Summerland - Adventures In Paradise 1 (MF,g-mast,voy,cons)
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

Nikki looked at herself in her full-length mirror. I'm 12 nearly 13 when
is this all going to finish, she thought as she looked at her naked body.
I wish mum were here, she thought as tears came to her eyes. She thought
how things had changed over the last 3 months, there had been the car
crash where mum and dad had been killed and then had to leave her school
and her first boyfriend to come and live with Aunty Ava. She thought of
her boyfriend Michael back in Kansas, he had promised when she had left
to call and to e-mail her but hadn't. Nikki thought back to the day
before she had moved to California when she said goodbye to Michael. How
he had came into bedroom and they had started kissing and then he touched
my breasts, it had felt so good.

Nikki moved back to her bed and lay down. Closing her eyes she thought back
again to that day as she touched herself. How he had placed his hand on my
stomach while we kissed and how his hand had kept moving upwards towards her
breasts, she remembered the butterflies she felt as his hand got ever closer
to her breasts. Then that first touch, it felt like every nerve in my body
had moved to my breast. He was a bit rough but it felt nice. The looks on
his face when I lifted my t-shirt up and over my head, I will remember that
look the rest of my life, she thought. Then when he stopped and stood up and
took his top off, I always liked that he had the sexiest chest and that
stomach. But then he pulled down his pants and it was there. I couldn't look
away; it was kinda gross but also sexy. At least I now know what they look
like, she thought. Then he asked me to touch it, I was so nervous and when I
touched it was so hot to touch. Then it started to grow the more I rubbed it.
I wanted to suck it but I didn't know how too so I just rubbed it. Michael
loved it, he couldn't stop smiling and it felt so good to do it for him. Then
it happen, all this white stuff started shooting out, over my mouth and face
and down onto my breasts. It kinda tasty funky but I think I could get used
to it, hehe. He helped me clean up and we kissed heaps more. It felt so good,
I let him even take off my skirt so I was only in my panties but I told him I
wasn't going any further, I think I am ready but I was too scared. I let him
lay on top of me while we kissed and I could feel it growing again against
me, and I got so wet, he would move up and down like we were really doing it.
It was so hard to leave the next, knowing that we wouldn't see each other for
a while if at all. Nikki opened her eyes just as her orgasm erupted inside
her, and she call out in ecstasy.

Nikki grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom and had a shower before
putting on her clothes. Still upset she decided to go up to the attic and
listen to some songs but thought she go down and get a quick sandwich before
the picnic later that afternoon.

Ava was down stairs when she heard Nikki scream out, she thought she knew
what type of a scream it was. It had been 3 months since her niece and nephew
had come to live with her. Ava was determined to provide for her sister's
children. Since college, Ava's main support system has been her three devoted
friends - Johnny, Jay and Susannah. Now her friends had been ready and
willing to reach out and become the ultimate surrogate family. It had been
hard looking after her three sisters children. Yet it had been great being
the aunty that would be the one they thought was cool but now she had to set
the guidelines. Ava hadn't even fully come to term with the loss of her
sister and her brother-in-law but she couldn't cry in from of her kids. She
was glad her former boyfriend Johnny had stayed around and he seemed to act
as the father figure for the kids. But it was also hard to have him around;
she still had feelings for him and the way he acted around the kids made even
more attractive now.

But none of the kids or any of her close friends knew anything about Jay, the
Australian guy who owned the surf shop. Ava had only been dating him a couple
of weeks. She thought back about the night before she got the phone call
about her sister's crash. She had been with Jay and after a romantic meal had
went back to his place for a coffee and when he started to kiss her, she had
just melted and let him take control and they had mad passionate love for
several hours. Ava loved the cute Australian accent and when he spoke to her
whilst they made love it would make her even more excited.

"Hey Ava" said Bradin as he walked in to the lounge room of his new home.

"Hi Bradin, where have you been?" Said Ava.

"Down at the beach learning how to surf with Erika", why asked Bradin.

"We need to have a chat, take a seat," said Ava.

"Ok, what's the matter," said Bradin.

"Now don't be upset but I been speaking with Johnny and Jay and I know you
are planning to lose your virginity with Sarah. Bradin you're just to young
to have sex" said Ava.

"No I'm not, I'm 16 remember, when did you have sex for the first time"
replied Bradin.

"This isn't about me Bradin, just tell me you will think about it", asked

"Ok, Fine" replied Bradin.

Bradin walked straight outside and started walking down to the mall; he
pulled out his money and walked into the chemist. He looked at the rows and
rows of condoms and wondered which one to get. He finally went to the cashier
and paid for the items. "Who is she to tell me to wait," thought Bradin.

Nikki who had overheard the conversation with her brother and Ava stood
outside the chemist and watched her brother pick out the condoms. She laughed
and walked back home.

When Nikki got back Susannah and Johnny were waiting, "Oh sorry I forgot I'll
go and get my swimmers and I will be back in a minute", said Nikki as she
remembered that everyone was going to the beach for a late lunchtime picnic
so that Ava could finish that project for work in peace. "Bradin will be back
soon, saw him coming down the street", screamed Nikki as she ran up the

Bradin walked in a couple minutes later hiding his recent purchase, "So we
ready to go yet", Bradin asked.

"Were waiting on Nikki", replied Susannah.

"Yeah typical", said Bradin.

Johnny laughed and Susannah shot him a look, "grab your gear and throw it in
the jeep", said Susannah.

Five minutes later Nikki came down stairs and heading out to the jeep.

"You look very nice, Nikki" said Ava as she opened the door of the jeep
for her young niece.

Her face shot up with a smile and with a little embarrassment, "thanks"
replied Nikki.

"Thanks for this guys, I owe you one, I really need this project, I'll see
you later" waved Ava as the jeep pulled out and started down towards the
beach and park.

Jay who had been hiding around the corner and walked up behind Ava and put
his hands around her waist and kissed her neck, "So I'm a project am I"
enquired Jay.

She turned around in his arms and stepped on her tip toes and kissed him
longingly, "Yes", said Ava laughing as she ran back inside.

Jay caught up to her as she just entered into her bedroom; she turned around
and looked at him. She moved forward and started to undo the buttons of his
white casual shirt, every button or two moving forward and kissing his neck,
then chest and then his stomach until all the buttons were undone. She moved
it off his arms and let it drop down to the floor of her bedroom. She moved
her hands all over the toned body of her boyfriend and started to kiss him
with passion and lust. Jay moved his hands to the bottom of Ava's pink
t-shirt and moved it up and then over her face. He held her hands up he moved
and started to kiss between the valley of her breasts. He then lifted the
t-shirt off her hand and kissed her deeply again. Her hands moved down his
body and undid the belt on his khaki knee length pants, as soon as she had
the buckle undone was moving the zip down and she let them drop to the floor,
he stepped out of them. She looked down and saw the boxers she had bought him
for his birthday, which had only been last week. She could see the huge bulge
in his boxers and she smiled, she felt like she was a schoolgirl again all
those same feelings of being with a boy for the first time. Jay moved his
hands around the back and undid the button of Ava's skirt and then unzipped
her and she wiggled it down her legs, and then stepped out of them. She felt
a little self-conscience but felt sexier in her matching lacy pink bra and
thong set, which she had bought through the week for Jay's special birthday

Jay stepped back and then dropped his boxers down and stepped out of them, he
looked back at Ava who was looking at his cock. She looked like a kid in a
candy shop, and she moved forward and started to kiss Jay with wild abandon,
her hand moving down onto his massive erection, she started to rub his cock
up and down. It didn't tae long for pre-cum to coat his cock and Ava's hand
that made it easy to move her hand up and down his cock. Ava moved from his
lips to his neck, moving down the body she licked and sucked on his nipples.

Soon her tongue was licking around the fine hairs of his stomach, her one
free hand roaming over the contours of six-pack. Eventually down onto her
knees she continues to rub his cock, while looking back up at Jay. Every
now and again darting her tongue out to lick the head of his cock. Using
her other hand she gently massaged his heavy balls, every minute or so
moving down and putting one in her mouth and sucking on them. Now teasing
with her tongue, she licked at it like at it like an ice-cream cone. Ava's
eyes never left Jay's when she finally took his cock into her mouth.

Using her tongue like she had learnt all those years ago in high school, not
unlike at the age of her niece. Having had sucked him a couple times before
she knew what he liked and he liked it when she went deep, even though up to
this point she handy been able to take it all in her mouth, I would have to
be a sword swallower to do that, Ava though. Ava was using her hand and mouth
to try and get him to cum quicker but she still had been sucking for more
then five minutes when she thought of something that Susannah had said her
ex-boyfriend had liked.

Ava moved her angle to take him deep and took her hands off his cock and
moved her hand around and onto his firm ass. She moved further down his cock
and as she did she moved her pre-cum covered fingered and moved it into Jay's
ass. The extra sensation was too much and he started to cum. Ava on feeling
the first load of cum moved her head back so she wouldn't gag on it and
worked her usual suck and swallow method so she wouldn't spill any. When she
could feel no more cum she took his cock out of her mouth and stood back up,
and moved towards him and kiss him.

* * *

Back at the beach Nikki came up to Susannah and ask to speak to her by
herself. Johnny got up and walked away.

"What's the matter doll" enquired Susannah.

"Um, my monthly friend has arrived", Nikki, said sheepishly.

"Monthly friend, oh I see, and you don't have anything here", replied

"No. It isn't supposed to be here for a couple of days", Nikki replied.

Susannah grabbed her keys, and a towel and screamed off to Johnny "We will
be back in a couple of minutes." Jumping in the jeep Susannah asked "It
might take a couple of months before its regular and you know when they
will arrive, maybe for a while just carry something in your bag just in
case, when we get back you race upstairs and grab your stuff and come back

* * *

Ava had moved back to the bed and Jay moved between her legs and was pulling
back her pink panties. Once off Jay had moved back between Ava's legs and
had put her legs over Jay's shoulders. He moved his tongue along her slit
enjoying her womanly sent. It didn't take long for his fingers to start
rubbing her clit and Ava started to breath heavier. Jay opened up her pussy
lips with his other fingers and starts to lick her pussy. Jay started
darting his tongue in like he was going to do soon with his cock. The more
imagination he used with his tongue and fingers the more Ava would moan and
scream, her pussy had already orgasmed once and was getting close to her
second. Ava then started to moan to Jay to come and fuck her.

* * *

Nikki got out of the jeep and ran up the stairs and into her room and grabbed
her special things and put it in her bag and started to go when she heard
some voices coming from her Aunties room. She went to the door and was just
about to walk in when she saw that Aussie guy from surf shop naked and
heading towards Ava who was naked and lying on the bed. Nikki looked at the
guy's body, it was so much better then her boyfriend's and his cock was way
bigger and it seemed to jerk up and down when he walked. She watched as Jay
ripped open a small packet and then put something on his cock, 'oh that's a
condom,' thought Nikki. She watched as he put his cock in her auntie and
started fucking her. Nikki moved back out of the way and down the stairs and
out to the jeep.

"You took your time doll and you look a little pink", asked Susannah.

"Must be out of shape, let's go", replied Nikki as she glanced back up
towards her aunties' bedroom.

* * *

Jay moved between Ava's legs and moved his cock nearly all the way in, she
was wetter then normal he thought, she must really need this. When he was
fully inside he felt Ava move her legs behind his ass and start pushing him
with her feet. Kissing her every now again between her moans, Jay moved down
and sucked on her nipples. Her breasts moving up and down with the thrusting.
Jay thought he had heard something behind him but kept up the fucking.

Ava moaning became loader and loader "Oh yes, fuck me jay, god fuck me like
you're never fuck a girl before".

Jay new he couldn't keep fucking her like this, he would come to quick, even
though Ava was in her thirty's her pussy was nice and tight. He slowed down
and uncrossed her legs and then pulled out. He turned her over onto her
stomach and pulled her bum up and started to move his cock in. He loved
fucking a girl like this, he could always fuck harder and he could control
the fuck more. Jay massaged her ass cheeks and then pulled back and slapped
her ass. After each slap he would fuck hard for a minute, stop and repeat
again. Ava started to look forward to the slap and then she knew she could
push back to meet his thrusts. It wasn't long before Ava started to feel
that buzz of orgasm building.

Ava started yelling "Oh god, I'm going to cum again, oh yes, fuck me harder
Jay, oh god, I love your cock, cum in me baby, YESSS!"

On hearing this Jay started doing quicker and sorter strokes and he soon got
the sensation and started to shoot his cum deep into her soaking wet pussy.
Jay pulled out and lay down beside her. "How long do we have", enquired Jay.

Looking over to the clock, "One more quick fuck," laughed Ava.

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