This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of video game stories.
It is based immediately after Super Metroid. If some of the specifics are
off, I apologize but the game's storyline doesn't enter into the plot of the
story much. Anyway, enjoy...


Super Metroid: Video Game Vixens Part 1 (FF,MFF,herm)
by D.J. Salinger ([email protected])

Samus manuevered her starship through a small astroid belt. With focused
concentration, she slid past each of the large rocks. The captain skillfully
escaped from the treachorous passageway. She breathed a slight sigh of
relief. Life certainly wasn't getting any easier for her. After defeating
the reincarnated Mother Brain on Zebes, Samus barely escaped before the
entire planet had exploded into a million pieces. Luckily, Samus had
completed her mission successfully and she was looking foreward to taking
some time off and relaxing.

The vacuume of space surrounded the starship. Glittering stars flickered
faintly in the background and stillness welcomed the ship and it's sole
occupant. Samus sighed as she stared her instrument panel. The diodes,
buttons, and switches hardly provided suitable companionship. Samus knew
the hazards of the job that she had signed up for. However, the isolation
was something that she hadn't counted on. Samus decided to stop at the next
space station that she found. She needed sleep and the company of others.
She hoped that she would reach her destination quickly.

Samus was now confident that she was out of danger, the astroid belt now well
behind her. She set the ship on auto-pilot and stood up. Her joints ached and
her muscles were sore. She began the slow and tedious process of removing her
body armor. Soon, she stood in a simple black bikini. The outfit revealed a
well-sculpted body. Her pert, heavy breasts easily stood straining against
her top. Her abdomon was as tight and defined as a washboard. It led down to
her long, thin legs. She reached up and let down her hair. Her blonde locks
cascaded down her head until they reached her shoulders. Samus went to her
closet and pulled on a t-shirt and jeans in preparation of her docking. She
sat back down in the captain's chair and waited.

In about a half an hour, the ship approached a large space station. Samus
was familiar with the area, even though she had never stayed here. She had
heard that the hotel was well-known, comfortable, and fairly cheap. Samus
took over the controls of her ship and guided it into the dock. The dock
resembled a large parking lot for interstellar transportations. The walls
were gray and marked with floor numbers and section letters. Samus found a
parking space and docked her ship. She exited her vehicle and made her way
up to the elevator. She went up to the first floor of the hotel. The lobby
was stylishly decorated with several couches and chairs available. Off to
the side was the entrance to a bar named "The Space Mixer".

Samus walked to the desk. The clerk was a male who could've been a perfect
example of a human being if it wasn't for the light blue tint to his skin.
Samus thought that he had an attractive face and build. She admired him
briefly before walking to the desk and asking for a room. She spent several
minutes making small talk with the man before she grabbed her key and headed
up to her room. Once there, Samus dropped off her suitcase and flipped
through the television channels with intending to actually watch any TV.
She looked over the room which was somewhat small, but still accomodating.
It had one large bed in the center of the room. Facing this was the
television set and next to that was a small dresser. To the right of the
door, was the bathroom. Samus walked in. It was featured a sink, a toilet,
and a small shower. It wasn't much, but it was all she needed.

* * *

Samus grabbed a quick shower and changed into a slinky black dress. The dress
came up well above her knees and showed a considerable amount of cleavage.
Samus didn't particularly mind the revealing aspect of her attire, after all
she ran around mostly in a full suit of body armor. She doubted that most
people even knew she was a female. Samus left her room and walked down the
hall to the elevator. She went down to the lobby. She looked to the desk to
see if the cute clerk was still there, but he had apparently taken off for
the night. She was slightly disappointed, but nonetheless she made her way to
the bar. She entered and took a seat at the bar.

Samus began to order drinks and was fairly smashed in about half an hour. She
looked around the bar and saw that it was largely abandonded. A couple sat at
a table in the corner and another girl sat at the bar a few seats away from
Samus. Samus ran her eyes over the girl. She was wearing a red dress that
left little to the imagination. She had much larger breasts than Samus. She
also boasted a round and large ass that rested on a cushion on the bar stool.
She had medium-length brown hair and large brown eyes. Her skin was a tan,
mocha color. Suddenly, the girl turned her head to look at Samus. Samus
turned away quickly. A jolt of embarassment shot through Samus' body. She had
been caught checking the girl out. She gazed off at the wall on the far side
of the bar to avoid the woman's gaze.

While staring off in the distance, Samus felt a hand on her shoulder. She
turned to see the girl in the red dress resting her hand next to Samus' neck.

"Hi," the brunette began in a low, throaty voice, "How are you, tonight?"

"Uh... fine." Samus murmured in response.

"Good, can I buy you a drink?" asked the young girl.

"Oh... uh... sure." muttered the captain in response.

The girl sat down next to Samus and ordered two more drinks. The arrived and
Samus began to gulp hers down, it was much more potent than anything Samus
had tasted before.

"So, what's your name?" asked the girl in red.

"Samus. What is yours?"

"Mine is probably unpronounacable to you. You can call me Jessica though.
That's normally what humans feel comfortable with."

"You're not human? You look just like one."

"I know. My race bares a remarkable similarity to humans. We are "almost"
identical." The girl smiled at this and Samus smiled along with her. Samus
wasn't gay, but she liked this girl. She was almost attracted to her. The
captain would certainly be sorting out these feelings with more clarity if
she wasn't completely wasted. As it was, she only knew that she enjoyed the
girl's company. The two talked for about half an hour.

"So," Jessica eventually asked, "How about we go up to your room and check
out what's on TV?"

"OK," Samus giggled, "I just hope I can "find" my room."

* * *

Indeed, Samus was able to find her room. The two girls walked in and sat on
the bed. Jessica grabbed the remote control and began to flip aimlessly
through the channels. She stopped on a channel featuring a cheap-looking
movie with a girl and a guy sitting at a table talking. Samus watched the
film without much interest. Suddenly, her interest was peaked when the man
and the woman began to take off their clothes. The woman bent over the
table and the man began to fuck her doggy style.

"Wow," Samus commented, "That guy has a huge prick."

"Oh," Jessica replied, "That's nothing."

"Well, nevertheless, I wish I had one of those here right now." Samus giggled
after her statement.

"Yeah, that would be nice. Boy, it sure is hot in here. Do you mind?"

Samus was glued to the screen. "Mind what?" she absently asked. When she
turned to face Jessica, she was greeted by a surprise. Jessica had pulled
her dress off of her shoulders and pulled it to her waist. Now, her large
breasts rested comfortably in the open. They were at least D cups, large
and full.

Samus stared at the well-developed girl. She was unable to get a word out.
Luckily, she didn't have to. Jessica leaned in and planted a deep,
open-mouthed kiss on Samus' lips. Jessica pushed her tounge into Samus'
mouth and carressed the captain's tounge. As their bodies pressed together,
Samus could feel the girl's large rack pressed against her own pert boobs.
Samus reached around Jessica and held her tight. She battled Jessica's
tounge with her own in a passionate fight for dominance inside the warm kiss.
The girls stood up and Jessica pulled Samus' dress off of her shoulders.
Samus stood in only her bra and panties. Samus reached down and pulled off
Jessica's dress, leaving the brunette in only her tight bikini bottems.
Samus stared at her panties and stopped. The captain's mouth gawked in awe.

"Notice anything odd?" Jessica coyly asked. She hooked her panties in
between her fingers and pulled them to the ground. Samus' gaze grew wider.
She couldn't believe the large cock and full balls that hung from between
the girl's legs. They were completely hairless and the cock was at least a
full 9 inches as it sprung to attention.

"Every memeber of my race has both a male and female set of genitalia."
Jessica began. "I have a pussy under my balls. It is simply more efficient
to be able to engage in sex with anyone, male or female."

"If every member of your race has both sets of genitalia, how do you know
the difference between males and females?" Samus questioned.

"Well, these don't hurt." Jessica laughed as she cupped her large tits in
her dainty hands. "Another good thing about my unique condition is that I
can provide all kinds of pleasure to my partner. I am the best of both

Samus contiplated the situation in her mind. But, in her alcholoic haze, she
could only think of the "pleasure" part of Jessica's argument. Samus leaned
in and began to suck on Jessica's hard, dark nipples. With the captain's
mouth latched to her mammary, Jessica unhooked Samus' bra and dropped it to
the ground, revealing the blonde's pert, firm breasts. Jessica cupped Samus'
tits and started to roll the nipples in her fingers. Samus moaned into
Jessica's mountainous cleavage. Jessica gently pushed Samus to the bed and
fell to her knees. Jessica pulled off Samus' panites. Samus' pussy was neatly
trimmed was a triangle of blonde hair leading to her full lips. Jessica began
to slowly lick up and down the captain's long, creamy white legs. Reaching
Samus' honey pot, Jessica pulled apart the lips and dove in. She ran her
tounge up and down the inside of Samus' sex. She lightly kissed and rubbed
Samus' clit as her tounge worked her lips. Jessica's nose was buried inside
Samus' vagina and the captain was experiencing tremendous pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhhh God!" the drunken captain moaned, "Suck my pussy, Jessica...

Jessica continued to work the metroid-hunter over. The alien moved her hands
to Samus' tits and rubbed them as she continued to lick pussy. After nearly
30 minutes, Jessica stood up. She sat on the edge of the bed and Samus knelt
down in front of her. Samus could barely contain her nervous energy. This
experience was so new to her that her excitement was through the roof. The
captain nervously took the immence cock in between her feminine hands and
began to stroke the shaft. She ran her hands lightly up and down the dick.
She rubbed the head as she moved her head in closer. She blew gently on the
penis as she gave Jessica a hand job. Then, Samus moved in and began to suck
her dick. She started slowly, working the head with her skilled tounge. Soon,
she stuffed the entire member down her throat and worked it over with her
tough esophagus muscles. The pleasure was incredible for Jessica, who
squeezed her own mammoth tits as she got head.

"Mmmmm, that's it, captain. Suck my dick!" commanded the alien. "I can't wait
to stick that thing in your tight little pussy."

Samus increased the speed of her sucking motion. She reached up and played
with the girl's ball as she continued to suck like a woman possessed. Jessica
could take it no more, her balls tightened and she released into Samus'
mouth. Stream after stream of sticky, white cum pumped down Samus' throat.
The captain doubted that she could take all of the thick batter, but Jessica
held her head in place, giving her no option. After what seemed like an
eternity, Jessica finally shot her last load in the waiting mouth. Samus felt
like she had just eaten a large dinner. She had eaten so much cum that she
was full. However, she was surprised to see that Jessica's dick was still
hard, maybe harder than before.

"Another benefit of my race." Jessica said, "We control when we are hard or
soft. Now, bend over that bed and I'm going to bust you out!"

Samus eagerly obeyed the order and bent over the bed. She spread out her
legs and got a wide stance as the alien approached her from behind. Jessica
positioned her hard cock at the entrance of Samus' pussy and began to fuck
her doggy style. Samus couldn't beleive the girth of Jessica's dick as it
filled her up completely. Jessica began to saw back and forth inside of the
captain with all of her might. She reached around Samus and felt the girl's
tight tits. Samus could feel Jessica's large jugs resting on her back, the
hard nipples rubbing against her skin. Jessica's large pole bumped forcefully
against Samus' clit on each entrance. Samus moaned in pleasure.

"Ohhhh, YES! Give me that big dick, you sexy bitch!! I fucking love!

Jessica smiled and continued to give her pole to Samus. The fucking continued
for about half an hour until Samus screamed out and came. Her tight vagina
clamped down on Jessica's thrusting cock. This set off Jessica who moaned and
shot a stream of cum into Samus' cunt before she pulled out and shot the rest
all over the captain's body. Both women collapsed in utter exhaustion on the
bed. They lay there for a few minutes. Both girls took turns grabbing
hanfulls of Jessica's cum off of Samus' body and gobbling it down.

Finally, Samus spoke, "That was fantastic. Hey, do you want any room

"Sure," Jessica replied, "Go ahead and call them up."

Samus phoned the front desk as Jessica got up and went to the bathroom. Samus
lay on the bed and waited for the room serivce to arrive.

* * *

After a few minutes, a knock came at the door. Samus rushed to the peephole.
She was surprised to see the blue skin alien clerk that had minded the front
desk earlier. Excited and still drunk, Samus took little time to consider her
nudity. She flung the door open to greet the man.

"Room Serv..." the man began, but couldn't finish his thought. He was too
distracted by the vision of the beautiful, naked blonde standing in front of
him. His eyes roamed up and down Samus' perfect body. He scoped out her tight
tits and long, sexy legs. He walked into the room and closed the door.

"So, blue boy, what's your name?" the captain drunkenly asked.

"Uh... Bill." the stunned clerk replied.

"Well, Bill, I bet you've got some room service for me. Why don't you show
me what you brought?"

Bill took the hint and frantically tore off her shirt and pants, leaving him
in just his boxers. Samus fell to her knees and moved in closely to the blue
man. She gripped the waitline of his boxers in her teeth and pulled them to
the ground. Bill's large, blue 7 inch cock sprang to life. Samus, already on
her knees began to suck on Bill's nuts, mouthing them gently. Bill moaned in
satisfaction as the seductive captain pleasured him. Suddenly, the bathroom
door swung open and a naked Jessica entered the room. Both Samus and Bill
turned their attention to her.

"Well, look what room service brought up to us!" Jessica smirked.

Bill checked out the alien, admiring her large tits in stunned awe. His gaze
slowly moved south as he caught a glimpse of her impressive package. He
stared in wonderment, confused and aroused by the sight in front of him.

"What the...?" Bill questioned.

"Don't be afraid kiddo. I'll be gentle with you." The brunette laughed and
walked up to the blue skinned man and started to carress his body. She stood
next to Bill and Samus took turns sucking the impressive cocks in front of
her. Jessica reached over and started to jack Bill off. Bill cautiously
decided to return the favor, moving his hand over to Jessica's member. He
slowly worked up and down the shaft. Bill had never jacked off another cock
besides his own. This was a scary and weird experience for him, but he had
to admit that it was kind of turning him on, especially with Samus working
her mouth over the head of his penis. Bill's hand subconsciously sped up on
Jessica's meat. He squeezed a bit harder, elicting moans from the alien.
After a little while, Jessica moved to the floor and began to suck Bill's
testes as Samus mouthed his shaft. Both girls worked over Bill's cock as he
smiled in enjoyment.

"Yeah! Suck my nuts baby. Yeah, deepthroat me. That's fucking great!"

After a few minutes, Jessica pulled Bill to the ground. She got in a 69
position on top of him and started to deepthroat his cock. Meanwhile,
Jessica's erect member was sticking in Bill's face. He wasn't gay, but he
kept reminding himself that it was a girl. So, he slowly slipped the penis
inside his mouth and began to work his tounge over it. More and more
slipped past his lips and he sucked harder and harder. Meanwhile, Samus
moved Jessica's nuts out of the way and slipped two of her fingers into
Jessica's cunt. Samus moved in and licked Jessica's nuts as they dangled
inches from Bill's face. Jessica was able to fully deepthroat Bill's cock
while Bill struggled with hers. This continued for a few minutes until they
broke up.

Samus jumped on top of Bill and began to ride his hard cock like a cowgirl.
Bill grabbed her tiny hips and guided her tight body ontop of his cock as
he laid back and enjoyed the sensation. Jessica moved to Bill's face and
force-fed him her cock once again. This time she forced him to deepthroat
the sausage. The blue skinned clerk gagged as Jessica's balls rested on
chin. Meanwhile, Samus rubbed her clit as she fucked the dick inside of her.
This went on for a while.

Eventually, Samus got off of Bill and bent over the bed once again. Bill came
up behind her and began to fuck her doggy style. Following him, Jessica went
over and stuck her huge prick inside of Bill's virgin ass. She bottemed out
and the three-way doggy style continued. Eventually all three managed to get
a rhythm down that increased in tempo on every thrust. Soon, Jessica pulled
out of Bill and positioned herself under Samus. The alien forced her dick
into Samus' pussy alongside Bills. Samus screamed out, she had never had two
dicks ramming her vagina. The feeling was incredible and she screamed like a


Samus came hard on Bill and Jessica's pricks. Both of them pulled of her.
Samus lay on the bed and the other two jacked each other off until Samus was
covered in stick slime. All three took turns licking her clean until they
all fell asleep on the bed. Samus decided to extend her stay at the hotel
for at least a few more days.


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