The following is an adult story based in fictional persons that I didn't
create, just borrowed. If you feel assaulted by graphical sex or you are a
minor you should stop reading here! For the rest, have fun.

Stargate SG-1: Incest (MF,inc,mc,drugs,ncon)
by CRTS ([email protected])

Jacob wanted to scream but he couldn't.

His Tokra symbiont had taken control over his body. Not the Tokra way but
the Guld way. It was able to make everyone to believe that everything was

Now he was on Earth and had convinced General Hammont to allow Samantha to
escort him to a science mission. And since it was on an Asgard secure planet
Hammond ordered the other SG-1 members have their leave. Selmac smiled. His
plan was working. He will be alone with Sam in a deserted planet were no one
could help her!

Jacob screamed but no sound came out!

On the planet Sam noticed it was a hot planet. With the average temperature
of a dessert and high humidity. She liked heat. She let her things on the
small bed of her also small room and opened her bag. She took her shorts and
her white t-shirt and change into them from her usual khaki uniform pants,
black t-shirt and bra!

Then she walked to the laboratory. Selmac smiled. Jacob's memories were
right. She loved heat and the fact "he" was her father didn't make her think
that something bad was going on! Her bad luck, Selmac stood behind a table
that was hiding his erection!

After hours of examine dozens of probes under the microscope she was sweating
so much that her t-shirt was soaked and didn't hide anything anymore. For
Selmac was getting harder and harder to concentrate. He suggested to make a
little break. Sam agreed and returned to her room. Took another t-shirt and
go to the shower room. She started to wash the sweat from her body when she
heart the door open, but she had lock it before! She looked out of the shower
cabin and saw her father! He was looking at her and he was naked!

Sam: Dad! I am naked! What are you doing here? Wait outside!

Slemac: No!

Her dad looked downwards to his erect penis. Sam followed his motion and saw
it too!

Sam: Dad?

Salmac: No! No Dad, Selmac!

His eyes glowed as the symbiont made his presence clear. Sam knew what was
coming and tried to resist. Even if her father was older the symbiont gave
him great strength that she couldn't manage. Soon she was pined on the floor
by her father. Belly down. She saw a needle in his hand and screamed.

Sam: No! Dad! What are you doing to me?

Selmac: I am SELMAC! And this is a drug that will make you so horny that you
will beg me to fuck you!

Sam: Noooooo.

Sam screamed as the needle injected the drug in her veins. She struggled for
two or three minutes and then she stopped. Selmac let her free and stand
above her. Sam raised on her knees and stroked his cock. He moaned.

Selmac: Suck me! Suck me daughter!

Sam: Daddy! Oh daddy!

She wrapped her lips around his cock and took it inch by inch inside her
hot wet mouth. She started to move her head up and down his hard member and
Selmac moaned louder and louder. Inside her Sam screamed, the drug had a
strange effect, she obeyed everything her dad told her but her mind was
actually free. It was her drugged body that was doing that incestuous act!

After few minutes Selmac pull her hairs and make her stand.

Selmac: Enough! Go to my bedroom! We are going to continue there!

Sam: Yes.

She walked in front of him and he followed smiling as he saw her ass moving
left and right. When she reached his room she turned to him and watch him
waiting for his orders.

Selmac: Lay on the bed and spread your legs!

She obeyed and Selmac stand between her legs. He fondled her breasts,
pinched her hard nipples and caressed her belly then his hands slid lower
and glided over her long legs. Then he touched her pussy. Sam shivered from
anticipation. Selmac slides his cock up and down her slit and Sam moved her
hips on his side trying to get him inside her. He pulled back.

Sam: No please!

Selmac: You want it?

Sam: Yes! Please daddy! Fuck me!

Selmac laughed and shoved his cock inside her tight pussy making her scream.
Both physically and mental. He started to pound her hard and fast making her
pussy shore. He took her breasts in his hands and squished them until it hurt
her. Then he twisted her nipples until Sam thought he will ripe them off!

Selmac: Tell me you like it! Tell me bitch!

Sam: I like it daddy! I like it!

After few minutes Sam felt her daddy shooting his sperm inside her womb. She
screamed. She didn't had many affairs since she came to the Stargate and she
had stopped to take the pill. And now her dad was shooting his sperm on her

Jacob screamed too as he saw the fear in his daughter's eyes but as Selmac
had control only a big pleasure grin appeared on his face! He pulled out of
her pussy and strains of his sperm and her juices stayed connected with his
cock until he pulled further backwards. He took hold of her right ankle and
folded her leg. Then he moved it to his left.

Sam understood instantly that he was turning her around! She tried to take
control of her body but the drug was stronger. She was a willing partner on
Selmac's sick plan! She felt his saliva dropping from his mouth on her ass
chicks and cried. Then she felt his cock head on her ass. He had hoped he
will use his fingers to loose her a little but it seems Selmac wanted to
cause her pain. And the pain was immense! The big cock rammed her ass and
blood dripped out as it ravaged her sphincter and bowls.

Selmac: YES! You have a really tight ass! I and your father never had such a
nice ass before! Thank you child! Thank you!

Sam cried as her father started to ram his cock faster and faster in her
former virgin anus. Her whole body sakes from his thrusts and her face was
pressed against the tear soaked sheets.

After five minutes of hard pounding she felt the pain fading away but that
didn't help her much. She felt her father's cock jerk and felt how he shoot
his load down her bowls. Jacob pulled out of her ass with a loud popping
sound. He crawled beside her face and shoved his cock in her mouth trying
to clean it. Sam tasted his semen mixed with her own juices and her own
shit! She felt sick. Jacob saw that it was impossible to make her suck and
pulled out. He changed his position and wiped his dirty cock in her blond

Suddenly an alarm tone filled the room. Jacob jumped up and dressed quickly.

Selmac: Sorry child! I have to go now.

Jack, Daniel and Tealc rushed in to the room with their guns ready to shoot.
They didn't see anyone at first. Then, curled in a corner, they saw the naked
Sam. Doctor Frasier who was close behind them pushed them to the side and
rushed to her friend.

Dr. Frasier: Oh my god! She was been raped Colonel!

Jack kicked a chair that was smashed in the wall and lowered his gun.

JacK: I knew it! I always was suspicious! Did someone listen to me? NO! I
told you we can't really trust them, they are parasites after all!

After the doctor gave Sam the first aid they carried her back to Earth.

After few weeks in the hospital she returned to active duty. Everybody
thought she was okay. They were wrong. She carried a big strap on dildo
with her. She would catch her father one day!


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