Stargate SG-1: Deadman Switch (What Really Happened) (M+F)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

We see the SG-1 Team trapped by an alien bounty hunter. He told them that his
race was almost eliminated by the Guld's because they couldn't use them as
hosts, only a few of them survived as slaves.

When Carter heard that, she knew she had to have him or a sample of him for
studies. It will be a great advantage if the Guld couldn't use them as hosts.
She spoke with O'Neil and he gave his permission to take the sample if

When Jack, Daniel and Tealc were gone to catch the Guld, Sam saw her best
chance. Since it seem impossible to convince him to come back to Earth with
them she thought she would better try to get a sample of his genetical code.
And the best and pleasant way she came up was to take his sperm.

After talking for a while about non-interesting things she dropped the ball.

Samantha: Could give me a sample of you?

B.H: Like blood or something?

Samantha: Yes, right.

B.H: I don't like to be stabbed with needles and such strange instruments.

Samantha: Well, I had something else in my mind.

B.H: What?

Samantha: A much pleasurable way. You see I don't have the stuff I need to
take or conserve blood. I was thinking of something else.

B.H: Something you have with you to take and conserve?

Samantha: Yes.

B.H: What?

Samantha: Everything you have here.

With that she placed her hand in his crotch and rubbed his massive cock.
The hunter looked at her uncertain of how he should react. She was very
attractive for sure. But what if this was just a trick? He didn't have a
woman for months and his balls were ready to explode. He needed to let
off some steam. He put his hands around her and grabbed her ass pulling
her closer to him.

B.H: Okay! I will give you what you want.

Samantha: And let us free?

B.H: If you do everything I tell you.

Samantha: I WILL! Don't worry.

He opened his pants and Sam took off her military equipment and uniform
standing only with her black shirt and cotton underwear. She made a pile with
her clothes and knelt on it. The hunter came closer to her and let his pants
fall down revealing a giant cock. Sam looked impressed at him. She had never
seen such a big cock. It was twenty inches long and three to four thick.

B.H: Impressed?

Samantha: Yes! Are...?

B.H: Yes! My people are all so big.

Samantha: Wow!

B.H: Now, start to pay me.

Sam took his cock carefully in her hands. It was impossible to place her hand
all around it and so she used both. She flicked her tongue around his cock
head and heard him moan in satisfaction. She opened her mouth and slid the
big head past her lips. Then she closed them tight around his girth. She
started to slide her head slowly down his shaft causing more moans to come
out of his mouth.

She was good so the hunter didn't feel the need to use his hands. He seldom
had a woman take his hard on voluntarily despite when in her mouth.

At fifteen inches was end for Sam. She knew it was useless to try to take
more, so she started to move her head up and down faster and faster. At the
same time she shoved her hand in her panties and rubbed her pussy lips and
her clit occasionally shoving her index and middle fingers inside her.

The hunter's breath became shallower and shallower that every moment.
Suddenly Sam stopped.

B.H: What? Why?

Samantha: Not in my mouth.

B.H: Where?

Samantha: There.

Sam leaned back and ripped off her panties. She spread her legs and opened
her pussy lips presenting her glisening hole. The hunter smiled. He kneels
between her thighs and placed his cock head at her entrance. He was so
horny that he didn't take care and shoved his whole length inside her with
one thrust. Sam groaned from pain and pleasure. She didn't remember the
last time she was so well filled. He pulled almost completely out and thrust
forward again, she groaned again. She locked her legs around his waist and
pull him deeper inside her. He thrust faster and faster. They both breathed
heavily and their orgasms built up very quick. He started to shoot his load
deep inside her.

Sam felt his hot jism filling her to the hilt. It was her turn to come. Her
body spasmed and even with his weight above her, she is able to lift her hips
from the ground and arch her back.

As they found their breath again, he looked into her eyes. He then placed
his hand on her back and lift her up from the ground. Sam was still impaled
on his member. She starts to move up and down starting the second round. He
grabbed her waist and increased the speed. Sam, took the chance and pulled
her t-shirt over her head and throw it away. She unclasped her bra and threw
it away.
The hunter laughed and lowered his head to her up and down jumping globes sucking in one of her nipples.
Their speed increased and they both had a second orgasm.
Cum dripped from her cunt. The hunter pointed there.

B.H: Do you have enough?

Samantha: Yes, I think so.

B.H: Well, I think we finished our deal.

Samantha: I don't feel you getting soft.

B.H: You have what you wanted.

Samantha: I change my mind. I want to see you limp now!

She pushed his chest and he laid back. Sam started to ride his cock again.
He took her breasts in his big hands and squeezes them tight. Sam's head fell
back as she felts her next orgasm coming.

Suddenly someone coughs.

They turned their heads and see Jack, Daniel and Tealc! They had the
Guld/Tokra with them.

Samantha: Colonel! I...

O'Neill: Do you have the sample?

Samantha: Yes... Yes sir!

O'Neill: Well, then this must be a party! Right?

Samantha: ...

O'Neill: Is it private or we can join too?

Samantha: Come on in boys!

Said Sam smiling to them and bending forward pressing her breasts to the
hunter's chest. Jack let his pants fall down and kneels behind her and spread
her ass cheeks. He spit on her anus and used his fingers to prepare her for
his entrance. He placed the cock head at her entrance and looked at her. She
nodded positive and smiled at him.

Jack push forward and at the same time the hunter, who had stop and waited,
lift his hips from the ground ramming his cock all the way back to her. Sam
let a loud scream out of her lungs, but she was instantly muffled. Tealc had
shoved his big meat to her opened mouth. The three men started to fuck her
filling all her holes with hot pulsating cocks. Sam had her first orgasm
seconds later.

She felt something on both her cheeks and she opened her eyes. It was Daniel
and the Tokra. She took them in her hands and started to stroke them and
occasionally licking and sucking them when Tealc allowed it.

Then Jack came and filled her ass with his sperm. Lucky for her he didn't
stop and she had another orgasm.

Then the Tokra came and covered the left side of her face with his sperm. He
was wounded and he couldn't do anymore. Then Tealc came and she swallowed as
much she could before taking him out. He kept shooting on her face and hair
and some dripped to her chin and then down her neck and breasts. The hunter
was not amused.

B.H: Be careful! If something drops on me I quit our deal!

Sam took Tealc back in her mouth and nothing else escaped. Then Daniel came.
Sam left the spent Tealc and turned to him after he had shot several shots to
the right side of her face and her hair. She took him in her mouth and sucked
him off milking the rest him load.

Jack was the next and he knew what he wanted. He pulled out of her ass. A
loud popping sound escorting his cocks exit. He moves in front of her and she
opened her mouth. He shoves his cock in and she sucks him few time before he
started to shoot sperm again. She tried to swallow it all, but he didn't let
her. He pulled out and shot over her face, which was a real mess now.

A sperm drop fell onto the hunter and he became mad. He lifts her up and
pulled his cock out of her. She tries to stand but he pushes her back to her
knees. He took his cock in hand and stroked it furiously until he came. His
target her face!

B.H: You like it, huh? Do you like it?

Samantha: Yes! Yes! Yeeeesss!

Sam opened her mouth and stretched her tongue trying to get as much of his
load as possible into her mouth. But most of it landed to her face. When the
hunter finished they all looked at her, who had a satisfacted smile on her

Samantha: Thanks boys! That was great!

O'Neill: Do you know how you looking like?

Samantha: What?

O'Neill: Your hair is wet from sperm, your face is covered with it! Some is
running down your chin, neck and breasts.

Samantha: Wow! Daniel? Do you have your video camera with you?

Daniel: Yes, why?

Samantha: Take a shot of me! I want something to remember!

Daniel: Well, you know...

Samantha: What?

Daniel: She is over there. She recorded the whole thing!

Samantha: Really?

Daniel: From the first moment you go down on him!

Samantha: Wow! Great!

Daniel: My pleasure, Sam.

The hunter slapped her ass and laughed.

B.H: I have something for you too!

Samantha: What?

B.H: I have a camera in my uniform. Incase no physical evidence is left.

Samantha: You have it recorded, too?

B.H: Yes!

Samantha: Wow! I sure will have something to remember!

O'Neill: Okay, let's go back home!

Daniel: Jack! We have to find a nice story to tell to the General.

O'Neill: Daniel! Let Sam do that. She is the expert on that.

Daniel: Okay!

To Sam's dissapointment the sperm didn't help them. The only plus from this
encounter was that she had a lot of fun. And something to turn her on in the
cold winter nights.


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