Summerland: Nikki Westerly's Summer Sex Diary Part 1 - First Day Of Summer
by Ambush Bug ([email protected])

Tuesday, June 22

Is today the first day of summer or was that yesterday? I can never seem to
keep that straight, but I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run and the
grand scheme of things and the whole history of the world. It might matter
to earth but I'm just a puny human who's not even sure what day it is so why
worry? The important thing is that summer has begun and I know in my heart
and bones that it's going to be a life changer for little ole me.

Not that I haven't had enough change and trauma in my life lately. I miss my
mom and dad so much. Mom because she was so beautiful and sweet and because
really in total honesty she was my best friend. She loved me and accepted me
despite my twelve year old growing pains (then; I just turned thirteen, so
now my growing pains are those of a teenager). I miss Dad because he was my
dad, my daddy, the number one man in my world. A long time ago I abandoned
the little girl desire to grow up and marry him but that didn't stop me from
being a worshipful daddy's girl and it didn't stop him from treating me like
his one and only darling little princess. I was his princess and he was my

But hey let's not dwell on the sad things, especially since they're in the
past and there's nothing I can do about it. Look at everything now, how
really grand it is. I live in Southern California, in Playa Linda, a beach
community, with my Aunt Ava who is really cool, and I have my big brother
Bradin (whom I adore) and my little brother Derrick (yes he's cool too),
and there's the sun and the surf and the sand and the hunky guys and the
chance to run around in skimpy bathing suits and shorts and all other sorts
of summer clothes. So things aren't so bad.

Plus, there's Cameron, my new boyfriend (my first boyfriend), who is cute
and dreamy and laid back and seems to like me even though I tend to be very
confusing to him. I suppose that's only fair, since he confuses me too. But
we have a nice thing going, and who knows where it will lead? I will go so
far as to say that it could possibly lead all the way, eventually. I get
those feelings, and this new environment makes that choice seem logical and
right. Not immediately, of course, not today, but still. Maybe before the
summer is over I will be a woman. Now that would be a huge change.

In the meantime I have an entire summer without homework. Yay. Very few
responsibilities; just help keep the house clean and do the dishes after
dinner and help with the laundry every few days. Leaves a lot of time for
goofing at the beach or hanging at the promenade. Or spending time by
myself, which you'd think would drive a girl mad, but really, I like being
alone sometimes. I liked to read a lot (I've recently discovered such
amazing writers as J.D. Salinger, Jack Kerouac, and Albert Camus). I like
to think about things like my future and my place in the world and the
meaning of life and all that. I guess I'm sort of an intellectual. I know
I'm a genius, because I was tested and my IQ is 150. The principal at my
last school wanted to put me ahead one grade, that's how smart I am. What
can I say, I'm a total brain.

My thoughts aren't always brainy, though. Honestly. Sometimes I think about
completely normal teenage girl stuff, like clothes and music and video games.
And boys, of course. And sex. I think about sex a lot. Not all the time, or
even more than other things, but still, it's near the top of my list. Kissing
boys (mostly Cameron), making out with boys (mostly Cameron), and doing other
things too, like oral sex and even intercourse (again, and almost always,
with Cameron). I like to imagine what it would be like, going all the way,
feeling Cameron inside of me, pushing in deeper and deeper as he holds me in
his strong arms and tells me passionately how he loves me and needs me. It's
my favorite fantasy.

But not my only one. I have to admit, I have a fairly extensive fantasy life,
and even though I love Cameron with all of my heart I do imagine other boys
besides him. Like Jason Sebring and Bobby Jewett, both boys in my class at
school. Or actors like David Gallagher or Matt Long. I even like to imagine
doing it with the guy who plays Cody Banks (can't remember his name, though).
Same kind of fantasies as noted above, except maybe without so much romance.
In fact, I have one fantasy where there's no romance at all, if you know what
I mean. Jason and Bobby teaming up to "convince" me to have sex with them.
The brutes.

I feel minimal guilt from these fantasies, and only a teeny bit more from
masturbating to them. Yes, I do that. At least once a day, and sometimes even
more than that. The pulsating shower head is one of my best friends. The only
real problem I have is I feel this need to talk to someone about it. Hormones
are a hard thing to deal with sometimes, and it would be nice to have a
friend to discuss sex things with.

Mom used to be my friend, but then she died.

I suppose I could talk to Aunt Ava, but as cool as she is, I still don't feel
comfortable with that idea. But secretly what I'd really like to do is talk
to Cameron about it. I feel we've grown close enough now that I could confide
something like that to him, but also I'd like to share some of my fantasies
with him. And have him share his with me. That could be some sexy fun. Unless
his fantasies are about other girls. I don't wanna know about any other dumb
girls but me. Except, of course, I'm not a dumb girl (see one of the above

In fact, I think that's what I'll do. Go find Cameron. He told me the other
day that there's a cave at the other end of the beach that he wants to show
me. Maybe we could go there and confess our libidinous little secrets to each
other. Then maybe do some hot and heavy kissing.

Hmmmm. More tonight.

* * *

Wow. I think I'm in love. No, I take it back. I don't think I'm in love, I
know I'm in love!

I know it I know it I know it!!!

With Cameron, of course. He's so dreamy, so sweet and kind, so gentle. Yes,
he was gentle with me. Didn't hurt a bit.

No, we didn't go all the way. I'm in love but I'm not a slut. Not too much of
one, any way. Here's what happened:

I met Cameron down at the promenade and the first thing he said to me was,
"Wow, you look totally beautiful."

Told you he was sweet. Although I should admit (for the sake of TRUTH) that
he wasn't exactly looking at my beautiful face. In fact, he wasn't looking at
my face at all, he was checking out my bod. Not entirely his fault, though,
cause of the way I was dressed: denim shorts and blue bikini top with my
bright yellow blouse over it (unbuttoned). Sexy but not slutty. And more than
enough to get his attention.

We sat and had smoothies, then I reminded him that he was going to show me
that cave. He looked a little surprised and asked, "You sure you wanna go see

"Sure I'm sure," I replied. "Why wouldn't I be?"

He said something like, "Oh, I dunno," then changed the subject, talking
about how cool my brother Bradin looked in the surfing competition yesterday.
I'd missed that, unfortunately, and felt so bad about it that I apologized to
him last night. Bradin had just shrugged and told me it was cool, he knew I'd
catch the next one. My big brother, he's a sweetie.

Anyway, after our smoothies Cameron took me by the hand and we walked along
the beach for about half an hour till we came to a spot near Admiral Bay
where the land pokes out into the ocean. Something Point. There was a hill
there, sloping back from the shore, and in the side of the hill was a bunch
of small caves. We actually went around these, to the other side of the hill,
and there was The Cave. A big rocky hole in the side of the hill that was
big enough to park a semi truck inside, although the doorway was only large
enough for one person at a time to pass through. He went in first, and I

Willingly, I should point out.

It was dark inside the cave at first, but then Cameron turned on a lamp.
Yeah, a lamp. There was all kinds of furniture in there, like a sofa and
a coffee table and two end tables, the aforementioned lamp, a TV and DVD
player. There was even a mattress against one wall, complete with blankets
and pillows. It looked like somebody had set up their own apartment in
there. Which, as I found out, was exactly what somebody did do. Even more
surprising was that, according to Cameron (who I know would never lie to
me), it was Bradin who did it.

That explains where he's been disappearing to when he isn't home and he isn't
surfing. It also explains what he's been doing, since Cameron told me that he
takes girls to this place. Sara, for one, but again according to Cameron
there are other girls he takes there. Apparently he's a real Casanova. I
could believe it. Bradin's not only sweet but he's a hottie. Sick thing for
his sister to say, but I gotta be honest.

Anyway, Cameron said that Bradin had let him borrow the cave for a few hours,
which immediately gave me a heart attack, because Bradin knows that I'm
Cameron's girlfriend. But Cameron told him (swore to him) that all he planned
to do with me was make out. He said he had to promise Bradin that he wouldn't
even so much as touch my boobs.

Cameron's such a huge liar. Or maybe he was being sincere when he made that
promise, but once he got me alone he simply couldn't help himself, because he
had his hands all over my perky little boobies. And after that....

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. If I wanna be a great writer some day
(and I do) I'll have to learn to pace the scenes.

So there we were in The Cave, just me and Cameron, all by our lonesomes,
relatively sure that we wouldn't be bothered for a few hours. Cameron turned
on the radio to a soft rock station (explaining to me that all the electrical
stuff was hooked up via extension cords to some rich old guy's house up at
the top of the hill) and we sat down on the mattress and almost immediately
started making out. Tongue in my mouth and everything. It was so hot. Then
Cameron broke his promise and started feeling my boobs through my bikini top,
then inside my bikini top, skin to skin. Cameron has such a gentle touch. I
just about went crazy. I have very sensitive boobs to begin with (I can
masturbate myself to orgasm just by playing with my nipples), and Cameron was
touching them just right, softly caressing and squeezing, his fingertips
gliding magically over my boobs and nipples. It was a total pleasurefest for
little ole me.

Of course, I didn't just sit there like a lump and let him do all the work. I
touched him too, moving my hands all over his back and shoulders, sliding my
fingers through his hair, and while I was doing that I was sucking his tongue
for all it was worth (I'm pretty good at sucking things, by the way. Back in
Kansas my best friend Danielle and I practiced our sucking skills with things
like bananas and popsicles and carrots (ala Fast Times At Ridgemont High).
Danielle even went so far as to stick a carrot in her pussy. I didn't go that
far; I wanna lose my cherry to a person, not a vegetable. And now that I
remember, Danielle wanted to do lesbian stuff with me too. I didn't go that
far, either). I didn't plan on doing any more than french kissing and letting
Cameron explore the delightful contours of my fab boobs, but then he started
to lean me over, and then guided me down onto my back.

"Cameron...." I said, hoping that he would understand what I meant; I wanted
to do things, I just didn't want to go all the way.

"It's okay," Cameron said. "We won't do anything you don't wanna do."

Then he started kissing me again, and at the same time he pulled my bikini
top down so that my boobs were right out there in the open. Then in the next
second his hands were all over them again. And I was getting all excited
again. Up to that point I didn't think there was anything better than french
kissing my boyfriend while he played with my titties. But then things got way
better way fast.

After what I considered an unfairly short amount of time playing with my
boobs, Cameron moved his hand down to the fly on my shorts. I knew I should
probably stop him but I didn't even try. I just kept kissing him as he got
the fly undone, then stuck his hand down into my pants. I felt his fingers
slide through my pubic hair, then over the lips of my pussy, and a huge
charge of pleasure suddenly went zooming all through me. Of course, I've
touched myself there many many many many times, but this was totally
different. This was someone else, my wonderful boyfriend, his manly hand
moving over my most feminine and intimate area. The pleasure I'd always
been able to give myself, which had seemed considerable before, was nothing
compared to this. This was damn near heaven.

Little did I know, though, that my buddy Cam was just getting started.

After about a minute of playing with me and getting me totally heated up, he
stopped kissing me and moved his head down to my chest and started sucking
on my nipples. My nipples! It felt so incredibly good I came, just like that.
And then I came again, and again, as Cameron kept on licking and sucking my
nipples and rubbing the volcano formerly known as my pussy. I was so
overwhelmed with pleasure it wouldn't have surprised me if I'd had a heart
attack and died right there.

I didn't, though, obviously. I'm not a ghost writing her memoirs. But man, if
I had died right at that moment, it would have been a truly great way to go.
Behold the power of orgasms! Orgasms are my favorite thing now. In fact, I
think I'll stop typing for a few minutes and give myself one.

* * *

Okay, I'm back. Had a very very nice one. But almost got caught, too. I was
laying on my bed, topless, with my pants undone and my hand down there, just
pleasuring the heck out of myself, when Bradin knocked on my door. I had the
presence of mind to yell, "Just a minute!" instead of "Come on in!" and got
my clothes back on. I was still flustered and a little out of breath when he
came in, and all he wanted to do was borrow a stupid pen. Brothers.

Anyway, I got the job done, finally, and now I'm back to finish my incredible
story before it gets too late. Must type more quickly.

So, after Cameron was done sucking my boobs and rubbing my pussy and making
me come my giant brains out, he very sweetly cuddled up with me, held me
gently in his arms, kissed me, and told me he loved me with all of his heart.
It was enough to make me cry. I didn't, but my eyes watered up a bit.

And I had the thought: if he could do something like that for me, then I
could do something like that for him, too. No sooner did that thought enter
my head than I discovered my hand moving down his arm, then over his hip,
then down into his crotch. I felt his cock through his pants, huge and hard
as a rock. It was laying along his thigh, and it seemed incredibly long to
me, but then what did I know? It was the first dick I'd ever touched in my
whole life. I'd never even seen one before. Well, okay, I saw Bradin's once,
but he was only going pee so it doesn't count.

(Question for future investigation: why, when I'm writing about my sex life,
does Bradin's name keep coming up? Some of the possible answers scare me.)

I caressed him through his pants for a minute, then reached for the fly and
started to undo the button and zipper.

"You don't have to do that, Nikki," Cameron said, but I could tell by his
voice that he really wanted me to.

"I just wanna look at it," I told him. Sort of a lie, though.

I got his pants undone and stuck my hand in and carefully wrapped my fingers
around his cock. I was surprised at how warm it felt, and how it seemed both
soft and hard at the same time. I pulled it out where I could see it, and
while Cameron lay back and closed his eyes I leaned over his stomach and took
a good look at it.

I have to admit, I am completely ambivalent about the penis. Being a straight
girl, I naturally feel drawn to it, but at the same time I find the penis
kind of ugly. Why would God design the instrument responsible for so much
female pleasure in the world to look like a slug? It looks more like
something I should despise and fear than something I should love. Not that I
was disgusted or anything. I just thought it should be better looking that it
was. Then again, the pussy isn't such a beauty queen, either.

But I'm getting off track.

I started to stroke it, sliding my hand up and down the shaft slowly and
gently, and Cameron moaned his pleasure. It made me feel good to know that
I was making him feel good, and the more he seemed to enjoy it the more
pleasure I wanted to give him. I thought about how I'd practiced sucking
on things with Danielle and decided, Why not put that practice to good use?

I confess, I kind of shocked myself with that thought, but I think Cameron
was the one who was most shocked when, in the next second, I lowered my head
over his lap and took his dick into my mouth. More surprises: how big it
really was, how there wasn't enough room for him, how smooth and silky it
seemed, and how odd it tasted. The most startling thing, though, was the
warm tight feelings that were churning in my stomach. The tenuous idea that
what I was doing was supposed to be disgusting fell apart and disappeared
in the face of this new and pleasing development. I liked having him in my
mouth, it turned me on, which meant that I was that kind of girl. I was a
Bad Girl.

I knew from all the pretend blowjobs I'd given those bananas that going down
on a guy wasn't really a complicated thing. All you have to do, really, is
just relax and follow your instincts, which I did. I moved my mouth up and
down on Cameron's cock slowly and rhythmically, making sure to keep my teeth
from scraping his skin, and using my tongue and lips together to give him
the total oral experience. And I have to say I was pretty damn good at it.

I worked on Cameron generously with my mouth as he fondled my boobs and
moaned. I was still holding his cock at the base with one hand, so with my
other hand I reached down into my own pants and started to touch myself as
I sucked on him. Soon we were both murmuring and gasping our pleasure, and
as our excitement grew I started to work faster, bobbing my mouth on him
and masturbating furiously at the same time, until finally we both reached
orgasm. Waves of erotic delight spread through my body, radiating out from
my center as Cameron squeezed my boob and groaned and trembled, then suddenly
he was throbbing and spurting into my mouth. His come was hot and salty and
bitter, but I swallowed it without even thinking about it.

Afterward we both collapsed on the mattress, lying in each other's arms,
exhausted and a little sweaty, with our clothes undone and all messed up.
Cameron held me close and kissed me and told me how great I'd been, that he
loved me. I told him I loved him too, and inside I was silently glad that
he didn't ask me how I'd learned to do that.

After another hour or so of just laying around and cuddling and talking we
ran out of time. Not wanting to still be there if and when Bradin showed up,
we decided to leave. Cameron walked me back home, kissed me goodbye on the
porch, then left. I watched him go until he was out of sight, then came up
here to my room and began missing him. Of course, I know I'll see him
tomorrow, and the next day and the next day, but still, I wish he was here
with me right now. Holding me and kissing me and putting his hand in my

Oh well. Suffering is universal and inevitable. I'll just have to "go it
alone," so to speak.

But I don't feel guilty, not even the slightest bit, about what I did
with Cameron today. So I'm not Miss Goody Two Shoes anymore, so what? I'm
relatively happy, I'm in love, I have a great guy who loves me back, and I
have a long hot Southern California summer ahead of me. What more could a
girl from Kansas ask for?



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