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Date: 04/21/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, graphic violence, male/female sex

Category: Het

Pairing: Samantha Carter/Tony Verdeschi

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Summary: After the Stargate operator encodes the chifrons that Daniel gave
him, a sudden vaccum force causes Samantha to get herself sucked into the
vortex and placed inside Moonbase Alpha.

Other Notes: This AU story is just something that had suddenly popped into
my head and I felt like writing it.

Dedications: None so far.

Stargate SG-1/Space 1999: The New Alpha-Babe
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had became quite clear and without question that the cause and effects of
the disappearance of SG-1 team member Captain Samantha Carter had occured on
21 April, 2006, which happens to be the day on which the entire SG-1 team
were meeting with their commanding officer, General George Hammond to discuss
the suggestion of team scientist, Doctor Daniel Jackson to dail-in random
chifrons, step into the Stargate and see where those chifrons take them.

Of course, after he had made his suggestion to his fellow SG-1 members and
asked them for their opinions, a skepticle Colonel Jack O'Neill had raised
up his hands and said, "Whoa!Wait-a-minute, Daniel. We really don't know
what might happen if we were to do that. I mean, if I'm not mistaken, the
Stargate has been used by the Gou'ald long before we had gotten our hands
on it."

That was before Daniel had placed his hand on his forehead, took a deep
breath and said, "Look, Jack. I really do agree that we have no idea as to
what the Stargate might do if we were to go ahead with my suggestion, but
you really got to admit that in the pursuit of science, there would always
be a certain amount of risk involve in that pursuit."

But then, just as Jack was about to let out a few more words of objection,
the team's resident Gou'ald warrior known as Teal'c had raised up his hand
and said, "I am indeed in agreement with Daniel Jackson. It is true that
those of the Gou'ald Empire had been traveling through the Stargate for the
longest time. However, I also must admit that we must allow random chifrons
to be encoded and see where they might lead to."

And then, after all four members of the SG-1 team had looked at their
commanding officer for his opinion on the idea, General Hammond had given
Daniel's suggestion some thought, took a deep breath and said, "Since Doctor
Jackson is so set on doing his little experiment and we all do agree that
there might be some risk involved, I guess that I have no choice, but to
give his suggestion the green light. Get suited-up, People. And Daniel, I
really do hope that you know what you're doing."

Just then, after the entire team had stepped into the Stargate chamber,
General Hammond had watched with worry as the Stargate operator had
started encoding all of the chifrons that had been selected by Daniel
one-by-one-by-one and allowed the Stargate to be opened.

But as soon as the entire SG-1 team was about to step into the Stargate,
they had suddenly noticed that a small piece of equipment had somehow flown
past the team members and straight into the vortex of the Stargate, which
had caused a shocked Jack to realize what had caused such an effect to
happen and yell at the top of his lungs, "AAAAHHHH, FUCKING SHIT!! I KNEW

And just like the way that the Stargate operator had encoded the chifrons,
all of the members of the SG-1 team had started leaving the chamber one at
a time, but just as Samantha was about to grab hold of Jack's hand and get
herself out of the danger zone, the suction force of the vortex had became
so great that poor Samantha had no other choice, but to allow herself to
be sucked right into the Stargate and have it close itself up after her.

Now, not a single bit of personal within the entire Stargate Command had any
idea as to where the missing SG-1 team member had disappeared to, but after
I had personally allowed myself to take over the investigation and got a good
look at the chifrons that were encoded on that very day, I do believe that I
know exactly where she might be now.

You see, if my hunch is as correct as always and the Gou'ald had not only
used the Stargate to travel to other worlds, but other dimensions as well,
then it's my own humble opinion that the Stargate had placed Captain
Samantha Carter in one of these other dimensions with no possible way of
getting herself home.

Like for instance: While she was helplessly zomming away through the
Stargate and hoping to God that her little ride of terror would be stopping
soon, it had suddenly became quite clear that her wish has just been granted,
for after the vortex of the Stargate had opened itself up, it had allowed
Samantha to fly out of it and land on the floor of some unknown structure
just before it had closed itself behind her.

And after she had realized that her little ride of terror was finally over,
a curious Samantha had gotten herself back on her feet, rubbed her eyes and
looked around the room that she had been placed in, only to discover that it
was filled with strange looking ship that looked like large missles with legs
underneath them.

But just as she was about to try to figure out how she had came to be in such
a place, a strange sounding alarm had gone off and caused a group of men to
charge into the room and aim their small weapon-like devices at her, causing
her to raise-up her rifle and yell, "STAY AWAY FROM ME! I DON'T WANT TO HARM

But then, after one of the male humanoid beings had taken a single step
towards a confused Samantha, that was a move that should had been considered
to be classified as Mistake Number One, because that had caused her to start
firing her rifle at the spots above their heads in order to keep them away
from her.

However, while she was too busy firing warning shots at the mysterious
structure's security personal, one of the female humanoid personal had
carefully placed herself behind an unsuspecting Samantha, transformed
herself into a large ape-like beast and used one of those powerful hairy
arms to hit Samantha on the back of the head, which had caused her to
drop down to the floor and become unconscious.

Just then, after she had finally opened her eyes and discovered that she had
been placed inside some sort of hospital room, a confused Samantha had sat
herself up, turned her head towards the first female humanoid that she had
spotted in the room and said, "Excuse me. My name is Captain Samantha Carter
of the SG-1 team and I just want to know where am I and how do I get back to

That was before the blonde female humanoid had walked over to Samantha,
placed her gentle hand on the curious SG-1 team member's shoulder, took a
deep breath and said, "Now I know that you're from another dimension. Hello,
Samantha. My name is Doctor Helena Russell and I'm afraid that it would be
impossible for you to return to Earth. At least, in this dimension."

"I don't understand, Helena. What are you trying to tell me?" a
still-confused Samantha had asked Helena just before a dark-haired male
humanoid had walked into the room and answered, "You might want to allow me
to answer this one, Helena. You see, Samantha. You had somehow been placed
inside Moonbase Alpha, which happens to be under the command of your truly,
Commander John Koenig. As for the question that you had just asked, I'm
sorry to say that a sudden accidental explosion of nuclear waste that was
being stored at a certain spot had caused the Moon to rip itself free from
its orbit around the Earth and start roaming the darkest reaches of outer
space with us on it."

And after she had looked at the sea of endless stars outside a window and
realized that what she had heard was the whole entire truth, a wide-eyed
Samantha had looked at both John and Helena, placed her hands over her
heart and said, "Oooohhhh, I really am so very sorry to hear that. I really
do wish that there might be some possible way for me to reopen the Stargate
and take you and the other Moonbase Alpha personal with me."

"To tell you the truth, Samantha. So do we," a small-smiling John had said
to Samantha after Helena had placed her gentle hand on the displaced SG-1
team member's forehead. "But as long as there's no possible way of you
doing so, I afraid that you're stuck here with the rest of us. I'll let you
get some rest."

But just as he was about to leave the room, Samantha had placed her hand on
the back of her head and said, "Oh, John. By the way, could you please tell
me who or what was the son-of-a-bitch who had just hit me with a stop sign
or something like that?"

That had caused a smiling John to let out a small chuckle and answer, "I'm
afraid that it was our resident alien named Maya who had done that to you.
Sorry about that."

Just then, after she had gotten herself dressed in a uniform that Helena had
gotten for her, a curious Samantha had stepped out of the hospital ward and
started walking around and looking at every nook and cranny of Moonbase Alpha
with a sense of awe, for she was still unable to believe that they were still
able to survive for such a long time in deep space on a runaway planet.

However, while she was still looking at the halls and corridors of Moonbase
Alpha with wide-eyes and a smile on her face, Samantha had accidently bumped
into one of the Alpha personal and that had caused the both of them to drop
down to the floor.

"Oh, I'm so very sorry about that!I wasn't watching where I was going. Are
you okay?" a concerned Samantha had asked a young and handsome male with
dark curly hair just before he had helped her get back up on her feet and
answered, "Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. By the way, you must be the
one known as Samantha Carter. My name is Tony Verdeschi and I do believe
that it's my honor to welcome you to Moonbase Alpha."

And after he had placed his hand on that of the dimensional-displaced SG-1
member and gently kissed it, Tony had looked at Samantha with a small smile
on his lips and his gentle hand on her cheek and said, "And if I may say
so, Samantha. You're the most beautiful woman that has ever set foot inside

And then, after she had let out a small giggle, both Tony and Samantha had
looked at each other's eyes for a minute or two and kissed each other ever
so passionately on the lips just before she had taken a deep breath and
asked, "So, Tony? Would it be your place or mine?"

And of course, the answer to that question had came soon enough, for after
they had placed themselves inside Tony's quarters and he had closed and
locked the door behind them, both he and Samantha had stripped off all of
their clothes and he had started licking all over her bare-ass naked body --
all the way down to her hot, wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts.

That had caused Samantha to place her hands on Tony's bare shoulders and say,
"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Tony! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck
my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after they had placed themselves on the bed and Tony had turned
himself around and allowed Samantha to start sucking on his stiff cock,
she had suddenly realized that she was experiencing something that she had
never experienced with any of her fellow SG-1 teammates before, for she was
experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after he had placed his stone hard dick inside her asshole
and used each of his hands to carress both her tits and snatch, a
sexually-energized Samantha had placed one of her hands on Tony's bare
shoulder and the other hand on his bare arm and yelled, "AAAAHHHH, YES!

And then, after they had started moving themselves harder and faster and
their lovemaking has made its final journey across the entire known universe,
the two newfound lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell
asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace.

Of course, back in her home dimension, the entire personal of Stargate
Command had tried as hard as they could to figure out how to bring their
missing SG-1 team member back to them, but even though they would never
give up on her, a certain Captain Samantha Carter has suddenly made herself
a new home among the entire personal of Moonbase Alpha... and she still
remains there with a handsome lover named Tony on the new Alpha-Babe's arm
and a smile on her face.



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