This is an adult story. Do not reed if you are underage or offended by
explicit language. I don't own any of these characters.

Stargate SG-1: Shower Time (M+F,inter,bukakke)
by CT ([email protected])

Samantha was at the training room of the base. She was working hard and sweat
run all over her body. She was enjoying working hard not only with her mind
but also with her body. And she was enjoying the looks the men in the room
gave to her.

The last three of them moved out to the shower room moments before Sam
finished her own exercise. That pissed her off often then she could take.
She wanted to feel the hot water on her body washing away the sweat. She
knew that the men already in the shower would stay long inside. It always
happened when she trained. She knocked at the door and told them to hurry

After five minutes she knew they ignored her. So she decided to ignore them,
too. She entered the locker room and took of her clothes. All the men where
under the shower. Sam walked in like nothing happened but they all froze.

She walked under the shower and opened the water. The hot water run over
her body washing away the sweat. She bend over sampling the soap. The men
standing behind her became instantly erect. They had a great view of her
pussy and her back entrance.She started to shoap her body paying a lot of
attention to her breasts cupping them and squeezing them. That gave the
rest of the men an erection. There where eight of them. Two SG teams. Two
afro Americans, one Asian American, two Latinos and three Caucasians.

Samantha felt her pussy getting wet but not because of the water. She looked
at them. They were all well hunged.She reached to the nearest man and gave
him her soap. She turned her back to him and asked him if he could rub her
back. He started to rub her back getting lower and lower until he reached her
trained ass chicks. Sam accepted his touch and that gave courage to others.

One came from the front and start to rub her breasts! Samantha just smiled
at him. Then she asked if she could help him with soaping! He just nodded
yes and Samantha took his cock in the hand and started to stroke it! Soon
the eight tall men surrounded her and the short female vanished between them.
Hands touched her all over her body and she touched them all over theirs!

She felt two strong arms in her shoulder that pushed her down. Sam found
herself between eight rock hard cocks. The men started to slap her with them
and Sam begged them to do it harder! She started to suck them, one after the
other. They were already rock hard and her mouth almost brought them to the
point of spurting all over her.

They stopped her and lift her up. One of them was already laying in the
floor. They lower her in his hard pole and Sam spread her legs planting her
feets to his sides. They impaled her and she growled from pleasure. They
pumped her up and down few times and then Sam started to move for herself.

They pushed her down and her breasts squeezed in his chest. She felt a
tongue in her back door and she moaned. After few minutes fingers replaced
the tongue and Sam came bathing the crotch of the man beneath her with her
juices! He kept pumping in her and soon Sam felt hand spreading her ass
cheeks and someone pushing his cock head in her anus. She dug her nails in
the shoulders of the man beneath her and bites at her lower lip. He pushed
until his cock head was in and then he slapped her round firm ass. Then he
pushed the rest in with one swift move.

Sam's eyes and mouth opened wide from the pain, it was a big cock, but before
any sound came out a man sealed her mouth with his hand. When Sam got used at
the big stick in her ass the two men started to fuck her hard. The man took
his hand from her mouth and then he stuffed his cock in!Sam was now triple

They fucked her for several minutes while the other five looked stroking
their raging hard ons! The one in her pussy couldnt hold back anymore and
came filling her hole with his sperm. Sam wasn't far behind either. She came
too and her muscles clenched making the man in her ass to come too! He pulled
out and sat in the floor panting for breath.

The five lifted Sam from the man beneath her letting him breathing heavily.
The man in her mouth just pulled out waiting for another chance to shove his
dick back in her. They carried her over and one of them lay in the floor. The
other let her down but this time upside down. He shoved his cock in her ass
and the other let her down impaling her on his shaft. Sam groaned, he was a
little bigger but she was used now. They moved her up and down few times.

Then a second man of them kneeled between her legs, which were pointing at
the roof, and shoved his cock in her soaking pussy.The two started to pump
their cocks in her holes and all started to moan and groan.The position of
her body was such that one of the others sat in her belly, shoved his dick
in her cleavage pressing her tits together titfucking her! The one previous
in her mouth resumed his position. The two left outside placed their cocks
in her skilled hands letting Sam stroke them. She was now fucked by five

The feeling make her came again!The men with their cocks in her hands
started to change places with the man in her mouth, or the man in her
cleavage, every few minutes. The two men, from her first round of
fucking, were hard again and started to alternate with the other four
in her hands, mouth and cleavage. The two in her ass and pussy were
almost ready to come. They informed the others and they pulled out
letting two others take their places.

They took deep breaths to keep themselves from coming. One after one they
fucked all her holes but this tine no one come. When all eight were ready
they positioned Sam in her knees and stand all around her. Sam stroked the
men in front of her. Three of them came spurting cum all over her. Those
three stepped back and three others took their places. Soon they came too
spurting jism all over her. Then the last two came and spurted cum all over
her, too!

Strains of cum covered her face and hair, some cum fall to her neck and her
breasts. Her hair were clenched with cum, her left eye was closed and covered
with sperm, her chicks and forehead too, some run down her chin to her neck
or dropped down to her breasts who were also covered, some sperm had landed
in her open mouth and Sam kept it there showing them that her mouth cavity
was almost full with sperm! Then she swallowed and smiled at them!

They smiled back and helped her up. Sam scooped as much sperm she could with
her fingers and licked them clean. They saw her trembling. She was coming
again! When she finished they opened the water and help her wash her messed
body paying attention to her full round breasts. Then they washed their own
bodies, they all walked out laughing and joking with each other. Sam was
happy. She didn't need to wait outside the shower again!

The End


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