Disclaimer: This story is for viewing only by those over 18 years of age. It
is based on fictional characters and is not true in any part.

Stargate SG-1: The Rape of Samantha Carter (MF,bond,preg?,rape)
by Dave ([email protected])

Sam had taken the day off from her work at the SGC to spend a little time
with Cassie. After much debate they had decided to visit the local swimming
pool so that Cassie could show Sam how well she had learnt to swim. They
arrived and queued for about five minutes. Sam bought two-day passes and
they went to the changing rooms. The changing rooms were unisex, with about
fifty cubicles, which had locking doors. Sam took Cassie into one of the
cubicles and helped her get changed.

“Sam, can I go now, please?”

“Go on then, but be careful and stay in the shallows until I get there.”

“OK, thanks, bye!”

The little girl ran off. Sam shut and locked the cubicle door and started to
get undressed. When she was completely nude she turned to the mirror on the
cubicle door and examined her naked form. She was pretty sexy, her long slim
legs and soft flat stomach were trim and smooth as were her arms, her breasts
were round supple and large with pink nipples that were erect from the cold
air. Her snatch was covered by only the merest suggestion of blonde curls -
it had been a while since she had shaved down there but the pubic hair had
not grown back as much as she thought it would have. She was reaching for her
swimming costume when there was a knock on the cubicle door. Expecting to
find Cassie, Sam opened the door, holding a towel to her front. She was met
with a tall vaguely handsome man who was heavily muscled and dressed in a
green shirt and some jeans. Before she could ask what he wanted Sam was
shoved roughly back into the cubicle. The man grabbed her shoulders and
twisted her round. Then he pushed her into the cubicle wall opposite the door
and held her against it. The towel had fallen to the ground. She heard him
locking the door. Then she felt his breath on the back of her neck and he

“Don’t scream or you will get this,” a knife passed into her field of view,
“in your ribs, and then you little girl will feel it between hers as well,
got it?” Sam was shivering with fear.

“OK,” she said. She felt so exposed, completely nude and being held up to a
wall by a man who was a lot stronger than she was and who had a knife. Then
with horror she heard him undo his fly and then the small rustle as his jeans
fell to the floor. She jerked forwards as she felt the head of his stiff cock
touch one of her arse cheeks. The grip on her neck grew tighter, as if in
warning, then it was gone. She felt his hands grasp her hips and then his
cock head press against her anal ring. She tried to relax her muscles to
reduce the pain but she couldn’t. When the head of his hard member passed her
ring she whimpered with the pain, it felt like someone was cutting her arse
open with a chain saw. Then she cried out as he rammed it all the way up. Sam
was vaguely aware through the pain that he was pistoning in and out of her,
reaming her asshole, his balls slapping against the tops of her trim thighs
with each thrust. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the pain grew until with
disgust she felt his rod begin to spasm and his thrusts become erratic as he
climaxed in her ass, she felt the warm seed flowing into her anal passage. He
came for about a minute then pulled out of her with a popping noise. He let
go of her hips and she collapsed to the floor. He took a few minutes to
recover then grabbed her hair and pulled her back to her feet.

“I’m not done yet bitch,” he whispered. He pulled a pair of handcuffs from
his shirt pocket and cuffed Sam’s hands behind her back. Then he pushed her
to the floor. She landed heavily and pain shot through her elbows, briefly
dulling the pain she still felt in her ass, which was dripping with this
monster’s cum. He knelt down, straddling her and, with one hand on his penis
slowly jerked himself back to hardness. Then he guided his erect dick towards
her vagina. Sam gasped as, with one stroke he impaled her fully on his
member. He began to pump in and out on top of her. Roughly biting her nipples
as he went. Sam lay there and tried to detach herself, to ignore the pain in
her ass, her vagina, her nipples and her elbows. But she could not distract
herself. Her mind kept screaming ‘You are being raped! What kind of Major do
you call yourself? Fight back’. But, try as she might, Sam could not draw up
the will or the strength to fight, she just lay there. When she felt the tip
of his cock touch her clitoris she groaned, not wanting this to happen, she
couldn’t help it but her body was reacting to his rape, she felt the ecstasy
sweep through her as she violently orgasmed, bucking her hips into his
thrusts. The man was turned on by her pleasure and as her pussy lips clamped
down around his veiny shaft he came. Sam was horrified, he was coming in her,
and she was not on the pill and unprotected! He came in her for a couple of
minutes then pulled out and jerked himself off until he came again, spraying
his spunk all over her chest and face, some cum landed in her eye and she
closed it as she felt the burning sensation. Then he crawled forwards and
with one hand prised open her mouth, with the other he guided his cock in.
Then he said: “Suck it, bitch!”

Enough was enough, with the massive member almost choking her Sam refused to
suck. Instead the man grabbed her head and started thrusting down her throat
until he came to climax once again. He shoved his dick right into her so that
his head was touching the back of her throat as he came. Sam gagged but to no
avail. Just when she thought she would choke to death he stopped ejaculating
and pulled out. He stood up, pulled on his jeans and stood over her.

“Thanks bitch, see you around.”

He kicked her in the ribs, hard and Sam felt one of them crack. The he
unlocked the cubicle door, went out and closed it behind him.


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