Disclaimer: This story is restricted to readers aged 18+, if you're not please go away and come back when you're older! This story is fictional, all characters are 18+ and totally fictional, all events occur in a fictional universe. None of this is real! I don't own any of the properties or characters mentioned. Everything is intended for satirical purposes.

Codes: MF, FF, nc, rape, anal, femdom, viol, tort, extreme

Stealth: Covergirl Goes Down Part 1 (MF, FF, nc, rape, anal, femdom, viol, tort, extreme)
by DR

Somewhere over North Korea, 2016

Kara Wade always knew she was the best. Her whole life had been driven by the need to excel in everything she did. A rugged tomboy spirit had seen her graduate from Annapolis as the youngest female naval aviator ever. She thrived in this violent man's word of swagger and adrenalin, enduring harassment and abuse from her male comrades as she outperformed them. Being a tailhook may be a man's game, but she was winning, Kara liked to think.

The 24-year-old Lieutenant's superb academic achievements and flying skill weren't the qualities she was mainly known for, much to her chagrin. Kara had the body and looks of a supermodel, the kind of woman who turned heads everywhere. Her all-American blond beauty made her a popular subject in the media. When wearing her full dress uniform, the tight white outfit seemed painted over her incredible curves. Indeed her 36D-26-36 figure was as sleek and deadly as the fighters she flew. Ever since the USNA her callsign had been "Covergirl", a name she publicly endured but privately loathed - instead stenciling her preferred name, Valkyrie, on her aircraft.

She had grown up tough with an old-school Admiral father and a gang of bullying brothers. Later the Academy involved dodging lecherous male cadets ready to grope and mock her at any turn. Even when she finally won her wings and a posting to an elite carrier-based squadron, the prejudice grew deeper. Envious male colleagues attributed her success to being a daddy's girl, or leered that she was fucking every senior officer she could.

But Kara was in no way promiscuous. She knew she was hot, and took a great confidence in her beauty. For her, it wasn't about showing it off - it was showing who was in control. On some scorching afternoons, she would come down to inspect her plane, dressed in a tight-white singlet (with military bra) and an even tighter pair of men's issue shorts. With her seductive hazel eyes hidden behind her aviator shades she would climb all over the fighter, languidly exposing every bronzed and toned curve to the frustrated and lustful engineers around. She would allow herself a rare smile at the situation - just like the beautiful machine she flew, those deckcrew could only ever look but never touch.

In fact only one man ever had 'touched' Kara. The night before leaving home she gave up her virginity to her whining jock boyfriend in an awkward and painful five-minute poke. She failed to see what the fuss was about; sex for her was just an unpleasant distraction. Although she oozed sensuality in every swish of her perfect ass, she had never had a man since. Their constant passes at her only confirmed her sense of professional chastity.

None of this mattered much to her now anyway. Her tour so far aboard the USS George Washington had been another stellar success in her budding career. The carrier group was patrolling off the eastern coast of the DPRK as tensions between China and the West mounted. Kara had flown a dozen daring patrols into the North Korean interior, piloting a highly-advanced recce version of her favorite plane, the Hornet II. She reveled in the powerful thrust of the modified aircraft, and the ease with which she could flaunt the airspace of one of the most tightly controlled countries in the world.

On a cold and still spring afternoon she headed out on her latest sortie - a low, fast run along possible beachheads that could be used to invade the DPRK. She would be flying alone - just the way she liked it. It was a milk run really, but there was no way Kara would miss a chance to get some action.

She throttled off the carrier deck, allowing herself a slight, satisfied smile at the pleasing vibrations of her fighter's thrust. The path along the coastline was intimately familiar to her now. This was flying just the way she liked it- alone, radio silent, cutting through the sky with precision.

The mission called for fast, low, long passes along Tongchon Bay. It was an area of little more than rice paddies and villages on a broad open coast. Kara flew fast a few hundred feet off the beach. She knew the area might as well be in the Middle Ages for all their tech. There was no risk, she thought arrogantly, of any SAM threat.

Yet just as the careless Kara swung hard inland to map the coastal highway, a crew of KPA soldiers with an ancient AA van watched her engine flare overhead. Prepared by previous raids, they had set a trap this time. They kept the radar off as they heard her approach, knowing that to activate it would have exposed them to her - and a sudden death. But as soon as she had passed, they urgently powered up the targeting computer, screaming at each other to move quickly and fire. They would only get one chance to do this.

Kara suddenly flinched as her ECM warning began to blare. She was stunned; where the hell had he come from? With cold calculation she realized she had a missile on her tail, and bare seconds to react. She banked sharply, heading down a tight, narrow valley that led inland...and directly into the KPA's trap.

The two autocannon hidden on both sides of the valley suddenly had the fighter in their converging sights. Kara saw the vivid red streaks of gunfire rising up to meet her and suddenly realized how she had been tricked. Violently she pulled back on the stick, straining every muscle in her athletic frame. But it was too late - a series of cannon rounds punched gaping holes into the left wing of Kara's plane.

With the wing punctured the Falcon began to spin out of control. A cold hard thought suddenly took hold in Kara's mind - she was going to have to bail. It took everything she had to keep the plane level. She knew she was too low but the risk had to be taken. Grabbing the red lever beside her she wrenched off the ejection control and was launched out of the stricken plane.

Moments after clearing her jet Kara fired her 'chute. She was barely a thousand feet from the ground and falling fast. The flaming fighter spun across the valley and exploded in a fireball on the other side. Kara could see she was falling into a wooded area and prayed it would help slow her plummet. She gritted her teeth as she crashed through the trees, feeling the sharp branches whip and scratch her. The 'chute snagged and she came to a shuddering, rough stop, hanging a few feet above the ground.

Silence suddenly descended. All Kara could hear was the sound of her ragged breath. It was a pine forest, and the smell filled her senses. Quickly, professionally, she assessed the situation. She knew her training - exit the area as quickly as possible, make for the beach, and activate her rescue beacon. She knew she could count on the carrier's SEAL team to save her within thirty minutes, at the most.

Steadying herself Kara released the harness and dropped to the ground. She looked around urgently, suppressing any panic with her professional calm. After catching a few breaths she shed her cumbersome flight suit and helmet. She noticed the communicator was smashed and she hence had no link to base. But the GPS in her belt was still active, and rescue could get a fix on her.

As she stripped down to flight jacket and pants she felt the sting of her injuries bite as the first shock wore off. Her right cheek had been slightly cut by her shattered helmet, and her right arm scratched in the fall. With a sharp hiss of pain she felt the strain in her torn chest muscles as she removed her suit - cartilage had ripped from her ribs. But, she reflected grimly, she was alive, with nothing broken. It would be cold, but there was no way she could move fast in the suit.

Kara took stock of her surroundings. The last light was ebbing and the sky was gray. She knew she had to make it a dozen miles or so back east, to the coast. A Seahawk would be there to pick her up shortly. She also knew the Koreans would have seen her shot down; she hoped that they hadn't worked out her exact location. With her training, and a head start, Kara knew she could get out of this nightmare.

Like all top USN pilots Kara had been through a grueling two-week survival course simulating a situation like this. She had aced it completely, avoiding the 'enemy' and hiding out successfully in the forest. During the interrogation phase the Green Beret soldiers playing the 'enemy' had stripped her to her underwear and doused her in icewater, but again she was the only one to pass. She had utter confidence in her abilities - although now it was for real.

Bundling her suit and chute swiftly into a bush, she took a firm hold of her MP9. Designed for downed pilots, the small, accurate SMG was a favorite of Kara's. She prayed fervently that she would not need it. Wincing with pain she quickly moved off into the bush.

Ten minutes after hitting the ground, she found herself on the edge of a clearing. Its seemed to be silent and empty in the growing twilight. Some clothes were drying on nearby rocks but their owners were nowhere to be seen. More importantly, Kara saw a pool of water in the center. After a few furtive minutes of watching, she raced over to the pool's edge for a drink.

Gingerly Kara knelt then lay down to gulp up the water. It was muddy and foul, but her throat was on fire and the cooling feeling was a sudden pleasure. After drinking her fill she pulled off her tight flight jacket, exploring the extent of her injuries with some care.

Suddenly, Kara heard chopper blades in the air. Her heart leaped - the SEALs were already here, she was saved! Forgetting her pain she jumped up and clambered rapidly across a few rocks, leaving her flight jacket on the ground. She waved frantically with her good hand, her smile beaming and elation running through her. But it suddenly slammed into an icy cold fear when she recognized the helicopter that suddenly came into view as a North Korean one.

With a terrified adrenalin burst Kara sprinted back into the trees. She realised with a chilling clarity that the chopper had undoubtedly seen her. She had to run now. Blindly, choking with tears of pain and fear, Kara raced up a rocky hillside. As she clumsily struggled through the rocks the chopper suddenly reappeared like an evil bird of prey. With every ounce of energy she could gather Kara tried to reach the cover of a treeline just ahead.

Unknown to her, at that very second she was in a gunsight. Aboard the chopper one of the North Koreans drew a bead on her with his SVD rifle. They called him Bull, a name he had earned with his size and temperament. As a lieutenant in the security troops he led a detachment committed to chasing down saboteurs, infiltrators - or downed pilots. The second he heard of one in his sector he had "acquired" the nearest chopper and taken his elite squad right to the area. He knew this scalp would make his career.

"There's a surprise!" roared Bull over the chopper's noise to the trooper next to him.

"What's that sir?"

Bull watched Kara's exceptional ass working hard in her tight flight pants, pumping up the hill. "Our target's a woman!" He laughed, and pulled the trigger.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" cried Kara. She felt the sudden slash of the bullet moments before the crack of the shot rang out. It struck her good shoulder like a hammer, leaving the feeling of a red-hot needle pushing in. She spun around and felt hard on her back. Biting her teeth down hard to avoid screaming, she touched at the bullet hole. Fortunately it was only a flesh wound, no serious damage - but agonizing as hell. Taking a deep, ragged breath Kara climbed to her feet again and managed to sprint the last few feet back into thick forest cover.

"Dammit!" grunted Bull as he lost sight of his prey. "Hover around, try to push her down to the compound", he roared at the pilot. "She's heading for the beach!" The chopper powered over her and Kara heard it fade out as it flew away.

It was night now. Kara moved from tree to tree, like a furtive animal. Her every thought was focused on the beach, and rescue. She knew they'd be there. It was just a matter of dodging through this last ridge and losing the chopper. The darkness was her friend. She struggled to control her jagged breathing, her torn chest muscles screaming at the strain.

Suddenly a long line of light broke out in the darkness. Kara saw the sea glisten a mile away. A crater-strewn beach lay before her, watched over by small dug-in position with a spotlight tower. Nearly there, she thought with vivid desperation. Her military mind kept cool and calculated that if she could make it past the tower and another mile down the beach she would be in a perfect position for rescue.

Which was of course also what Bull was thinking. Unknown to Kara she was being herded like the hunted animal she was, led straight into a trap. She dragged herself slowly across the sand, gritting her teeth tight as she dropped into a crater filled with seawater. It was freezing cold and she felt her head throb as her body temperature dropped. The icy seawater soaked her through to the skin and she shook violently with the chill as she struggled out of the crater and across the sand again.

At that time Bull and his squad - approaching from the treeline just above her - released their dog. The savage Alsatian had a good trace of Kara's scent from the jacket she had forgotten. It sped across the sand, barking sharply. Bull pulled over his radioman and signaled the compound, ordering the spotlight to cover the beach tighter. Then the squad chased after the sprinting dog.

Kara heard the barking. The tight knot of fear in her stomach - which she had been ignoring until now - gripped hard. She hated dogs. Pinned down in a crater by the spotlight, she felt like a half-drowned trapped rat. Urgently she checked her MP9 and mouthed desperate silent prayers. Help is coming, she told herself. Just one more push-

With a guttural growl the giant dog jumped over the edge of the crater, heading directly to Kara. Instinctively she pulled up the MP9 and burned off an automatic burst. The dog was stitched in two, flipping backwards and dropping with a screech. She fired again, killing it. Korean voices roared out and started coming closer fast.

Fumbling with fatigue and fear Kara tried to pulled another clip from her boot. It fell from her grip into the bottom of the crater. At that same moment Bull appeared, his pistol pointed directly at her, screaming furiously. She froze for a moment, staring at this giant Korean soldier, his glowing face looking savage in the spotlight's glare. Then she dropped the MP9 with a clatter as other soldiers appeared, aiming at her.

This can't be happening to me, thought Kara. She stared at death as it was pushed into her face. Capture had always been unthinkable; everything seemed so unreal. Slowly she held her hands behind her neck as the soldiers inched closer. "I am an officer of the United States Navy!" she yelled, in voice stronger than she felt. "I demand to be taken to a superior and receive the rights of a prisoner of war!" As she spoke one furious-looking soldier was charging at her.

"Bitch killed my dog!" roared the handler-corporal. Before Bull could stop him the soldier had run across the crater and slammed Kara in the face with the butt of his rifle. She barely had time to close her eyes and pray as her brain exploded and everything went black.

"Idiot!" bellowed Bull. "Not the face! Look at this - an American whore, custom delivered by the bastards themselves! We need her intact!" He turned his torch on Kara's bruised face and found her largely unmarred, except for the scarred cheek. "I'll check her for weapons," he said, running his hands across her curves. Bull felt his breathing accelerate - he had to have this luscious slut, as quickly as possible. His superiors would snatch her away soon, and his only chance to hate-fuck a beautiful Western woman would be lost.

"W-what did she say?" a teenage conscript hesitantly asked.

Bull sneered as he groped Kara's tits. "She offered her body in exchange for letting her go," he said. "American women will try to whore their way out of anything." Swiftly he bound her wrists and ankles with cord, and gagged her with a rag. Pulling off and throwing away her boots, he barked at the radioman "you get me a car NOW! The rest, back to the chopper." His squad raced off and Bull hefted the limp Kara over his shoulder like a piece of meat.

When the transport arrived Bull dumped Kara in the back and jumped in. The r/o sat alongside the driver. With a tense face he turned and said to Bull "Sir, just got word - the Scorpion's on her way."

In his lust-crazed fantasy Bull could not be perturbed - even now knowing his ruthless commander was coming and he had less than a hour. "To Tongchon police station and don't fucking stop, driver." As the old Russian jeep roared off Bull lost himself in groping Tara's tits, feeling the bra beneath the tight wet cloth, and marveling at her toned stomach. Popping the top button of her pants he ran his rough hand across her crotch, stroking the thin soft strip of her pubis. As his quivering fingers reached down to her snatch, and brushed her pussylips, the comatose girl moaned softly - to his immense delight.

After a dangerous fast ride Bull and the unconscious Kara were deposited at the solid gray block that was the local police station. Sending the car off again with a grunt, he stormed into the building. The two local policeman - engaged in a highly illegal game of card gambling - stood to petrified attention. But with the lithe body over his shoulder, and the feeling of Kara's ass like a perfectly ripe fruit in his grip, he completely ignored the infraction.

"Soldiers!" he bellowed as he disappeared down the stairs. "Comrade Colonel Tyi is on her way. Clean this place up and await her!" He slammed the dungeon door behind him.

With a slow sigh of satisfaction, Bull looked about the cool, quiet dungeon. It had served as a torture chamber since the Japanese first occupied Korea. It had not had an American victim for over sixty years, he reflected. He laid Kara down onto the huge wooden rack that dominated the center of the room. Releasing her bonds her then lashed her wrists and ankles to the rack's straps. A metal hoop fitted over her neck fixed her head in place, and slowly crushed her throat as the straps were pulled. With a few clicks of the ancient wheel, he drew her supple body taunt - not tight enough to wrench her joints, but enough to stretch her beyond the ability to move.

He took a bucket of icy water from the corner of the room and splashed it over Kara, bringing her round with a start. The first thing she was aware of were the vicious tightness of her bonds, preventing her from writhing in pain, and the constricting hoop about her neck. Then she became aware of the darkness - the soaking blindfold plunging her into a black hell.

She took a few deep, labored breaths and spoke with all the strength she had. "Bastards! Don't you dare fucking touch me! Youuahh..ahhh-" her torn chest muscles stung like a vicious electric shock. "I am an US officer! I have rights! You can't touch me!" Her voice had risen to a nearly hysterical pitch. "STOP IIITTTTTTTTTT-"

Bull tore off Kara's t-shirt, exposing her tight military bra and heaving stomach. He noted the small tattoo just below her bellybutton as another indicator of her whore status. She tried to struggle, every part of her wanting to resist. But the rack was pulled so tight she was almost choking, and left utterly helpless before her torturer. She felt her powerful thighs begin to knot with agonizing cramps.

"Fuck you! Fuckers! You will pay for this!" Kara's quavering voice was full of bravado but fear was paralyzing her more than the bonds. "My people are coming! I'm an American combatant and you must respect meeehhhheeeeEEEEEYYY!!" Her threats became cries as her pants were pulled down to her tied ankles, her standard issue panties now exposed.

Of course her words were gibberish to Bull, but he naturally assumed she was begging for mercy and grew harder as a result. He pulled his jagged bayonet out from his boot and ran it along Kara's heaving, muscular stomach and up between her firm tits, hooking under her bra strap. She struggled to compose herself. "You bastards can't do this...don't touch me don't touch me stop STOP-"

With a flick of Bull's knife her juicy melons were exposed to his view at last. Dappled with sweat and perfectly shaped they were unlike any he'd ever touched. With his free hand he crushed one of Kara's tits, while with the knife he cut off her panties.

"UUUUGGGGGHHHHHffffffffuukkkk-" Kara's fears of rape - the fate worse than death - were beginning to be realised on her naked and prostrate body. The dread gripping her threatened to drive her insane. But she bit off her screams- 'Don't let the bastards have the satisfaction', she thought. 'Don't cry out Kara - hang on - hang on - oh Jesus please help me, I don't wanna die..."

Bull dropped his pants. For one powerful rich moment he gazed at the naked and open body of his beautiful victim. Then he lunged upon her like a wild animal, ramming his rock-hard penis deep into Kara's tight and bone-dry pussy. She bit her lip so hard blood flowed down her cheek, and tried to swallow down a low, long groan. Bull thrust hard and powerfully, viciously forcing his way into her. The once-tight snatch she had guarded for so long was torn and stretched while waves of anguish throbbed through her.

He savaged her athletic body for five minutes, running his along her tits and giggling like a schoolboy. Kara tried to think of some place far away - to escape the torture - like she had been taught. But she could not - the more she silently prayed for the relief of unconsciousness to return, the worse the misery grew for her.

Kara knew she could never be the same - this was every nightmare she had every had come true. Her immaculate body almost shone with the pain, the sheen of sweat glistening across every inch of her frame. She felt the ripping cock inside her like a red-hot iron rod, ruining her in places she had never felt before.

Moaning like a beast, Bull tore off the blindfold. He stared deep into Kara's flaming eyes, drinking in the deep shock and suffering he saw in them. Kara stared back up at her rapist; his look of possessed sadism chilled her to the bone. As the vicious pounding continued she looked about in mindblown stupor at the devices of torture littered about the room.

With a bellowing grunt worthy of his name Bull finally came, lost for what seemed like an eternity in the throes of the best orgasm of his life. Kara felt him unload inside her, a degradation that cut her worse than any torture so far. Grasping for breath Bull lay his head next to hers, pressing soft, violating kisses across her neck. Seizing her chance Kara stretched her head forward as far as it could go - her back arching in agony- and grabbed Bull's ear hard between her teeth, tearing off his earlobe with the growl of a desperate trapped animal.

Hollering with surprise and pain Bull rolled off Kara and tried to struggle away, but with his trousers around his ankles he immediately fell over. Even in her defilement Kara managed a bitter laugh at her rapist's expense. Bull pulled up his pants and roared every form of abuse at Kara while timidly touching his shredded ear. She forced a few painful chortles before the door suddenly slammed open.

"Were you addressing me, comrade Lieutenant Hwang?"

Despite the near-blinding pain in her neck Kara arched her head forward slightly to see a severe-looking Korean woman in full uniform. The look in this sadistic woman's eyes struck Kara to the bone. The man who'd just...hurt her was a clumsy thug - this sick old cow looked like pure evil. The real torturer was here, she realized with a numbing dread.

Bull was a pathetic sight as he quickly tied up his belt and tried to staunch the blood flow down his face. "Comrade Colonel Tyi! I was j-j-just...subduing the prisoner!"

Tyi stared him down with a glare of utter contempt. "Dismissed! Return to your barracks and await further orders from my office, regarding disciplinary action! Your enthusiasm will work well in the suicide corps!" Bull scurried out of the chamber like a blur, with the door slamming behind him.

Slowly Tyi walked over to Kara. She held her breath as Tyi yanked off her dog tags and studied them closely, before throwing them onto a nearby table. Readying herself for some new torture, Kara was stunned to hear the Korean colonel speak in flawless, accentless English.

"I'm sorry you received such rough hospitality, Lieutenant Wade," she said smoothly. "That thug will be punished for his actions. All I require of you is a series of simple answers." Tenderly, Tyi stroked Kara's damp and matted hair, smiling at her in almost maternal fashion. "Your carrier's name. Squadron name and size. Your force's last position, where we can kill them." She cooed softly into Kara's ear, holding her head down firmly. "Tell me all this and it will stop."

"I see..." Kara rasped. "Good cop, bad cop..huh? Seen too many bad movies...y-you sour-faced...c-c-c-unt."

Tyi's smile dropped suddenly. "Perhaps my little comrade will make you more persuasive." She moved swiftly over to a cabinet that was just out of Kara's line-of-sight. When Tyi turned back her smile was ten times more evil and Kara's blood froze. In the bitch's cruel hands was a small jar that she shook furiously.

Quickly Tyi undid the lid and upended the jar on Kara's pouting right tit. Arching forward as much as she could, Kara could see a black shape moving and agitated through the opaque glass - and it was a scorpion.


Kara's horrified howls were suddenly choked off by a moment of blinding pain as the angry scorpion stung her rock-hard tit. It felt like a red-hot needle had been slowly pushed in, and the burning just grew worse with every second.


With practiced skill Tyi bought the jar over to Kara's other tit, and the barbed sting bit again. With a detached agony Kata noticed the pain seemed a million times worse. Now both her breasts throbbed red and inflamed, swelling with the poison's effects.

Out of breath, her throat nearly shredded, Kara was sure she could scream no more. Her heart was beating out of control as the scorpion's toxin raced through her. But then Tyi slid the jar down to the cusp of Kara's chafed pussy and sneered "My little comrade give you a kiss down there, eh, Miss America?"

Struggling to speak, Kara desperately croaked "God please stop isn't human...please god, I'm a prisoner, I have rights-"

Everything exploded in Kara's head as the poisoned barb pierced the thousand nerve endings of her clit. She heard her own screams echo around as the room as it she was listening to someone else. For a few moments even the ever-growing torment in her tits paled in comparison to the pain of her pussy. It felt like a jagged saw was tearing her in half.

Pushed to the limit by the poison and the pain, Kara passed out once more. Sniffing in disgust Tyi picked up two ampoules from a nearby table. One was the antitoxin, which she stuck into Kara's thigh. It would destroy the girl's kidneys forever, but that hardly mattered. The other was a burst of adrenalin, which brought Kara back from her coma world with a deep, gurgling gasp.

"Has my little comrade persuaded you to talk, Yankee whore?"

Summoning all the strength and breath she had, Kara softly rasped "Please..I beg you..please..."


"Please.." Kara forced her cracked lips into a grin "Please I beg you to go fuck yourself, you moon-faced commie slut!"

Tyi flinched slightly but then met Kara's smile with her icy chill. "No, I intend to fuck YOU, Lieutenant Wade." Then she began to undress, keeping her eyes fixed on Kara's pain-filled prideful eyes. In her delirium Kara watched as her torturer stripped naked, mocking her with a lecherous look.

"Now, for my instrument of justice," she said. Her schoolgirlish chortles disturbed Kara worse than her grotesque nudity. Tyi reached into a brown bag and produced - to Kara's utterly appalled gaze - a huge black strap-on. She pulled it on eagerly, resting the nub end hard against her own clit. Then she took out a small tin of heat rub cream and smeared it across the tip of the huge plastic rape rod.

" sick bitch..." Kara panted violently. "I won't tell you anything...Fuck you, fuck you, fuck youUUUUUGGGGAAAAAWWWDDDDDDDD-"

Tyi pushed the hard black plastic dildo deep into Kara, rubbing her stung clit and stretching her already torn pussy passage. After a few moments the burn of the heat rub kicked in, and Kara suddenly felt like acid was eating through the most intimate part of her body.


"Tell me everything, whore!" Tyi roared, scratching her nails across Kara's inflamed tits, pinching them so hard they bled. "Carrier! Squadron! Nunnnnnuuuhhh-" her wicked lips curled in a smile as she felt an orgasm building when the strap-on rubbed hard against her wet clit. Kara meanwhile felt her eyes roll back into her head as the cruel lesbian rape split her in half while an unspeakable pain burned inside her.

Groaning with pleasure Tyi moderated her thrusts, gripping Kara's steel ass cheeks hard. She twisted and angled her thrusts, pushing as deep as she could into her howling victim. The ribbed edge of the dildo rubbed against Kara's inflamed clit aggravating the agony a hundredfold. Both women ran with sweat in the freezing room as their bodies writhed together.


The cold part of Kara that seemed to watch the violation from afar marveled at just how much she could scream and suffer. Tyi's rape lasted for a thirty minutes - and another three orgasms - before she finally climbed off Kara with a satisfied sigh.

With a choked, agonized croak Kara said "J-j-j-ust k-k-kill me bitch, I'll tell you n-n..." Her words were cut off as a blind surge of pain seemed to split her skull in half and race through her body. Smiling loftily, Tyi removed the strap-on and redressed in her uniform.

"You will only die when I authorize it, and you break before then, Yankee slut," spat Tyi. "We will see how you feel after a night riding the horse. GUARDS!"

Tyi's two troopers - who had been listening with slack jaws at the door just before - came crashing in and snapped to attention before their flushed and sweaty Colonel. "String her up on the wooden horse, we'll restart in the morning."

Kara was vividly conscious of everything now, as the adrenalin shot pumped in every part of her. Yet her body was utterly unresponsive - totally refusing to move. She was like a limp rag doll as the guards freed her from the rack and manhandled her to the side of the room. Binding her red-raw bloody wrists once more, they attached the rope to a pulley hook and lifted it above her head, leaving her in a taunt standing position.

Through her haze of pain Kara watched dully as Tyi pushed a wooden rail, mounted on sawhorse-like supports, between her savaged thighs. The ridged edge of the rail sliced right across her cunt and her animalistic howls gave way to sobs as she felt it cut into the tender flesh. She forced herself to stand on tiptoe despite the electric agony running through her legs. This, she realized, was the torture's whole point.

Tyi dismissed the guards with a curt snap, then slapped Kara's face hard. "Get your rest Lieutenant - you have a big day tomorrow." Cackling to herself she left the chamber, plunging it into darkness as she slammed the steel door. Left alone and defiled in the gloom, Kara finally allowed herself bitter tears of pain and horror. She felt so utterly scared - she didn't think she could last much longer. She bitterly hoped a swift execution would spare her further torture.

The next eight hours were an incredible hell of blackness and anguish as Kara 'rode' the horse. She tried to remain on stretched legs as long as possible, but soon the cramps and exhaustion would force her - racked with vicious sobs - to lower her inflamed pussy down onto the sharpened edge. Then a whole new suffering would begin as the horse dug deep into her. Wailing in exhausted despair, hot tears streaking through the blood and sweat on her battered face, Kara felt herself dragged to the edge of madness.

Lost in her private hell Kara was barely aware of the passage of time - just the excruciating agonies that ripped her apart. When the light flashed on again it nearly seared her eyes blind. Tyi was back, two guards behind her.

"Ready to talk, Lieutenant?"

Kara's parched lips parted slightly. "L-l-l-lieutenant K-Kara Wade, number 55011, USN..."

With an evil grin that stretched over her face like a scar, Tyi nodded curtly to the guards. Again Kara felt her helpless body manhandled. A thick bamboo rod was laid against the back of her neck, with her bleeding wrists bound by wire to the ends. A rough cord lashed around her neck and looped through the pole kept her head fixed. 'Ohgod help me,' Kara thought, 'what are they going to do to me now?'

She was hardcore Navy to the bone, and Kara swore to herself that she would never break. Her duty was to fight these monsters to the last, regards of what violations they visited on her body. They would kill her soon enough, she suspected - but she would never just lay down and die, and she felt completely confident she would still be rescued. The carrier and squadron must be looking for her, or at least she prayed fervently that they were. She shut her eyes tight and hoped so hard that any minute the SEALs would kick in the door, and save her.

But no help came. She was alone, and abandoned. The guards each grabbed an end of the bamboo pole and hauled her to her feet. Being too numb after the horror of the night's torture to walk, they had to drag her along as Tyi led them out of the chamber and into the gray morning light of the open.

Even though the sun was only a bleak blur in the sky Kara still blinked as her eyes stung. Blearily she could see a squad of Korean troops, all leering at her perfect but abused body with fascination and lust. An officer's car sat with its engine idling in the street, and beside it - to Kara's bewilderment - was a giant chestnut horse, restrained by a groom.

Tyi stood straight before Kara. The cruel Colonel knew the bitch was cracking; she just needed to push the American whore all the way. She took yet another ampoule of pure adrenalin and rammed it into Kara's swollen thigh.

"AHHHHHHUoooohhhhgggguuudd-" Kara bit off the groan of suffering as she felt the drug tear her apart. Her heart was pounding so fast against her shattered chest muscles she felt barely able to breath. But the sweet release of unconsciousness was lost to her now as full clarity took over her mangled mind. Every cut, rip and tear on her muscular body seemed to amplified in pain as her nerves throbbed.

Smoothly Tyi mounted the horse, drawing the large riding crop from her boot. A guard then fixed a noose around Kara's neck as she tried not to whimper in fear. She watched with a growing horror as he attached the rope's other end to the tailgate of the utility car. Swallowing hard, she suddenly realized she was going to have to run for her life - literally.

The car moved off with a smooth roll as the soldiers cheered and jeered. Moving more on animal instinct than anything else, Kara's long lithe legs began pounding in an automatic run. The rope was nearly pulled completely tight, and she tried to arch her head and push out her ass in an attempt to slacken it. Painfully her pert and thrusting tits bounced with every jolt. Her outstretched arms and the bamboo rod crushing her shoulders made her struggle for balance. As the speed increased she gulped desperate choked breaths, fighting with every muscle to kept up. The sight of her toned, powerful body fighting for its life as it was near-dragged down the road would stay with those soldiers forever.

With her field of vision dissolving into a thousand blinking stars, Kara was barely conscious of her surroundings. But suddenly she felt a pain across her exposed ass like a straight razor had slashed it. Tyi had trotted up behind on the chestnut horse and began whipping Kara with the riding crop. Unable to duck or avoid the blows Kara yelped as she felt her skin split and the blood streak.

Dragged for several miles down the coastal road, the jagged rocks and gravel had already slashed her feet to ribbons. Choked, whipped and debased, Kara felt that weird spectator feeling again as if the academic part of her was watching the whole thing. For a few vivid moments she considered throwing herself down in an attempt to snap her own neck and escape the nightmare. But her training, pride and will to live was far too strong.

As the intensity of the pain grew Kara became aware of a low, guttural groan. It was constant like radio static, arching suddenly when the whip cracked across her. Struggling to comprehend her intense suffering, she only slowly became aware that it was her making the noise. She had no control over this almost animalistic response to her body's total abuse.

'Jesus help me', she prayed over and over again. 'Please God save me, I don't want to die like this. Please Jesus, save me'.

Just as Kara felt like she was going to collapse and be torn to pieces on the road, the car came to a sudden stop. Her relief as she dropped to her knees was so profound she barely felt the rocks drive into her legs like pieces of broken glass. But with a barked order from Tyi two guards grabbed each end of the bamboo rod and forced Kara to her feet again as she shrieked with an electric pain. They proceeded to drag her into an open area encircled by huts.

Through the foggy haze of utter agony she could barely make out her surroundings. It was a village of some sort, apparently further inland as she could no longer smell the sea. As she began to catch her ragged breath and her vision came clearer, Kara could see that she and the guards were in a round town center. A ring of peasants had formed and were gazing at her ravaged body. Tyi was still on horseback, and addressed the peasants in Korean as Kara hung from the rod in heaving exhaustion.

"Comrade peasants! Behold an American war criminal! Their nation grows so bankrupt they now send prostitutes to bomb your children. See this wretched whore!"

None of them had ever seen a white person before, let alone a specimen like Kara Wade. Americans were almost legendary beings in this pigsty; the blond beauty being paraded before them was like a dream made flesh.

With another violent jerk Kara was hauled over to a small wooden construction right by the town well. It was a type of stocks, with a wooden plank forcing the person locked inside to be constantly bent over at 45 degrees. She swallowed hard, her throat tight with dehydration and fear, and she was forced down onto the plank. Her firm ass was now pushed out, as the guards locked the bamboo rod in the stocks. Kara was left utterly helpless, her spine screaming in pain at the crippling position she was trapped in. She struggled to suppress her sobs, writhing in a vain attempt to lessen the incredible pressure on her body.

Tyi took at moment to savor the sight of the trapped Kara. Then she curtly nodded to an old man who stood a head feet away from her. Responding with a short but reverent bow of his head, the elder then walked towards Kara. Convulsing and confused, she looked up at him with her deep eyes blazing. To her horror, he seemed to have only one eye - she saw his face was mutilated, with most of the left side missing.

"Meet the local headman, Mister Yung, my pretty slut," crowed Tyi in English to Kara. She jumped down off her horse and walked over to the trapped girl, tracing one of her gloved hands across the vicious red welts on Kara's back. Gasping and flinching, Kara listened to the cold words oozed in her ear. "During your last little invasion, when Mister Yung was barely old enough to walk, American planes bombed this whole area. The bombs took his family and most of his face, as you can see. Now, as a loyal citizen, I felt he was owed some justice." She then turned and smiled sweetly to the mutilated old man. "Do what you want to the sow, comrade Yung. For every crime the Yankees did to you, make her pay for it ten times over."

Kara tried to speak, to swear at Tyi and scream at the leering, vicious-looking people who surrounded her. But her neck was throttled tight in the stocks, her already-shattered chest crushed onto a plank, and every shred of energy she had left was consumed by pure suffering. She could only watch as Yung slowly walked around behind her and out of sight. As he crept around Kara was filled with a true dread, unable to see the source of her next torture.

Yung took a lump of fat from his pocket and smeared it around the end of his long walking stick. He was enjoying taking his time; this was the greatest moment of his life. The rest of the village cheered, coarse roars encouraging him to all kind of vicious cruelties. He grabbed one of Kara's asscheeks - marveling for a moment at it's iron firmness - then pressed the lubricated end of his stick to her asshole.


Kara's bestial howl trailed off into a ragged sob as Yung forced the wooden rod far into her anus. It pierced deep, tearing her internally despite the oiled end. The exhilarated crowd cheered in time with Yung's deep, rhythmic thrusts. Kara jerked violently each time, aware of nothing but the complete misery her once-proud body was enduring.


When he felt her stretched enough, Yung cast the bloodied stick aside and undid his rough rope belt. Kara closed her eyes and shuddered with horror, knowing with dreadful clarity that she was about to be sodomized by an man as old as her grandfather. She felt his cracked fingernails bite deep into her flanks as he balanced himself against her. But all her expectation of the pain was nothing compared to the actual feeling when he thrust his rock-hard cock all the way up her ass.

The agony was too much for her to scream. She felt the old man deep inside her, and heard his pig-like grunting as he thrust fast and hard. The anguish was unspeakable. The other villagers crowded around her close to egg their elder on. Several older women held up their pointed walking sticks and jabbed Kara in her ribs or lithe thighs as she was assraped. Another squatted down beneath Kara's round tits as they bounced to the thrusts. Grabbing one roughly and holding it tight, she held her smoldering pipe up to the pert nipple and kept it there as the flesh seared.

Even though she could find no breath Kara shredded her throat with another howl of torment. It was suddenly choked off by another old man who stuck two bamboo pieces firmly into Kara's mouth, wedging it fixed open. Her tears streamed as she could now only gargle, drool soaking her chin. Chortling lewdly, the elder before her thrust his stubby, fetid cock right into her now-gaping mouth and skullfucked her with full brutality. She felt like she would choke on her vomit, her struggles to breathe coming out as wet sucking noises.

For nearly an hour Kara was systematically raped and tortured by the elders of the village. In her half-mad haze of pain she lost track of how many rancid, sadistic old men had forced their cocks into every hole in her perfect body. She was double-impaled over and over, her violators delighting in abusing a beautiful American. But the old women were worse, stabbing and burning her throughout the gangbang. She begged for unconsciousness, for death, for an escape from the pain. But there was no release as the torment grew worse with every minute.

When they had finally sated their every perverse desire on Kara, the gang of elders led the rest of the villagers off to a large central building. Tyi remained for a moment, jumping down from her horse and drawing some things from her saddlebag. She poured a vicious rice spirit down Kara's open throat, bringing her round to whole new level of vivid clarity.

"Ready to talk now, Lieutenant? I warn you this will be your last chance for a while."

Even though Kara still seethed with utter loathing for this woman, she could not even speak, her throat stretched and burning. She instead weakly shook her head as Tyi smiled.

"Very well." She brushed some of Kara's matted and bloodied hair away from her face, and pulled the wedges from her aching mouth, before stepping around behind her. Kara slowly closed her eyes as she expected a new torture to begin. She flinched with a violent sob as Tyi slapped her ass, cackling with delight.

Crouching down behind Kara, Tyi's boots creaked as she unscrewed a small tub. "You know Lieutenant, we don't have a God in this country, not like in your weak land. For all your begging to him he has not delivered you." Carefully she smeared a sticky goo across Kara's ankles, calves and inner thighs, pressing a few fingers up into the girl's savaged pussy. "But if this God were to exist, I would say you're a gift straight from him."

Kara recognized the smell of the stuff Tyi was smearing - honey!? She had expected some other kind of burning unguent. But the honey just felt sticky and almost cooling on her ravished legs.

"See you in a few hours my pretty bitch - the local peasants are throwing me a small party." Tyi smiled almost serenely. "But you won't be alone - a small delegation of 'red workers' will soon be keeping you company." With Tyi turned and strode off after the villagers.

From her words Kara expected another gang of rapists to be coming to get her, and she was almost right. But she first discovered the 'red workers' Tyi meant were not human when the stings picked at her ankles. An army of ants - drawn by the honey - began to crawl up between her legs, their angry bites like a thousand red-hot needles as spread all over her lower body.

"OOOOohohhhhhhhhhhhfffukkkkkkkkk-" Kara groaned as she desperately tried to shake the insects off. But this only made them angrier and bite more as they made their way up towards her honey-coated cunt. There was no escape or relief from this torture - just the maddening pain that tore Kara's cracking mind. With every ragged breath she emitted groans of animalistic agony.


As the morning sun reached into the sky Kara felt herself disappear into a delirious reverie of suffering. Once the ants began gnawing at her pussy and red torn clit, she started screaming endlessly, powerfully, across the empty village square. But only a few curious goats watched on, absently chewing as the most desired ass in the United States Navy swung around in the air before them. Her every shriek was met with a cheer from inside the hut as Tyi and the village delighted in the cries.

"Our smaller comrades seem partial to American cunt!" laughed Tyi as the elders roared in approval.

Despite her incredible endurance, Kara's exceptional body could only be pushed so far. With a few final guttural groans she passed into blackness, her ravaged legs twitching savagely as her head slumped over. Tyi and the villagers heard the screams end and went out to savor the sight of their victim tortured into unconsciousness.

The next thing Kara knew was an explosion of cold seawater as she was hauled back into consciousness. Gasping for air she looked around her wildly, her green eyes burning deep with fear. She seemed to be in a hospital of some kind, with sickly green walls and stained white tiles, and a bare stark bulb burning above. Through the clearing haze she could see the sneering Tyi, one of her troopers, and three old and senior-looking North Korean officers - police generals, she thought.

Clenching her fists, she felt her half-numb hands bound behind the chair she was strapped to. With the detached clarity that was helping Kara to retain some kind of sanity, she realised it was a gynecological table, usually used to help pregnant women. Her ankles were held high and apart in metal clamps, exposing her pussy to anyone in front of her, while her stomach, neck and forehead were lashed down to the steel chair.

"Welcome back, Lieutenant Wade!" said Tyi, her laughter tinkling. "Just in time to show our distinguished comrade Generals how a Western whore can scream." As Kara's darting eyes followed her, she walked over to a large field telephone on a table nearby. Numerous black cords snaked away from the battered steel generator.

Kara closed her tear-soaked eyes and prepared for what she knew was next - torture by electricity. As the trooper soaked her heaving body with another bucket of seawater she knew it was to help conduct the current. Sometimes, she realised, knowing what they were doing was far worse than the act itself.

Tyi took the first crocodile clamp and waved it before Kara's face. "Now for your own sake, answer the good generals this: is your fleet's landing to be Tangchon?"

Kara tried to swallow but the muscles froze in her bone-dry throat. She could only squeal in horror as Tyi attached the first clamp to her right nipple. The jagged steel teeth bit deep into the pink abused flesh. Picking up another clamp, Tyi spoke smoothly "The number of ships in your fleet. We know there's a carrier. How many troop carrier transports? How many?"

Cringing with the ever-tightening bite of the first clamp Kara began whimpering as Tyi attached a second to her other breast. "Just the number, you stubborn slut. How many transports?" She reached for a third clamp, growing angry as Kara resisted her in front of the generals. Tyi resolved to raise the level of pain as far as she could go without killing her.

Kara bit down hard and choked her scream into an inhuman wail as the third clamp crushed her clitoris. "I see the scorpion's sting has really swollen this rosebud. You are indeed ruined forever as a woman." She nodded to her flunky who began to rapidly hand-crank the generator. "Not as fancy as your American devices of torture, but just as effective as you'll see." With a curt bark in Korean she ordered him to fire it at 30.

The trooper released the handle and flicked a heavy black switch. Kara felt the current arc through her tits and pussy as her body seized in shock. She reflexively thrust her crotch up and forward, her eyes turning white as they rolled into the back of her head. Even as the current was switched off she remained locked in that position for a few more seconds, trapped in a frozen hell. Slumping back into the chair her perfect skin shone, soaked with sweat in the bleak light.

"That was thirty percent," said Tyi. "Just the number, Kara, and I'll make it stop."


Tyi sneered. "Sixty percent."


Every bone and muscle in Kara's body seemed to be snapping. The shock was like a giant hand had squeezed her so hard her head exploded. She gagged on the reek of her own roasted cunt. Deep down a part of her began to accept that she could not take very much more.

"Ninety percent."

Kara didn't want to die like this. A desperate urge to survive was all she had left now. As the trooper reached again for the switch, she finally broke. The removed, academic part of her that had once driven her to such success watched on with detached amazement. Her will was crumbling, and she rationalized that just a few harmless words would spare her a few seconds from the hell.


Tyi nodded curtly to the trooper who flicked the switch.


Right then Kara would have done anything to stop her suffering. She was prepared to sell out the entire fleet to her torturers. With a cold certainty she knew they would not let her die until she had told them something, and that was all she could hope for. When the fire of the surging current finally left her again she slumped back against the back wailing mindlessly "Sevensevensevensevenships plzzzzssstpppp-"

The generals nodded among themselves. One asked a question of Tyi. Taking a rag she brushed Kara's once flawless face - now smeared and ruddy with blood, cum, spit and tears - and wiped it clean.

"There, that wasn't hard, right? Now, is it Tongchon where you will be landing?"

Kara felt all self-control leave her now. "I-I t-t-t-think so...I think so....all our guys are coming here.." A distant horror seemed to disturb her as she realised she had condemned other American pilots to death - or worse, a fate like hers. Every AA gun the Koreans had would now be moved here, and the invasion's air support would be hacked from the skies.

Tyi turned with a grin of almost orgasmic satisfaction to the generals. "There's our first start!" she said in an almost schoolgirlish tone. "The Yankees are coming here. Concentrate the coastal defense here!" She clapped her hands and laughed. "Our lovely whore has just doomed every one of her pirate colleagues to death at our hands!"

As she passed into a fractured, fevered madness Kara felt the humiliation burn like the worse torture of all. No bullet in the head could destroy her soul more than what she had done. The last thing she saw before everything suddenly exploded was Tyi's leering face, and with it the realization her time in hell had barely begun...


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