Stargate SG-1: The End
by CTsotsora ([email protected])

The three Snake guards aimed their guns towwards Samantha Carter. She cryed
and fall in her knees.

"Please dont kill me! I'll do whatever you want!"

She heard them talking and the pulling their guns down. She couldn't believe

"Whatever we want?"

"Absolutely! I tell you everything about our army!"

"We dont care about it! You were a host for awhile and we can feel it!"

"Yes... and we can feel that you was good in sex!"

"I feel you too! You want to fuck me!"



Samantha start undresing and they stared at her. When she was just in
underwear they pressed a botton on their uniforms and they ware naked from
the belly up.

Samantha looked at their muscular body and thought of the symbiont and the
fact they came from another planet make them bigger. She took her bra off and
her full breast trembled like jello but without any sag. She grabbed her
thong and took it off with a bending over to let them have an nice view of
her pussy.

When she got up again they pressed another button and their uniform

Sam looked at them with wide open mouth! They were big! She estimated forty
centimeter long and six to eight dick!

'I am gonna die anyway!!' She thought when she realized they wanted to fuck
her with those monsters! She tried to remember Tealc was not that big and the
TokRa eather.

"You can understand right?" they ask and she nodded yes unable to talk yet.

"Why do you thing we are the Snake Guards?"

One of them grabbed her short blond hair and forced her to her knees.

"At least this way you have a chance to survive!"

They forced their monsters at her face and Samantha start stroking, licking
and as far she could sucking them. The guards moaned as they started to feel
her ex-enemy changing sides and becoming a sex slave.

One of them lay back in the grass and the two others lifted Samantha in the
air and drop her on his monster! Samantha screamed in pain as she found
herself impaled all the way down on this monster who touched the deepest spot
in her pussy and stretching her to the limit!

And suddenly that pain was nothing because the pain coming from her ass being
ripped open was incredible! Only this time nobody heard her screaming since
the third guard shove his dick down her throat gagging her!

Tears ran down her face as she thought it would have been better shooting her
after all!

She couldn't stand the pain from the two penetrators in her pussy and ass
giving her and the one in the mouth choking her. She wanted to breath but her
throat was blocked violently. Then she felt him withdraw. Not too much, but
enought for her to take a breath and then he pushed forward again.

Samantha realized that he knew what he was doing and that they will not let
her die. Not before she satisfied their needs. She was hoping that General
Hamond would send a rescue team as he did before and she thought she must
save time. She relaxed and her pussy started to stretch further letting the
size of the monster inside and lubricating it making the pain she felt fade

She grabbed her survival kit and took the sun lotion she had for the missions
on desert planets, openned it up and stretched her hand back. The lotion run
down her ass crack to her asshole and the guard's dick lubricating that
opening making it easier for her to take it in!

Meanwille she had paced her breaths to the moves of the guard in her mouth
and she was not choking anymore.

The guards looked each other amazed by the short time she needed to match
their violent invasion and smiled. They spoke to each other and decided not
to kill her and keep her as a slave and birth machine. She will provide a
new generation of sex slaves with all her abilities!

Samantha heard them speaking but she didn care. Not that she understood what
they said. By now the pain was long gone and pleasure took its place! So
intense she couldn't remember that pain was there.

At the beggining she was hoping that a rescue team would come to save her but
not any more! She took over and started fucking them not wanting to lose this
great fuck from a shitty rescue team coming in before she could have her

The first one hit her with the wave of sperm deep into her vagina, her body
was shaking and trembling and then the second hit her with a wave sperm up
her ass!

Samantha started losing count of she multiple orgasms and the guards were
spurting cum all the time! Her pussy and ass were full and it was running
down even through their cocks almost sealed her holes. She also tried to
swallow all the cum in her mouth but it was an impossible task so she drank
as much as she could letting the rest dribble from her chin to her breast,
belly and then down to the ground.

Their pace slowed down and one after the other they withdraw from her and
all of them lay on their backs.

Samantha's mind ran as light speed.

"What now! Will the kill me? What is going to happen to me?"

A metallic noise took her away from her thoughts. One of them was approching
her with a leather sleave and a chain. He put the sleave around her neck and
locked it. The other two where already wearing their uniforms. One took the
chain and pull her hard.

"Now you belong to us!"

Samantha knew her life was saved and a fate of getting screwed from well hung
studs like these wasn't unpleasant at all.

She just nodded silently and followed knowing in all for.

"No that is too much!" Yelled the leader who was now in uniform too.

The two others looked surpised.

"We don't want to wear her out! Not that way at least!"

They nodded positively and gave her her boots. Samantha took her sock also
and wore them. Then she followed them but she took care to keep her head

She was their slave and she knew it. She was their slave and she love it!

They walked thru the Stargate and went home!
_ _ _

Two minutes later the Stargate opened again and ten SG team members with
TokRa support ran on to the planet only to find a SG uniform and a wet spot
on the ground.
_ _ _

Ex-Air Force Major Samantha Carter was at home at last!

The SG-1 team had information from Bratac's unterground movement. The
information said that Major Carter was not dead but alive and captured by the
new Apophis.

"O'Neil, if Bratac says so that must be true!" Said T'ealc.

"Then we going in and save her! Daniel?"

"I'm in Jack! She didn let me in their hands back then!"

General Hamont wish then good luck and they walk thru the gate to the
coordinates Bratac had given to them.

Few hours later they had sneek in to the palace of the snake god and without
alarming the guards they got in Apophis private room.

The view make them angry. He was sleeping in a big bed with Samantha Carter
besides him. A leather colar with a thick chain ending in a wall hook keep
her from runing away.

Then they noticed she was naked! That disgust them because they knew she must
been raped by him but aroused them as well waching her beautiful slim body.

Suddenly he woke up and woke her up too!

"Look they came to save you!"

"Yes! Bastard we are going to kill you and take her home!" Screamed Jack
aiming his gun on him.

"Samantha jump up and put her body as a shield to protect him!"

"Go to the side Sam!" Yell Jack.

"No! I will not let you to kill him!"


"I saw you why!" Said Apophis and start to caress her body. She closed her
eyes an moan from pleasure as he squeezed her full breast pincing her

He let her go and she turn around looking him in the eyes. She lowered her
head and start to give him a blowjob!

The SG-1 team looked in disbelieve, was that their Carter or was a parasite
inside her?

"No! No guauld!" Said Apophis who saw their surprised faces. "She just in
love with me! And sex crazy!"

Samantha stopped sucking his cock and push him flat on the bed forgeting all
about their presence there. Then she sat at his huge cock and start to ride
them wild fron lust!

Suddenly out of the shadows two guard walked forward. The SG-1 team aimed at
them but they saw they were unarmed.

The two guard walked to the bed and the first of them shove his dick in
Samantha's ass! She moan loud from pleasure and pool the other one in her
front and shallowed his with great easynes!

The SG-1 team turn around to leave. As the cross the door they saw more snake
guards laughing at them and behind them in Apophis bedroom they heard the
three who fucking Samantha and her cumming in unison screaming their passion
for everybody to hear!

They return to earth were General Hamont waits for them. When he saw they
came alone he knew she was dead.

The team never told him the true. The true about how their Samantha became
his sex toy his whore!

Dr. Janet Frasier could not believe that her best friend Samantha Carter had
betrayed Earth and she had become a Gould's whore. It was simply

She was driving home when suddenly she saw something that make her brake with
screaming wheels.

There on the side of the road stand Samantha smiling!

Janet stepped out of her car and looked at her friend.

"Is that really you? Sam?"

"Yes Janet its me, surprised?"

"Yes, I didn't want to believe what they said! Tell me its not true!"

"Well Janet I am sorry but it is! But is not as you think!"

"Oh yea!"

"Listen I have really fallen in love with him! He is not like the others you
know. He love me too! Look at me! No worm!"

"No worm? Is that true?"


"What about the guards? They said..."

"He just want to give me maximum pleasure! What better than let me have so
many men I want?"

"You making jokes right?"

"Now! I told he is not like the others!"

"Oh well who cares! I am glad to see you!"

"I am glad too Janet!"

Samantha leened forward and kissed Janet on the lips. Janet responced with
the same passion as always. Samantha was gone for three months now and Janet
missed her a lot.

They got to the car and drove to Janet's house where they make love all night
trying to gain the time they lost when Sam was away!

"I really missed you Sam."

"I missed you too Janet. Where I was is great but its not so good without


"You got it Janet, i want you to come with me!"

"I cant! I dont like males!"

"I promise you nobody will touch you! I am the queen and you will be all

"They are our enemies!"

"You are wrong! They are more then a thousand lords and only a handfull are
dangerous for Earth. We just have bad luck and know only those bad lords!"

"And how? We can't use the stargate!"

"I have a glider with me. We fly to Jupiter where we are gonna meet the
mother ship and then we are out of here!"

"I dont know. I have to think."

"I dont wan't to press you but I am leaving tonight."

"You must go so soon? I though you are the queen."

"I am. We can't stay for long. The planet will drift away and the glider
don't have the range to go further. And we don't want to be seen."

"Okay i answer tonight."

"I love you Janet."

"I love you too Sam."

The same night a Gould glider with two Earth females docked with the mother
ship behind Jupiter. Janet stepped out. Samantha right behind her.

"Are we here?"

"Yes Janet. And something else. I lied!"


Janet felt pain in the back of her head and then the lights when out.
Samantha stood above her with the tool she use to knock Janet out in her
hand. With the other waved two guards to take the sensless body of the doctor
away. Then she left the tool and go to her lord's cabin. He was waiting for
her. Naked on the bed.

"All okay?"

"Yes my master."

She then kneeded between his spreaded legs and started to suck his huge cock
until he came in her mouth. She was two days away and she missed his taste so

He was surprised when she didn't pull back but she still sucked until he came

"Are you okay now?"

"Yes master."

"Lets go to see my new pet!"


They walked to the next room were the guards had tied Janet to a strange
thing made from tubes. She was tied in a way that her legs were wide spread
and her head in a strange angle.

She woke up and looked around. She saw her ex-friend in the knees with her
head in the Gould's thigh.

She also see many guards standing around her nude with huge erections! She
knew that Sam had set a trap for her and she fall in like blind.

Her scream filled the air as the first one shove his cock in her virgin dry

Samantha smilled, the break down had begone. She will have a knew toy very
soon, and a best friend also!
_ _ _

Meanwhile back on Earth the stargate command had sent SG-1 to see why Dr.
Frasier didn report for duty the last two days.

T'ealc broke the door down and they rushed in with their guns in the hand.
They found the used bed and knew she was not alone the night before. Suddenly
Daniel's face freeze and loses color.



As he turn around he sees the small amulet Samantha was wearing when they
found her on the Gould planet! They knew she came for Janet.


Jack voice make them freeze.

"I am so sorry for all this! I failed!"


Then before they could do anything to stop him he put his gun in his mouth
and pressed the trigger!

One week after the funeral General Hammond retired as did Daniel too. T'ealc
returned to his planet only to be excecuted for crimes against the Gods.

The Tok'ra also had fall victims of Samantha's knowlege about them and
Janet's biochemical poison and they ceased to exist.

Samantha and Janet lived together for very long time servicing their master,
his guards and his visitors. They were standing in his side when his fleet
invade Earth and they choose his new slaves from Tauri.

Their childrens still serve loyal the System Lord's.



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