The following is an adult story based in fictional persons that I didn't
create, just borrowed. If you feel assaulted by graphical sex or you are a
minor you should stop reading here! For the rest, have fun.

This story takes place during the time that SG1 was captured by Apophis in

Stargate SG-1: Secret Logbook (MF,ncon,drugs)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

Apophis looked at the device his loyal had found by his prisoners. He
recognized immediately. It was a memory reading device. He ordered his
guards to bring the female prisoner, Carter, to him.

They do that and they tied her up. They forced her to drink a drug to break
her will. Then they left. Apophis get closer to her and activated the device.
He knew what to look for.

Five minutes later Samantha was free. Free and naked!

Apophis had activated her sexual memories! She was thinking she was back in
college, with her boyfriend! She had pulled Apophis cock out and she was
sucking it! He was moaning with pleasure since he didn't had a woman for what
it felt as ages!

He took hold from her short blonde hair and started to fuck her face. Harder
and harder, but Sam enjoined it!

After five minutes he came shooting huge amounts of sperm down her throat.
She swallowed and swallowed but it was too much! It filled her mouth and
dripped out from the corners down her chin and neck. He pulled out, and kept
shooting, covering her face with his sperm. It run down her neck and her
amble breasts. She was a mess.

He walked around her and pushed her head forward. She felt and she was on all
four now. Apophis probed her pussy and was pleased to found she was soaking
wet. He placed himself behind her and shoved his fully erect member, the
symbiont do much more than just cures, in her waiting pussy!

They both moaned from pleasure and he started to pump her while she started
to push back to meet his thrusts. He reached out and grabbed her giggling
breast, he bite at the back of her neck and she came! She came screaming his
name!! He looked surprised at her.

Sam: I had a gould in me. I am immune on the drug!

Apophis: But why?

Sam: I know you choose hosts by her size and I know that the symbiont can
keep you up for hours! When do I get such a chance again?

Apophis: ...

Sam: Don't stop! Keep fucking me!

Apophis: I will!

He started again and after two minutes they had a simultaneous orgasm. The
both came screaming each others name! He pulled out of her pussy and he was
still spurting hot jism. He aimed her ass until it was covered. Sam knew what
was next. She clinched her hands to fists and tried to relax her sphincter.

She felt his head in her ass crack and shivered. She couldn't wait to feel
him inside her. Apophis looked at the milk white skin of the woman beneath
him. Grabbed her hips and pushed forward ramming his whole length in her
tight back door!

He scream from pleasure as he felt the hot tightness around his prick. And
Sam scream from pain as she felt like he was ripping her apart. After few
thrust the expression of her face changed, from pain to pure pleasure! She
always wanted to be ass fucked but she never dared to ask her lovers.

Apophis started to pump harder and faster in her rectum, Sam felt he was
close to cumming and used her hand to play with her clit, their moans turned
into loud groans as their reached their climax. He shot load after load in
her ass and Sam's pussy juices flowed down her tights. He pulled away and
sat down she turned around and took his cock in her mouth clean it up and
milking the last drops of cum of it.

Then she curled herself in his arms. He stroked her hair and caressed her

Sam: Are satisfied you Apophis?

Apophis: For a woman who tried many times to kill me, allied with the Tok'ra
and all the other things, and had no symbiont inside her, it was surprisingly

Sam: You weren't bad either! For a bad gay!

Apophis: I am a god!

Sam: Okay! Don't take it personally!

Apophis: Dress! I call the guards to bring you back to your friends!

Sam: Okay!

Apophis: Tauri! Next time I would not be so nice! I will make you beg me to

Sam: I guarantee you I will not! I never have enough!

After five minutes she was back in the cell.

Jack: Sam! Did he torture you?

Sam: Yes, but I didn't speak!

Jack: Good job, Carter!

Sam: Thank you, sir!

She sat with her back in the wall of the cave and smiled. She couldn't wait
for her next torture!


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