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Summary: After Russia, having seen her sister sleep with her crush, Kara is changed. She has embraced her sexuality and is more confident in that respect. The combination of needing to blow off steam and repay a debt brings her to Lena Luthor's office after hours.

Pairings: Kara Danvers (Supergirl)/Lena Luthor

Codes: FF, Oral, Rim

Supergirl: Alternate Timeline Part 16 - Progressive
by The Chemist

Well Felicity Smoak may have gotten over the betrayal of Oliver Queen when he slept with Alex Danvers, another female attached to both those parties certainly hadn't. Kara Danvers, Alex's adoptive sister from the planet Krypton and the human mask for her Supergirl alter ego, was still hurt and transformed from watching Alex fuck her crush Oliver.

However, the good-natured alien had channeled that burning emotion into her work as Supergirl, albeit with delivering enemies a bit more punishment than usual. And then her personality was also icy as well, though that was normally limited to her sister Alex. For everyone else she was still loveable, adorable Kara with the heart of gold.

"Any leads yet Winn? I could really do with punching something," Kara asked one of the newest recruits to the D.E.O.

Winn had been an employee with Kara at Catco, but he too had made the transition to the DEO although his was a full-time position. The man always wanted to help, at first it was by aiding Supergirl and now it was on an even bigger scale. And though he was a close friend to Kara, he hadn't been able to help her get over her issues with Alex. All he could do was point her at a target to pommel, which she wanted to do after spending any time together in the same room with her sister.

"Nope...wait a second. Team is relaying back that he was taken outside Megan's," Winn shared.

"And that means it's Roulette who abducted him," Alex connected the dots.

"Roulette has him? I'm going," Supergirl said, her face a mask of determination and anger, not all of which just because she was around her traitorous sister.

"Going for round two I suppose," Alex commented as her adopted sister stormed off.

* * *

"Alex, we have a problem," the Kryptonian female spoke into her comm, wishing she didn't have to talk to her but with Hank captured Alex was now in charge. "The whole thing is gone. The fight club's been cleared out like it never happened."

The flight wasn't a far one from the DEO headquarters to the original location of the underground fights, however the warehouse was abandoned. A scan with her x-ray vision turned up nothing as well, leaving her and the rest of the DEO up the river without a paddle.

"Well shit," Winn surmised. "So how do we find them? It's not like we are only the mailing list."

"No...but I know someone who might be," Supergirl thought outloud.

Knowing time was of the essence, Supergirl took flight as she thought of a game plan. When Winn mentioned mailing list, she immediately realized that it was only the National City elite that got invitations for the high stakes betting ring. And lucky for her, ever since she returned home from Russia, she had befriended one of these elites, a most unlikely friend in fact.

Supergirl may not have had any contact with Lena Luthor, adoptive sister to the infamous Lex Luthor, but Kara Danvers did. Not having her clothing with her, the Woman of Steel made a quick stop off at her apartment before booking it to L-Corp. She had only met Lena a handful of times but they had a really good, almost friendly rapport that she was surely about to test to its limit.

"Excuse me, you can't go in there," Lena's personal secretary tried to stop Kara as she breezed by and pushed open the large wooden doors, entering the CEO's office. Seeing her boss behind her desk looking none to pleased about the intrusion, the secretary saw her employment at the company shrinking by the second. "I swear I blinked for a second and she got by."

"Lena I'm sorry but this is my fault," Kara described, stopping on the other side of the desk.

"She's so fast," the secretary chimed in.

"I just need to talk to you," Kara added before waiting for a reply.

"Jess, make a note with downstairs that Kara Danvers is to be shown in right away whenever possible," the powerful Lena authorized in a warm tone.

"Really," Kara said surprised as the secretary nodded and exited the office. "Thank you."

It was now that she actually had her audience with Lena that she realized how different the two really were. Kara was insecure and new at her job while the dark-haired Luthor was confident, thriving and, well, powerful.

There clothed were also on the opposite ends of the spectrum as well. Kara wore her professional drab attire of a business jacket overtop a floral blouse, long pants that were at least moderately tight and flats while her hair was drawn back in a boring ponytail. Lena on the other hand looked like ready for a night out in a skin-tight yet still business-looking dress that showed off a nice amount of her cleavage.

"Now," Lena asked, sitting down on her comfortable chair that probably cost as much as Kara made in a month. "How can I help?"

"I...I think a friend of mine has gotten involved in something shady," the reporter started.

Lena's eyebrow went up as her curiosity was suddenly peaked. This nerdy, awkward girl who didn't even know how utterly gorgeous she was was involved in something shady? And she came to her for help? Ms. Danvers certainly did have all of her attention now. "A friend?!"

"No, an actual friend," Kara corrected, knowing that Lena thought she was talking about herself. "He's missing. Do you know of a woman named Veronica St. Clair? She caters to people in"

"Tight dresses, snake tattoos all over her amazing body? Yeah, I know her. Went to boarding school together. Never liked her...too shady," Lena described, even using Kara's language.

"I need to find her."

This was Kara's shot. Just because Lena went to school and knew of Veronica or Roulette didn't mean she got invited to her secret underground fight club. However, she was desperate, hence coming to the CEO of one of National City's biggest businesses in the first place.

"That's the trick isn't it? Her little fight club moves around," Lena said.

"But do you know where she's holding the next fight? I wouldn't ask if I had any other option," Kara pleaded.

The moment the question was out of the reporter's pretty lips her wheels were turning. She liked Kara, and not just because she was tall, leggy and had that mix of hot and adorable that she loved so much. Those attributes didn't hurt, but the pair had an easy kinship that felt so organic. She wanted to see where it went and now she had her foot in the door in owning the newbie reporter.

"I'm a Luthor," Lena replied, reaching for a pen and piece of paper before scribbling an address down. "Of course I'm invited for her little shows. Not that I'm interested in her type of entertainment."

Breathing a sigh of relief as Lena walked around the desk and handed her the piece of paper with the information she needed, she wanted to hug the woman. Instead she used her words in her most heartfelt gratitude. "Thank you. I owe you."

Lena had to hide her smile with some high degree of restraint as those words exited the younger woman's mouth. She played it cool however,instead replying with calmness. "Not at all. I just hope when the time comes I can count on you for a favor."

Kara thanked her once again and Lena flashed the girl a warm grin but when Kara turned to leave her wolfish smile came out. The reporter hastily retreated from the room, Lena's crystal blue eyes never left her backside, noting the bunching up each cheek did in opposite rhythm as she walked.

* * *

The visit from Kara had interrupted Lena as she was finishing some last minute paperwork, but the conversation left the dark-haired woman inspired. She settled back into her chair and got back to work, fiddling with some designs before going over some the numbers on some preliminary tests her company was running.

She didn't know how late she had worked, but it wasn't like she had anything to go home to. No pets, no family, no boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course she had urges, a lot of them in fact, but that was what escorts were for. They could be called up on a moments notice, knew how to deliver pleasure and then left whenever you required it. Perfection.

"Kara...well this is unexpected," Lena said as the woman entered her office. "I know I gave you an open door policy but isn't this a little late?"

"Depends," she retorted, pulling a bottle of wine out from behind her back. "Is it too late to enjoy a glass with someone I owe a favor too?"

"Not at all," the stunning dark-haired woman replied, pulling out two glasses from a drawer in her desk. "I see you had time to change after helping your friend."

In truth, Kara had forgotten what she had worn to see to L-Corp CEO earlier in the night. Currently she was wearing a rather tight dress that she commonly wore to work. The pink colored skirt ended at her mid-thigh, showcasing her stellar long legs that had a good amount of meat on the bone. Of course the form-hugging feature of the garment helped show off her bubbly ass and medium-sized tits as well.

"Yeah. I really appreciate you helping so much with that," Cara said as she effortlessly removed the cork with the tool Lena handed her.

As the ladies drank and conversed, Kara was just basking in the other woman's unbelievable hotness. Lena had the vintage pin-up style beauty about her that the Kryptonian was very much attracted to. And likely every other being on Earth given the Luthor's piercing icy-blue eyes, unblemished ivory skin and the fact she came from an evil family yet seemed well-adjusted gave her an aura of hidden sinister to her.

Once or twice Kara thought that Lena may have caught her checking out the powerful CEO, but the ivory-skinned beauty made no indication. That suited Kara just well because she still wasn't sure what she wanted by coming here this late. She liked Lena and found her attracted, plus after a good fight she was always left with an adrenalin high. However, she was planning on just returning home for a date with her fingers but then she had this urge to come to L-Corp

"You surprise me Kara Danvers and that's a compliment. I don't often misread people," Lena said to the other woman.

"What do you mean," the girl asked.

"You have this unprecedented charm that is so...hypnotic," the Luthor began. "And the whole awkward innocence and bubbly laugh makes you so adorable I wanna eat you up. But then you add this, this, smouldering side to you, which was so unexpected...and welcoming."

"Oh well...thank you," Kara blushed, fidgeting by fixing her glasses.

"And then there is the whole flirting with me aspect. Again, surprising me when I thought I had good gay radar," Lena added.

Kara was shocked having her attempt at seducing the beautiful billionaire called out on. She didn't know what she wanted to do about it too. While it was true she was very horny and found Lena extremely attracted and had her sexuality expanded upon in Russia by Felicity Smoak, it was a gamble. Did Lena like her? Was she even into girls? But she needed to do something.

"Flirting? You caught that, huh," Supergirl admitted, deciding it was worth the risk.

"So you like me," Lena asked playfully, swirling her wine around in her glass.

"Who wouldn't," Kara gushed. "You're beautiful and smart and..."

"And into you as well," Lena added, finishing her sentence for the reporter.

The two women stared at one another with hunger in their eyes until Lena was the first to move. If it wasn't for her super speed Kara wouldn't have seen Lena move as she pounced out of her seat and was sitting practically on top of Kara on her leather loveseat. Their lips pressed against one another, the kissing electric as tongues mingled in the space created between their mouths.

Despite the fact the two had never been together before they went ahead and skipped most of the foreplay aimed at familiarizing themselves with the others body. Though there was no rush as they had all night, there was an urgency between them. So instead fingers had gone to buttons and hands had clawed at material in an effort to get naked as quickly as possible.

"What a wonderful body you have under your clothes," Lena gushed as she held both of Kara's small but perky tits in her hand. "Seriously though, your fitness is ridiculous!"

"Mine? It's yours that's flawless," Kara cooed, holding Lea's pair in her grip, which were larger than her own.

The surprises kept coming for Lena. She figured she would be the aggressor in their encounter given how she had vast more experience than Kara, but the Kryptonian made the first big move. The blonde slipped off her seat so that her face was drawn level with the pale woman's tits, allowing her the chance to latch her lips around one of her nipples.

"Yes Kara...suck my tits," the Luthor encouraged, clutching the blonde's head to her chest as she exchanged one breast for the other.

Kara didn't require any of her Kryptonian strength in order to push the dark-haired girl onto her back and wasted no time in feasting on the completely bare pussy laid out before her. She stuck out her tongue and dragged it through her slit, tasting her sweet juices which had already gathered just from their kissing before burying it in her pussy.

"Mhmm...oh good, you've done this before," Lena commented, worried she was breaking in a new lesbian finding her sexuality.

"Once," Kara said, taking a brief break from licking the other woman's pussy. "But I'm a real quick study."

Kara was a lot more confident than when she was first with Felicity, more willing to experiment. She dragged her mouth up from her gushing hole in order to expertly work Lena's clit with her tongue before slipping two fingers into her bald cunt. Then just as Lena had started getting used to the combination Kara had switched and strummed on her clit with a thumb while digging her tongue into her pussy once more.

"Oh my fucking God, don't stop," Lena hissed, planting her feet on the edge of the leather sofa and lifting her ass off the bed to hump her crotch against Kara's face.

Dragging her tongue back up to Lena's clit, Kara began to tap her tongue against the pale woman's clit, cheating by using her alien super speed. It seemed to work as by Kara's second time through the lower case alphabet Lena's knees snapped shut around Supergirl's head. The L-Corp CEO's hands grabbed Kara's hair and roughly yanked the alien harder against her pussy as a loud growl came rumbling out of her throat.

"Holy fucking fuck," Lena grunted as every muscle in her body spasmed, loosening and tightening at random intervals while her orgasm raged inside her.

Of course Kara couldn't feel the pain that a mere human surely would have perceived by having her hair pulled and her neck being wrenched from side to side by a pair of strong thighs. However, before she had to act in discomfort, Lena's body went limp. Obviously Kara took it as a compliment, a badge of honor that in only her second time with another girl that she'd managed to wipe Lena out like that.

"Oh my god," Lena sighed as she started to regain her bearings.

"I take it you liked it?" Kara asked as she moved up the sofa to hover over Lena.

"Mmm I really did," she purred in delight. "Now let me show you how appreciative I truly am."

Kara couldn't help but smile deeply as the woman she liked told her she was going to pleasure her. While it was true getting eaten out wasn't new to her, it had only been done once before by another female.

That thought was interrupted as Lena grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet, bringing her into a kiss as they both stood. The ivory-skinned beauty could taste her pussy juices on Kara's lips, which seemed to fuel her desire to cram her tongue around Supergirl's mouth and up onto her lips.

"Bend over," Lena demanded as her arm swiped across her desk, clearing it of the few remaining documents.

Kara hadn't even been aware that the two had swiveled and stepped their way from the cozy leather chairs over to the CEO's desk. However there they were with an order lingering for her listen to. She was obedient to powerful people, especially when they looked as beautiful as Lena Luthor.

"Ohh...mhmmm," Kara moaned as Lena immediately rummaged her tongue through the other girl's slit.

When the adopted Luthor saw something she wanted, she went right for it whether that was in regards to the business world or in the bedroom. She was desperate to taste the undercover Kryptonian and found she tasted much sweeter than any previous conquest of her's. With a hand gripping each cheek and pulling them apart to give her better access, the dark-haired girl .

"Such a cute little booty," Lena commented with a wide smile. "And honestly the tasty snatch I've ever had."

"Not to brag but I get that a lot...awwwhhh," Kara said before a shiver of pleasure shot up her spine to her Kryptonian brain.

The naked ivory-skinned woman had a feeling she could spend hours munching on Kara's cute pussy and still not get tired of it. It was just perfect, both in terms of it being a gorgeous little pussy, but also because it was so responsive to her every move. It helped that Lena had perfected her craft with many different patterns but she had Kara seemed to have instant chemistry.

Getting into the swing of things Lena flattened her tongue against Kara's clit and let the nerdy reporter swivel her hips and grind her pussy against her. As Kara's movements got wider and more elaborate Lena kept catching glimpses of the blonde's tight little puckered asshole and started to get an idea, which she stored for a little later.

"Oh like that Kara," her confident lover asked, already knowing the answer.

"So much," the blonde replied as she grinded her clit against the other woman's tongue.

Lena was usually the type of lesbian who liked taking them time and drawing out her lover's pleasure, almost torturously. However, with Kara it was different. She didn't know if was the electricity that the pair had or just her inability to control herself around the innocent reporter, but Lena was running hot and fast with no signs of slowing.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing Kryptonian but Lena knew she wasn't ready to cum just yet. Knowing she had to back off now if she wanted to delay her orgasm, Lena didn't even consider it with much seriousness, wanting to pleasure Kara as much as possible.

"Cum for me Kara," Lena demanded, slipping first one than a second finger to probe inside her, immediately searching out then repeatedly tapping her G-spot.

Kara didn't stand a chance, despite her alien physiology. No one could withstand such a talented barrage as that which Lena was exposing her too after all. Not only was she still pumping the two fingers into her twat, she latched his lips around the top of her clit and repeatedly flicked with speed.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Kara screamed at the top of her lungs as she had her most intense orgasm derived from a woman yet.

"Such a yummy pussy," Lena murmured as Kara started to spasm in a massive orgasm.

"Ohhhhh...mhmmm...AAAHHHHH," Supergirl shrieked, her moans turning to a wail of ecstasy.

"Mmm," the L-Corp CEO moaned contentedly as she lapped up Kara's orgasmic fluids.

Knowing just how sensitive her pussy would be after such a long-awaited orgasm, Lena reluctantly pulled her tongue away from her folds after she was satisfied she collected every drop of her ultra-sweet juices. However, Lena wasn't done with her new reporter lover, not by a long shot.

Even though it was her first time hooking up with the long-legged reporter, Lena was about to take a risk. In her view all women, and men for that matter, had enjoyed it when she used her tongue to rim their asshole and now she was going to put that to the test once more. With her hands already pulling apart Kara's bubbly ass, she took aim before performing a long slow lick with her tongue over her puckered backdoor.

"Whooaa...mhmmm," Kara shrieked with eyes opening wide, first out of surprise then out of enjoyment.

It wasn't a negative reaction so Lena continued and went straight back in. Once again, the CatCo reporter moaned under the presence of his tongue exploring every nook and crook of her puckered bum. Lena went slow at first with a broad tongue then narrowed it so he probed against the muscular ring's resistance, which held steadfast.

With her hands squeezing and pulling apart Kara's butt cheeks Lena folded her tongue in half and poked it against the center of the reporter's anus until it finally relented. The more aggressive Lena got with her new lover's ass, the more both of them enjoyed it. For Lena it was so extremely arousing to be tossing such an innocent looking girl's asshole. For Kara, she now understood how good Felicity felt when the big booty girl from Starling City had Kara go down on her asshole and rim her.

"Uhhh, yeah," Kara said aloud before thinking "Shove that tongue in my tight little ass."

Sensing that the undercover Kryptonian wasn't that far from coming, Lena moved a hand off of Kara's booty. Slipping it around to her front front, she found Kara's clit and stroked it with her finger. The reaction was immediate as the reporter moaned and pushed down against Lena's tongue.

"Ohhhh ohh oh," Kara panted as the billionaire made her feel oh so good.

Between the tongue in her ass and the finger working on her clit Kara's mind was swimming in delight. She could feel another orgasm building inside her rapidly and knew it was going to be a good one. Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip Kara bucked her hips insistently against Lena's face, being sure not to tap into any of her Kryptonian power.

"Oh my ass Lena ," Kara screeched as she felt the first wave of her climax hit her. She was normally much more reserved than that, preferring to think it than say it aloud but she was on cloud nine with not a worry in her head.

With her body spasming in orgasm, Kara could just feel her new lover's tongue trace its way down from her puckered backdoor. Lena shifted her tongue down to lap up the juices that were gushing out of her pussy, Kara groaned and her body jerked involuntarily.

"Mmm," they both cooed simultaneously as Kara's muscles gave out on her and she collapsed her body onto the white desk when her orgasm had run its course.

"That was fun," Lena said, her hands stroking the soft skin of Kara's hips and thighs.

"It really was," Kara smiled, looking back over her shoulder to Lena when someone else appeared in the doorway.

Lena felt Kara startle before the blonde stayed hunching over the desk but rotated around the object so it was blocking her. Curious as to what could make the nerdy reporter have such a reaction, Lena turned her naked self around to see an older woman in her 50s walk into her room and come to stand 10 feet away from herself, roaming Lena's body.

"So this is the type of business you are running now Lena," the confident bordering on cocky woman commented with contempt in her tone.

"And hello to you too mother," Lena said, not acting rattled at all as she went to collect her clothing.

"And who is this? A new lover to add to your vast collection or hopefully a discreet prostitute?"

"None of your business, mother," the ivory-skinned beauty retorted as she delivered Kara's clothes to her before getting dressed herself. "Kara I hate to kick you out but would you mind if I had privacy while I talked to her."

"Yeah sure. Not a problem," the now dressed reporter answered, practically running from the room in embarrassment at being caught red handed by her lesbian partner's mom.

Kara fought the urge to use her super speed to zip from the office the second she was out of sight in case cameras were around, which they surely were. Instead she maintained calm and controlled her embarrassment until out in the street where she dipped into the first alley and fly high up into the sky and home.

Although the night ended in disaster, for a few hours while she was in Lena's company she had forgotten completely about the betrayal by her sister. She had already discovered sex was a welcome break from her hatred of Alex, but she had been distracted by just being in the beautiful girl's presence. The lesbian tryst was just a bonus. She'd have to follow up on that revelation too.


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