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Suikoden 5: Your's Are Bigger!!!
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

It all started the day the Prince brought Lun and her mother Kisara to Miroon
the beavers bathhouse. Lun was looking forward to spending some time relaxing
with her mother after fighting along side the prince.

Unfortunately, her redneck 'EX of a best friend' Subala happened to be taking
a bath that day too... Which was kind of a shock because Lun had been certain
Subala didn't take baths, other then when she tripped and fell in a river.

Lun and Subala had been best friends most of there lives growing up around
Raftfleet, but once Lun hit puberty and started growing breasts Subala became
extremely jealous. It got to the point where Lun couldn't even walk past
Subala without being insulted.

They weren't in the bath but two minutes before Subala was at it again. First
she demanded to know what Lun's secret was, then blaming it on what she ate.
Then she did the most unbelievable thing...

She said it was because her mother Breast fed her!!!

Lun couldn't remember the last time she'd been so embarrassed, and pissed at
Subala. Lun knew that Subala had always wished she'd had a mother or father
growing up, But to say such a thing, And right in front of her mother!!!

And worse was Kisara said she could have SOME!!! Lun almost pissed in the
bath water in shock. Luckily her mother was so dense she thought they were
talking about tea...

Even after they'd left the bath house Lun was furious. She marched back and
forth in her bedroom yelling every name she could thing of...

She wanted to think that it was all because of how Subala acted. But in
truth, Lun was mad at her mother for offering Subala her breasts!!! Not that
her mother knew what she was saying, but it still cut into her....

That was her wright!! She was Kisara daughter, if anyone was to be aloud
too, it should be her!!! Not that her mother would let her nurse this late
in life, but if anyone was aloud to, it's should be her....

After hours of pumping herself up Lun was ready to set out and find Subala
and whack her one good!!!

It was about the same time that Subala had decided that she was going to make
her breasts bigger...

She didn't know anything about magic, But she was told by an old sailor that
if she sucked on another girls breasts hers would grow bigger. She didn't
really know if it was true or not, but it made since! And Lun and sucked on
Kisara's and look at how big Lun's were!!! And if Lun's were that big from
sucking on Kisara, just imagine how big HERS would grow if she sucked on

Subala could almost feel her nipples tingling as she headed towards Lun's
room. She was just about to fling her body against Lun's door and force her
way inside when the door flew open in front of her and out flew a very pissed
looking Lun.

There was a loud 'SMACK' As the two girl collided into each other in midair.

The force sending Lun flying back into her room with Subala crashing down on
top of her. "Uhhh", "Uffff", and "Damn It!!" filled the small room as the two
girls sprawled on the floor fighting to regain their feet.

"WHAT are you DOING!!!!!" Lun screamed at the top of her lungs as she decked
Subala across the face. Subala responded back reaching out and diving at what
Lun thought was her Neck!! But to her complete surprise Subala grabbed and
yanked down her top exposing her breasts?? Lun was about to deck Subala again
when Subala did something even stranger.

Without even saying a word Subala latched her mouth right to Lun's left

Lun was so shocked that she just sat there as Subala sucked loudly, and quiet
roughly on her breasts. After a few seconds Lun came out of shock and send
Subala flying across the room with a busted lip and a loud crash on Lun's

"What the HELL do you thing your doing?!!!" Lun screamed, Lun wasn't what you
call a modest girl so she didn't really bother to cover up. She could feel
her nipples harden up, and she could still feel Subala slobber drying on her
right breast. She had to admit it kind of felt good.

"So what the hell were you trying to do? molest me or something?" she asked
more calmly.

Subala both blushed and growled at the same time.

"No stupid.." she said, "I...I want bigger breasts" At that she did blush.

Lun burst out laughing, "And what? You thought that by sucking on mine, yours
would get bigger...."

Subala blushed and scratched her head, "Well, er... It does sound kind of
silly! This sailor.. he said.." She blushed again as she yanked down her top
flashing Lun her practically non-excitant breasts. "I mean, Just look at
them!!! I know boys with bigger jugs then me."

Lun was a bit taken back at this. She could feel her cheek start to flush
alittle and her heart start to race. Subala's tit's were... kind of cute!
Her nipples were the size of coins and they pocked out as if aiming at her.

"Um, er... there's nothing wrong with them. But, But that's not the point!!!"
she stammered as she felt herself becoming more aroused. Lun had always know
that she liked other girls a little Too much, but she had always told herself
she'd find a nice guy and He'd turn her on, and that's how she'd know he was
the right one for her. But Subala was kind of like a boy, she had such nice
short hair and sexy shoulders. Hell, she even smelled like a guy...

Lun couldn't help but stair at Subala's pointy nipples and feel her mouth
water. "w...Well... If you think it would help? I guess you wouldn't mind..."
She said as she cupped her hands over her breasts and walked closer to

"What? Really!!!" Subala stammered in shock as Lun sat down next to her. She
smiled as Lun let her hands drop to her sides, it was the first time she had
really gotten to look at Lun's breasts. Slowly she licked her lips and
lowered her mouth to Lun's nipples.

She slowly started to suck gently on the right one. She took the nipple
between her teeth and nibbled lightly on it. Subala was kind of surprised
when Lun grabbed her head and pulled her closer, smothering her with her
over sided breasts.

Lun started moaning as Subala moved from her right to her left breasts. She
was about to start masturbating when Subala stopped and started complaining
that it wasn't working.

"Well, maybe it wasn't the breasts you were suppose to put your mouth on?"
Lun smiled wickedly as she talked. She could see Subala's confusion so she
simply put her hand on top on Subala's head and pushed her towards her

"Huh? What you think I should suck... down there?" she growled.

"Well, it couldn't hurt right?" Lun smiled and she wiggled out of her tight

After a few seconds of Subala just sitting starring at her she started to
worry that she made a mistake. Then Subala slowly lowered her head down
between Lun's legs. Lun bit her lower lip as she felt Subala plant a kiss
right on her sex...

Lun was in heaven as Subala parted Lun's folds and slid her tongue in as deep
into Lun's body as it would go...

Lun could feel the warmth of Subala's open mouth covering her mound. Subala's
wet tongue sliding in and out, slowly at first, but it soon as gaining speed.
It was almost more than Lun could stand feeling Subala lapping at her

Lun could feel her inner muscles starting to contract as her eyes started to
cross. She grabbed Subala's head and pulled her closer, smearing Subala's
nose and face all over her sex.

Lun's juices gushed out flooding Subala's mouth, at first Subala was going to
pull away but Lun's hands prevented her, then she remembered why she was here
in the first place, This MUST be the stuff that will help her breasts grow.
Subala quickly started to lap and swirl her tongue around trying to get all
the juices.

Lun was moaning and rubbing the back of Subala's head as she came harder than
she ever thought possible. Once Lun's orgasm finally started to subside she
slowly opened her eyes. But looking down and seeing Subala's head between her
legs sent her into another orgasm, with Subala's tongue thrusting in and out,
drinking her juices just like before. Lun was left panting as Subala sat back
and starred at her.

"It didn't work!!!!" Subala growled as she cupped her still tiny breasts.

Lun was about to ask what she was talking about, having completely forgot
why Subala was there in the first place, when Subala stood beside the bed and
stripped naked. Lun was about to question this when Subala literally bounced
on top on her. Lun was quiet shocked to have Subala sitting naked backwards
on top of her, her cute boyish butt resting right on her over sided breasts.

"Maybe we have to do it at the same time for it to work" Subala said as she
drove her face back between Lun's legs.

And to Lun's amazement she went from watching Subala licking her, to having
Subala hair and Very, Very smelling sex hovering above her face.

Lun almost gagged at the smell. "Dear lord!!! Subala when was the last time
you washed down here!!!" She said in shock.

"Hey I was in the bath the same time you were!!!" Subala yelled.

"Did you use freaking soap you pig!!!" Lun yell right before Subala flopped
her hairy crotch on Lun's face.

"Shut Up and start lick'en, I want my breasts bigger damn it!!!" Subala said
as she rubbed her crotch back and forth against Lun's face.

At first Lun was just going to push Subala off, but once Subala started to
nibble on the lips of Lun's sex Lun started to think other wise. She could
feel Subala tugging on her lips with her teeth, as she started to pant
breathing in deeply as she did. She soon started to find the smell appealing.

Slowly she closed and nuzzled her face into Subala's soft pubic hair. Lun was
shocked to find how warm Subala was, She slowly licked her lips and planted a
kiss on Subala's sex. She moaned as her lips came away wet. She couldn't stop
herself from rolling her tongue over her lips as tasting Subala, and she
found Subala's taste was delicious, sweeter than anything she'd even known.

Lun licked her lips again, then slipped her tongue in between Subala's lips.
The musk and flavor was everywhere, Lun breathed deeply as Subala pressed her
crotch into her face enveloping her into Subala's sex.

Lun then slid her tongue all inside of Subala's womanhood determined to get
every inch of flavor. She couldn't help surrounding it with her lips and
sucking until Subala started moaning and grunting and began to buck against
Lun's face.

After a brief pause Subala sat up and starred at her chest. "It didn't WORK!!
It's not fair!!!" she yelled...

Smiling Lun turned Subala around and slowly started to kiss her nipples. With
her tongue she slowly licked and nibbled on Subala's still flat breasts,
before looking up and saying...

"Subala... Anytime you want to have bigger breasts your welcome to play with

* * *

The Next day a letter was found in the Prince's comment box....

Subject: Getting along
From: Kirara

Every since you took both my daughter and Subala to the bath they have been
getting along great...

It's so good to see those two getting along again...

P.S. - I know this my sounds odd, but does Subala's breasts look bigger to


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