NOTE: In my game the Hero's name was Splinter, the army was the Pride Army
and the castle was The Lions' Den. I wrote this story because somebody
requested it in the requests section. Know this, some people actually look
at the requests and follow through.

Suikoden 2: Hot Times At The Lions' Den (ff,Mf,inc,herm)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Ellie, Bogan and Rina all missed Splinter terribly. He was off doing
dangerous and important things while they were stuck at the Lion's Den.

It was terrible!

Still somebody needed to keep morale up and the three performers knew how to
do that.

Ellie was tied to a tree, blind folded and had an apple resting on her head.

There was a semi-large crowd gathered at the courtyard to watch the upcoming

"Now I shall through dagger with precise accuracy and split the apple without
harming my lovely sister," Rina exclaimed as she readied a dagger.

Rina readied and though, just as she released somebody in the crowd sneezed.
Accordingly her aim was thrown off slightly and her dagger stole a bit of
Ellie's ear.

"EEEEEEEEE!!" Ellie cried out.

Rina covered her mouth with both hands in shock.

Sierra giggled at the spectacle from within the crowd.

"HEY! That's not nice laughing at her, she cut herself," the adorable little
Millie said as she pouted at Sierra.

"How cute, and such nice looking little blue outfit," Sierra said as she
looked over the young girl, her eyes began to glow. "Perhaps you should come
with me."

"I should go with you," Millie said unthinking.

Off in the training grounds beyond the crowd Nanami stood as Oulan corrected
her stance. She lifted her arms as Oulan stood behind her pressed up against
her back. Nanami felt Oulan's breasts pressed against her back as Oulan
maneuvered her wrists into position. Much to Nanami's disappointment Oulan
released her wrists and backed away.

"Okay, your hands are all right. Let me adjust your legs." Oulan reached down
and used her strong firm hands to spread Nanami's legs.

Oulan rose to her feet and Nanami could swear she felt the older woman's hand
brush over her ass. "Ummm .. uhhhh ... I'm really tense. Can we take a break
from training?"

"Yes, sure. How about I show you how to work out that tension?" Oulan

"Um .... sure, okay," Nanami said uncertainly.

* * *

"I'm really, really sorry sis," Rina said.

Ellie glared at her older sister angrily.

"Please, don't stay mad at me. I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" Eilie asked.

Rina nodded in compliance.

"Fine. You know when I lose to you at dice and you make me play slave girl?
Well I want you to be MY slave-girl tonight."

"Grrrrrrrrrr, oh fine," Rina said figuring she owed her and she was bound to
lose at dice eventually.

Eilie smiled at having gotten her way.

"First of all, big sister, I want a strip tease and a lap dance," Ellie

Rina sighed.

Eilie began humming a well paced tune, Rina began dancing a slow sexy dance,
shaking her hips and twirling about as she slowly began removing her clothes.

Eilie grew very excited as she watched her sister dance.

Eilie went to where Rina sat and straddled her face to face. She continued
her sexy lap dance jiggling her lovely tits in Eilie's face.

Eilie leaned forward to suck and lick Rina's nipple, she gently kneaded the
other tit, her sister moaned slightly at the ministrations.

Eilie stood up from her seat and giggled.

"Undress me, slave-girl, hee hee," she commanded.

Rina obliged, pulling off her sister's top from over her head then pulling
her shorts down to her ankles.

"On your back, sis," Eilie commanded.

Rina obeyed instantly.

Eilie stood over her sister's head and brought her wet pussy to Rina's face.
Rina spread open her sister's lips and thrust her tongue in.

"Oh yes, good work, slave, deeper, yeah."

Eilie leaned down and roughly squeezed her sister's tits.

Eilie sat right down on Rina's face and gently rocked back and forth as her
sister stuck her tongue in as far as she could.

Eilie leaned forward to get in the 69 position. The two girls happily ate
each other out until they both came to screaming orgasms.

"Mmm good job slave," Eilie said as she lapped up her sister's girl-cum.

* * *

Nanami sat on her bed nervously, Oulan rested atop the bed on her knees.

"I'll give you nice a shoulder rub, any good warrior needs one after hard
training," Oulan explained.

Nanami felt the tension leave her, as Oulan worked her shoulders and the
base of her neck.

"You know I can do a better job if you take off your clothes," Oulan

Nanami looked around nervously. "Ummm sure, okay."

Nanami took off her various articles of clothing, then laid on her stomach.

Oulan straddled Nanami's waist, she firmly worked on Nanami's shoulders.
Nanami continued to relax until the girl had little better than fallen

Oulan, who was getting a bit excited, took a chance and turned herself around
and grabbed hold of Nanami's two firm round ass cheeks.

Nanami's eyes widened in surprise, she was about to protest but realized she
liked the treatment.

Oulan continued to massage Nanami's cute little ass, working the globes
between her fingers firmly. Encouraged by Nanami's non-resistance, Oulan
slid a finger between the girl's cheeks to her pussy and gently rubbed her

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeeessss," Nanami moaned.

Oulan dove a second finger in and pumped Nanami rhythmically.

"Mmm mmm mmm oh yes! YES!" Nanami cried out rocking with pleasure.

Her 'trainer' even more encouraged, began grinding her pussy into Nanami's
waist as she frantically finger-fucked her.

Oulan forced a third finger and with a great forceful shove fisted the girl,
tearing through her hymen.

Nanami cried out in momentary pain which was soon replaced by cries of
ecstasy as she had an explosive first orgasm.

Oulan licked the girl-cum from her hands as she continued grinding her pussy
into the small of Nanami's back.

After a few seconds she came as well and licked her own sexual fluids from
the small of Nanami's back.

"Mmm can we please do this again sometime?" Nanami asked.

"Any time you like, my sweet," Oulan replied.

* * *

Sierra had stealthily led young Millie to her room and locked the door. In
Millie's current hypnotic state she'd be Sierra's puppet with no free will
of her own.

That wasn't what Sierra really wanted.

Sierra's eyes glowed again and her spell was adjusted.

Now Millie would be aware of everything, she'd be fully conscious and aware
of her predicament, but unable to resist Sierra's commands.

"From this point on whatever you do do not cry out or call for help," Sierra
said with an evil smile.

"W-Why? What are you going to do?" Millie asked in a scared little voice.

"Hmmm don't worry. I won't do anything you won't like, hehehe. First of all
stay perfectly still and don't move," Sierra ordered with a gleam in her

Sierra walked around behind the juicy young girl. She slid her hands over
the front of Millie's shirt and felt her small tits through the fabric.


She gently massaged the small mounds for a while then slid her hands down to
Millie's thighs, she rubbed her hands over the girl's smooth skin, Millie
felt the not-unpleasant sensations surge through her body. Millie wanted to
get away but the spell held her firm.

Sierra slid her hands up further, under the fabric of Millie's skirt. She
rubbed Millie's pussy through the fabric of her panties.

"Oh no you shouldn't touch me there ... ooooooo it feels sooooo gooooood."

Sierra smiled as she was rewarded by the considerable dampening of Millie's

"Now my pet, lay down on the bed and spread your legs," Sierra commanded.

Millie obeyed doing as instructed, her reluctance having faded a bit.

Sierra gently kissed Millie's virgin clit, she flicked her tongue in and out
of the girl's honey hole causing her to buck and moan. Sierra had to grab a
firm hold of Millie's but to hold her still.

"EEEEEE more please don't stop Sierra!!!!!" Millie cried out.

Sierra drove her tongue in deeper sending waves of pleasure coursing through
the young girl's body.

"OOOOOOHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" Millie cried out as she came to her
first orgasm, Sierra greedily lapped up the girl's nourishing love juices.

"Mmm that was delicious. Now that I've done this for you, you must do a
little something to amuse me," Sierra said slyly.

"Mmmm so gooood ... Uuuuuhh, huh what?" Millie left her pleasant dream-like

Sierra's eyes glowed again as her magic flowed forth. Millie yelped as her
clit reshaped, warped and extended eventually magically changed into a male

"EEP!! What have you done to me?" Millie cried.

"I just gave you a boys member. Its a minor curse really. It will go away
when you deflower a virgin with it. But before you do that, I have some use
for it hee hee." Sierra said, she was highly turned on by the sight of the
sweet, innocent girl attached to a penis.

Sierra licked the tip of the member gently, causing it to stiffen up.

Millie had never felt anything like the sensation in her new dick. It
throbbed and ached to be wrapped in a warm, wet pussy.

Sierra stopped her licking and brought her pussy down atop the stiff cock.
She impaled herself on it and ground up and down on the prick.

"Oh it feels UNBEEEEEELIEVABLE OHHHH!!!" Millie was definitely a screamer.

Sierra leaned down to squeeze Millie's sensitive nipples.

Millie screamed out as she and Sierra came to a mutual orgasm.

Sierra fell atop Millie roughly frenching the girl then licking her face

"Hmm that was excellent, my pet. Now go find yourself a virgin to deflower."

* * *

Millie was desperate to get rid of the boy part the vampire Sierra had stuck
her with. It was impossible to control the urges it gave her and it became
stiff repeatedly with no warning. Since she wore a short skirt it made things
a bit hard to hide.

She needed a virgin and fast.

She was wandering the farm area which was practically vacant when she saw her
friend Meg. Meg was so young and cute with such a cute little ass....

Damn it, she was hard again.

Millie ran to Meg nearly tackling her over. "Meg you're a virgin, right?"


"Meg I have a stupid curse on me that gave me stupid boy privates! It will
only go away if I have sex with a virgin! Please Meg, you have to help me."
Millie explained as she shook her friend's shoulders.

"Millie I-I don't know, Im a virgin and I like you but I don't think..." Meg
was cut off as Millie grabbed her waist and pulled her close.

"Please," Millie breathed practically into Meg's mouth. "I promise you,
you'll like it."

"Umm." Meg became a bit hot and bothered as she felt Millie's dick press
against her with only the two girls' skirts separating them." Umm .... okay,
okay, but only to help you lose that curse."

Millie really didn't care why Meg did it as long as she did it.

"Okay, Meg, just bend over and I'll take care of the rest," Millie said.

Meg having never done this before obliged. She bent over and grabbed her

Millie lifted up Meg's skirt. She was pleased to see that Meg's under wear
damp. She slid the underwear off and got a good look at her ass and a peak
at her little pussy.

Millie put her cockhead to Meg's little hole. She grabbed a firm hold of
Meg's hip and thrust forward.

"EEP" Meg cried as the pain of having her hymen torn shot through her.

This was replaced soon with pleasure as Millie's large, hot member slid in
and out of her. Millie used Meg's waist for support as she thrust forward
with all her might into her friends tight pussy. Meg came to several orgasms
as Millie frantically thrust in and out of her, desperately trying to come.

Millie felt her self nearly explode as she came inside her friend. Millie's
dick shrank and twisted itself back into a clit.

The two girls collapsed into an exhausted heap.

Sierra had been in a tree in bat form, she witnessed the whole spectacle
with much interest. This, she thought, is going to cause me many sleepless
nights of masturbation.

The End

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