Summerland: Adventures In Paradise Part 3 (mf,Mf,inc,voy,cons,nc-cons)
by Jew_Paw2001

(Present Day)

Ava moaned heavily as she felt Jay Cumming in her pussy for the 3rd time
that day. Looking over at the clock of the wall she noticed how close it was
to end of the school day and new the kids were going to be home soon. "I'm
sorry, Jay, but looks like you need to go", said Ava

Jay looked at Ava and said, "This can't go on, we have been doing this for
last three months, you know I love you but I can't keep on hiding forever."

"I know, baby, and I love you too, but I have other people to consider and
not just the kids," replied Ava.

"I know, baby, I know," said Jay.

Jay stood up and Ava admired his cute butt. Dressing in front of her he then
lent down and kissed her goodbye. As Ava watched him walk out the door she
moved her hand between her legs and started to masturbate. It had been at
least a month now since Jay couldn't make her cum, but she couldn't bring
herself around to telling him. Tell him that something had changed. Not to
say she wasn't enjoying the sex, he was bigger then most guys she had been
with, and lasted as long if not longer then most guys. Mentally Ava had
changed from about a month ago, she had witness something that had not just
changed her physically but mentally as well.

* * *

(One-month prior)

Ava finished signing the documents to sign over her sisters house, well it
used to be her family house until she had decided to move and her sister
started bringing up her kids in the house, well at least until the accident.
She had come back with Bradin and Nikki to watch the auction of their
parent's house and to really let the kids say farewell to their school

Ava had watched Nikki get the satisfaction of dumping the boy who had failed
to call her for the last three months (see story 1). Ava watched Nikki and
Braden together during this trip and noticed how much closer they had been
since they first arrived at her door those many months ago.

Ava had arranged through the solicitor for funds the sale of the house to go
to a fund to be divided between the three children. She walked back to the
house and stood out the front and for the first time started to cry. Ava had
not the time to mourn for her sister and brother-in-law since that terrible
accident all the many months ago. Ava had taken over the parenting role for
the kids straight away and tried to be solid for them. Ava looked around and
as she cried she walked into the house. Falling into the lounge in the lounge
room she finally let out the emotion and the pain and cried for so long.
After several minutes she finally calmed down and wiped away her tears. At
first she didn't notice the noise from coming upstairs but as she got more
control of herself she wondered what it was, both Bradin and Nikki were
supposed to be having some fun with their friends.

Ava pulled out her compact and cleaned her make up back up before moving
upstairs. Ava sooned heard the kids and realized that the noise was Bradin
and Nikki and they were in the master bedroom, she heard them laughing and
saying things she couldn't quiet here. Ava moved to her old bedroom, which
used to be Nikki's just before the accident. Ava started thinking of the
fun things she and her sister had done in this room, the talks they had,
mainly about boys when they were younger. It was then she remembered the
vent, she went to the cupboard and open the big doors and step inside.

Sitting down she went to pull the vent, she started to remember those times
when she was 13 and her sister 12 and found that vent. Even though it sort of
disgusted them it when they learnt truly about sex. By opening the vent it
allowed a view directed into the master bedroom and the bed and just before
it. Ava remembered how many a night she and her sister had watched their
parents making love. They had both learnt about the pleasure of lovemaking
as they watched their big cocked dad pushing in and out of their mum and she
always was moaning and asking for it more and even harder. It may of stop
them from the start from boys their own age because when they both started
to experiment they soon realized that not all guys had the same thing between
their legs.

Ava slid the vent from its current off position to on and the light from the
other room cam shining through, she quickly remembered that she needed to
close the cupboard doors so the light from this room wouldn't go into the
other. It took a minute before she got into a proper position and could see
into the room. At first she could only see Bradin from the back as he sat on
the bed on an angle. She couldn't see Nikki at first but then soon saw her
coming from the on-suite on the other side of the room. She watched as Nikki
started twirling around in what looked to be a new dress and realized that
she was putting on a fashion show. She could hear Bradin giving his sister
the wolf whistle and she was glad that he was lifting her confidence in
herself, and she could see from the smile on her face she loved this. Then
she noticed Nikki unzipping the dress from the back and watched her let it
dropped the floor. Ava was shocked, not because her niece was standing in
her under things, but that she was doing it in front of her brother without
the hint of self-consciousness. She looked at her niece and noticed that she
was smiling and for a second didn't feel quite as bad at the situation but
it was when her eyes moved back to Brandin that she gasped in surprise.

Bradin had his cock out and was jerking himself as he clearly was getting
off at what his sister was doing, and Nikki wasn't just smiling she could
see that look, that look of girls in total lust give to their guy. Ava was
in shock frozen to the spot, she knew she should be getting in there and
stopping this but was transfixed. Ava watched as Nikki came closer and
closer to the bed and then put her hand on her brother's cock and start
rubbing it, while looking straight at him. Ava watched as Nikki leant down
and took her brother's cock head into her mouth, looking at how she was
doing it, Ava knew that this wasn't the first time had sucked a cock and
certainly not the first time she had sucked Bradin.

Ava who until the last five days that they had been here had been fucking
Jay almost daily, and now watching her niece and nephew was turning her on.
Ava knew that if she went in now, one the embarrassment for them would be
massive, but she didn't know if she could control herself not to become
involved. Nikki was now sucking at least 6 of Bradin's 7 inch cock, and Ava
was proud of two things, one that her young niece could take that much cock
in her mouth, and secondly the thickness and the length of her nephew.

Ava didn't really notice when she started touching herself, it sort of just
happened. Ava looked at her niece and noticed that Nikki's right hand was
between her legs and rubbing her clit in a circular motion and Ava was now
doing the same thing. She could hear parts of the was being said but mainly
just moans of pleasure. Bradin was certainly encouraging his sister on by
saying, "That's it sis, oh god your mouth is just so good, I love it when
you suck me."

Ava watched as Bradin lifted Nikki off his cock and start rubbing and
seconds later was shooting his cum into her face, mouth, and onto her
breasts. Ava watched as Nikki rubbed the cum into her breasts and face.
Nikki quickly jumped up and onto the bed and soon had her hands between
her legs masturbating. Quicker then the motion she had used before while
sucking off Bradin, it was more intense, more with the need to orgasm.

Even though it took Bradin a couple of minutes to recover, she watched as
he leaned onto the bed and assisted his sister in achieving an orgasm. Ava
who was so close herself new what was likely to happen next, and new she
had to put a end to this, but the need of her body was to great and just
as she orgasm she watched Bradin start thrusting into Nikki.

Ava took a minute and closed the vent shut, and walked outside and for a
second thought of going to the door of the master bedroom, but decided to
go down stairs. She went back to the front door and this time instead of
just opening and closing it quietly slammed the door shut. In her loudest
voice, "Hey guys I'm back, are you here, I'm in the kitchen." Ava went
quickly over to the vent and opened it and could hear what happened then.

"Oh god, she's back! Stop it, Bradin!" Nikki said in a slight moan in her

"Nikki, oh shit, I'm so close, please," replied Bradin.

"Oh fuck, hurry, harder Bradin, oh god fuck me faster," Nikki replied.

Ava then heard a grunt and knew that Bradin was cumming in his sister.

Ava started walking up the stairwell to the second floor, yelling out, "I
got some chicken if your here for lunch." She saw Bradin come from the

"Oh, hi, Ava! Wow, did you say something about lunch," said Bradin.

"Yes, all finished now. Got some chicken, you look a little red are you
alright?" asked Ava.

"Umm, oh yes, umm... I've been working out," replied Bradin.

Ava knew that there was no equipment in the house but she wasn't ready to
confront them about this. As she watched Bradin walk past her in a singlet
top and shorts, still smelling of sex.

"Where's Nikki?" asked Ava

"Umm, I think taking a shower, so where's the chicken," replied Bradin.

Ava thought better of going upstairs and followed Bradin back downstairs and
started making a numbers of sandwiches. Bradin had already eaten one and was
just about to another one when Nikki walked into the kitchen. Ava looked at
Bradin and said, "Wow, that work out you had got you hungry."

Nikki nearly coughed a lung when she heard that, but Bradin just replied,
"Yes, I really like to work out. I am growing man," as he glanced at Nikki.
Who immediately smiled back.

Over the next day or two she noticed things between her niece and nephew
that were signs things had been happening for some time, signs that she had
misread. She knew Bradin had a girlfriend, but she had failed to notice how
the siblings spent so much time together and how Bradin's girlfriend had
stopped coming around. It was just small things, like Nikki no longer
complaining about the boyfriend that had failed to ring her.

As she drove back through the night she noticed how they huddle together in
the back seat, the blanket covering them, but a few times she did notice the
blanket moving. When she got them home she hadn't decided what she was going
to do, she couldn't ask her friends, or her so called boyfriend. Her next
step was to do some research, she found herself reading books even though
informative didn't really assist her.

* * *

(Present Day - again)

Over the last couple of weeks she had been using the Internet to find things
about what Bradin and Nikki were doing, she typed into the computer she wrote
"incest between brother and sister". Going through the list of websites, she
opened up a few. Coming across one about celebrities and certain incest
stories, she hit add and added it to her favorites. Changing its name from
WWW.T-S-S-A.COM. To I Stories. Every day she would read one story after
another on this site, she would in most cases rub herself to orgasm at the
speed of the tempo of the story. Some she wasn't pleased with, some she was,
and some she just got sick of language like "Suck my wet pussy dry," 'Who
talks like this,' she thought. Even though the site brought her joy and a bit
of spice, it didn't help her with her problem, in fact maybe a little worse.
Now when Jay would be fucking her, it was her Bradin who she saw when she
looked up, on a couple times nearly even moaned out his name.

When the kids were at school Ava had started doing things she never thought
she would do, she found and then started to read Nikki's diary. Ava found
out when it had started and how Nikki had tricked her brother into fucking
him. Ava supposed that the reason Niiki was so descriptive in her diary was
inability to tell anyone about what she was doing. Ava was grateful that
Nikki was like her mum, that she had to take the pill to lessen the heavy
periods she suffered each month. It appeared from her diary that Nikki was
addicted to his cum, and addicted to being fucked. On every page she would
put how many times she had sucked him, how may times he had cum, how many
times she orgasm and how many times he fucked her and if it was in her pussy
or arse. Ava knew that this had gone on for so long, that it would be close
to impossible to stop, she knew she had to talk to them but was trouble
deciding how and when.

* * *

It was a couple of weeks later when Ava's chance came, Nikki had been
selected on the junior varsity swim team and they had a meet in another
city. Ava arranged for her friends to take her other younger nephew out
for the day.

Ava was in the kitchen when Bradin came down the stairs just wearing his PJ
pants. Ava glanced back his body as he walked past her to the fridge, she
thought back to that image of him in that house one month ago. She shook her
head and remembered that this was the time she needed to confront him. As
Ava watched him eat, she said, "Bradin, we need to talk."

"Will it take long? I want to go for a surf after breakfast," replied Bradin.

"No, it shouldn't," said Ava.

"So what have I done now, left the toilet seat up again," replied Bradin

"No, Bradin. We need to talk about you and your sister," said Ava in a hushed

"What about me and Nikki," replied Bradin sheepishly.

"I know about Nikki and you and what you too have been doing," said Ava.

His head drooped. "You mean skipping school," replied Bradin.

"No, I think you know what I mean", said Ava.

"I'm afraid I don't", replied Bradin now more confidently.

"Your fucking your sister, now is that plain enough," said Ava sharply and
regretting she had let it out like that.

Bradin jumped up and ran out of the kitchen and headed to his room.

Ava picked up his chair and then slowly started to ascend the stairs. Ava
didn't knock and just walked into Bradin's room and said as she entered,
"Bradin, we need to talk about this."

Standing naked with an erection as he changed from his PJ to his board
shorts, he was shocked when Ava walked into his room. Just grabbing his
towel he placed it over his cock.

"It just happened. I know its wrong, but I can't stop and Nikki is wild,"
Bradin said shyly.

"Were you her first?" asked Ava.

"Yes," Bradin said in a proud voice.

"Bradin, sex is different to girls, especially to young virgin girls. Your
sister is in love with you and I don't mean a 'sisterly' love. You took her
virginity and her heart. I don't know how you feel about her but I assume
you love her as a brother and your just enjoying the sex," said Ava lovingly.

"I don't know. I have tried to stop, but I don't want to hurt her, but she
wants it more and more," replied Bradin.

"She just wants to please you, Bradin," replied Ava.

"Ummm... how did you find out? I thought we had been careful," asked Bradin.

"You know the trip we took a month ago, when I came home from the lawyers
you and her were in the master bedroom. I saw you," said Ava shyly.

"You saw us, you mean doing it?" replied Bradin.

"Yes," replied Ava.

"Why didn't you stop us," asked Bradin as he looked at his aunt.

Ava didn't reply but her face started to blush, and Bradin noticed
immediately. His cock was already stirring being naked except for this
towel and talking about sex.

"You liked it, didn't you, you liked looking at me fucking Nikki. Did you
touch yourself when you watched us?" asked Bradin confidently.

"Umm," Ava started to say. Shocked at how this conversation had so quickly

"You did, I can tell. Was it my cock that got you so wet?" said Bradin as
he flew the towel off his groin and proudly showed off his cock.

"Bradin, NO!" replied Ava.

Bradin immediately stood up and stood in front of Ava, his cock waving in
front of her face. Ava couldn't look away from the impressive cock in front
of her face; this was the cock she had been thinking about for the last

"Bradin, put it away," replied Ava in a whisper.

Bradin immediately started playing with his cock, rubbing it back and forward
in his hand, making sure it didn't get to far from his aunt's face. Ava knew
she should just leave but she couldn't move, her head was telling her too,
but the rest of her body was electrified and she was frozen in place just
watching his cock and his hand. Bradin started to rub his cock faster and

Ava did something that even shocked herself, she watched as her right hand
came in front of her face and went to his cock, and it was like she had no
control over her body. She watched as her hand started to jerk the cock
faster. Ava moved her head forward and took the head of Bradin's cock in
her mouth as she rubbed the rest. That was all he needed and he started to
cum, shooting the back of her throat. Ava sucked and swallowed as she took
more of his cock in her mouth.

"Yeh, you like that didn't you slut," said Bradin aggressively as he pulled
his cock from her mouth. He grabbed her long t-shirt and ripped it open
exposing her breasts to him. Being that it was morning she hadn't put on a
bra as yet.

"No, Bradin, we cant," Ava said weakly, as Bradin grabbed at the rest of the
long t-shirt and tore it off her body. Throwing the shirt away he reached
down and felt between her legs. "Mmmm me thinks the lady pretests too much,
feeling how wet her pussy is," said Bradin.

Pushing her back onto the bed he climbed between her legs, forcing them open
with his knees. Not worrying about any foreplay he lined up and thrust hard
and deep inside his aunt. Bradin started fucking her rough, not worrying
about her cries of "no", because they were being drowned out by her moans.
Ava couldn't remember the last time she had been fucked this forcefully and
she loved it. Her "No's" had changed to "Yes" as Bradin fucked her as hard
as he could. Bradin loved that she wasn't as tight as Nikki, because Nikki's
tightness made him cum too quick. After about 15 minutes he did cum in his
aunt, but kept on fucking her. Ava just laid back and let him do what he
wanted to her body, her body was convulsing with orgasm after orgasm. Bradin
was using his aunt as a pretzel moving her body into positions he was afraid
to with Nikki.

Finally Bradin got off her and even though she found it hard to move, because
she was so sore. She turned around and started to crawl off Bradin's bed. She
was nearly off his bed when she felt his hand on her hips. Even though she
could of made it off the bed he had conditioned her over the last couple of
hours to accept his wish. As she felt Bradin move his cock back between her
pussy lips from behind she pushed herself back to meet his thrust. Ava moaned
as he grunted as he thrust inside her, holding onto her hips he moved back
and forward within her, moving his hands up and pulling on her nipples.

Ava couldn't recognize the pain and the pleasure her body was feeling but
moaned and pushed herself to take more. She felt Bradin pull her body back
against his chest, his cock never leaving her pussy. He moved around her
body, caressing sometimes, sometimes pinching, and sometimes just touching.
Bradin moved her head around and he started kissing her, his tongue working
in her mouth and she surrendered and let her respond to him. Her tongue
moved with his, her body moving to accept his thrusts, her nipples responding
to his touch. Bradin pushed her down and continued to thrust into his aunt.

"Harder," Ava moaned loudly.

As Bradin started slamming the length of his cock into Ava's drenched pussy,
slipping a hand beneath her he began playing with her clit, rubbing the large
button that was causing his aunt to take everything he was giving her. Moving
his hands from her clit he started grabbing at her flowing sandy brown hair
he pulled back on it as he released his fifth load of cum into her body. This
time not releasing his cock from her pussy until he was sure she had taken it

Ava nearly crawled all the way back to her bedroom, finding it too sore to
walk so soon after being fucked so hard. She fell asleep and slept throughout
the day, only waking at 5:00pm, she looked down at her body, she touched
between her legs and it felt sore, but she smiled. Getting up she walked to
the bathroom and cleaned all the cum from her hair, breasts, mouth, and
inside her pussy.

After letting the water sooth her body she walked back to her bedroom and
found cloths laid out for her. It was in her style and so she put them on and
came downstairs to organize dinner. She had heard the others come back when
she was in the shower and called them down when she was putting the food on
the table. As she started serving the food she didn't look up until she sat
down. Instead of the side seat he had normally taken Bradin took the seat at
the head of the table. It was Nikki that finally asked the question. "So why
are you both wearing collars? They look pretty, but don't only pets have

Both Ava and Nikki looked up at the same time and looked at each other and
at the black collar identically around each other's neck. As their eyes
locked on each other they both realized what the color meant, and nearly
simultaneously started to blush while they turned their head to the head of
the table.

Bradin just smiled as he looked at his two pets.

End of Part 3 (Do the pets play together?)


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