Ok, you All know the rules..

No under 18, No doing this in real life, And 'NO' just because I write about
something doesn't mean I agree with it. If some one ever tricked someone into
sex there filth and mean....

Suikoden 5: Roy the Naughty Look-A-Like (MF,oral)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

Roy walked down the hall mumbling, He'd just lost a ton of money to that
cheating girl Linfa! Not that he really cared about the money. He was dressed
as the prince So she's go after the Prince for the money.

But that meant the Prince would find out he was still dressing like him, and
that could be troublesome for him. He was about to head back to his room when
a soft week voice called out to him.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" She female voice asked.

Turning around Roy saw the puppeteer Chisato starting there. She was almost
trembling, she was so nervous just being around the Prince.

Rolling his eyes Roy mumbled, "I don't know is there?" Lots of times when he
dressed like the Prince people from around the castle would try to talk to
him, mostly he just brushed them off...

Stammering again she said, "w...Well, If I can do anything...J-Just ask..."

Roy smiled at that, "Anything? Well, 'I' The Prince... Have been feeling a
little pent-up lately." he said, He could see Chisato didn't understand so
he added a little jerking action with his hand to his crotch.

Chisato blushed deeply and stepped back a bit. "O-ohhhhhh.... I-I don't think
I can help with that Prince." she stammered.

Roy shrugged, "Well, you said anything. But Hey, if you don't want to make
your Prince happy..." He said as he started to turn around and head back

"N-No W-Wait!!!" Chisato called out....

Turning back around he could see how bright red Chisato's face had become.
He almost felt bad about trying to trick her, well almost!!!

"W-Well, w-what do you need me to d-do?..." She stammered as she petted the
puppet she always carried with her on her right hand.

"Oh nothing big!!, A blowjob will be just fine..." Roy laughed.

"A...a B-Blow j-j-Job?" She stammered in shock as she felt her knees go weak
and her whole body blush.

Roy smirked and started to turn to leave again.

"N-No W-Wait Prince!, I j-just never done that before... I.. I don't know
what to I do?" She stammered as she petted her hand puppet harder.

Smiling Roy said "Well, Getting down on your knees would be a start!!"

Chisato couldn't remember the last time she'd been so embarrassed, or as
aroused. Slowly she lowered herself to her knees and looked up at him.

"N-Now what?" she asked.

Smiling Roy lowered his shorts and exposed his cock to her. "Well, baby.. A
kiss is always the best place to begin."

Chisato could feel her whole body trembling. It was the first time she'd ever
seen a mans penis, she'd be far to embarrassed to tell anybody, but she was
still a total virgin... Still she was extremely curious. She couldn't help
but simply stair at it...

It was big, and thick looking hard and stiff, with a large top, and blue
vain's running up and down it. She was surprised to see the Prince's thick
brown pubic hair around the base, even though the Prince had white hair?
And there was a small hole on the tip and some clear liquid was leaking out
of it. Chisato couldn't help but think it was very pretty, maybe the most
beautiful thing she'd ever seen.

Slowly Chisato crept forward as the Prince lead back against the wall. She
couldn't help but feel a little shameful but at the same time it was like a
fantasy coming true. She could feel her heart jump as she got close enough
to start to smell the Prince's wonderful smell.

She wasn't naive enough to think that a blowjob meant blowing on the Prince's
privates, she'd heard enough sailors talking about it when she worked with
her mother at the Inn to know that it involved her sucking.

Leaning even closer Chisato took the Prince's cock into her puppeteer hand.
She almost Cooed out loud at how warm and smooth it felt. "I c-can't believe
I'm actually t-touching one... And the p-Prince's none the less!!" She
whispered to herself. Slowly she puckered her lips and placed them on the
tip of the Prince's throbbing head.

Pulling back she could feel her lips were wet, Most likely with the clear
liquid from before! She couldn't help but run her tongue over her lips. She
was shocked to find that she seamed to like the taste.

Chisato savored it for a brief second before she lowered her head for another
taste. She slid the Prince's cock into her mouth. at first just the head. But
slowly she worked more and more into her mouth tell her nose was nestled in
the Prince's soft curly brown hairs.

Chisato couldn't believe what she was doing, She barely ever even made-out
with boys and her she was kneeling in the Prince's castle with her head
pressed into the Prince's crotch, sucking his wonderfully beautiful cock.

Chisato couldn't help but suck harder as the Prince started to let out soft
moans. Her mouth was watering like mad, and soon wet slopping sound filled
the castle as she bodded her head up and down like a mad-woman. She also
couldn't keep her free hand from roaming down to her clothed covered crotch
and giving a very pleasurable rub from time to time.

She was about to slide her hand under her dress when the Prince started
thrusting a little. Chisato didn't know what was happening, tell her mouth
was flooded with more of the creamy stuff from before.

Chisato tried to pull back but only succeeded in spilling the Prince's cream
down her chin and down the front of her dress. But with the Prince pulling
her close she slowly closed her eyes and enjoyed the taste, The filling!! As
she swilled her tongue around in the liquid and around the Prince's cock.

Eventually though the Prince's cock started of soften and slipped from her
mouth. Chisato sat kneeing as she starred up at the Prince. Still moaning a
little Roy managed a small drawn out "Thank you..."

Chisato Giggled and swallowed before managing to say 'thank you' herself.

She smiled saying "t-That was w-wonderful!!!"

She stammered to her feet as she watch the Prince pull up his clothes and
quickly walk away.

She was still very trembly and getting up off her knees gave her a terrible
dizziness. But Chisato felt strangely proud that she had been able to help
the Prince.

So Later when she found out that the Prince had been away for the past
several day she was very confused. Tell she hear about the Prince look-a-like
named Roy....

Then she was Pissed!!!!


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