This story is based on the characters from the TV show,
STARGATE SG-1. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the
fantasy of mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, lesbian.)

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

STARGATE SG-1 - Legacy's Side Effect
by David Oberman
[email protected]


Colonel Jack O'Neill Richard Dean Anderson
Doctor Daniel Jackson Michael Shanks
Major Samantha Carter Amanda Tapping
Doctor Janet Fraiser Teryl Rothery
Teal'c Christopher Judge
General Hammond Don S. Davis
Doctor Mackenzie

"Legacy" Episode Synopsis

Episode starts with SG-1 exploring a creepy planet.
Daniel notes that the hallway is of an advanced
design but that it has been stripped and deserted.
They come to a sealed door and Teal'c informs
his teammates that it is of an ancient Goa'uld
design. He then finds a way to open the door.

Inside they find nine dead, decaying corpses.
Carter stoops down next to one and notices a
Goa'uld entry mark on the person's neck, so
they can safely assume the bodies were once
Goa'uld hosts.

Teal'c identifies a crest on a nearby table
as belonging to the Linveress, a 'minor league'
of Goa'ulds who challenge the System Lords.

Daniel finds one of those Goa'uld tablet-thingies
that change wording when you wave a controller
(Page Turning Device) in front of it. Anyway,
he waves the PTD in front of the tablet but nothing
happens. He does, however, report feeling something
brush past him.

"OK," O'Neil says. "That's it. Lets head home.
We'll leave the corpses to the medical containment

Next we see Daniel coming out of the shower. He
looks up, alarmed, as he hears someone call his
name. He looks all around the room but there's
nobody there. Leaving the shower room he notices
Major Samantha Carter approaching.

Though you couldn't make it out under all of her
military wear, Samantha Carter is a strikingly
beautiful woman. Her blonde hair and blue eyes
just adds to her sexual beauty. Being a career
officer, she is in great physical shape. With
hardly any excess body fat, she has sensual curves
to her body, and fantastic tits that would make
any man water for them.

"Did you just call me, just now?" He asked her.

"No, wasn't me" she responds. "Daniel, are you

"Oh yeah," he answers, slightly confused. "Yeah

Doctor Fraiser, the beautiful petite brunette,
head of the medical staff for the SG-Teams, announces
after her examination that the Goa'uld were dead
before the hosts were. Unfortunately she can't
examine the Goa'uld corpses because there are no
dead bodies to examine. They rapidly decay and
are absorbed by the host. Each dead Goa'uld leaves
behind a protein marker inside the host when a
Goa'uld dies. This protein marker records that
the person was once a host, such as the marker
left inside Major Carter from the Touk'ra Jolinar.

The briefing continues with various speculations
as to who might have killed these Goa'ulds. O'Neil suggests the Ritu, Teal'c suggests the System Lords. General
Hammond instructs Doctor Jackson to keep
trying to translate the tablet.

During the debriefing, however, Daniel Jackson
has been on edge and is particularly interested
in the Stargate that's dialing up. After the
meeting he rushes to the window as the Stargate
engages and sees the members of SG-7. And what
he sees is the returning team looking exactly
like the corpses that they found on the planet.
He glances at Jack to see no reaction from him,
and when he looks again everyone is completely

Cut to Daniel inside his room attempting to
translate the tablet. He refines one of his
translations from 'attack' to 'enter by infiltration'.
While he concentrates on his work he suddenly
hears the Stargate dialing, but the sound is
coming from inside his closet. He cautiously
approaches it and opens the doors. He is
confronted with a Gate horizon inside it.
Confused by this, he reaches into the horizon,
only to be grabbed by the same corpse he's been
seeing everywhere.

Daniel blacks out and wakes up in the infirmary
with Colonel Jack O'Neil peering down at him.

"Hi," Jack asks. "So, you want to tell me what

"Do you believe in ghosts, Jack?" Daniel asks.

"No," Jack responds. "Can't say that I do."

"Neither do I," Daniel replies. "So there has
to be a logical reason behind this."

Daniel hesitantly tells Jack what he saw in his
closet. Not surprisingly, Jack doesn't buy it,
and from the looks on his face, neither does

The SG-1 team, minus Daniel discusses this situation. Doctor Fraiser and Doctor Mackenzie are running some
tests as to the possible side effects of Gate travel. Doctor Mackenzie points out that Colonel O'Neil has
been suffering from headaches lately.

"That's besides the point," Jack responds. "Besides,
lots of people suffer from headaches."

Worried that gating is hazardous to his peoples
mental health, General Hammond recalls all off-world teams. He also orders all SG-Teams to stand-down
until they can figure out what's going on.

"It is possible that Doctor Jackson is suffering
from schizophrenia," Doctor Mackenzie announces.
"The symptoms that he is displaying match all too

"While the mental condition doesn't run in Daniel's
family," Doctor Fraiser adds. "It is possible it
can be brought on by stressful environment. Can
anyone here say that Gate travel isn't stressful?"

It is decided that SG-1 will keep an eye on Daniel
and let him get some rest. But they are instructed
to be careful in case he gets dangerous to them,
or to himself.

Jack is entertaining Daniel in the VIP room with
a game of chess. Daniel wins (albeit complaining
that he could've won two moves ago), and Jack
suggests a game of gin. Daniel walks over to the
closet to get the cards and hears the sound of the
Gate dialing again, just like he had back in his
room. He opens the closet, expecting he'll find
the same thing there he did the last time, but
nothing is inside.

Returning to the table, they begin setting up the
game. However, before they can start, Daniel
hears that nasty squeaking sound the Goa'ulds
make. He looks up and sees a Goa'uld climbing
around on Jack's arm.

Jack, remaining oblivious to the creature, deals
the cards while Daniel does his best to ignore
the fact that Jack is about to be attacked by
the creepy, slimy Goa'uld.

When the worm finally enters Jack, he's still
oblivious to it and Daniel lunges at him to
remove it.

The StarGate Command doctors believe that Doctor
Jackson as suffered a breakdown. The scene moves
to a mental institution where we see the remaining
member of SG-1 approaching the door to Daniel's
padded cell room. They enter the white, padded
room where Daniel is lying on the ground, shaking.

He can't see very well since they took his glasses
to prevent him from injuring himself. SG-1, in
particular, Samantha Carter who seems on the
verge of tears during this whole scene, is upset
with this sight. This is especially visible when
Daniel starts crying in front of them. He
apologizes profusely to his friends.

They talk for awhile, Daniel says the Goa'uld are
infiltrating the people in the base. He scrambles
raving albeit very restrained psychotic, hides in
a corner, and sees that nasty corpse standing
next to Teal'c.

"There is no one next to me, Doctor Jackson,"
Teal'c tells him.

Daniel tries to attack the hallucinatory corpse.
Teal'c grabs him and Daniel sees an iridescent
little glob of goo leave him and enter Teal'c.

The doctors have no choice but to medicate Daniel
in order to restrain him. In the midst of this
Daniel hears another disembodied voice, Ma'Chello's
voice, 'thanking him for delivering him to the vile

SG-1 returns to the SGC. More problems arise,
however, when Teal'c keels over.

Back at the asylum, Daniel is having a sudden
revelation about Ma'Chello and his killing
devices Teal'c is taken to the SG-Infirmary.

"Teal'c's larvae is dying," Doctor Fraiser announces.
"We have a day, maybe two, before the larval Goa'uld
and Teal'c die. I'd connect this with Daniel's,
except the symptoms just don't match. We don't
know what to do to help Teal'c."

Daniel, meanwhile, is trying to fight the drugs
out of his system so he can think clearly again.
He declares himself cured and tells Doctor
Mackenzie and ask him to contact the SGC and find
out if Teal'c is sick. If Teal'c is, in fact, sick,
then Daniel demands to talk to Colonel O'Neil.

Doctor Mackenzie reluctantly agrees to this. At
the base, General Hammond informs Colonel O'Neil
of Daniel's request, and O'Neil takes off to talk
to him.

Daniel explains his theory that Ma'Chello must have
developed some kind of Goa'uld killing device and
that's what's been making him go nuts. If it invades
a normal person, as opposed to a Goa'uld host, it
just gives the person schizophrenic symptoms (i.e.
hallucinations, hearing things, yadda-yadda-yadda).
If, however, it invades a Goa'uld host, it kills
the Goa'uld. Since the iridescent blob passed from
Daniel to Teal'c, Daniel is better and now Teal'c
is the one who's sick.

Jack brings Daniel back to the SG-Infirmary where
Sam is waiting.

"How can that be Daniel?" She says. "Ma'Chello has
been dead for the past six months, while these corpses
have only been dead one month."

"Well then, maybe Ma'Chello planted the killing
things months before. Maybe even years," Daniel
counters. "Just waiting for a Goa'uld to come along
and free them."

"Like a land mine," Jack interjects.

"Yes," Daniel agrees. "Yes, exactly. People are
still being maimed by mines from World War One,
even though those that laid them have long since

"We crated and catalogued everything that we brought
back of Ma'Chello's to Area-51," Sam suggests.
"Maybe if we look through it we may see something

From this point forward is where my story diverges
from the one that you all saw during the regular
broadcast. Hope you enjoy this alternate storyline
which I call "Legacy's Side Effect".

Legacy's Side Effect
Chapter One

The SG-1 team scans the computer files of Ma'Chello's
inventions for something that might look familiar
to them.

"Right there!" Colonel Jack O'Neil exclaims,
seeing one of the Ga'ould reading pad on the
computer's screen.

"I picked that up in the Linveress chamber,"
Daniel Jackson mumbles.

"Why did he make so many Page Turning Devices(PTD)?"
Doctor Fraiser asked.

"Could be our land mines," Major Samantha Carter

It took a few hours to get those items delivered
into the Mountain Base from Area-51.

Doctor Fraiser, Major Carter and Colonel O'Neil
moved into the isolation room to investigate the
suspicious PTDs more closely.

Sam and Doctor Fraiser slip their arms into the
isolation gloves of a smaller containment chamber,
where the Ma'Chello PTDs were waiting for them.

"On the right is the PTD from Linveress," Doctor
Fraiser dictated as she conducted the examination
of the device. "And the one on the left is from

"They look exactly like the one's we found on
Argos," Carter observed. "The Linveress Ga'oulds
probably thought that it was one of their own."

"Good way to hide a mine," Jack added.

"Yeah!" Sam agreed with her commander. "Question
is, how do we set it off?"

Sam tries tapping on the PTD with an instrument
to see if a reaction can be caused. But nothing

"Okay, uhm!" Doctor Fraiser considers what else
they could try next. "Lets see what happens when
we use it on the reading tablet."

Sam passes the PTD over the tablet and ten glowing
organism seem to seep out of the PTD itself. These
creatures look a lot like fast moving slugs.

"There they are," Doctor Fraiser exclaims.
"I'm counting five... eight... ten. Ten all
together. So, if all of the PTDs are the same,
we're looking at ten per device."

"That explains how I got infected," Daniel interjects
from behind the observation window of the hot-room.
"There were nine Ga'oulds on Linveress..."

"And when you activated the device," Sam completed
his thought. "The last one found its way into you."

"Okay then," Doctor Fraiser turns her attention back
to the slugs. "Lets see if we can immobilize one and
put it under the scope."

The ten slugs scurry around the glove-box, but
amazingly they pass through its walls and gloves

Four of them crawl over Sam's body, while Doctor
Fraiser is invaded by three of the Ga'Ould hunting
slugs. Both women pull their arms out of the
glove-box in a panic.

"Gloves are breached!" Doctor Fraiser exclaims
excitedly, urgently pulling her hands out of the

"Woah!" Is Carter's response, as she desperately
tries to brush off the creatures.

But its too late for both of them. The slugs have
already infiltrated their bodies. The remaining
four creatures scurry across the room and invade
Jack's body as well.

The creatures can be seen as they travel under
their skins.

"Great!" Jack say nonchalantly.

General Hammond joins Doctor Jackson in the
observation booth.

"We have a breach," Daniel informs the General.

"Is there any chance of further contamination
to the Base?" The General asked the three
infected officers.

"Judging by what happened to Daniel Sir," Doctor
Fraiser explains. "As long as we stay in here.
That we don't go near anybody else. The Base is
probably secure."

The General orders the remaining medical staff to
the observation booth of the hot-room to help in
the crisis.

"Anything we can do from in here?" Jack asked.

"Nothing Colonel," Doctor Fraiser answered him.
"All of the specimens are inside of us. Since we
are infected by multiple organisms, we can expect
our symptoms to be rapidly acute."

Chapter Two

Doctor Fraiser slumps to the floor in despair of
their predicament. Having witnessed how these
creatures affected Doctor Jackson, and what was
to overcome them soon.

"I'd like to apologize in advance," Colonel O'Neil
responds sarcastically, though honestly, to their
predicament. "For anything I might say, or do,
that may be construed as offensive as I slowly
go, NUTS!"

"Likewise Colonel," Doctor Fraiser concurs.

Within moments Jack and the doctor begin feeling
the first effects of the creatures that have
invaded their bodies. It starts with their
vision blurring. All the while, Major Carter seems
unaffected by any side-effects that the others are
experiencing. Sam approaches her two fallen comrades in concern.

"Colonel?" Sam ask, then turns towards the
doctor. "Janet?"

"Carter?" Jack ask wearily.

"Sir," Carter responds. "There's nothing wrong
with me, sir."

"Sam," Daniel interjects through the speakers.
"You've got four of those things in you."

"Well, I..." she responds, puzzled herself.
"I know that. But I feel fine."

Just then, Colonel O'Neil crashes to the floor.

"You... you're not seeing..." Jack questions
Sam. "Or hearing any of this stuff."

Jack is of course referring to the blurred
visions that he is experiencing.

"No sir," Carter answers him. "I feel completely
normal. Somehow, I must be immune to them."

The other Base physicians finally arrive in
the observation booth. After an update on the
crisis from General Hammond, they begin to
consider what they can do to assist.

"Doctor Fraiser," Doctor Mackenzie calls out
via the intercom. "What can I do to assist?"

"Uh!?" She responds. "Not much I'm afraid."

"Doctor," Carter interrupts. "There's nothing
wrong with me. Sir, I'd like Doctor Mackenzie
to... to take some test on me. Maybe he can
figure out why I seem to be immune."

"I'm afraid that's not possible Major," General
Hammond breaks in. "That would jeopardize another
person from being contaminated, if not the entire

Inside the observation booth, they confer for a
few moments. Trying to consider that options
still available to them in this emergency.

"Doctor Mackenzie will stay here," the General
informs Sam. "We'll get whoever else you think
that might be able to help. But you're going to
have to figure it out from in there Major Carter."

"I understand Sir," Carter acknowledges his

She turns and starts pacing, when a sharp pain
hits her temples. As powerful a migraine as she
had ever felt.

"Woah!" She exclaims. "I think I spoke too

"What's wrong?" Daniel ask, concerned.

"Yeow God!" Sam tries to describe her symptoms.
"Something's happening."

Just then, the leech-like creatures seep out of
her ear. They glop to the ground like globs of
goo. One after another they land on the ground
and seemingly die.

Carter experimentally prods at them, getting no

"I think they're dead," Sam informs them. "Daniel,
I could have sworn that I heard..."

"Ma'Chello!" Daniel finishes her sentence.

"Yes," Sam agrees with him. "He told me that
'my Ga'Ould captor was dead'. But I... I don't
have a Ga'Ould."

"You did," Daniel says after a moments

Carter takes a moment to reflect on that

"That has to be it," Carter concludes. "Janet
said that when a Ga'Ould dies, it dissolves into
a host and leaves a unique protein marker."

"Then, the Ga'Ould killing inventions died
because they detected the protein marker," Daniel

Carter confirms his conclusion by shacking her
head 'yes'.

Now with an apparent solution in sight, Sam
approaches a now shacking Doctor Fraiser lying
on the floor.

"Janet," Carter ask. "Can you hear me?" She
pauses. "Can we extract my blood and inject it
into everyone that is infected?"

"No, your blood types don't match," Doctor Mackenzie
interrupts. "You'd have to separate the protein
from the rest of the blood."

"Okay," Sam understands the details. "Ho... how
do I do that?"

Doctor Mackenzie give Major Carter an extensive
list on the reasons why she couldn't possibly
do that. He goes on to explain the lack of the
necessary equipment in the hot-room that she is
confined in. Then, he goes on into the amount
of time that it would require to separate the
right protein markers. Not to mention identifying
the specific marker itself.

"Okay, okay," Carter shakes her head in frustration.
"I get the point."

"Cent... centrifuge," Doctor Fraiser utters shakily
from the floor.

"What?" Sam rushes to Janet. "What about the

Doctor Mackenzie soon realizes what Doctor Fraiser
is trying to convey to them.

"If you can separate your plasma from your red
cells," Doctor Mackenzie explains quickly. "We
can use that. There won't be any need to locate
the specific protein. We'll simply inject them
all into them."

Sam starts to work immediately on drawing her own
blood in order to retrieve her plasma. This plasma
is hoped to free her comrades of Ma'Chello's Ga'Ould
killing slugs.

While she works frantically on this cure, her two
friends were just shaking humps on the floor.
Unknown to her, at her back, Doctor Fraiser was
stripping off her uniform.

"Hot, so hot," Janet was complaining as she tore
at her uniform.

Chapter Three

While Major Samantha Carter was busy concentrating
on preparing her blood for the centrifuge to separate
the plasma, to be used as a cure for her two comrades,
behind her Doctor Janet Fraiser and Colonel Jack
O'Neil were falling deeper into a psychotic episode.
This was being caused by the Ga'Ould killing slugs
that had invaded their bodies.

By now, Doctor Fraiser had literally ripped her
shirt off of her chest and was frantically pulling
on her bra. Colonel O'Neil was in no better shape,
he was rubbing his crotch with one hand while
trying to pry open its waistband with the other.

Carter was unaware of what they were doing to
themselves, nor were the observers behind the
observation booths glass. They were all paying
closer attention on how she was doing in her
medical preparation, and nobody was keeping an
eye on the inflicted patients.

Samantha was just getting finished preparing the
test-tubes of her blood for the centrifuge when
all hell broke loose.

Jack had reached Janet's position and was ripping
her skirt off, just as the petite doctor was
crawling towards Sam's position. Before she
even got close to Carter, her skirt was pulled
off, and her panties were following suit thanks
to Jack's pulling and clawing hands. Her tits
were hanging under her chest now that her bra
had gone the route of her shirt just moments

The two inflicted people approached Major Carter's
position stealthily, hidden from site by the
interments and tables that blocked them from
view to the observation booth.

"What now?" Carter asked Doctor Mackenzie,
holding up her blood.

"Insert them in the centrifuge and turn it on,"
he instructed her. "It should only take a few

She did as instructed, but before she could
switch on the centrifuge she was grabbed from
behind at her waist and dragged to the floor.
When she turned around to see who had assaulted
her, she was shocked to see the petite brunette
doctor was the culprit. She was also surprised
to see her state of undress.

"Janet," she shouted. "Wha... what are you doing?
Stop this. Stop it right now."

"Hot, so hot," was all that Janet Fraiser could

"Major!" The General shouted in alarm when he saw
her being pulled behind the table so suddenly.
"Major Carter, is everything all right?"

"Ungh! It's Doctor Fraiser, General," Sam
yelled back. "Sh... she seems in a... a state
of... of sexual arousal."

Turning back to the others in the observation
booth, the General began asking questions.

"I thought that the devices only created a
schizophrenic symptom?" He asked.

"Well, General," Doctor Mackenzie interjected.
"To be perfectly frank, we only had Doctor
Jackson's experience to determine that.
It is possible that they will react differently
according to the individual."

"Or it might be the number that invaded their
bodies that is causing this different reaction,"
Daniel added.

The General turned back to the window, searching
for the three trapped people. But they were
hidden from view at the moment.

"Major Carter," he called out. "Are you all

"Ye... yes Sir," she uttered to them. "It's a...
a bit of an emb... embarrassing situation though."

"Understood," he told her. "I'm going to switch
off the surveillance cameras. No need to
traumatize anybody with video of this."

"Tha... thank you Sir," Sam breathed a sigh of
relief. 'At least there is that,' she thought
to herself.

"I want everybody but Doctor Mackenzie out of
the observation booth," the General ordered.

As the people evacuated the booth, giving Major
Carter and the others some measure of privacy,
Sam would now have to try to get back to the
centrifuge to switch it on and get what is hoped
to be a cure for her comrades.

She turned her attention back to Janet who was
trying to undo her waistband of her combat pants.
She had to continuously pull the doctor's hands
away from her pants to save herself from this attack.

"Damn, I'm horny," she heard Jack's voice.

When Samantha looked up, she saw Jack climbing
over Janet towards her. His pants down around
his ankles and his nine inch cock poking at the
Janet's ass as he came closer.

'Oh no!' She screamed in her mind. 'Both of them
are in a sexual frenzy.'

Jack landed hard on her, slamming her on her back
to the floor. He landed on her in such a position
that her arms were pinned to her side by his knees.
She was now helpless to prevent Janet from pulling
at her pants, while Jack was ripping her shirt off
of her chest, exposing her bra confined tits.

She could feel her combat pants sliding down her
calves, exposing her panties to the excited doctor.

"Don... don't," Carter pleads. "Please Janet,
don't do this. Jack, you have to control yourself,

Disregarding her pleas, Jack squeezes her tits
painfully, causing her to moan out in agony.

At that same instant, Doctor Fraiser buried
her face in Sam's crotch, licking her pussylips
hungrily. And all that she can do was squirm
anxiously against her captors.

Doctor Fraiser began rubbing her hands along
Carter's, now exposed calves. She seemed to
know what she was doing with her, and Sam begins
to wonder about her sexual orientation during
her off time.

'Is Janet a lesbian?' She considered that for
a moment. 'Or maybe she's bisexual?'

Jack bends over and begins sucking on Carter's
exposed tits, taking in one nipple then the other
into his mouth. Sam can only squirm more at this
double attack that she has to endure. She looks
up for any sign of help from the others, but she
knows that they couldn't risk coming into the
hot-room, for fear on infecting the whole Base
with Ma'Chello's slugs.

Whatever is to happen here, she is on her own.

"Ugnnh! Oh God!" She yells out, as Janet
bites her clit.

Jack chooses this moment to slide himself higher
on her chest. His stiff hot cock is now resting
in the cleavage of her tit-mounds. As she looks
down Samantha can see the one-eye monster of his
cock aimed at her face. She instinctively closes
her eyes to protect them.

With her eyes now closed, she wasn't prepare for
what happened next. She felt Jack's hand pushing
against the side of her tits and crushing his
hardon between her two globes. When she opened
her eyes to see what was going on, he started
rocking himself across her chest. Fucking his
cock in and out of her cleavage for a titty-fuck.

Sam was mesmerized at the sight of his cockhead
popping in and out of the top of the cleavage,
nearly brushing her lips with each stroke.

With her attention drawn to Jack's fucking cock,
she was forgetting all about Janet ravishing her
pussy. Then she felt her petite friend drive her
tongue into her cunt.

"Oh shiiit!" She exclaimed involuntarily. "That
feels goood!"

She was losing her self-control over this situation.
Though she was no longer being affected by the
Ga'Ould killing slugs, she was still human. And
now her body was betraying her. She could feel a
wetness building between her legs, and she was sure
that Janet could smell her by now too. She could
feel her nipples stiffening under Jack's manipulating

And the sight of Jack's raging hardon at her face
wasn't helping matters any either. She was starting
to succumb to her own desires because of their
attack on her. She was beginning to wonder how
Colonel O'Neil's cock would taste, and his cum.
For that matter, she was beginning to wonder what
Doctor Fraiser's pussy might taste like. Maybe
she'd have a chance to find out for herself at a
later date.

"Oh yeah!" Jack groaned. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I
love fucking!"

"Mmmmmmmmh!" Doctor Fraiser moaned as she continued
licking Carter's cunt.

"Ohhh! Gggoddd!" Carter groans under the double

Without any conscious thought, Sam leaned her head
forward and licked Jack's cock the next time it
poked out of her cleavage. And then again the
next time, and the next time after that.

Jack could feel her tongue on his cockhead and
decided to change things around a bit. He released
her tits and crawled further up her chest, until
his cock was at the entrance to Major Carter's mouth.

Samantha realized what he was looking for, and
she was too far gone to control herself by now.
So, willingly, she parted her lips slightly and
let him gain entry to her mouth.

Jack didn't miss this invitation. He lunged forward
and shoved half his cock past her lips, into her
mouth. Sam choked on that initial lunge. Their
present position didn't allow him to enter her
throat, so his cock could only hit bottom at the
back of her mouth.

Then, without warning, Janet stuck her middle
finger up Samantha's ass.

"Ohh!" Carter exclaimed at the surprise

She had never had anything up her ass, ever.
Though sexually active when she could find the
time, she was always against the idea of sodomy.
And with her combat training, she never had any
problem convincing her sexual partner of the
moment to not even consider trying it.

But on this occasion, she found herself helpless
to prevent Janet from prodding her anal passage.
And being a doctor, Janet knew just what to do
to excite the blonde beauty with her finger. She
shoved her finger past her first knuckle, while
still licking Sam's clit and pussy.

"Mmmmh!" Was all Sam could utter, with her mouth
still plugged by Jack's cock.

She found herself lifting her knees off of the
ground and opening herself further for Janet.
Making it easier for the petite doctor to
explore her groin.

Jack grabbed her short hair and pulled her head
up higher off the ground. This allowed him to
fuck another few inches of cock down her gullet.

Carter could only look up, pleadingly, at him.
She began slurping her tongue around his cockhead
every chance she had. She knew that she shouldn't
be doing this, but she couldn't help herself.

Janet didn't waste any time with subjugating her
lover. She buried her finger to the next knuckle,
while shoving another in her now gaping pussy.
While at the same time she sucked on Sam's
blood engorged clit.

Jack reaches behind him and pinches Sam's nipples
painfully. But rather than be outraged at his
inflicting of pain, she starts to find the pain
enjoyable. It excites her more and more. She can
just imagine how wet her pussy must look to Janet
by now.

"Oh suck it," Jack says. "Suck my cock. I like
being sucked, don't you?"

"Mmmmmmmmh! Mmmmmmm!" Is all that escapes her

In his sexual daze, Jack takes that to mean yes,
though she might well have meant; 'get off me you
mother fucker.'

Major Carter suddenly arches her back as she
exploded into the most powerful orgasm she had
ever experienced. Janet plastered her mouth to
Sam's pussy, not willing to lose a drop of her
friend's female cum as it came shooting out of
the blonde-haired Major.

At that same moment, Jack begins shooting his
cum in her gulping mouth. At first she chokes
a bit on this sudden surge of jism, but she soon
recomposes herself and begins to swallow the
warm fluid feverishly.

"Oh yeah!" Jack groans. "Swallow it. Drink
all of my seed Carter. You don't know how long
I've wanted to shut your mouth with my cock.
You with all that techno-mumbo-jumbo."

"Mmmmmm!" Was Carter's only response.

Meanwhile, Doctor Fraiser was still busily
sucking the life-fluids out of her seeping
pussy. Major Carter had lost count on how
many times she had orgasmed so far, but she
knew that it was the most of any sexual
encounter she had ever had before.

Janet stuffed a second finger into Samantha's
virgin ass, and did the same with her hand at
her pussy. She would occasionally bite down
on Carter's clit, sending an electric shock
into the helpless blonde's heart.

Finally, Samantha could feel, and taste, cum
shooting into her mouth. Jack was shooting
hard spurts of jism into his captive's mouth,
all the while he kept humping her face with
his still hard cock. He would grab her short
blonde hair and force her face further into
his crotch.

Carter let him do this, knowing that the sooner
she got him soft, the sooner she would be free
of his mind altered sexual aggressiveness.

Janet then shoved a third, then a fourth finger
past Sam's over-stretched pussy. She didn't
know how much more of this she could handle.
But the petite doctor didn't seem to care for
her blonde friend, she continued to ravage both
her rear entrances ferociously.

"Ohhhh! Mmmmmmmm!" Carter groaned as Janet
continued her assault.

Before Colonel O'Neil finished cumming into her
mouth, he unexpectedly pulled his spurting cock
out of her mouth and proceeded filling a large
test-tube with his seed.

Carter could only stare at his spurting cock as
it filled the transparent container just over
her head.

'What a waste,' she embarrassingly thought to

When he finally finished cumming, the test-tube
was almost filled to capacity. He then grabbed
a rubber plug from the table and sealed the
creamy jism, for freshness. Then he got off
of Carter's chest and sat back to watch Doctor
Fraiser and her antics with the beautiful Major.

By this time Janet was trying to fit her whole
hand past Sam's tight cunt.

"Ohhh! Goddd, Janet," Sam groaned. "Stop!
Please stop. You're killing me."

Janet's only response was to bite hard on Sam's
blood engorged clit.

"Aiieeee!" Sam screamed in pain.

Her momentary lapse of resistance, to concentrate
on the pain Janet had just caused, was all that
the good doctor needed. Sam's pussy muscles
relaxed just enough to allow her to shove her
whole fist into Major Carter's pussy.

"Fucking shit!" She heard Jack exclaim. "I
always knew you were a loose bitch."

When she looked over at him, she was shocked
to see that his cock was back to its full
hardness once more. She felt sure that he
would have been put out of action for a while
after having just shot such an impressive
amount of sperm.

"I love your pussy Sam," she heard Janet say.
"I want to empty your cum. Give me all of
your cum sweetie."

Sam had never heard Janet using any foul language
in all the time she had know her. She couldn't
believe the aggressiveness that she was using
on her poor vagina. That this petite woman,
whom she felt was one of her best friends here
at the base, would betray her in such a
depraved fashion.

Then she remembered that both of her comrades
were not acting normally. They were being
influenced by Ma'Chello's damn Ga'Ould killing
slugs. Then she also recalled that the cure
was just a few feet away. If only she could
get back to the centrifuge so that she could
turn it on.

But now, she had more things to worry about.
Specifically, Janet's fist, that was now
ramming itself feverishly into her pussy.
Like a gigantic cock, the doctor's hand slid
in and out of her wet, squishing cunt.

Sam couldn't believe that her pussy could
handle something so large, so easily. She
expected it to be unbearable. But instead,
she was finding the whole experience the
most exciting thing that she had ever felt
before. She found herself orgasming just
at the thought of it. The added female
cum helped lubricate Janet's fist that
much more.

"Oh shit Janet," Sam moaned this time. "That
makes me so hot. Don't stop. Don't you ever

On the sideline, Colonel O'neil was busily
stroking his cock while watching the female
action before him. Before long he started
cumming again. He reached over and grabbed
a large beaker and started filling that one
as well.

Without any conscious thought, Major Carter's
hand reached down and began stroking Janet's
hair, as the petite brunette kept fucking into
the blonde's pussy and ass with her fingers
and hands. All the while keeping her mouth
busy on Sam's clit.

In response to the doctor's multiple attack,
Sam began humping her groin in time with her
friend's fucking hand. She wanted to be
fucked by her fist. She wanted to feel
those fingers invading her ass. she was
in ecstasy.

Chapter Four

Doctor Janet Fraiser had been viciously ravaging
Major Samantha Carter's rear orifices for close
to an hour already. And she was showing no
sign off slacking off on this.

Sam had lost count of her orgasms a long time
ago. Now she could only concentrate on the
next one to come. She had completely forgotten
about Colonel O'Neil, who had just emptied
his balls for a second time just moments

Her attention was brought back to his presence
when she felt lips and tongue around her stiff
nipples. When she opened her eyes she wasn't
surprised to see her commander busily suckling
on her ripe breast. His initial contact to
her sensitive nipples was enough to cause
her to arch her back in ecstasy.

"Oh yessss Jack," she moaned. "Lick my tits.
Suck on them. Bite them."

He was only to happy to comply. He brought his
mouth to one hard nipple bud and bit down on it.
And with his free hand he pinched the other.

"Ohhhhhh!" Carter groaned.

Janet had managed to shove her fist past her
wrist. But still she tried pushing more in.

"You fucking blonde tease," Jack said. "You
deserve what you're getting."

"Yes Jack," she agreed with him. "Teach me a
lesson. Bite my other tit."

Jack followed her directions and switched to
the other nipple and bit on that one, leaving
his teeth marks on it.

"You see bitch," he told her. "I just branded
you with my mark."

"Yes Jack," Sam groaned. "That means that I'm
yours now. I'm your property to do with as you

Jack reached behind him and grabbed the cum-filled
beaker and pulled Janet's ass around so that it
was at his side. Then he pulled the rubber-stopper
and stuffed the beaker's mouth at the doctor's pussy
and shoved it in.

Sam could see what Jack was doing to Janet, but
the doctor didn't seem to care what was going on
at her pussy entrance. She was too engrossed in
Samantha's pussy to care.

Carter just watched mesmerized as she could see
Jack's creamy jism empty into her petite friend's

'What is Jack trying to do?' She tried to figure
out his intentions. 'Is he trying to impregnate

Having no idea what his true intentions were,
and with her concentration being split in so
many directions. Sam soon lost interest in
the emptying beaker of cum. She just returned
her attention to the fisting she was receiving,
and the suckling he was giving her tits.

Then, without any forewarning, Jack pulled away
from her tits and roughly pulled Doctor Fraiser's
fist out of Sam's tight pussy.

"Aiiiieeee!" Carter yelled. "What the fuck do
you think you're doing Jack O'Neil?"

"Shut up, you stuck up bitch," he shouted back.

He shoved Janet towards Samantha's head and
took position at Sam's groin. Carter understood
what he wanted to do next. He wanted to bury
his nine-inch cock in her now loosened pussy.
But what will Janet do now?

Her question was soon answered when she saw
Janet straddle her head. Looking up, she could
see how wet the petite doctor's pussy was. She
could also see Jack's cum leaking out of her
friend's pussy.

'Now I know why Jack did what he did,' she

Then she felt Jack's probing cockhead stroking
along her sensitive pussylips.

'It wouldn't be long now,' she thought. 'I'll
be getting his cock any second now.'

She wasn't mistaken in her analysis. In one
swift stroke, he buried all of his nine inches
into her now over-stretched pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck," Sam moaned.

In the middle of her utterance, a drop of Jack's
cum landed in her open mouth. Followed only
moments later by Janet's pussylips smashing
around her mouth. At first she resisted the
temptation of doing anything of the lesbian
nature, but then she thought how good Janet
was at sucking her pussy earlier. It made her
wonder what her friend found so good about woman
loving. So, experimentally, Sam slipped her
tongue out and ran it across the doctor's
overexcited pussylips.

'Mmmmm!' She thought to herself. 'That's not
so bad.'

But after further consideration, she realized
that she was actually tasting more of Jack's
seeping sperm, rather than Janet's feminine

'Guess the only way to get a real taste of her
is to clean her out first,' she concluded.

Without giving any further thought to it, Sam
plastered her mouth to Janet's pussy with the
voluntary notion of eating her friend out as
fast as she could.

"Mmmmmm!" Janet moaned at Sam's tonguing.

Meanwhile, Jack was busily humping his ass
off trying to make Sam feel his sturdiness
inside of her. That would be a major challenge,
since his cock would prove insufficient to match
the girth of Janet's fist from earlier. So,
thanks to Doctor Fraiser's overworking her
pussy, Sam barely noticed Jack's fucking.

Janet was undulating her hips over Sam's
face. Trying to get her pussy sucked deeper
by the novice pussy lapper.

Sam tried to comply by stretching her tongue
muscle to its limit. As curious as she was
about tasting female cum for the first time,
all that she could taste still was Jack's cum
that had filled the doctor's cunt.

Without realizing it, Sam had reached her hands
up and was masticating Janet's stiff nipples.

"Mmmmm!" The doctor moaned. "Yes Sam. Rub
my tits. Pinch my nipples if you want."

As if hypnotized, Sam did just that. She began
pinching Janet's hardened nipples until she
heard the doctor squeal in delight.

Jack was getting frustrated that Carter wasn't
feeling his cock in her pussy. So he pulled
out and decided on another course of action.

Lifting her legs by the knees, up to Janet's
back, he aimed his cock to her virgin asshole.
He moved forward till his cockhead began pushing
against the tight opening of her sphincter. Then
he began pushing forward, trying to break past
the tight opening.

"Mmmmmh!" Carter tried objecting to his forward
movement, past Janet's pussy. "Donmmmm."

But regardless, he wouldn't have paid any attention
to her objections in his present mental condition
anyway. He continued trying to break past her

Janet was feeling Sam relaxing too much on her
pussy, so she reached back and twisted the
Major's nipples to remind her of her duty to
her wanting pussy. Sam had no choice but to
resume sucking on the petite doctor's cum
filled pussy. She could only hope that the
Colonel would stop before things went to far.

She had no such luck. She finally felt his
cockhead get past her tight sphincter. And
in his state of mind, he didn't give her an
opportunity to get accustomed to his large
presence in her ass. he immediately began
thrusting his nine inch cock into her virgin

"Godmmmmm!" She groaned at the invading cock
through her pussy stuffed mouth.

She hadn't even noticed that she had cleaned
out the last of Jack's cum of Doctor Fraiser's
cunt. That she was finally getting a taste of
Janet's juices. She was finally tasting female
cum for the first time in her life.

Jack pushed her legs back until Janet could take
hold of them and placed them under her armpit,
almost bending her in half at the waist. This
gave Jack a perfect angle of attack into her
poor asshole.

Sam was beginning to feel her back muscles ache
from the strain of such an awkward position.
But she was in no position to even voice her
objections, as Janet's cunt squashed down even
harder down on her face. So, she gave up
trying to break free, and rather concentrated
on getting her two infected comrades satisfied
enough so that she could reach the centrifuge.

"Oh fuck, Doc," Jack shouted. "Carter's one
damn fine lay, don't you think?"

"If you say so, Colonel," Janet responded.
"Never tried fucking her myself yet."

"Well, take my word for it," he said. "She is.
Maybe you and she can try a little strap-on
fuck later. Off base that is."

"Now there's a pleasant thought," the doctor

Sam couldn't believe her ears. Despite the
obvious influence of Ma'Chello's slugs, her
two friends seemed to be planning further
vulgarities on her for later. Though the
notion of having Janet fuck her with, what
did Jack call it, a strap-on. Whatever that

As Jack continued fucking her ass he noticed
her pussy gaping open in shut, looking so much
like a heart valve. He decided to try what
the good doctor had earlier.

With his cock still stuck up her ass, he brought
his hand down to her gaping cunt and inserted
two fingers inside of her. Then he added
another, then yet a fourth. Finally he gave
the final push and shoved his whole hand inside
her pussy.

"Good Godddd! Mmmmmh!" Carter shouted through
Janet's pussy.

"You said it sister," Jack added.

Sam couldn't believe the sensation of having
Jack's hand fisting her pussy. It felt like
she could feel both his cock and fist rubbing
against each other. But she knew that there
was a membrane separating each. The strange
friction of his members caused her to orgasm
once more, soaking his hand and lubricating
it further.

"Ooooh! Suck my juices Samantha," Janet said,
orgasming. "Just drink it all up like a good

Sam didn't really have a choice in the matter.
It was drink and swallow her cum, or drown in
it. Swallowing Doctor Fraiser's cum for the
first time triggered yet another orgasm in
herself too. She had given up trying to keep
track of how many she had had already.

"Here it comes baby," Jack exclaimed, as he
shot his load into her ass. "Take it girl.
All of it. It's all for you."

And yet another orgasm hit Carter before the
last one had even subsided yet. She was
exhausted from their rape attack on her.
She didn't know how she was going to be
able to finish with the plasma extraction,
but she knew that she had to.

Chapter Five

Doctor Mackenzie could only watch helplessly
from behind the glass partition of the
observation booth as Major Carter suffered
through the indignation of rape. Though he
couldn't clearly see what was happening, he
could hear them via the intercom. He could
well imagine what the Colonel and Doctor
Fraiser was doing to the beautiful blonde
woman that was Major Carter. Even though
he knew that the attackers weren't in their
right frame of mind.

And as disgusted as he was with what he was
seeing, his body reacted as any normal man's
would. He had a raging hardon and he had
to relieve himself the best way he could
under these circumstances. So he pulled
out a latex glove from his lab-coat and
used it as a condom, shooting his cum into
their fingertips.

He couldn't believe that his colleague, Doctor
Janet Fraiser, which he admired greatly, could
be so cruel and abusive. Many times he had
thought about asking her out to dinner but
backed out. Now he realized that she would
have likely turned him down anyway, being
lesbian and all.

He could also see Major Carter's resistance
against her lesbian rape, and he knew that
she would have to go through months of
counseling after all of this was done.
Not just for the lesbian rape, but for
Colonel O'Neil's raping her as well.

Then he saw his female colleague fall off of
the prone Major and drop to the floor
exhausted. She was followed soon after by
Colonel O'Neil. He switched on the speakers

"Major?" He called out. "Major Carter? Are
you all right?"

Then he saw her slim hand grasp the edge of
the table. He kept watching as she managed
to pull herself up to table level.

"I... I'm here Doctor Mackenzie," she gasped.

"Are you okay?" He asked again.

"Uh? Oh, yes sir," she looked up. "I'm fine.
A... as good as can be expected, I guess."

She didn't even take notice of her nudity
in front of Doctor Mackenzie. She just
pulled herself along the table towards the
centrifuge machine.

"Can you continue?" He asked her. "You
should cover yourself, Major."

For the first time she remembered that her
attackers had ripped her clothing off of
her body. She looked down at herself and
blushed at the knowledge that Doctor Mackenzie
could see her in this state. She could see
globs of Jack's cum along her legs. Even on
her tits. And she suspected that some could
be seen on her face and hair as well.

"I... I guess I have to," she answered him.
"Wh... what do I do next, sir?"

"You only have to switch the centrifuge on,"
he instructed her. "It should only take about
ten minutes. While you're waiting, see if
you can find some dry-ice in the freezer."

For the next five minutes he explained the
procedure that she would have to use to
separate the plasma from her red-blood
cells. This serum could then be injected
safely into Colonel O'Neil and Doctor Fraiser.
Hopefully giving them the markers that had
rendered her immune in the process.

Carter would occasionally glance back at
the slumbering twosome on the floor to make
sure that they were still unconscious. She
was gratified to see that she was still safe
from further assault on their part. At least
for the moment. She returned to concentrating
on her primary task.

'I wish I could spend more time with Janet,'
her thoughts betrayed her.

Glancing back at the naked doctor, she could
feel her loin get damp again from her own
arousal. Though that was her first lesbian
experience, she found it an exhilarating one
nonetheless. He eyes kept shooting back at
the petite, naked, brunette on the floor near

Glancing over to the observation booth, she
could see that Doctor Mackenzie was still
watching what she was doing. Even if she
wanted to, she couldn't see how she could
get away with rejoining Janet on the floor.

Then a thought hit her. Janet was on the floor,
hidden from Doctor Mackenzie's sight. What if
she faked being dragged down again.

The centrifuge was still processing. Everything
else was ready for the next step. Samantha
figured she had a couple of more minutes to
spare, so she decided to go ahead with that

"Ohhh!" She exclaimed as she dropped down
behind the table.

"Major!" Doctor Mackenzie cried out. "Are
you all right?"

"I'm... I'm fine doctor," Sam carried through
with her planned charade. "They woke up again.
I... I think I'm going to have to go through it

"I'm so sorry Major," Doctor Mackenzie professed
his apologies. "I wish there was something I
could do to help."

Carter didn't bother answering him, she had
already buried her face in Doctor Fraiser's
pussy and was lapping at her feverishly. She
then decided that she wanted her own pussy
taken care of as well. So she flipped herself
around and straddled Janet's face in the hopes
that her friend would waken soon to relieve her
own sexual needs.

Carter wasn't to be disappointed. Thanks mostly
to her licking and sucking of Janet's pussy, the
petite doctor was stirring back to life.

The first thing that greeted Janet's sight
was Sam's blonde pussy above her head. She
simply smiled and lifted her mouth to the
pussylips being offered her and began shooting
her tongue inside its folds.

"Oooh! Yessss!" Sam groaned as she felt
Janet's tongue in her wet cunt.

The two women began rocking each other from
side to side. After a few moments of this,
they found themselves rolling on the floor.
Now Doctor Fraiser was on top and Samantha
was laying on her back. All the while they
never missed a stroke in each others pussy.

The aroma of female cum was pungent in the
laboratory. So strong was it that it began
to stir Colonel O'Neil from his own slumber.

Jack's cock had begun stirring to life even
before he started regaining consciousness.
By the time he had awakened completely, his
cock was already hard and ready for action.

It took him a few seconds to get his bearings,
but his arousal by Ma'Chello's slugs didn't
allow him any time to think of what to do.
As soon as he saw the two naked, slurping,
women nearby he began to stalk them like a
wild animal an hands and knees.

Janet and Sam remained oblivious to Jack's
stealthy approach. They were to engrossed
in the pussy at their mouths to care.

As soon as he got behind Doctor Fraiser's
upturned ass, Jack lifted himself up and
aimed his stiff cock for her gaping pussy
hole. In one swift move he buried his nine
inch cock to the hilt in her pussy, blocking
access to Carter's probing tongue.

"Noooh!" Sam complained.

Jack began humping into the smallish brunette
as hard and fast as he could. Janet was rocking
herself back into his thrusting loins, wanting
to get all of him inside her wet pussy.

From beneath the two rutting people, Sam could
only watch frustratingly at her denied pleasure.
Luckily for her Janet continued to service her
pussy despite getting fucked by jack.

'This just isn't fair,' Sam thought to herself.
'This was supposed to be my turn.'

"Fuck! You're some hot mamma, Doc," Jack
groaned as he continued laying it to her.

"Just keep it up, Colonel," Janet said,
pulling off of Carter's pussy.

Sam was getting really tired of being
excluded of this. Looking up at Jack's
thrusting cock, and Janet's sucking pussy,
she decided to try something new, for her.

She lifted her head and wrapped her lips
around Jack's cock shaft at the edge of
Janet's pussy. In this position she had
the luxury of feeling Jack's cock slide
along her lips and tongue, while still
able to suck and lick Janet's pussy and

"Oh yeah Major," the Colonel and the Doctor
both exclaimed together. "Suck me just
like that."

"Mmmmmmmh! You taste so good Samantha,"
Janet would moan.

Doctor Mackenzie could only hear what the
threesome were saying, hidden behind the
worktable, and his imagination was
picturing Major Carter sucking on
Colonel O'Neil's hard cock. And his
colleague, Doctor Janet Fraiser, sucking
the beautiful Major's cunt.

But all that he could see was Jack O'Neil's
head above the table rim as the Colonel kept
pumping his loins into Janet's wanton pussy.

'Oh how I wish the General had kept the
cameras rolling,' he thought lecherously.

Sam reached around Janet's waist and hugged
her against her own body, feeling the warmth
of her companions body against her own. She
could feel her friend's hard nipples rubbing
against her stomach as she knew the she was
getting the same feeling from her own hard

In all of this Jack didn't really care about
how the two women were feeling about all of
this. In his deranged mind all he cared
about was sinking his cock in a female
orifice, any orifice, so that he could
get his own gratification.

Sam kept licking along the length of Jack's
humping cock, never forgetting to suck on
Janet's clit every chance she got. Already
she had swallowed two orgasms from the
brunette and was absorbed in getting her
to unload once more.

As for Janet, she too had swallowed two loads
from Samantha in this latest session of lust
and was working on another. Occasionally
biting down on her clit or her pussylips
to arouse her further.

"Ooh! Ugnh!" Sam would groan at Janet's

Doctor Mackenzie kept stroking his cock earnestly
in the surgical glove he was using as a rubber,
as he kept listening to the happenings of the
infected people. But he still couldn't help
but imagine Major Carter being violated by a
man and a woman just a few feet away from
him, not realizing that Samantha had actually
instigated this latest sexual fling by the

Major Carter was getting more and more aroused
at the treatment she was getting from her two
infected companions. She loved Janet's mouth
on her pussy, but she wanted to suck on
something more substantial than the outside
of their fucking joining.

On a whim she decided she wanted to suck on
Jack's cock while Janet kept on eating her
out. But how could she do that if he was
still fucking her petite friend. An idea
came to her.

'What if I pull him out,' she thought.

Watching the in and out strokes of his cock,
she brought her hand up to it and wrapped it
around his slick hardon. Jack didn't mind
Sam's fingers on his cock. He actually
enjoyed it when she squeezed her fingers
tightly around his hardon. It caused its
head to flare with blood.

Sam had to time her next move just right.
She would have to pull his cock out on his
out-stroke and suck it back in her mouth
when he humped forward.

It took a few strokes before she managed
to time her move, but finally she succeeded.
She managed to pull Jack's raging hard cock
out of Janet's clenching pussy, and bent it
down into her throat.

Colonel O'Neil didn't really much care where
is cock wound up, just as long as it was warm,
tight and wet. He drove his full length
down Carter's mouth, down her throat. Sam
sucked hard on the stiff cock hoping to get a
good taste of his sperm once again.

Meanwhile, Doctor Fraiser intensified her
sucking of Sam's upturned cunt. If she couldn't
have the Colonel's cock in her pussy, she sure
as hell was going to get some pussy cum as
compensation. But she wasn't about to let
her blonde friend get away with stealing
Jack's cock.

As punishment, she bit down hard on Sam's clit.
This in turn made Sam bite down on Jack's mouth
stuffing cock. And he in turn slapped his hand
hard on Janet's asscheek, leaving a red mark

"Go Carter," Jack announced loudly. "Suck my
cock, you fucking mouthy slut."

That was another reference to her constant
scientific mumbo-jumbo that always made him
look ignorant.

Doctor Mackenzie came again at hearing Jack's
outburst. The older doctor had already shot
three full loads into the surgical glove. He
fell back exhausted in the chair, sweat pouring
down his forehead.

'I don't know how I'll be able to hide this,'
Doctor Mackenzie was of course referring to the
glove full of cum in his hand. 'But that's
for later.'

Chapter Six

Major Samantha Carter was still trapped with
her two infected comrades. She knew that
they were not acting of their own volition.
Ma'Chello's Ga'Ould killing slugs had the
adverse effect on non-infected people. It
would make them act irrationally.

Her comrade, Daniel Jackson, was the first
to have been affected. But he was cured
when his slug transferred itself into
Teal'c's body. There, the slug was slowly
killing the embryotic Ga'Ould that he was
host to. At the same time, Teal'c was slowly
dying along with it, for he needed the snake
to act as his immune system.

For that reason, they had decided to study
Ma'Chello's devices in order to discover a
means to negate them in order to save their
towering friend.

Unfortunately for them, they too were infected
by numerous slugs each. For some reason
Samantha's body rejected them. They then
surmised that the death of the Tok'Ra that
she had been host once had left a protein
marker in her body which told the slug that
its mission was fulfilled.

As she was preparing a means to isolate that
marker into a serum for her two comrades,
Colonel Jack O'Neil and Doctor Janet Fraiser,
she was suddenly attacked by them.

They had mistakenly concluded that the
slugs presented symptoms similar to
schizophrenia, as was the case with Daniel.
Instead she discovered that the slugs would have
a different reaction on an individual. Maybe it
was because more than one slug had invaded each
of them. Or maybe it was because of an
individuals make-up.

But in either case, Samantha Carter found
herself the victim of rape from both of them.
A lesbian rape she had to endure at the hands
of her petite friend, Doctor Janet Fraiser.
And a male attack from her commanding officer,
Colonel Jack O'Neil.

She was busily sucking on Jack's long hard
cock, while Janet was doing the same thing
to her wet pussy. With each passing moment
she could feel another orgasm approaching
its peak.

She could feel Janet's hard nipples crushing
against her belly, as hers was doing the
same to the brunette's body above her.

She could taste a seeping of Jack' pre-cum
buttering her tongue's taste buds. She
couldn't wait to get another blast of his
cum down her throat.

Just then she climaxed, spraying her female
juices over Doctor Fraiser's face before the
petite woman could plaster her mouth over
the hosing cunt.

Sam squirmed excitedly under her friend's body
as she tried to concentrate on her sucking off
the raging hard cock in her mouth.

"Suck that cock!" She heard Jack shout.
"Suck it down that big, fat, wordy mouth of
yours. Next time you won't be so cocky to
make me look stupid during briefings."

Major Carter was only slightly concerned
about what Doctor Mackenzie would think of
the blow-by-blow description he was getting
from Colonel O'Neil. She knew he couldn't
really see the action going on with the
three of them, but Jack was being very
descriptive about it all.

"Oh yeah Doc," Jack was cheering Doctor
Fraiser on. "You suck that golden pussy
of hers. She's a hot one, take my word
for it. She just loves getting her pussy
sucked, don't ya Major?"

Carter could only nod her head in admission
as she refused to take her sucking mouth
off of his rigid cock. She would swirl
her tongue around the huge cock as he kept
fucking her mouth viciously. And Janet
could only wiggle her as against Jack's
thrusting shaft, enjoying the full
penetration he was giving her.

Suddenly, all three fucking participants
exploded into orgasm simultaneously. Jack
grunting loudly as his cum spurt into the
petite Doctor's clutching pussy, while being
soaked by her pussy juice. Thus forcing Janet
to dive hard into Samantha's cumming pussy,
which she drank down thirstily.

"Oh! My! God!" Major Carter yelled out
as her own orgasm joined with theirs. "I...

The peeping Doctor Mackenzie couldn't control
himself either as he shot yet another load
into the surgical glove that he had been
using as a receptacle. He had his face
plastered against the isolation window to
get a better view of the fucking threesome
writhing on the floor of the lab.

Colonel O'Neil and Doctor Fraiser slumped
to the ground, exhausted. Jack's cock still
imbedded in the small woman's pussy.

Of the three, only Major Carter still had
strength enough to move around. This
would be her opportunity to prepare her
plasma for her friends. Hopefully, this
serum will expunge Ma'Chello's devices
from their bodies as it had for her.

She received final instructions from Doctor
Mackenzie on how to separate the key product
from her blood and prepared the syringes.

"Is this it?" Major Carter asked Doctor
Mackenzie. "Is there anything more that
need be done?"

"No, that should be it," the doctor told
her. "All you need to do now is inject
them with it."

"How much?" Sam asked.

"Try 10ccs each," Doctor Mackenzie said
after a moment of consideration. "If
that's not enough we can increase the dose

Sam walked over to her two unconscious
comrades and injected them with the serum.
Now all she and Doctor Mackenzie could do
was wait for them to regain consciousness.

Sam didn't even think of putting any
clothing on her as she paced naked
before Doctor Mackenzie's leering eyes.

He couldn't help but admire the firmness
of her breast as she paraded back in forth
before him, his cock still sticking out of
his pants, but out of sight of the Major.

It seemed to be taking a long time for the
two slumbering people to rouse themselves.
Sam was growing concerned for their well
being. Wanting to make sure that they
were still all right, she bent down to
feel for their pulses.

Jack's seemed okay, but when she moved to
check on Janet's she couldn't help but reach
down to her bare chest and tweak the
unconscious doctor's tits one last time.

"Mmmmmh!" Janet mumbled as her eyes
fluttered open as Sam squeezed her tits.

"Oh! Sorry," Sam tried to recuperate
herself. "I... I was just checking for
your... your pulse."

"Nice technique," Doctor Fraiser smiled
at her. "Maybe I should give you an
examination next week."

Major Carter smiled back at the beautiful
brunette, then suddenly remembered that
her hand was still on the awakening woman's
breast and pulled it away rapidly.

"Are... are you okay?" Sam composed
herself. "Are the devices out?"

"I... I think so," Janet said as she tried
getting up.

But she was stopped by something imbedded in
her rear. When she looked back she saw Colonel
O'Neil still slumbering behind her, his cock
still stuck up her clenching pussy.

"Oh!" Janet exclaimed, then she remembered
everything that she had done in the past two

She turned back to face Major Carter, blushing

"Di... did I... did we hurt you?" She asked
the beautiful blonde, noticing for the first
time that the Major was naked before her. "I
guess we didn't," she added, smiling.

Carter followed the brunette's stare and
blushed herself when she realized that she
hadn't put any clothing back on. She rushed
to the locker and pulled out three lab-coats.
Draping one over herself, she brought the
remaining two for her friends on the floor.

Finally Colonel O'Neil began to stir from
his sexual slumber. Before he even opened
his eyes, his cock recognized the warm
confines of a pussy. Instinctively, he
began humping his hips into Doctor Fraiser's
cunt, causing her to moan slightly in response.

"Colonel," Sam shook him when she saw what
was about to happen. "JACK! Wake up!"

"Unh! What?" Jack's eyes opened and met
Sam's gaze. "What the fuck?"

"It was Ma'chello's devices," Major Carter
tried to stir his memory. "Remember."

"Yeah, yeah, right," he mumbled. "What...
what are you doing in my room? Can't you
see I'm with somebody."

"Colonel, its Doctor Fraiser your stuck with,"
Sam whispered, not wanting Doctor MacKenzie
to hear. "The bugs reacted differently with
you than they had with Daniel. Try to remember."

Suddenly the things that had happened began
flooding his mind. His assaulting Major
Carter, raping her in fact. Forcing his
subordinate to suck his cock. His plunging
his cock in Doctor Fraiser's pussy as the
petite woman was sucking out Samantha. Then
it hit him, his cock was still stuck in the
doctor's cunt.

"Woah!" He yelled out as he pulled harshly
out of her tiny cunt.

"Watch it Colonel," Janet complained. "That

"Di... did I do what I think I did?" He
asked, looking back at Sam.

"Ye... yes, Sir," she blushed. "But I
understand, Sir. You weren't yourself."

"Anybody else know about this?" Janet

"The General evacuated the booth once he
understood what was happening to you," Sam
told her. "Only Doctor MacKenzie stayed
behind to help be concoct the serum."

Janet peered over to the booth to the
attending doctor. Her trained medical
eye saw his flushed face and knew that he
had been doing much more than just assisting
Major Carter or observing. She'd have to
have a long talk to him about medical ethics.

"All I want to know is," Jack started.
"Can we leave now?"

"I'll have to run a few blood test first,"
Doctor Fraiser informed him. "But we
should be cleared in a little while."

"Thanks for not saying anything," Sam
whispered in Janet's ear.

It took Janet a moment to realize what
the blonde beauty was referring to. Then
she recalled the compromising position the
Major had been when she had awoken. She
smiled back at Sam and nodded, 'no problem'.

"See me later," Janet whispered back to
her. "We'll finish what you started."

Now it was Samantha's turn to nod in

"Major," Jack interrupted them. "I'll
understand if you wish to transfer from

"No Sir," she replied. "I have no desire
to transfer. I realize that these were
extenuating circumstances."

"Good," Jack said sheepishly. "Good.
Glad to hear it. looking forward to
working on... with you."

"Yes Sir," Sam grinned back. "Me too

"Its all clear," Doctor Fraiser announced.
"We can leave the isolation lab."

"You sure?" Sam asked.

"Totally," Janet confirmed.

The threesome exited the isolation room to
the cheers of the personnel of Stargate
Command. They were immediately greeted
by their comrades of SG-1, Daniel Jackson.

"Welcome back people," General Hammond
slapped them on the shoulders. "We're all
happy that you made it through this."

"Thank you Sir," all three responded

Last, but certainly not least, Doctor
Fraiser takes the cure and injects it
into Teal'c, hoping Ma'Chello's device
isn't smart enough to figure out he'll
have both a symbiote and the protein
marker. It's not, and the blob falls out
of Teal'c's ear. He wakes up better. Everyone
turns out just fine.

They made their way to their quarters
on the base to rest and shower. Samantha
especially needed to shower. She had
endured most of the sexual assault
during their stay in isolation. But
before Doctor Fraiser parted ways with
her she leaned over and whispered to her

"I have a month's leave due," she whispered.
"Care to join me at my lake cabin?"

Samantha was caught off-guard by such an
open invitation. Before today she would
never have considered it, but after having
discovered how wonderful another woman can
be, she couldn't wait to discover what
other talents her petite, brunette friend
might know.

And this time it would be a purely natural
event, not influenced by some alien device.

The End

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