Super Smash Brothers (FF,spank,f-dom)
by BrotherAntroz

Samus scowled. Wii Fit Trainer had won the match by the skin of her teeth and according to the new rule was free to dish out whatever punishment she wanted to the loser. She pretended to give it some thought, but had made up her mind some time before. She walked over to Samus, grabbed the blonde by the wrist and lifted her easily up into the air, then tucked her under her arm, raising her other hand up high. Samus was appalled. 'Is this newbie really going to try and pull off a spanking in a kids' game??' she asked herself.

Wii Fit Trainer studied her target carefully before speaking for the first time since winning the match. "I'm surprised you're able to move as well as you do with such a big butt!"

Samus's cheeks grew hot. "It's not...that big. it?" she asked quietly.

"Hey, I wish MY butt was as big as yours!" Wii Fit Trainer said. "You have to tell me what exercises you do to build so much muscle back there!" She looked over her shoulder at Samus. "You do more than just squats and lunges, right?"

Samus flushed even more. "Err... uhm... ab-about that... I... y-you know... it's... it's... err..." She could barely get a coherent word out. She never thought this would happen!

"Oh, you don't need to tell me now." Wii Fit Trainer said. Was it Samus's imagination or was that a little bit of mockery in the paler girl's voice? "You can spill the beans after the punishment is done."

She was! Samus was sure this was illegal, but...the rules had changed so much in this tournament. Who really read all that stuff anyway? "I-I-I don't mean it l-like that... i-it's just that... it's not..." She couldn't say it. "Please don't spank me!" she begged.

Wii Fit Trainer disregarded her plea for mercy. Samus deserved this. She brought her hand smashing down onto Samus's exposed, though still covered, bum. The crack echoed throughout the stadium. Wii Fit Trainer frowned in disbelief as Samus's bottom responded to its first spank of the new season. "Wow" was all she could say. Then, "You got some wiggle to your jiggle 'Zero Suit Samus'." she said at last, bringing her hand down again to confirm it. Despite the tight fabric that was covering it, Samus's bottom flailed about wildly under Wii Fit Trainer's palm. "Much more than I ever would have expected."

She continued to spank her victim. The cameras swirled all around them to capture the tightness of the Trainer's behind and contrast it with the flabbiness that she was displaying from the renowned bounty hunter Samus Aran. Samus was trying not to whimper, from embarrassment or pain, but she flinched anew at Wii Fit Trainer's next words. "I can't believe someone with such a slender, toned body has such a fat ass!" she said incredulously, demonstrating it for the audience.

"I'm sorry!" Samus cried after the next blow came crashing down.

"Sorry is not good enough." Wii Fit Trainer responded harshly. She spanked Samus again.

"Please!" Samus shouted. "I promise I'll firm it up!"

In the stands, Princess Peach leaned over to whisper to Princess Zelda. "That's what she said last season." she giggled. "But look at her!"

Zelda couldn't help blushing at Samus's shame. "Look how it jiggles." she whispered.

"I know!" Peach crowed. "That Trainer ought to take off that silly suit of hers and have her fight naked in the rest of the show! That'll teach her to have a flabby behind!"

Zelda winced and looked around for Mario. He wasn't there, but he would hear of the princess's outburst later and punish her appropriately...

Back in the stadium, Samus had her fists clenched tight to avoid letting out another yell. It didn't do anything to help her ass though. Wii Fit Trainer shook her head in astonishment. 'The great intergalactic bounty hunter has the wiggliest butt I've ever seen!' she thought to herself. 'It's almost impressive, really.'

At length, she decided the time had come to get Miss Aran to admit to her failing. Remembering what she'd seen Samus do in the locker room to get out of her Zero Suit, she pressed her palm against the pink symbol on Samus's back. This was worse than a spanking for Samus, or so she thought. Now everyone would see! "No!" she yelped, but it was too late. The suit had started to dissolve. A gasp rippled around the stadium. Everyone dove for their cell phones. Wii Fit Trainer was not one to rest on her laurels however. As soon as the last vestige of the Zero Suit had disappeared, she resumed the spanking, now harder than ever. "You-" Spank! "-have-" Spank! "-the biggest-" Spank! "-ass-" Spank! "-I've ever-" Spank! "-seen!" Spank spank! Samus screeched in pain with every slap to her now very naked very red very sore and very flabby backside. The Trainer paused for breath. "Let me hear you say it." Samus shook her head angrily. There were tears forming in her eyes. The Trainer began to spank her again, but the bounty hunter's stamina was running low. It hurt so much; maybe if she'd done those exercises the Trainer had talked about, it wouldn't be burning this way.

Before Wii Fit Trainer could deliver another stinging slap, Samus blurted out, "I have a big ass!" She covered her mouth in shock at what the Trainer had made her say, and a murmur ran through the crowd. "Now please stop spanking me!" Samus begged.

Wii Fit Trainer actually did stop to think about that. "I'm sorry." she said at last. "But this is the best way I know to get rid of all this flab." Samus wailed in despair as the spanking continued again. It lasted late into the night. All of the spectators were glued to their seats, even the children, except for Mario and Peach. With the mood Mario was in, Peach would be lucky if he didn't have Bowser REALLY light a flame on her ass.

When at last the spanking was over, Samus was fighting back sniffles. Her butt was an angry red, and it shook as she walked away. She sought out the friendly Ice Climbers, who were more than happy to help after inspecting the damage. She sat on that ice block for the rest of the night, before putting her Zero Suit back on and going in search of some nice soothing cream.


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