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Static Shock: Banging Shebang (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Static Shock had it all.

He was a superhero well-known in his city. He had made a rep there. He had
special abilities. For starters he was a living electrical generator. He
could fly using his electro magnetic abilities and had managed to defeat
just about every super villain he encountered. He had worked alongside the
Batman, and that did wonders for the young hero.

He had style.

He was also lonely. He had his friend Richie for company but powers or not
Virgil Hawkins was a teenage boy and boys had needs too.

Lately the two had taken to hanging out with a super kid named Shebang.
Shebang wasn't exactly a Bang Baby like the other super powered types but
a genetically engineered human. She had great strength and speed plus an
agility that would put a monkey to shame.

They hung out now. Richie had become the superhero known as Gear a while
back, using cutting edge tech and a flying suit and gadget to help Static
fight crime in Dakota. Static was a super guy.

Virgil was still a high school misfit.

He sat there in his room at his computer. The door was locked even though
there was nobody at home. Virgil had needs... let's leave it at that. He was
watching his favorite porn. It involved a skinny black guy getting lucky with
several babes all in the same night. Now that was Virgil's fantasy. He soon
got tired of it though. He was a man and ashamed of what he did. Jacking off
was for losers not a super powered stud like himself. But he was lonely.
Dating would be hard. He would have to be careful not to reveal his secret
identity or his life would be over. He could see it now:


His father would be shocked alright. So would be his sister. And with
everybody knowing, every Bang Baby he ever fought would come after him and
even though he was powerful he knew he could not take on all of them. So for
the time being he was single.

He hated it.

He envied all the normal people, leading normal lives like he used to. He got
tired of it all and decided to take a flight to clear his head. He changed
his clothes, going from the meek Virgil to the costumed crime fighter known
as Static Shock. He hopped onto the new metallic shield Gear had built it and
powered it up with electro magnetic energies. He flew into the night.

He flew over Dakota, his city. The same as he always saw it but never with
such limitation. He liked what he was seeing, yet he did not. The city was
a lonely place. He called Richie to hang out earlier but the blond dude was
out on a date with a girl named Francine. They were going to see the Matrix
Reloaded at the theater. Virgil envied his friend. He remembered a time when
he could have done the same thing.

A noise brought him out of his reverie.

He flew toward the sound. He heard sound....of battle.

He flew down.

In an alley, there was a strange scene. A slim black girl had her back to
the wall. She was facing five guys. They were all very large and over six
feet tall and quite muscled. Static admired the girl's courage but knew
the outcome. She would get beat. Those bastards would have her. He was
about to intervene when he saw something strange. Or noticed it. The guys
wore matching red leather bodysuits with chests emblazoned in yellow. They
were not regular bastards but the Quintessential Brethren. Q-B. They were
Bang Babies.

The largest one came at the girl. She did something very strange. She leapt
incredibly high and spun and kicked the guy in the chest with such force that
he went into a wall. Literally.

"Damn," Static said. "Girl's got some skills."

He watched her as she waded into the men. They all had super strength. Yet
she was stronger and faster. She was leaping very high and kicking and
punching, seemingly everywhere at once. She had the first four down. The
last one was down as well but not as badly hurt as she might think. She was
picking up her stuff. The last Q-B member was picking up a piece of iron
that had to weigh half a ton. He was brandishing it like a club, ready to
smash the girl to oblivion.

"Oh no, you don't hit the lady," Static said. "At least not in my town."
He flew down and let a stream of electricity escape from his hand and strike
the man where he stood.

He flew down to see the last Q-B member passing out from electrical shock.
He was looking at the carnage the girl had done. These guys were in BAD
shape for real.

"You did all that?" he said.

The girl turned. "Yeah, no thanks to you."

Static gasped. It was Shaniece. He had met her a while ago. She was the
gen-tech super girl. And a pretty hot girl too.

"Hello, Static." she said.

"Hello," he said back.

They looked at each other. He noticed she wasn't wearing her Shebang costume
but a skintight blue and black thing. Underneath a black leather jacket, no,
trenchcoat. Like da man himself, SHAFT.

"So," he said. "What are you doing back in Dakota?"

"Chillin'," she said.

"Your parents with you?"

"No. They had a fight. I'm on my own. Or rather I'm staying with my aunt
Juliette until they can sort this thing out."


He noticed the police sirens approaching. He knew Shebang was nervous around
cops and newspapers and such so.... "Wanna ride home?" he offered.

She looked at him. "Nah."

With that she leapt 30 feet into the air and scaled the side of a building
like a spider and then was on the roof. He flew and tried to follow but she
was leaping incredible heights with amazing precision and he had lost her.

He went home alone.

He was alright. The return of Shaniece in town was something. He had to
admit, grudgingly that he had missed her. A little. He went to his room and
chnaged then buzzed Richie. Richie went on talking about his date with his
girl. He talked about the Matrix and how he looked forward to the next
installment in the trilogy. Virgil didn't really listen. He was thinking.

He went to school the next day and saw Shaniece there. She was hanging out
with some chick named Stephanie. He walked up to her. While Shaniece was
basically okay with Static, she did not think highly of Virgil. He was very
surprised when she actually talked to him. They hung out. It was okay. She
was uncharacteristically open. He was flying!!

Over the next few weeks they hung out. She was the coolest. A daredevil
athlete like no other. They played soccer and football and teamed up with
Stephanie for bowling. Virgil was having the time of her life. He took her
to see a movie and they had fun watching grown men trying to run a daycare
center while their women were away.

Then one day she actually invited him in her aunt's house. They were in her
room. He liked the place. Neat, full of posters of Beyonce, Tyrese and Joe
Budden and 50 cent. The girl was fine and had musical taste. He wasn't really
looking at the place. He was looking at her. She wore skintight stuff that
did wonders for her pretty body. And there was a look of such innocence in
those eyes. And that brown skin! She was reaching for a disk when they bumped
face to face. Virgil could not resist his urge to kiss her. So he did. He
wasn't romantic like in the movies but rather he grabbed her. She was
surprised but amazingly she responded to him and kissed him back. He put his
arms around her. Then she pushed him away. With her strength she sent him
flying... literally. Virgil fell into a wall, twenty feet away for the room
was vast.

He was a bit hurt. Having electrical powers meant he could fly and power up
a city if need be but he was by no means invulnerable. He was looking into
the very worried face of Shaniece. "Oh my God, she said. I'm so sorry,

"It's okay," he said. "I'll live."

She looked very sad.

"Hey," he said. "I'm okay. It's my fault for moving too fast."

"No," Virgil, "it's mine." She looked at him. "You better sit down for this."

She told him her story. It was one he had heard before, as Static Shock
though, not as Virgil Hawkins. He could not believe how she bared her heart
out like this. He looked at her. "Shaniece, I have a secret too."

She looked away. "Whatever it is. It cannot be worse than mine. You are
normal and a nice guy. How could you like a freak like me?" She looked at
him and gasped as he made electricty shoot out of his fingers and bounce
around the room. "How did you do that? The only other guy who can is ..."

"Static Shock," Virgil said quietly. "I am Static Shock."

She took a moment to take it all in. Now that she thought about it it made
perfect sense. Both Static and Virgil liked her but they were never in the
same place at the same time... she should have known. "Wow!" was all she
could say.

He got up to leave but she stopped him. She looked him in the eye and hugged
him. He hugged her back too. They were so relieved to have secrets out in the
open. Both teens or rather superteens cried tears of joy at having found each
other. They spent the night telling each other their stories from
Kindergarten to their superheroics. They laughed and cried. Then they parted.
Virgil went home smiling.

They saw each other the next week. In an abandoned building full of old
mattreses. They played around to see who had the most power. Virgil levitated
and tried to (jokingly) fry her but she was strong and sneaky and leapt on
him. She had him pinned down on the hard floor. She held him there and drew
back her fist to smash him. All in the game. But then something happened...
Virgil smiled and said he gave up. She smiled too. They both noticed
something had changed. This was no longer a game. Virgil reached out to touch
her. She was shaking like a leaf.

"Shaniece," he said. She said nothing as he put his arms around her and did
not resist as he pulled her into a kiss. She kissed him back then suddenly
pushed him. He held onto her. "Shaniece..." he said.

She looked at him like a deer caught in headlights... "Virgil..." she said.

He walked up to her. He told her how he felt. He always thought these words
would be hard to say but they were not. He was sure of how he felt about
this girl.

"I'm sorry," she said. She tried to run. His heart pumping in his chest,
Virgil gave chase. He caught up with her easily. She no longer had it in her
to run. He found her crying.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing," she said. "It's just that I really, really like you, Virgil."

"And I like you," he said. "We both know what we are so why don't you want

"Because I might hurt you," she said.

"It's a risk I am willing to take to be with you," he said.

"I'm not!" She turned to run but he held her.

He brought his face close to hers and kissed her. Once again she responded.
Virgil controlled the irons in two mattresses and willed them to combine
into a bed which he floated the both of them to. They kissed each other with
passion. Then she started undressing him. Pretty soon he was naked. She
admired his lean, muscular black man's form. Then she undressed. Virgil felt
something in him stir as she undressed, exposing layer after layer of smooth
brown skin. He touched her. First he kissed her then went to her breasts,
licking and rubbing an dsucking until they were hard. Then he went to her
pussy. She was awaiting him, legs spread. He licked her and probed her. This
was a new sensation to her. She told him she was a virgin. He said he was too
and kept pleasuring her. He knew how to do so from numerous "How To" videos
he watched.

He worked her sensitive clit until she shuddered as he brought her to a
climax. Then came the tricky part. He wanted badly to invade her pussy but
he loved this girl and hurting her was out of the question. So he used his
fingers to get her used to it. He probed her pussy with two fingers and then
used his gloved hand to stimulate her ass. The anal probing made Shebang
gasp. He lubricated his fingers and slid them in. The double stimulation was
working her. She was ready. She said she wanted him. He smiled and placed his
rock hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. He looked into her lovely eyes
as if asking for permission and liked what he saw in there. He went in slowly
at first, letting her get used to him. Then he fucked her. Virgil had never
fucked anyone before so the warm and tight feeling around his prick worked
him. He went in hard and she gasped. He slowed down. He fucked her until she
came. He came with her, unleashing his cum deep inside of her.

Then he collapsed on top of her. She moved beneath him. She said sucking cum
was a fantasy of hers so she did. Virgil hesitated. Should he let the girl he
loved suck him? He couldn't think why not so she did. She took in as much as
she could. She was a beginner but she tried hard and Virgil liked what she
did. Then she said she wanted to have him somewhere else...

So he indulged her. They tried anal. It hurt at first. They were not
experienced but tried hard. Shaniece was on her hands and knees, her ass
muscles tightening around his cock. Virgil was going in balls deep. She was
so tight in spite of the lotion they used. Then he felt something. He was
ready to cum and somehow that had triggered his powers. He shot electricity
everywhere around the room, even on Shaniece and yes, unleashing electrified
cum into her ass. Shaniece howled in pain and pleasure. Then she kissed him.

Virgil smiled and they went to sleep. He thought about the events of the
week. Fighting bad guys and falling in love and getting his first fuck. He
took her home and kissed her. They promised to see a lot of each other. And
they did. Fighting crime side by side by day and making each other scream at
night... all night long.

Virgil Hawkins sat tiredly at lunch talking to his friend Richie. The blond
guy was excited 'cause his girl promised him some head on their next date.
Virgil kinda sneered. Richie was angry. "Hey, who are you to cap on me? I
don't see you doing anyone, mister I-got-my-hands-as-a-girlfriend."

Just then Shaniece walked by with some girl and blew a kiss at Virgil. Virgil
smiled and returned the gesture.

"What is this?" said Richie.

"Oh, nothing," said Virgil getting up. "It's just that while you were trying
to get some head, I was banging Shebang."

The End


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