*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. ***

- F/b, cons, oral, anal, cum/bukkake, size, ped(?) -

*** This story features the characters of Lt. Col. Samantha Carter and Orlin
from the TV series 'Stargate SG-1', and takes place during the 9th season
episodes "The Fourth Horseman 1&2". It is not intended to portray the people
that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual habits. ***

In the fifth season episode "Ascension" Samantha Carter met and had an
intimate relationship with an Ancient, an ascended being, named Orlin. Four
years later in "The Fourth Horseman" an Ori created plague threatened Earth
and Orlin returned in mortal form to help create a cure, but in order to
retain as much of his knowledge as possible, he had to take the form of a

Stargate SG-1: Descension
by High-Heeled Jill & Spring-Heeled Jack

Samantha Carter looked up from her computer screen and gazed over at Orlin
through the faceplate of her scarlet hazmat suit. The young boy was literally
driving himself to destruction in the search for a cure to the Ori plague,
and Sam felt a great sadness that went beyond her generous compassion. She
had loved him once, when he'd been a full-frown man, and although it made
her uncomfortable those feelings had been hard to shake off, despite his
considerably younger appearance.

She watched as he transferred a blood sample from his microscope to a
test-tube and sealed it. He glanced at his monitor screen, but as he turned
to get up his arm caught the rack of samples and knocked them onto the floor,
shattering and spilling the contaminated blood.

"Orlin!" Carter rushed across the room and grabbed his shoulders.

"Damn it!" Spat one of the suited doctors, and rushed over to pull the alarm.

"Are you okay?" Carter asked the boy.

"I'm fine..."

"No, no, he is not fine." The military doctor interjected, "He hasn't been
fine in two days! He has demonstrated lapses in judgment that have put
everyone in this room at risk!"

"Colonel. That is enough." Sam said coldly. The doctor shook his head angrily
and stumped away.

"No, he's right Sam." Orlin said sadly, "I can't help you anymore…I'm just in
the way here."

Sam felt helpless as she watched the boy turn and walk out of the quarantined
containment facility.

* * *

Carter walked into Orlin's room where he sat dejectedly on the edge of his
bed. Sam hesitated for a moment, then closed the door behind her and walked
over to sit beside him.

"I've failed. I remember knowing it, but I no longer know what it was I

"You haven't failed. You've got us much further than we could ever have got
by ourselves. We'll be able to complete it, thanks to you."

"You don't know that."

"I do." Samantha put her arm around his slender shoulders. "I know that
you've put us on the right path, and we'll make it to the end, once we have
the original Prior's DNA. It won't be for nothing. I won't let it be for

Orlin turned and looked at Samantha. "Thank you."

And then he kissed her.

For a moment Sam didn't know how to react; her eyes went wide and her lips
responded automatically, but when the boy's hand came up to caress her face,
Carter recoiled.

"Orlin, we talked about this." She said quietly.

"I love you Samantha. I still love you. I wish you could still love me."

"I do, in a way." Sam replied awkwardly, "But it's not as easy as that."

"It should be. Sam, part of why I came back was to be with you. I want to
help you save the Earth from the Ori's plague, but it was for you that I gave
up everything. I love you."

"I don't know what to say."

"My only regret is that I will never again know the pleasure of your touch,
the feel of your body, the tightness of your -"

"I don't think we should be talking about the ti- I mean, it's not..." Sam
interrupted hurriedly.

"Samantha," Orlin looked at her earnestly, "I told you I came back for you,
and because I did I made this body to please you. I had hoped that we would
have more time, but it seems we may only have weeks, or even just days before
I, I, before... I don't want to lose you without ever holding you once more.
Without feeling the kiss of your lips or the warmth of your body."

"I really don't think that this is a suitable topic of conversation." Carter
said awkwardly, but as she saw the sadness cross his face she felt that she
owed him more. "I did love you, I do love you, and I would wish that we could
be together like we were before. But it's not before, and you're a child now.
I can't get past that."

Orlin reached out and laid his hand on her knee, making Sam flinch.

"I'm not a child Samantha, except physically."

Carter rose from the bed and walked toward the door. With her back to Orlin
she said, "That's kind of where the problem lies."

"Samantha? Please look at me."

Carter turned around and stared down in shock. He had unzipped his jumpsuit
and was exposing his penis to her, but that wasn't what shocked her. Whatever
Orlin's theoretical age, the fact was that he currently possessed the body of
a pre-pubescent boy. Well, mostly that of a pre-pubescent boy. The penis that
sprouted from between his legs certainly was not one that would be found on
any child. Nor on any full-grown men. In fact, it would rival a horse in
length and thickness! He looked like he had a third leg which had been
amputated at the knee, that was how big it was!

Orlin stroked his small hand up and down the length of his gigantic cock. "I
was an ascended being, so I used my knowledge of your true desires to make
this body what I needed to truly satisfy you."

"It's too big," she breathed.

"No, it's exactly the right size."

Samantha's mind whirled. She knew what she should do. She should turn and
leave right now, but somehow she could break herself away. It was true that
she liked to feel stretched, whether it was a man's penis or a fist or a toy,
but this boy's unnatural manhood looked far too big, even allowing for the
fact that his small size made it seem so much larger in proportion. It had to
be at least 15 inches long! Surely he hadn't been that big before, when he'd
taken on an adult form. Still, the sight of such a large endowment on offer
to her was tempting, but he was a child!

"It... it wasn't that big before was it?" Sam couldn't stop herself asking.

"No," Orlin replied, "Your tastes have become, ah, even more ambitious since
we were last together."

Could that really be true? She didn't think it could be, but Orlin had been
a near omnipotent higher being, and maybe he had been able to know what she
wanted better than she did herself. He'd certainly been able to take her to
plateaus of pleasure that she had never even imagined could exist when they
had made love before. When he'd looked like a man.

"Orlin, I can't. I... I'm sorry..." Samantha muttered without conviction, but
her beautiful blue eyes remained fixed on the massive erection.

"I'm sorry Samantha. I love you, and I want to be with you, but I will
respect your wishes."

He looked so crestfallen that she felt a surge of pity and she just wanted
to reach out and hug him. And, she realised, a part of her wanted to do more
than just hug the little boy. She felt like she was in shock, slightly dazed
and almost drunk, a state where her judgement might be impaired. Or, she
thought treacherously, where her judgement might be a little more honest to
her true feelings.

She couldn't believe that she was even considering this.

Carter unconsciously licked her lips. "Orlin..."

The boy looked at her hopefully. The blonde colonel was wracked with
indecision. What she wanted to do and what she knew she should do were
divided by a vast chasm that she could not see any way to bridge. Her
pulse was racing and her arousal threatened to overwhelm her. She took
a step toward Orlin. Could she do it? Could she overcome the social
taboo that held her back? He wasn't really a child after all, and it
wouldn't be long before his mind was gone forever. Should she grant
the dying wish of a man she loved? A boy she loved. Maybe she should.

Without any further thought, Carter knelt down between the little boy's legs
and took his unnaturally massive cock in her hand. Her fingers were not long
enough to reach all the way round the mighty shaft, and even with both hands
her fingertips barely connected. Sam swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry as she
considered the enormity of what she was about to do. Not just the sheer size
of the thing, but the fact that she was about to suck a child's cock. A
freakishly large cock, but still a child's cock. It was smooth and hairless,
uncircumcised and unmarked by veins or any blemish, and unlike the cocks of
most grown men his was the same pale pink as the rest of his skin.

Then she caught the scent. Her mouth began watering and she felt a fluttering
twinge in her groin. He'd not only tailored his body's physical attributes to
attract Samantha, he'd also affected the body's biochemistry so that it was
pumping out exactly the right pheromones to arouse the blonde woman at the
most fundamental level.

Carter swallowed again, this time to clear her mouth of saliva before she
started drooling. Her mind was utterly consumed with the cock before her,
with thoughts of sucking it and taking it inside her. She tried to shake
herself out of the almost trance-like state, letting go of his huge penis
and rocking back onto her heels, but she got no further. Still her gaze
was fixed on the giant totem of Orlin's love. He had made it for her, and
she wanted it so badly.

The boy reached down and placed his small hands onto hers, where they lay on
his slender thighs.

"I love you, Samantha."

Finally she managed to tear her eyes away and look her former lover in the
face. His child's face was filled with a mixture of love, longing, sadness,
and regret. He didn't have long before his mind would be destroyed by the
damage from his attempt to retain his ancient knowledge; they didn't have
time for him to grow up, and she did love him. She didn't want his last
thoughts to be of rejection. She didn't want to leave him. These thoughts
and more raced through her head, but over them all was the thought of that
magnificent cock!

So he looked like a child? It wasn't what he was in reality. He was actually
many thousands of years old, whatever he might look like. It was only his
physical appearance that made her hesitate, due to a taboo that really didn't

As she processed these rationalisations for the act she so desperately wanted
to commit, her hands, guided by Orlin, reached up to grasp his cock once
more. The blonde colonel bowed her head and lightly kissed the great swollen

The boy shuddered with pleasure, and Sam licked the taste from her lips.
It tasted delicious, and sent a small thrill through her body. She gently
stroked the fleshy pole as she bent forward to kiss the underside of his
cockhead. Then she kissed the frenum, the sensitive spot where the shaft
joins the glans. And then she kissed the shaft, one inch further down, and
then again another inch down. She gently kissed down the underside of his
cock all the way to the base.

Sam slid her hands down his cock and into his jumpsuit to scoop out two
gigantic and hairlessly smooth testicles. Each one was larger than a tennis
ball and filled her long-fingered hands. She kissed each one, first lightly
and then sloppily. With one hand she cupped each ball as needed, and with
the other she held his hot shaft against her cheek. She spread her lips to
French kiss the child's enormous balls, lashing her tongue against the silky

"Oooohhhhhh!!" The boy groaned. The sensations were much stronger than he
had expected. He had the memories of their previous love-making, but the
pleasures were all novel to his new body.

"Mmmmmhh!" Carter moaned as she sucked on one of his balls.

The colonel opened her mouth as wide as she could, but she could not suck the
whole thing into her mouth. She released it with a pop and began licking his
balls until they were glistening and drenched in saliva.

Then she switched her attention to his big dick. She licked around the base
of the shaft and then made her way up the smooth column of manly flesh. In an
act of oral worship, she lathered over every inch of his massive cock, paying
particular attention to the urethral tube on the underside, until she reached
the tip. She rolled back his foreskin and with the tip of her tongue she
circumnavigated the giant pink plum.

Orlin groaned louder and his cock began twitching.

Samantha bowed her head again and licked the full length of his awesome penis
from base to tip, making Orlin's cock twitch even faster. Then she grinned up
at him, extended her tongue, and flicked it back and forth across the frenum.

The stimulation was too much for the boy's inexperienced body.

"Oh Saaammmmmmmm!!!"

His massive penis jerked and pulsed as sperm coursed from his huge balls and
up the great length of his cock to erupt with the force of geyser! Great jets
of the thick white goo shot straight up into the air before raining back

The power of his ejaculation had surprised Samantha, and the first load
landed on the top of her head and splattered in her hair. Sam turned up her
face and opened her mouth wide to try and catch the remaining jets. Errant
spurts landed on her shoulders and breasts, where it soaked into her uniform,
but most of the huge globs of spunk splashed on her face and in her hair, and
some she even managed to catch in her open mouth. The taste was delicious and

"Oh yes! Cum for me, cum on my face!"

A part of Lt. Col. Dr. Samantha Carter marvelled at just how sluttishly she
was acting, but it felt absolutely right and natural, as though with her
decision to break a natural taboo by having sex with Orlin as a boy she had
also sloughed of all her inhibitions. She was revelling in the experience.

Orlin's supernatural cum-load eventually dwindled, by which time Sam's
attractive face was masked by a thick layer of sperm and her blonde hair was
matted with the stuff. Thick strands hung from her face and dripped onto her
uniform. She looked as unlike her usual wholesome and goody-two shoes
recruiting poster image of a decorated military officer as one could ever

Sam licked his cum from her lips and then, scooping the sperm from her
eyelids, she also licked it from her fingers. As she looked into Orlin's
eyes she saw that love and lust still burned there, but they were mixed
with embarrassment that he had been unable to hold back. She smiled up at
him and he watched as she collected all the cum she could with her hands
and licked it from her palm and fingers, and he felt his passion grow

"I'm sorry Sam, I'm not completely used to this body yet."

"Don't worry about it. You're young. You'll soon recover." She grinned
wickedly. "I'll make you recover!"

With that she grabbed his semi-soft cock and positioned the tip before her
mouth. Orlin threw back his head and gave a low moan of bliss as she wrapped
her lips over the tip of his slimy cockhead. She sucked on it for a moment,
sliding her tongue against the piss-slit, before opening her jaws as far as
she could and engulfing the huge plum in her mouth.

Carter gave a little moan around Orlin's cock, and thrashed her tongue
around the head. It filled her cavity almost completely, inhibiting the free
movement of her tongue, but it was enough to make Orlin gasp. Sam didn't want
him to get fully hard again just yet though, so she stopped servicing his
knob and began to swallow it.

His cock was firm but still flexible, so it bent when it reached the back of
her throat and she pushed her head forward, forcing the meaty shaft down her
gullet. Carter started gagging after about six inches of Orlin's big dick was
crammed down her neck. She pulled back off his cock and coughed and gasped,
long strands of spunk and saliva stretching from his shaft to her mouth. A
moment later she swallowed his cock again, as deep as before and beyond.

Each thrust down her throat lasted at least ten or twenty seconds, and Carter
choked and gagged repeatedly as she impaled her throat on the little boy's
unnaturally large, unnaturally wide penis, but she was determined to take it
all. His giant cock was stiffening again, and getting thicker, making it
harder and harder for her to take, but she did. Swallowing as far as she
could and then forcing it that bit further before withdrawing and then
repeating the process.

Tears welled in her eyes until they spilled over and painted
mascara-blackened tear-tracks down her face. She had trouble as his cock
straightened in her gullet, but she changed position to find the best angle
and continued to force more and more of his manhood down her throat with
each lunge until her nose bumped up against his groin, her lips kissing the
root of Orlin's awesome cock.

"Uhhhnnn...!" Orlin groaned, every inch of his over-sized boy-cock buried
down her throat.

The sensation was spectacular, and he knew he would not be able to resist for
long. Her natural gag reflex rhythmically squeezed and gripped his massive
cock like a vice.

Carter sucked hard as she pulled back, leaving only the head of Orlin's cock
in her mouth. She moaned loudly as she went down on the boy's cock again. She
didn't stop until her lips were pressed firmly against the base for a second
time. She choked on the little boy's massive member and it felt like it was
about to rip her throat apart, but she didn't care. She loved every minute of

"Oh yeeesss! You're amazing! That feels so good!" Orlin panted.

Samantha continued to work over the little boy's big dick, bobbing her head
back and forth on the unbelievable cock. She took deep hard sucking pulls on
it as she drew her face off his penis, and then plunged forward to swallow it
whole once more, so that his incredibly long and now rock-hard cock fucked
the full length of her gullet.

Ropes of drool and cum hung down from her chin to the base of Orlin's cock,
and the room was filled with the wet sucking sounds of Carter's oral service
as she slobbered and gagged on his inhuman penis.

Orlin was in blissful paradise as the colonel demonstrated just how good she
was with her mouth. He didn't remember it ever feeling this good before, and
had to ascribe it to his body's youthful inexperience. The sensations were

"Ohhh Sam! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

Samantha Carter lunged forward and buried her face in his hairless crotch,
massaging him to orgasm with the muscles of her oesophagus. She almost
swooned with excitement at her situation. The feel! The taste! The smell!

Then came the onrushing tide. Sam quivered as she felt the first powerful
surge of his sperm rush down his penis and blast into her belly. Her tight
gagging throat squeezed wildly on his cock as Orlin blasted jet after jet
of spunk straight into her stomach.

Carter wanted to swallow it all, but she desperately needed to come up for
air. Her tight throat made a wet shlucking sound as she pulled back her head
until large mushroom-shaped head rested on her lips. She used her tongue to
close off her throat and her nostrils flared as she took deep shuddering
breaths. Orlin's massive cumload was even greater than his first, and the
sperm quickly filled the space in her mouth and overflowed, pouring down her
chin and falling in a torrent onto her uniformed breasts.

As soon as she could, Samantha began swallowing his seed, not wanting lose
even a drop of that delectable nectar. Even though she gulped as fast as
she could, she wasn't quite fast enough to catch it all, and thick gooey
cum continued to pour from her mouth.

Eventually the fountain dwindled to a trickle, and Sam moaned in delight as
she reached up to fondle her cum-soaked breasts. The wetness had soaked all
the way through her black t-shirt and her bra beneath and she loved the feel
of her wet uniform against her skin. She ran one hand down to her crotch and
dipped her fingers into the little pool of sperm that had collected in her
lap. She rocked her hips forward and parted her legs, so that the cum drained
down over her pussy. She rubbed the slimy boy-juice into her steaming loins
and had her first orgasm as she stroked up and down the groove of her slit.
It was only a small orgasm, but it sent stars dancing before her eyes.

When she recovered she once again marvelled at just how wildly out of control
she felt. It was almost liberating to indulge herself so recklessly. She ran
her fingers through her cum-matted hair, using the sperm to slick it back,
and licked her lips. It was crazy, she was kneeling drenched in sperm, her
uniform soaked in the stuff from neck to crotch, her throat raw from
face-fucking a giant cock, but she loved it!

* * *

Orlin had collapsed onto the bed, apparently out cold from the strength of
his climax, and his huge cock draped limply across his left hip and onto the
bedspread, cum drooling from the tip. Carter reached out to stroke the hot
flesh, still wet with her saliva and his sperm, and it quivered under her
fingers. She picked it up and rose from her heels to kiss the tip, licking
up a droplet of spunk, before standing up.

She pulled off her combat boots and quickly stripped off her sodden uniform.
Standing in her regulation underwear, she looked down over her body. Even if
she said so herself, she had a good figure, athletic without being muscular,
and showing few signs of her age. Her skin was wet with sweat and the fluids
that had soaked through her uniform, and the glistening light only enhanced
her attractiveness. She removed her bra, and her large, deliciously
squeezable breasts still had a nice shape even if they weren't as perky as
they had been twenty years ago. Her nipples were of medium size, but stood
prominently from her pale areola, and in her current excited state they were
as hard as bullets.

After a minute spent stroking and squeezing her breasts, Sam hooked her
fingers into the waist of her cotton panties and rolled them down her shapely
legs and kicked them onto her boots. The Lt. Colonel's pussy was unshaven
since she was not sleeping with anyone on a regular basis, but the thick
blonde curls were neatly trimmed and did not conceal the hood of her large
clitoris or her long labial lips. Her pubic hair was wet with her own juices
and Sam shuddered as she ran her fingers through it to stroke her slit. She
slid one finger into her hot, tight pussy and moaned. Despite her age and
predilection for large sex-toys, her unusually elastic pussy gripped as
tightly as any teenager's, a blessing for which she was ever grateful. It
just wouldn't be the same without that sensation of really being stretched.

Which brought her attention back to the boy on the bed, and his impossibly
large cock.

The analytical part of her mind still rebelled at what she had done, and what
she meant to do still, but the rest of her was wholeheartedly committed to
her course of action. She wanted it!

She climbed onto the bed and lifted his light body by the shoulders. She slid
her hands into his unzipped jumpsuit, across his slim hairless chest, and
then up over his shoulders. She pushed the jumpsuit clear and then slid it
down the boy's body, peeling it from him until he was as naked as she.

Carter knelt on all fours over his sleepy body and lowered herself until her
breasts touched his chest.


The boy barely stirred, so Sam kissed him lightly on the lips. Like a
fairytale princess, the boy's eyes flickered open.


"Time to wake-up lover-boy."

She kissed him again, closing her eyes and trying to imagine the man he had
once been. He responded as a man, but his small lips were too delicate and
his skin too smooth for Sam to delude herself.

"Oh Sam," Orlin murmured as they broke the kiss.

Carter pressed on finger against his lips. "Shhh."

She stroked his hair and stared into his eyes. In their depths she saw his
true age, the love and desire of an adult, but she was rapidly reaching the
point where she didn't care about his childish body. In fact, a part of her
enjoyed the thrill of breaking the taboo. Her entire life she had pushed at
boundaries. The personal boundaries of her own capabilities, and the
scientific boundaries of what was possible. What was this if not another
boundary to be pushed? If she were not quite so affected by Orlin's
pheromones and her own lusts, she might have recognised the weakness in
that rationalisation, but she didn't. In fact, she embraced it.

The colonel kissed the boy again and then cradled his head in her hand. She
leaned forward and raised his head to direct his face to her breast. Orlin
needed no further encouragement. Orlin eagerly licked Carter's generous boob
until it was glistening, and then he switched to do the same to her other
breast. Orlin brought up his hands to cup Carter's big tits and she moaned
as he groped and licked the fleshy orbs. Though she was of only slightly
more than average size, her breasts were much larger than his childish hands
could encompass, and his incomplete fondling enflamed Sam's passion even
further. It flared in Orlin too, and his penis surged to erection, pressing
into Carter's warm belly and throbbing with rampant desire.

"Suck it, Orlin, suck on my teat like the little boy you are!"

She was breathing hard, her delightful mammary glands swelling with each
breath, as Orlin placed his mouth on her stiff right nipple. He slobbered and
sucked like a nursing babe, and Samantha groaned with pleasure.

"Harder! Suck me harder!" she moaned.

Orlin bit gently on her teat and began sucking with all the power of his
little lungs. Carter squirmed with delight. Her breast seemed to tighten in
response, and she could feel something that reminded her of the build-up to
an orgasm, but it was entirely focused inside her breast. Not pleasure
itself, but the promise of pleasure.

"Harder!" she panted.

Orlin sucked so hard that his face was turning red, and Carter's breaths grew
shorter and shorter. Something was definitely building!


The boy bit down and sucked, and warm milk erupted into his mouth!

Carter cried out in ecstasy. What she felt was unlike anything she'd ever
experienced. She could only describe it as an orgasm in her tit. A titgasm!
She felt the milk spurting from her nipple, felt the surge of the milk
through her mammary, and the sensation rippled through her body in blissful
waves, and it made her shiver with pleasure.

The strange climax subsided, but Orlin continued to suckle at her teat,
drinking as much of her milk as he could. Carter's entire breast tingled in
a most pleasurable way, and she sighed as she breast-fed the boy. When her
mothers' milk dwindled to a trickle Orlin switched to Carter's left breast,
and the blonde gasped as he set to work with enthusiasm. This time it was
much faster. He knew what he was after and he knew he could get it, and in
less than a minute Sam was crying her way through her second titgasm as her
milk spurted into the little boy's sucking mouth.

Samantha almost collapsed, she felt so weak. Her limbs trembled as she
experienced more waves of bliss. This couldn't be what mothers' felt when
breastfeeding their babies could it, she thought, because if it was then
they'd never stop!

Eventually Orlin drained her other breast and released his suction hold. He
returned to licking and groping her breasts, which were now quite tender,
and much more sensitive than before. Milk still oozed slowly from her nipples
and he licked up the droplets he found while Carter slowly recovered.

"Mmm, that was very nice," Sam murmered.

When Sam looked down she saw that some of her milk had fallen onto Orlin from
her right tit while he'd been draining her left, so she pulled her breasts
away from his face and bent down to lick it from his hairless chest. It was
bit thinner than normal milk, but the taste was sweeter. It was delicious.

Samantha looked up at Orlin and licked his little nipple, and then she
grinned wickedly. The boy's mouth was ringed with milk - her milk - but Sam
resisted the urge to kiss him and sat up on her heels.

"It was you, wasn't it?"

"I don't understand."

"These." Sam cupped her large, lactating breasts. "A few months ago I went
up almost two bra sizes while I was at Area 51. I thought it was because I
wasn't getting as much exercise, but it was you, wasn't it?"

"It could not have been me. As an ascended being I was forbidden to
interfere. You must have been correct." Orlin said it with a straight face,
but she didn't quite believe him.

"Come on, these didn't get bigger all by themselves, it was you."

"It was not Samantha, but it is a most enjoyable change." He licked her milk
from his lips.

"Okay Orlin, if you aren't going to tell me. Now since I know you're very
good with your mouth," Sam said and the boy smiled, "Let's see what you else
can do with it!"

The colonel clambered across the bed until her knees were either side of the
boy's head. Orlin had a perfect view of Carter's blonde-furred sex as the
older woman parted the big fleshy lips of her pussy with two fingers,
exposing her dripping labia and swollen clitoris.

"Lick my pussy, Orlin! Suck my pussy, little boy!" Carter whispered, spread
her legs wider and lowering her groin toward the boy's face.

Orlin craned his neck up to reach Samantha's golden treasure. The powerful
aroma of her aroused sex permeated his senses and made him light-headed.
He'd made his body so that it would attract Samantha at even the most basic
chemical levels, but he'd also made it so that it would respond to her in
the same way. He had to have her!

He opened his lips and licked up and down Carter's pussy slit, flicking the
big clit with his tongue. Her blonde fur tickled his hairless face as he
savoured Sam's feminine flavour. The boy wrapped his lips around her labia
and sucked and tugged on her long lips with loud slurping smacks.

Carter reached down to hold his head, supporting it and keeping it in place.
She slowly licked her lips as she gazed down into the little boy's eyes with
love and lust. Orlin buried his head deeper into her slit, forcing her fat
lips to part around his face so he could push his tongue deep into her


Sam cried out in pleasure as the boy's thin but amazingly long tongue
slid into her and then thrashed about like a living creature. Orlin probed
Carter's pussy with enthusiasm, sucking and licking noisily at her wet slit
and stabbing his tongue as deeply as he could.

He moved up her slit to begin alternately sucking on Carter's big clit and
gently chewing and tugging on it with his teeth as he sucked and tongued her
glistening pussy. Periodically he would flick his tongue down her groove to
strike against the entrance to her urethra. After a while he began switching
between targets, relentlessly stimulating her in every way that he could.
He continued sucking and licking on Carter's cunt until she screamed in

Samantha Carter back threw her head and wailed "AAAHHHH! OOOHHHH! UUURRHHHH!!
OOOAaaaAAHHH! I'm cumming! I'm CUMMING!!!"

Her climax was mind-blowing. Her vision greyed out as multiple orgasms
flashed through the mature blonde's sexy body, emanating from her spasming
pussy but spreading from her head to her toes. Her whole body shook and a
couple of spurts of fresh milk sprayed from her nipples. Between her thighs
Orlin's mouth was flooded with Sam's sweet and copious girl-cum.

Eventually Carter came back down from her peak of ecstasy and collapsed onto
Orlin's chest, driving the air from the small boy's lungs, before falling
forward to lie face down on the bed, moaning softly.

Orlin wriggled out from under the bigger, full-grown woman and moved up to
give her a wet sloppy kiss, sharing the taste of Sam's juices with her.
Carter responded eagerly, enjoying the flavour and using her tongue to probe
the little boy's mouth for more. As they kissed, Orlin's hands roamed over
Sam's beautiful body, groping her tits and ass.

* * *

Sam recovered quickly from her orgasm, rising up to push Orlin down onto his
back, so that his big rock hard cock stood pointing straight up like a rocket
awaiting takeoff. Carter was on her knees, but his cock was too long! In that
position she could not get her hips high enough, as his awesome size added to
his slim body's width was more than the length of her thighs, and meant his
cockhead was higher than her golden pubic hair. Samantha stood up, one foot
on either side of his body.

"Are you ready, little boy?"

"Oh yes, oh yes!" he replied eagerly.

Sam bent her knees and lowered herself. The boy's big dick was oozing
pre-cum, and Carter grabbed it just below the head to guide it to her furry
slit. She rubbed the big smooth cockhead back and forth through her gash,
mashing it against her clit and then down to the entrance of her pussy. She
loved the sensation, sliding it back and forth through her slit, and, from
his expression and the gasps he uttered, so did the little boy. Eventually
Carter placed the head of Orlin's thigh-thick dick at the opening of her

As she looked down she could scarcely believe what she saw, a boy who looked
no more than ten or twelve years old with a giant's cock. It seemed to have
grown even bigger, at least 16-inches long and it had to be more than
4-inches across! And she was going to fuck it!

"Unngh!" Carter groaned as she lowered her weight onto the unnatural manhood.

Sam grimaced as her pussylips were stretched wider, and wider, wider than
they had ever been stretched before. She applied more pressure, and the
mattress began to rise under her feet as more and more of her weight was
supported by Orlin's oversized boy-cock. A brutal spear waiting to impale
the beautiful woman above. Carter's vaginal gates were an apex of great
stress which must eventually yield. Suddenly, with an almost audible POP,
Samantha's pussy parted and she sank six inches onto his massive cock!

"AAAARRGgggghhhhhh!!" Carter cried, tears rolling down her cum-streaked face
once again.

The pain was intense, but it was oh so sweet! She loved the feeling, the
knowledge that she was split wide open by what must be the biggest cock in
the entire world!

"Uuuh!" Orlin moaned, looking up Sam's pained yet lust-filled eyes. "I love
you Samantha. You're so wet and tight!"

Although Carter's cunt was sopping with lubrication and girl-cum, she had
difficulty getting any more of the boy's cock inside her. She braced her
arms against her knees and slowly started raising and lowering her pussy.
She would rise just one inch and the push herself back down, flexing her
internal muscles and rocking and rotating her hips as she tried to stretch
and loosen her vagina to take more. It might be greedy, but she wanted the
whole damn thing!

Slowly she descended another inch, and then another. She had half of Orlin's
monster cock in her cunt, but it was too slow. She needed it now. It was time
to take decisive action. She pulled herself up the giant dick with a wet
slucking sound until only the head was inside her. She took several deep
breaths as she raised herself up and down by just a fraction of an inch,
almost like she was bouncing on top of it, and then drove her weight down and
pulled her feet up to her thighs!


She dropped down, skewering herself on almost the entire length of Orlin's
superhuman penis. The pain as the thick head punched through her cervix
almost made her faint. When the tip struck the roof of her womb she shook
with paroxysms of agony and collapsed forward, burying Orlin's face within
the cleavage of her breasts.

The colonel groaned and whimpered as she tried to get accustomed to painful
sensation of being womb-fucked. She had never been split so deep and so wide
in her life, and yet despite the pain, or perhaps because of it, she felt

To Orlin the sensations were indescribable. It was better than he had ever
thought or hoped it could be. Sam's strong sex was gripping and squeezing his
cock like a hot velvet vice, making his balls throb with the need to fill her
with his seed. He sighed into Carter's wonderful breasts and reached around
to grope her sexy buttocks as they twitched spasmodically.

Samantha didn't move. She held her position and bit her lip as she became
accustomed to the painful penetration so deep inside her. Sweat dripping
from her brow, she concentrated on relaxing her vaginal muscles as she
struggled to accept the huge shaft of hard boy-cock. There were still a
couple of inches left outside her warm pussy, and she wanted it all!

As Carter strived to adapt to his cock, Orlin began kissing and licking
Samantha's heavy breasts again. He licked up her leaking milk and nibbled at
her nipples, before sucking one into his mouth and making the blonde woman
gasp with pleasure. He sucked harder, prompting her milk to flow once again,
and he sucked and he sucked until Samantha was quivering with pleasure. The
boy switched from breasts to breast, and his cheeks hollowed faster and
faster as he increased the speed and strength of his suction, drinking down
her mothers' milk.


Carter experienced her third titgasm, but this time it was slightly
different. Like before, the pleasure emanated out from her breasts, but then
it seemed to surge toward her impaled pussy, like lightning to a lightning
rod. Her pussy-juices flowed freely, bathing the intruder and washing away
the pain, and a strange fluttering tingle permeated her overstretched

When her titgasm dwindled Carter pushed herself back upright. A warmth had
suffused through her body, and although the pain stilled existed, it seemed
trivial. She rocked her hips back and forth, and they both gasped from the
gratifying sensation. Samantha's cervix was still a ring of pain, but it was
overwhelmed by the pleasure from the rest of her cock-stuffed cunt. She began
rotating her hips and cried out as 14-inches of rock hard cock churned her

She hungered for those last two inches.

Carter raised herself half an inch, and felt his dick move slickly in her
love canal. Another half inch and the pressure in the roof of her womb
lessened. Pressing herself back down she groaned as he filled her to the
absolute limits of her capacity! At 15-and-a-half inches she had to stop,
seemingly unable to take any more. If Orlin had made the cock for her,
with the near limitless knowledge of an ascended being, then she knew that
she could take it all!

She rocked her hips back and forth, with only the most minimal downward
pressure, and slowly, very slowly, she worked last the last half-inch until
she finally had the whole of his awesome manhood inside her. Her pussy was
stretched as wide and as deep as it would go and she felt like she would
split open at any moment, but she also felt as though she had been made
complete. As though the missing piece of the puzzle, a piece that she'd
never even known was missing, was finally in place. It was a level of
satisfaction that was almost spiritual, and Carter groaned in victorious
triumph as she took all the boy had to give, her golden-furred pussy kissing
his hairless pubic mound.

"Oh! That's so good. You're so tight!" Orlin gasped, as he writhed under the
bigger, older blonde.

Carter smiled down at him and then began pumping up and down on the little
boy's big cock, all the while facing him and staring straight into his eyes
with an expression of total lust on her wholesome, good-girl face.

"You like that? You like my pussy little boy?"

"Oh yes, ah, oh, yes!"

"Good, because I love your cock!"

Samantha increased her tempo, raising herself nine inches up his monster-cock
and slamming all the way down, rotating her hips as she did so. She licked
her lips wetly and gazed upon him with lust-filled eyes. Her breasts bounced
wildly, and little droplets of milk flew from her lactating teats. Carter's
overstretched pussy gripped his shaft tightly and squeezed it unmercifully,
bending and twisting it as she gyrated.

Orlin gasped in ecstatic agony as Samantha undulated seductively on his
oversized boy-cock.

Carter felt totally liberated. Freed of all pretence and inhibitions. This
was who she was and what she wanted, without the limitations imposed upon
her by her society or her position or her own self-image. A woman, truly
and completely, fucking the cock she loved. Orlin's impaling penis was her
entire universe. It was all that she could think about; it was all that she
craved. She grunted and groaned with every deep thrust.

The slapping of cunt on cock, the slurping sound of their juices, the heavy
aroma of pure sex all filled the room. It was all too much for the boy.

"I'm cumming!" He cried.

"Give it to me! Fill me with your seed!" Carter exclaimed, hammering up and
down on his mighty cock.

"AAAAUUUUUWWWWW!!" Orlin moaned.


Powerful jets of sperm blasted into her womb. More and more pumped into her
baby chamber, squirting up her fallopian tubes. The sheer volume inflated her
womb until she looked several months pregnant. Filled to capacity, Orlin's
cum forced its way passed Carter's tightly gripping cervix and squirted into
her impaled vagina. With so little space inside her the spunk quickly began
spurting back out from around the sides of her sperm-packed pussy.

As this was happening in her cunt, Carter was thrashing in paroxysms of
multiple orgasms. Each pulsing blast of sperm to strike the roof of her
womb triggered another, before the effects of the last had even begun!
The pleasure reverberated within her, growing in intensity until it was
too much. Sam's eyes rolled back into her head and she fainted.

* * *

Orlin continued to cum in Carter's pussy, even though he was crushed beneath
her weight. He grunted and groaned into her breasts as his balls pumped
several pints of sperm into her. He reflected that he might have overdone the
improvements to his testicles, as they seemed to be producing sperm as fast
as he could ejaculate it!

Eventually it ended, and Sam's cunt, Orlin's crotch, and the bed below them,
were all a sticky, sodden mess of cum and pussy-juice.


There was no response other than a faint groan.


Orlin tried to lift her, but her bigger body was too heavy for his little-boy

"Sam, wake up!"

Still no response.

"Sam, you're crushing me!"

Samantha was completely oblivious.

With an effort, Orlin managed to twist sideways to get his upper body out
from under hers. Her hipbone pressed painfully into his belly and his
softening dick was twisted uncomfortably inside her, but he could breathe
properly now.

When he was sufficiently recovered he began wriggling down under Samantha,
forced to go under Sam's pelvis in order to pull his huge penis from her
tightly gripping cunt. As he made his way mingled sperm and pussy juice
drooled from her pussy and his slimy cock-shaft to drip onto his smooth
belly, and then his boyish chest. His cock popped free to slap down on his
chest and a sudden gush of spunk splashed over his upper torso. Thick gooey
jets continued to squirt from her pussy as he squirmed out from under her,
dowsing his neck and face, and dripping into his mouth.

Once he was free he wiped the spunk from his face and licked his lips. He
didn't feel any particular desire for sperm, but he had to admit it was quite
tasty. He stood at the end of the bed, his limp cock hanging down between his
knees, and looked up into the crux of Samantha Carter spread thighs. Her
blonde-furred pussylips gaped obscenely, and their redness showed through the
thick white spunk matting her golden curls and coating every part of her
crotch. His mighty penis twitched in response to the arousing sight.

The little boy clambered onto the bed and tried to pull Carter's unconscious
body further up the bed, but he wasn't strong enough. He rolled her over
instead, and began playing with her large and pillowy breasts. He loved the
way they felt squishing between his tiny fingers and he mauled and groped her
gorgeous tits for several minutes. With each passing moment his dick got
harder and harder until it stood at its glorious 16-inch length once more.

Orlin straddled Samantha's chest and slapped his giant cock between her
wonderful breasts. Reaching down he grabbed her tits with his hands and
pushed them together, just barely managing to wrap them around his incredibly
thick shaft. With a satisfied sigh, the little boy began fucking the softness
of Carter's cleavage. His dick was so long that he had to use his whole body
to fuck her tits, rocking back onto his heels and then thrusting forward with
his legs and his hips. The tip of his swollen pink cockhead butted against
the underside of Samantha's chin, but she didn't even stir.

Her breasts felt so nice around his cock that he wished he could fuck them
forever, but his balls soon began tightening and he could not hold back.


The eruption was smaller than his previous orgasms, but it was still bigger
than any mere man could ever hope to rival. He fell back onto his heels and
his cumload shot in thick gooey ropes over Samantha's reposed face and her
soft cushiony breasts.

When Orlin's climax was finally over Samantha's tits and face were once again
caked in slimy spunk. He watched as it drooled between her parted lips, where
she automatically swallowed it in her sleep.

He sat on her belly while he recovered, his huge hot balls pushed out on
either side of his limp dick as it rested between her slimy tits. He gazed
down at the woman he loved and thought that she had never looked so beautiful
as she did now, sleeping with his sperm splattered over her attractive face
and tits, black mascara tear-tracks down her face, and her cum-matted hair a
tangled mess.

The boy leaned down and kissed her. Her lips responded leisurely, but she did
not awaken.

He lay on her body kissing her, tasting his own sperm until he felt his cock
hardening with desire. Sam was still out cold, but Orlin was sure that she
would not want to stop, so he climbed off her and grabbed the pillows. He
laid them on the bed by Carter's pelvis, and then rolled her over onto them.
Face down on the bed, the pillows propped up Samantha's hips so that her
shapely butt pointed up into the air.

Orlin grabbed her asscheeks and fondled them lustily, before slapping his
little hand down firmly onto the soft flesh. The smack echoed around the
room, but Carter remained unconscious. He bent down to kiss the reddened
spot he'd just smacked, and the he kissed her other cheek, and then he
plunged between her buttocks to kiss her asshole. His tiny hands gripped
her buttcheeks and pulled them apart, allowing him to stab his tongue into
her tight little hole.

He bowed his head and sucked cum from Carter's fucked out cunt, and then he
used his tongue to lather it over and into her asshole. He revisited her cunt
and sucked up enough sperm to fill his mouth, then returned to her ass and
began forcing the slimy fluid into her butt.

By the time he was finished, Samantha's asshole looked as sloppy as her
pussy, but when Orlin probed her with his fingers she was exceptionally
tight. Orlin then got into position behind Carter, guiding his giant cock
between Sam's sexy buttocks, and then gliding the meaty shaft up and down
the slippery crevice. He drew back as far as he could and his cockhead
slid down to line up against the unconscious woman's little asshole.

Orlin thrust.

Carter's sphincter resisted the little boy's effort, but he was undeterred.
With difficulty he rolled his foreskin forward over the bloated head, and
forced the tip of it onto the tight ringpiece. Then he thrust again. With
his foreskin in place there was no skin-on-skin resistance as his glans
glided within the sheath, forcing her rosebud to open. It was still an
effort, stretching her asshole to its very limits, but eventually the big
mushroom-shaped head finally popped inside Carter's anus.

"...uuhhhnnnn..." Carter groaned.

The little boy was in heaven. Her ass was so tight! But he wanted more, and
he started forcing his cock deeper. Lunging hard, Orlin managed to get a
further 3-inches of his huge cock into Sam's hot bowels.

"Aaaahhhh..." Carter moaned as her rectum was split wide.

Orlin jabbed viciously into Carter's ass again, his little-boy strength only
managing to get another two inches inside. He thrust again, another inch or
so, and he finally had half his cock buried in her overstretched bowels.
Orlin's pleasure was exquisite as Carter's limbs began to twitch.

Another thrust, and another inch entered. Again and again, until he was
twelve inches deep and his cockhead struck an inner barrier.

Sam was groaning, her face creased by a frown as the pain penetrated her

"Uhhhnnnn, wha... Ahh! OOooww! Orlin!"

"I couldn't wait, I had to have you!" he grunted.

"No, Orlin, stop, nooOOAAAWWW! It hurts!"

She tried to push herself up from the bed, but unfortunately she ended up
pushed her ass back at the exact moment that Orlin drove his impaling cock

"AAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Samantha screamed, her eyes clenched shut and
tears rolling down her cheeks.

Orlin's cock breached her inner sphincter and thanks to Carter's unwitting
help he now had every inch of his freakish boy-cock buried in her steaming
bowels. He pulled back and drove into her again, his huge balls swinging
beneath to slap heavily into Carter's sloppy pussy.

It was agonising for Samantha, her anal passage stretched to the maximum and
wracked with pain, but there was also pleasure, from the balls slapping her
pussylips and clit, and from her tortured ass. She didn't understand it, but
there was a strangely satisfying sensation to having her bowels so completely
filled with cock-meat.

Orlin's pleasure was beyond imagining. Sam's ass gripped him like vice, and
the spasming muscles were driving him to yet another orgasm. And, despite the
pain, the blonde colonel was also on the ascent. With every thrust the little
boy's big balls struck her aching pussy and her sensitive clit, and that was
enough to overcome the pain of her violated ass.

"OH! Uhn! OW! Uh! OH! Ahh! OW! Oooh!"

The pain of each thrust into her clenching ass was obliterated by the
pleasurable impact on her cum-drooling cunt, and Carter did not resist as
she was sodomised.

As they fucked, Carter became aware of Orlin's fingers twisting into her
tangled and matted hair only when he suddenly jerked her head back. Her spine
was bent like a bow, her head back and her ass pointing up in the air, and
strands of sperm stretched from her face to the bed below. The position made
Samantha feel like a total whore as Orlin ass-raped her helpless body.

She could have thrown him off, she was much bigger and stronger than his
little boy body, but she really didn't want to. She was starting to get into
it, and the humiliating position seemed to accentuate her enjoyment.

Soon Orlin picked up the pace and began fucking Carter's ass harder and
faster, as hard and as fast as his little body and Sam's resistant ass would
allow. He drove into her with brutal punishing jabs, his hairless belly
slapping loudly against her sexy butt, while his balls slapped wetly against
her cunt. The colonel rocked with the impacts and her buttocks bounced and
jiggled sexily.

As much as Orlin wanted to prolong their mutual pleasure, he could not resist
the incredible ecstasy that he felt, and he finally began to climax.

For a moment Sam was sure that she could actually hear his cum spurting
in her ass, but then she was revelling in the feel of that thick creamy
man-sauce pumping into her bowels. The stinging jets made her orgasm, but
again it was unlike any orgasm she'd experienced before. An assgasm. If
it had been a sound, it would have been quieter and deeper than a regular
vaginal climax, echoing coolly through her bones instead of reverberating
hotly through her nerves and muscles and skin as normal.

Orlin blasted thick jets of cum deep inside Carter's ass, filling it
completely in the first few spurts. Sam felt the bizarre sensation of his
sperm forcing its way in both directions, some of it forced back down toward
her asshole, and some of it forced deeper into her digestive tract. Cum
squirted from Carter's ass, and it made a disgusting squishing sound as Orlin
started thrusting in and out of her again.

The boy continued to fuck in and out of Samantha's ass all through their
orgasms. His massive cock acted like a piston inside her, forcing his cum
deeper into her body, and he didn't stop until his cock had expelled every

It seemed to take an age, with Carter writhing on Orlin's merciless cock,
moaning and groaning her way through her assgasm, while the boy's body
shuddered with the strength of his climax.


With the final spurt, Orlin pulled back on Carter's hair, forcing her to arch
her back as far as she could, lifting her cum-sticky breasts from the bed.
When his orgasm finally subsided he released her hair and she fell forward
onto the slimy sheets with a splat.

Orlin pulled his limp cock out of Carter's ass and slapped the massive
man-meat against her butt cheeks. He smeared cum all over Samantha's
magnificent buttocks, groaning in satisfaction.

Samantha felt empty inside, an aching void in her ass that she desperately
wanted filled. Strangely, she craved it more in her ass than she did in her
pussy. As she lay there in the afterglow of her assgasm, she felt like she
had been hollowed out. Her throat, pussy and ass had all been stretched to
the very limits by Orlin's unnatural cock, and she could feel the wonderful
memory of it in her aching muscles.

* * *

Carter had rolled over onto her back as she recovered, so Orlin snuggled up
to her, reaching across his body with his arm so that he could cup one of her
breasts. Samantha slapped his hand away and sat up.

"That was wrong, Orlin."

"But you have such lovely breasts."

"I wasn't talking about that. I mean before, what you did while I was

"Oh. How can it be wrong when I knew you'd enjoy it?" the boy said with a
knowing grin.

"That's getting tired Orlin. You can't justify everything you do on the basis
of your ancient knowledge."

"Are you saying you didn't enjoy it? Because I could have sworn that was you
squealing in rapturous orgasm, or was that some other hot blonde colonel?"

"I'm serious Orlin." She didn't look too serious to the little boy. Not when
she was almost completely covered with his spunk.

Orlin rolled his eyes. "Yes mommy."

"Stop that. How would you like it if I just took you against your will?"

"Maybe you should. Ravish me, mommy!" Orlin smirked.

"Oh, you think it's funny do you? We'll soon see about that!"

Orlin squawked as Samantha lunged. She grappled his little body and he was
too weak to stop her. She manhandled him like the child he was, turning him
over and lifting him up by his hips. She dropped him down and folded him so
that his skinny butt pointed straight up, almost like she had been for her
ass fucking, and then placed her right shin across his calf muscles, and her
left knee on his shoulder blades, holding him in that vulnerable position.
Orlin protested loudly, and his arms flailed ineffectually, but Sam's wicked
grin just grew wider. She reached down and grabbed the boy's huge and flaccid
cock, and bent it down through his legs until the tip of it pointed toward
his defenceless asshole.

"Well, what do you think Orlin? I'm pretty sure your dick's long enough that
I could get a good six inches or more into your ass. How about it?"

This was not what Orlin had had in mind when he'd said she should ravish him.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't do it."

"I don't know, I'm pretty pissed at you right now." Sam pushed the slimy tip
hard against his tiny ring. She could feel his cock swelling in her hand.
"What do you say? Do you want to go fuck yourself?" Sam said with a wicked

"NO! No! I'm sorry! I won't do it again! I'll make amends. I'll do anything
you want, but please don't do it to me!"

"Still think its funny?"


His cock hit the bed with a thump as she released it.

"Good! You've been a very bad boy!"

*SMACK* Sam swung her hand back and spanked him hard on his butt.


*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK*. Five more times Samantha spanked the
little boy, and despite his true age, Orlin howled and snivelled through them

"That's for being such a naughty boy!" Carter laughed.

She looked down at him and he really did look like a child, except for
his freakishly huge cock, with his face flushed and tears rolling down his
cheeks, his eyes as vulnerable as any boy of his apparent age. Samantha
expected to feel a pang of guilt as the reality of his youthfulness struck
home, but all she felt was a rising arousal in her loins.

"Now then Orlin, I believe you were saying something about wanting to be
ravished!" And she took his limp cock into her hands and sucked it into her

* * *

Six more orgasms and they were eventually both spent. She had taken him twice
more in her mouth, one of them in a very sloppy sixty-nine, once between her
breasts, and three times in her hungry pussy. She'd refused to let Orlin fuck
her ass again unless he let her fuck him up his ass first. That had swiftly
stopped his pestering.

Orlin lay half asleep on the cum-drenched bed and Carter sat on the edge
breathing heavily as she sought to pull her wits together. She suddenly
bolted to her feet. Her state of arousal had been intoxicating, but now it
was dissipating and her sobriety was like a lump of ice down her spine. She
had suddenly realised her predicament.

Orlin's room was a mess, and as she looked down at herself she realised that
she was even worse. Orlin's bed was a cum-sodden morass, and her uniform was
badly stained with Orlin's sperm, but she looked like she'd been dipped in a
vat full of the stuff. It crusted almost every inch of her skin and matted
her hair, and when she moved, thick globs of it slid off and dropped to the

And she was at least three corridors away from a shower and a change of

There was a small washbasin, and a quick search revealed a change of sheets
in the cupboards, but that was it. Sam was as close to panicking as she could
remember. Hurriedly she started scooping the crusty spunk from her body and
dropping it into the sink. She turned on the faucet to dissolve the sticky
stuff and wash it down the plughole. She splashed water over her face, and
when that proved insufficient she fill the basin and dunked her whole head.

With difficulty she tried to wash the stuff from her hair, and as she did so
she felt a large gobbet of sperm slip from her sopping pussy. She pulled over
a chair and stood on it so that she could squat over the sink as she plunged
her hand into her stretched out cunt to scoop out as much as she could, and
then she had to wash her arm again.

When she was as clean as she could make herself she forced Orlin to get
up and between them they cleaned him up too, then Carter stripped the
cum-drenched bedclothes from the bed and bundled them into a cupboard,
and then remade it with the fresh linens. It was hardly ideal, as the
sperm had soaked into the mattress, but it looked clean and would have
to do until she could make more permanent repairs. She did what she could
to clean the cum-splashes from the floor with a damp face-cloth, and then
she turned to her uniform. There was nothing she could do about the jacket,
but the pants were okay after she rinsed the crotch, although there was
still a slightly darker stain. Her black T-shirt came up fine eventually.

She dressed in her pants and t-shirt, and held her jacket, carefully arranged
so the folds hid the worst of the damage, draped over her arm in front of her
to conceal her crotch. She looked almost acceptable. Her hair was still
sticky with drying sperm, but she raked it back and it looked like she'd
moussed it back, at least from a distance.

Carter turned to Orlin and suddenly felt embarrassed. The boy was still
naked, and his freakish cock was ram-rod hard once more. She tried to avoid
staring at it, unable to believe what she done, what she'd taken, even though
she could feel the ache of her stretched orifices and the wetness of sperm
still inside her, and she smiled awkwardly.

"Uh, Bye Orlin. I guess I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodbye Samantha."

* * *

Carter made it to the locker rooms without incident, and she was halfway
through her shower when she remembered that, because of his deteriorating
condition, Dr. Lam had Orlin under 24-hour observation!

Samantha almost ran through the base naked, such was the urgency she felt.
She was dripping suds as she pulled on a fresh uniform and only her many
years of combat experience saved her from gibbering panic. She rushed through
the base's corridors as fast as she dared until she reached the doctor's

It was empty, and the monitor screens were dark. Carter's heart slowed to a
rapid-fire thumping. She checked outside the room and then closed the door.
A quick search found that there was no tape in the machine, and Sam felt a
heavy weight settle in the pit of her stomach. If Dr. Lam had the tape of
Samantha having sex with Orlin, who was physically no more than a twelve-year
old boy, and if she showed that tape to her father General Landry, then
Carter's career was finished.

She tried to calm herself, and to think clearly. If Caroline had given the
tape to her father then there was nothing that Samantha could do, but if she
hadn't, then there might be some way that she could convince the half-Asian
doctor to hand over the tape. Sam had spent well over two hours fucking
Orlin, and if Dr. Lam had seen what was going on, and if she'd gone to
General Landry, then she would have done so immediately and she would have
been arrested already. So maybe she hadn't seen it? But in that case why was
there no tape? She must have seen it, and therefore she had the tape but
hadn't done anything with it yet. Why? Blackmail?

It was then that Carter noticed the smell. The strong scent of pussy in the
air. With a sudden flash of intuition Carter reached out to turn on the
monitor for Orlin's room.

The screen lit up with an image of Dr. Lam's slender and naked body
straddling Orlin's childish frame, an expression of mingled lust and pain
etched on her face as she lowered her smooth shaven pussy onto Orlin's
cunt-splitting cock!

Sam felt a flash of jealousy, and then a stronger flash of desire. And then
her brain started working and she got a fresh tape for the machine. She set
it recording and then slipped her hand down between her thighs to stroke her
tender pussy as she watched. Ten minutes or so should be enough, then she
could stop the tape and put it somewhere safe before confronting the doctor.
Mutually assured destruction was the best defence.

Or, she thought as she watched Lam force the last two inches of Orlin's
awesome cock into her overstretched cunt with surprising ease, maybe she
should go down to Orlin's room and join the good doctor, since it seemed
that they had something in common...

The End


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