands on Samantha's
naked thighs and sucking on her tits while they were also sucking Samantha's
life energy out of her body.

That had caused Teal'c to activate his Jaffa weapon and blast Vanessa off of
both Michael and Samantha and into a pile of dust before Michael had released
Samantha, looked at Teal'c with hellish anger in his eyes and growled, "YOU
SHALL SUFFER FOR THIS, JAFFA PIG!" before he had transformed himself into a
ball of energy and zoomed himself away from the scene, causing Teal'c to
cover poor helpless Samantha up with a blanket and a confused Jack to look
at Daniel and ask, "Okay, Daniel? What is it that we're missing here?"

And after Teal'c had carried his poor fallen teammate back to the Stargate
and helped her get ready for the trip back to Earth, Daniel had looked at
the face of a skeptical Jack O'Neill and said, "Okay, Jack. I really do
understand what you're thinking right now. But let's really think about it.
We had just stumbled ourselves on to a planet on which energy vampires truly
exsist and still have the ability to feed off the 'life force' of other
living creatures. I mean, who knows?They just might be the inspiration for
the main character in Bram Stoker's classic 1897 novel or the vampire stories
written by Anne Rice."

"As a matter of fact, Colonel O'Neill. Daniel Jackson's theories on the
creatures that we had just encountered are truly sound. Even the Goa'uld had
came across such Nosferatu type creatures during their travels across the
cosmos," that was what the team's resident Jaffa warrior had said before
Jack had raised up his hands and asked, "So, Daniel. Are you really telling
us that we had used the Stargate to travel ourselves over to an intergalactic
Salem's Lot and came face-to-face with a new type of Dracula?"

"I'm afraid so, Jack. But at least, we should look at it this way. We should
be lucky not to had came into contact with anything resembling a zombie, a
werewolf nor a poltergeist," that was the answer that Daniel had given Jack
before he had walked himself over to Samantha to see how she was doing, only
to have a sudden bolt of energy strike itself down in-between the entire SG-1
team and the Stargate.

And after the bolt of energy had transformed itself into a
devilishly-gleefull Michael, he had looked at all of the team members with
a sinister smile on his face and asked, "What is this? Leaving so soon? Why
should you do that? The party has already begun!" only to have an angry Jack
aim his gun at Michael and yell at the top of his lungs, "THAT'S WHAT YOU

But after he had fired a full round of ammo right at the evil creature, the
only thing that the devilish energy vampire had done was stand right where he
was, let out a small chuckle and say, "You know something, Jack? That really
does tickle!" before he had slammed his fist straight into Jack's face and
caused him to slam backwards into a tree.

And after the enraged Michael had grabbed Teal'c by the neck, lifted him up
and slammed him down to the ground eight times, the sinister being of living
energy had turned his devilishly-gleefull eyes towards a frightened Daniel
and said, "And now, Daniel!It is time for you to say hello to this 'Saint
Peter' for me!", only to have him become unaware that Samantha has regained
enough energy to grab hold of Teal'c's weapon and drag it towards her.

And as soon as she had aimed the weapon at Michael and activated it, a
teary-eyed Samantha had looked at Michael with pure rage in her heart and
she had fired the Jaffa weapon and turned the last energy vampire on the
planet into the same pile of dust that his mate had also became just in time
for a relieved Samantha to drop the weapon, lower her head and start crying
her eyes out.

Just then, after the entire SG-1 team had returned to Earth and handed their
report over to General Hammond, he had looked at the team with a small smile
on his face and a glimmer of pride in his heart and said, "You should all be
proud of yourselves. Not only were you able to bring our probe back. You had
also destroyed the last ones of a race of beings that might had been a newest
threat to Earth. I'm proud of all of you. Especially you, Carter."

But instead of thanking General Hammond for such high praise, the only thing
that Samantha had done was allow a single tear to run down her cheek, shake
her head and say, "No, Sir. You should not be proud of me. You should punish
me!I was the one who had gotten us into danger with those intergalactic
blood-suckers in the first place!And with all due respect, Sir!I would rather
be dead than standing right here in front of you right now!" before she had
stepped out of the Stargate chamber and left her remaining teammates confused
and wondering what was going to happen to the team if Samantha allows herself
to request a permenant transfer out of there.



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