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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, Episode 15 of Supergirl.

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Supergirl: Super Dating Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Kara sighed with contentment and then snuggled deeper into her pillow. Then after a moment of frowning in confusion she worked out exactly what her pillow was and blushed. She should have immediately lifted her head up, but for better or for worse she was frozen to the spot for a few long seconds before finally lifting her head up and opening her eyes to find Lena Luthor grinning at her. Because of course she was, and of course Lena laughed when Kara bit her lip nervously. Because why would the gorgeous Lena Luthor feel a drop of modesty discovering she was naked in bed with another girl? It was a new experience for Kara though, and she really wasn't sure what to do or say. And she just knew when she opened her mouth she would embarrass herself. Not that it stopped her.

"Hi." Kara grinned shyly, before hiding her face.

"Hi." Lena chuckled, and then after a brief pause casually asked, "So, time travel?"

"What?" Kara frowned in confusion, lifting her head up again.

"You mentioned something about it the other night." Lena clarified.

"Oh, right." Kara nodded in recollection, "Yeah, I need to learn about girl-girl sex and figured it would take a while, so I called in a favour from a friend."

"A friend who tutors you in sex?" Lena chuckled softly, although there was a little worry in her tone.

"Yea-wait, not like that! It was pictures and explanations not, not other stuff! I would never, I mean I did but it was an accident and I apologized and we were good and I didn't do it this time and that was one kiss and..." Kara rambled before being cut off by a sweet pair of lips.

"It's okay, I believe you." Lena reassured softly after a brief kiss, "But I kind of want to hear more about this time travelling, if that's okay?"

"Sure." Kara beamed, not seeing any harm in sharing this story, "Well, it didn't exactly go according to plan. Cisco was supposed to open a portal to the ship, but he was off by a couple feet and I kind of, sort of, crashed into them a little bit. But they were super nice about it, and I fixed the damage, and I even got to go on a mission with them. It was so cool. I got to punch a T-rex in the face! But then Amaya got mad at me for being cruel to animals."

"Is that the friend who tutored you about sex?" Lena asked.

"Who, Amaya? No, she straight. In fact, it was her boyfriend I saved from being eaten." Kara said proudly, "She's cool too. She let me pet the T-rex to show it I was sorry. But Sara's the bi one, and she's like, wow! You know? I mean, she's not you, but she reminds me of you. Like, she doesn't have any powers and she's still a total bad ass, she's captain of her own time ship, and like stupid hot."

Lena beamed, blushed slightly, as she quipped, "Ah yes, because I totally have my own time ship."

"You know what I mean." Kara pouted slightly, before continuing to praise another woman while in bed with her sort of girlfriend, which she knew wasn't a good idea but she couldn't help herself, "She's also kind of scary. She says she knows about a thousand ways to kill someone, and has used some of them. She kind of reminds me of that guy who dresses like a bat and is one of Superman's best friends. I'm hoping we can have the same relationship. You know, bro for life? Or sis for life. I'm not sure what the term is, but she totally said I could come back any time I want and visit, which kind of makes me wish it would quieten down here a little bit so I could spend more time with them. Not that I want to get away from you! Because I really don't. I just-"

Cutting off the rambling girl with another kiss Lena then reassured, "It's fine, I get it. Who wouldn't want to travel through time?"

Hesitating only briefly Kara offered, "You could come. I'm sure Sara would let me."

"One night together and you're already planning our first holiday together?" Lena raised an eyebrow, and then laughed at the look of horror on the other girl's face, "It's okay, I'm only teasing. That would be wonderful. But I don't know about you, but I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere."

Kara smiled, "Me neither."

Lena returned the smile, glanced at her bedside clock and then sighed, "And by that, I mean I don't want to go anywhere, but I really have too. I've got a meeting in less than two hours which I really can't skip, and I'd like sometime to prepare for it."

"Me too." Kara grumbled.

"But I'm not giving you the brush off, I promise." Lena swore, cupping the other girl's face, "Please, let me see you again tonight?"

"How can I say no?" Kara grinned.

"Excellent." Lena beamed, reluctantly beginning to get up before adding, "Mind if I shower first?"

"Go ahead." Kara encouraged.

Last night was kind of a blur. Kara had been so nervous and focused on doing a good job, and not to hurt Lena, that she hadn't really got a good look at Lena's body while frantically removing her clothes and then worshipping her body. She didn't get a great look at it when they were pressed together, or even when Lena got out of bed without a stitch of clothing on and walked into her bathroom. But Kara did get a few long seconds to stare at Lena's ass, and then after a couple of minutes of just lying in bed she got to watch a completely naked Lena Luthor walking back into the room just as confidently and start getting dressed.

"Are you going to-" Lena began when she was almost dressed, only for the beautiful alien girl to vanish and then reappear in her full superhero costume, looking stunning as always, causing Lena to pout, "Show off."

"Always." Kara grinned proudly, feeling bold enough to be the one to kiss Lena this time.

Knowing this would be her last for a while Lena cupped the back of Supergirl's head, ensuring that it would last, before reluctantly pulling back, "See you later."

"Later." Kara beamed, disentangling herself from the other woman and slowly walking backwards.

"Before you go!" Lena blurted out just before Supergirl was obviously going to make her exit, "If you see Kara, remind her we have a lunch date. I want to gush about you to her."

"I'm sure she wouldn't miss it for the world." Kara grinned, actually feeling kind of smooth before Lena gave her a look and she added, "Which I'll make sure she doesn't."

* * *

Kara raced over to Catco and tried her best to keep her head down until lunch. Which turned out to be impossible as she was grinning too much, which clearly put Snapper in an even worse mood than usual, but nothing he said or did could ruin her mood. Or the fact that her co-workers probably thought she had snapped given how ridiculously happy she was, and she just couldn't contain it. She wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Or she would if it wouldn't have completely exposed her secret identity, and she still hadn't even told Alex about what was going on with her right now, so she should do that first, and soon. But she tried her best to concentrate on work for what turned out to feel like very long hours until she could see Lena again.

When she did Kara had to remind herself that Lena wasn't dating her, she was dating Supergirl, because the moment she saw her again she just wanted to pull her into her arms and kiss her. Which was kind of ridiculous, as she had seen that outfit before she left this morning, but wow! Just wow. Apparently seeing Lena getting dressed was one thing, but to see her in her element dressed like that was something else entirely. Then Lena registered her walking into office and beamed at her, making it even more difficult for Kara to resist doing something inappropriate. But she just about managed it, instead just returning the smile in greeting.

"Kara, wonderful to see you. Just give me a minute and I'll finish up." Lena beamed.

"No problem." Kara smiled, then about a minute later asked, "Do you have anything to-"

Before Kara could even finish her sentence Lena opened a drawer in her desk and placed a bowl of candy on top of it, all without looking away from the screen. Which caused Kara to grin widely and start snacking. Normally Lena was good about leaving on time, especially for their lunch dates, but sometimes there was an issue she just couldn't pull herself away from. It was understandable, but the first time it happened Kara might have got a bit antsy and asked if Lena was done yet too many times. Ever since then Lena kept some snacks in her draw to keep Kara occupied, proving just what a wonderful person she was, and how lucky Kara was to have her in her life.

That thought made Kara smile, when she noticed that Lena was watching her fondly, causing her to giggle softly, "What?"

"You're adorable." Lena confessed, before quickly adding, "And seriously, what's your secret?"

"My what?" Kara asked nervously.

"Your secret." Lena insisted, before clarifying, "How are you not five hundred pounds?"

"Oh!" Kara smiled with relief, "I told you, I work out a lot."

"Yeah, I can tell. But..." Lena hesitated, and then shrugged it off, "Never mind. Are you ready to go?"

"Absolutely." Kara beamed, popping a few more pieces of candy into her mouth before following Lena out the door.

Today they were going to one of Kara's favourite places. It served the normal kind of light lunch that Lena liked so much, but they also had the option of good proportions of food, including the second best chocolate cake in the entire city. It was also the most expensive chocolate cake in the entire city, so this was one of the few times that Kara allowed Lena to pay for her lunch. In a way she had kind of earned it. Or at least she would. Which sounded a little wrong, but Kara knew what she meant, and as she didn't say that out loud it was okay. This place was also a bit farther away than Lena usually liked from her office, but her friend looked like she was in a good mood, something which Kara wanted to ask her about, but waited until they sat down at a table to do it.

So after what felt like a lifetime of small talk Kara finally said, "So, you seem happy. Your date with you know who good last night?"

It felt really awkward not using the name, but Lena had asked her not too, at least while they were in public. Of course there were already plenty of rumours about Lena Luthor and Supergirl, and now some of them were even right, but Lena wanted to keep it under wraps for as long as possible to avoid the inevitable questions from the press. Besides, things were just getting serious between them, so arguably there wasn't something until now, and Kara didn't want to have to write about her own sex life, or worse, see other people writing about it with any degree of depth or accuracy. So for the next few minutes Supergirl was practically Voldemort.

Lena smiled bashfully, "I suppose you could say that."

"Oh, tell me more." Kara grinned, fishing for compliments, "I want details. Erm, I mean, not like details, details. Just vague ones. You know, not like, pictures and detailed descriptions, just... the gist of it."

With a smirk Lena quipped, "Interesting choice of words."

Kara frowned, "What?"

"Never mind." Lena dismissed for now before leaning in, "Honestly? It was magical."

"Really?" Kara beamed widely.

"God, that sounded so cheesy, didn't it?" Lena blushed, burying her face in her hands.

"No, it was sweet." Kara smiled, and then after a few seconds pushed, "So, what happened?"

"Well..." Lena began, pausing to bite her lip before admitting, "The other night, she totally used my love of Aladdin against me and took me flying. I'd been in her arms before when she was saving me, but this was really a chance to enjoy it. Honestly, she could have had me then. But she waited until the third date, like a good gentlewoman, and wow. Just wow. We flew then too. Well, after the first time. And I... I just felt so safe in her arms. It's the only time I've not been scared of flying. And God, when we... you know, it was like I was flying through the stars. It was... beyond words. And she was so sweet afterwards. So, so sweet. But..."

Throughout that speech Kara had been grinning like a mad woman, but that dreaded word caused that grin to quickly disappear, "But?"

Lena smiled softly, then after a brief pause added, "She's wonderful. She really is. She's smart, funny, thoughtful and really easy to talk too. And generous. Really, really generous, if you know what I mean. But... have you ever been with someone, and it always feels like they're hiding something from you?"

"Well..." Kara began nervously.

"What am I talking about, of course you do." Lena corrected herself.

"What?" Kara frowned in confusion.

"Me." Lena said nonchalantly, then when Kara started looking adorably nervous clarified, "I'm a Luthor, Kara. I can tell everyone's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even you. You'd be foolish not too."

"I'm not a fool." Kara said softly, but firmly, reaching out to hold Lena's hand, "I'm not waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I know there is no shoe. You have nothing to hide. I truly believe that."

Lena blushed slightly, "My mother would call you a fool."

"She's the fool for not knowing how wonderful you are." Kara insisted, squeezing Lena's hand, and wishing she could do more.

"Yes, well..." Lena blushed even more, pulling her hand back, "The point is, I know she has all these walls up for a reason. And I know exactly what it is."

"You do?" Kara questioned.

"Of course. It's her secret identity." Lena whispered after leaning in, then continued much louder, "Kara, please understand, I didn't start all of this to find out who she truly was. But... I, I kind of feel like I'm dating half a woman. Just one-side of a coin. There is just this whole other side to her which she isn't willing to share, and I just... I just wish she trusted me enough to be honest with me."

There was a long silence and then Kara said in a very soft voice, "Maybe she's scared."

"Of me?" Lena said softly.

"No! Of you not..." Kara said a little too forcefully, before remembering she needed to tread carefully, "Erm, not taking it well."

"Why wouldn't I?" Lena asked.

Another long silence and then Kara hesitantly added, "I don't know, maybe you'd be disappointed. Maybe you'd be hoping for someone else, or once the mystery is gone you lose interest."

"I couldn't even imagine." Lena scoffed, then after a brief pause added, "If it's not who I think it is, well, that would be a shock. But it wouldn't change the fact that she is wonderful, and way out of my league. And as for the mystery, trust me, that's more of an annoyance at this point."

"Really?" Kara asked cautiously.

"Really." Lena confirmed, then after another pause added, "Honestly I wish she'd just look me in the eye and tell me the truth. What's the worst that could happen?"

Another pause and then Kara pointed out, "You could get hurt."

"I'm a Luthor. That was always a possibility." Lena countered, and then after yet another pause added, "But I suppose at least I'm not dating her alter ego. Now that would suck."

"Why?" Kara questioned, unable to hide the fact she was hurt by that.

"Well, at least I know there's this other side to her. That she is not cheating on me behind my back, she's saving the world. And I know what I'm signing up for. I even know what she is capable of, and her enemies. To be truly clueless about that would be very dangerous." Lena pointed out, "Of course, I couldn't imagine not knowing who she truly was, even if she was wearing a very, very convincing disguise. Which she must be, because you can see her face, so... you know, it must be good."

"I'm sure." Kara squirmed.

"Anyway, I'm sure she'll tell me eventually... but... while I could never imagine regretting being with her physically, I do wish she had told me who she was first. It would have made everything so much more intimate. Or at the very least a little less awkward, as I had to spend the whole night covering my face to prevent myself from screaming out her name. And can you imagine if I was wrong? God, I would just die." Lena softly chuckled, before noticing the expression on Kara's face, "What? Too much detail?"

"Yeah." Kara blushed, "I mean no. I mean, maybe?"

"It's okay, this is new for us. It's going to take some getting used too." Lena reassured, and then after a long pause admitted, But maybe it's for the best. I'm keeping something from her too. Something big."

"What?" Kara asked a little nervously.

"It's nothing bad, I just... can't tell you right now. Which I know isn't super reassuring, but you're just going to have to trust me, okay?" Lena pleaded softly.

"Okay." Kara said softly.

"And you can't tell, you know who." Lena pressed, before explaining, "I don't want her to worry."

Kara nodded weakly, "I understand."

"Right. Well, how's your boyfriend?" Lena asked, "Mike, wasn't it?"

"Oh." Kara blushed, realising it had been that long since they had talked as just friends, "We broke up."

"Oh no, what happened?" Lena asked.

You, Kara thought, before answering out loud, "We, we just wanted different things."

* * *

Kara had been in such a good mood before lunch, and had so been looking forward to it as she thought she was going to hear about how great Supergirl was from Lena. Lena even told her to expect it. She was going to gush about her, were her exact words. Instead Lena seemed dissatisfied with the state of their relationship, and she had made some good reasons why. So good that Kara was left questioning her own happiness with it. Also Lena had been acting weird, and now Kara was confused. It was almost like Lena knew the truth, but surely that had to be impossible? Wasn't it? Then again Lena was a Luthor, and while Kara truly didn't think she was dangerous that didn't mean she didn't have a lot of resources at her disposal.

Then there was the whole, 'I'm keeping something from her' thing, which Kara just couldn't get out of her head. It just rattled around inside there all day long, driving her crazy as she tried to imagine what it could possibly be. Because she trusted Lena, she truly did, but that didn't mean that Lena couldn't be doing something with the best intentions which wouldn't lead to death and destruction, which would only reinforce the wrong assumptions about her. Or worse, what if someone was hurting Lena? What if Lena was embarrassed about it, and wasn't going to mention it, like ever? What if it was something that Supergirl, or Kara Danvers, truly couldn't help her with? What if, what if, what if echoed through Kara's mind, and it was torturous.

She had promised Lena that she wouldn't tell Supergirl, but there was just no possible way she could drop this after that lunch, so after work Kara quickly got something to eat, change into her Supergirl outfit, flew into Lena's office and blurted out, "What are you keeping from me?"

Lena looked genuinely startled there for a second, then frowned, "Kara promised not to tell you."

"I know... she, she knows. Please don't be mad?" Kara said softly, landing and then stepping forward towards the desk, "She was just worried about you. You can't just expect her not to be after you say something like that."

"I suppose that's true." Lena admitted, sounding annoyed, "But it's no big deal, really."

"Really?" Kara pushed.

"Well..." Lena hesitated, and then when that clearly upset Supergirl she quickly added, "It's not life-threatening, and I'm not in trouble. It's just..."

There was a pause for a few seconds which felt like an eternity, then Lena got up and motioned for Kara to join her on the couch, and Kara did so, but blurted out along the way, "What is it Lena? Please tell me. You can tell me anything. You know that, right?"

"I guess we'll see." Lena mumbled almost bitterly, then took Kara's hands in hers and began explaining herself, "I just want to say, that above everything else, I really like you. And I really want this to work."

"I really like you too. And I really want this to work." Kara parroted softly when there was a pause, gently squeezing Lena's hand before pushing, "But?"

"You, you asked me when we began all this, if there was someone else I wanted. Someone more... available. I said there wasn't, and that's true... but..." Lena trailed off as she was pretty sure the other woman got the picture.

"There's someone else." Kara said softly, pulling her hand back.

"No one truly available to me. Not really. But I thought we should talk about it." Lena said softly.

"Why?" Kara asked suspiciously.

There was a brief pause and then Lena admitted, "It's Kara."

"What?" Kara frowned.

"It's Kara." Lena repeated, adding with a soft laugh, "How could it not be?"

"Kara Danvers..." Kara said softly in disbelief, "You're, you're in love with her?"

There was another pause, then Lena attempted to explain, "I'm falling for you. Hard. You have to know that, otherwise I wouldn't be telling you this. But, if you're going to break my heart, I'd rather it be now before I fall any deeper for you."

All Kara could respond with was, "Oh."

"I'm not stupid." Lena continued, "I know she's straight, and her becoming single wouldn't change that. But, there's this stupid voice in the back of my head chanting what if, what if, what if. But I need you to know, I won't listen to it. I won't cheat on you. Or try, as the case maybe. Because even if Kara Danvers was as gay as a rainbow she'd be too good for me. You are too! Of course you are. But... you're a God, and the fact that you are beyond words isn't surprising. But Kara, she's perfect. And no one else seems to see it. People worship you, whenever I'm with her, I think what's wrong with other people? Why don't they see her like I do? Why don't they worship her? Then she does something to make me fall that much more in love with her, and I'm just speechless."

Kara knew the feeling, as she had no idea what to say. She really wanted to, and it felt like she really should give that the longest pause so far fall over them. Kara had no idea how long it lasted. It felt like days. At most it was probably a few minutes, but Kara could feel every single second of them being stretched out unnaturally as the two women continued staring at each other awkwardly. It was almost kind of funny, because talking had always come so naturally between them, and one of Kara's biggest problems, especially when she was in Supergirl mode, was knowing when to shut up. And yet here they were, speechless. Or at least Kara was.

"I, I keep thinking to myself, if only they were the same person. Now that, that would be perfect." Lena finally broke the silence cautiously.

There was another painfully long pause, and then Kara mumbled, "I, I have to go..."

"No! Please, don't go! Please? I'm sorry! This was so stupid! I-" Lena blurted out as Supergirl got up, walked over to the window and then disappeared into the night, leaving her with the feeling that she had made a terrible mistake, her voice pathetically soft as she finished her sentence, "I'm sorry."

* * *

"Kara! What are you doing here?" Alex exclaimed angrily as her sister barged her way into her apartment, barely pausing to open the window before flying in and landing in front of the table, "Maggie and I are kind of on a date here, so if you don't mind-"

"I'm dating Lena Luthor!" Kara blurted out as soon as she landed.

"WHAT?" Alex exclaimed loudly in disbelief.

"What?" Maggie exclaimed in delight.

"I'm dating Lena Luthor!" Kara repeated, before hesitantly further explaining herself, "I'm dating her as Supergirl, and I think she knows who I am."

Alex's brain felt like it exploded at least three times, and all she could manage was, "You... you what? How? Why? WHY?"

"How does that work?" Maggie interrupted, wanting to give her girlfriend time to collect her thoughts, and genuinely curious, "Did she ask you out while you were saving her life?"

"Actually she asked me as Kara if I could ask Supergirl out for her." Kara clarified.

"Nice." Maggie grinned with delight.

"Nice? NICE!" Alex screeched, glaring angrily at her girlfriend before quickly turning her attention back to her sister, "Kara, are you out of your freaking mind?"

"See, this is why I didn't come to you sooner." Kara grumbled, folding her arms.

"I'm sorry. But..." Alex tried not to begin with the obvious, but she couldn't help it, "She's a Luthor!"

"I noticed." Kara huffed, "And you know perfectly well she's been nothing but nice, sweet and helpful since I met her."

"Yeah, and Lex was nice enough to Superman, at first." Alex pointed out, before sighing, "And since when are you into girls?"

Maggie couldn't resist a chuckle, while Kara raised an eyebrow and pointed out, "Erm, pot meet kettle black much?"

"Yeah, but..." Alex protested, "You were always the one who was boy crazy."

"That doesn't mean I can't like a girl." Kara pointed out, before sighing, "And I do. I really do."

There was a long pause, then Alex grumbled, "So, why do you think she knows who you are?"

"Well..." Kara hesitated, before recapping the last few days.

* * *

About five minutes later...

"Yeah, she knows." Alex grumbled.

"Really?" Kara asked.

"Totally." Maggie chimed in.

"But, but I was so careful." Kara whined.

"Were you? Were you really?" Maggie questioned.

Alex butted in, "Kara, you have to be careful. At best Lena is just looking for confirmation. At worst..."

There was silence after Alex trailed off because of a glare from Kara, then because she couldn't help herself Maggie said, "I think it's sweet."

This got a frown out of both Alex and Kara, and one after the other they asked, "Why?"

"Well..." Maggie glanced at her girlfriend, hesitated, then went ahead anyway, "It seems like she knows, and you've given her plenty of chances to out you, but she doesn't because she wants you to tell her the truth."

"And she is willing to do anything to do it." Alex grumbled, "That's all this probably is."

"Or, she really likes me, and wants us to be together. Like, truly together." Kara beamed, having barely listened to her sister. Then her phone went off, she quickly pulled it out and smiled again.

"Who's that? The guys agreeing with me this is a bad idea?" Alex grumbled.

"No. I haven't told them yet, or Mom." Kara admitted, "I already texted Clark, and he said I should go for it. This is Sara, and she said the same thing."

"Who's Sara?" Maggie frowned in confusion.

"Kara's time travelling ninja friend from another dimension." Alex explained.

"My bisexual time travelling ninja friend from another dimension." Kara further explained with a smile.

"And I'm only hearing about her now, why?" Maggie laughed, before a frown crossed her face, "Wait, little Danvers... you didn't go to her for dating girl advice, did you?"

"No, just for girl sex advice." Kara admitted with a smile, and a slight blush.

"I did not need to hear that." Alex grumbled.

"And you didn't come to me for girl sex advice, why?" Maggie whined.

"Oh, I don't know..." Kara said dryly, "Could you have avoided using the words, 'and that's how your sister likes it'?"

Maggie's hesitation was telling, "Maybe."

"Kara!" Alex snapped to get her sister's attention, then sighed, stood up and walked over to her, "I'm still not super happy about this, but you were great when I came out, and I just want you to know I'm truly grateful you told me. And no matter what I love you. And I just want you to be happy. And, and I wish you were dating almost literally any other girl, but... if you truly think you can trust her, tell Lena."

Kara beamed, hugged her sister as hard as she could and then told her, "Thank you. I really needed that."

"I know. I've been there." Alex smiled, pulling back, "I just love you so much, and I want you to be safe."

"I love you too." Kara smiled softly, "And I will be. I can trust Lena. I know it."

* * *

Lena Luthor had almost finished a good bottle of wine, and was debating whether to open a second one, or go straight to something harder. She preferred wine, and as a Luthor she could afford the best, but right now she just wanted to dull the excruciating pain of her failure as quickly as possible. Of course it was her fault for so many reasons. Firstly believing Lex's files. Then destroying them, instead of ignoring the dark voice in her head telling her she would need them someday. As it turned out she did, just not for the reasons she feared. But most of all, she had pushed her luck. Believe that someone like her could ever be good enough for Supergirl, and/or Kara Danvers.

The funny thing was, she had been so close. She had actually been dating one of them, or maybe them, even now she wasn't 100% sure. All that mattered was that she had pushed them, or her, away and now Lena was alone in her home drinking her sorrows away. No, the truly funny thing was that she was expecting one or both of them to show up and fall into her arms like something out of a romantic comedy. But of course that wasn't real life. Hell, even in those movies the hero got the girl, not the villain's sister. So what hope did she have? Why had she allowed herself to be deluded into thinking anything else? And why wasn't she opening another bottle right now?

Just as she reached for another bottle of wine she heard the chime of her doorbell, causing Lena to freeze. She tried not to get her hopes up, but despite herself Lena cautiously made her way to the door, pausing only to check her reflection. She was a total mess, her previously immaculate business suits crumpled, her hair dishevelled and her make up giving away that she had been crying like a teenage girl. But there was no time to change, so Lena straightened herself up and did her best to put her game face on as she opened the door to find a true vision in front of her, namely Kara Danvers standing there, immaculate as ever in her humble work clothes, and those cute little glasses.

"I, I was hoping you'd come." Lena stammered breathlessly after a few long seconds.

Normally Kara was an open book to her, give or take one massive exception, but now Lena just couldn't read the expression on her face. Then she slowly walk forwards, Lena automatically walking backwards. For a small moment Lena was afraid of her, especially when she shut the door behind her, then Kara smiled, grabbed onto her face and then kissed her. Kara Danvers kissed her! Right on the mouth! God, in that moment Lena didn't even care what was going on. She just wanted to kiss Kara forever. Then the kiss ended, and then Lena finally got the answered to the question which had been driving her crazy. Or at least one of the most important ones.

"Take, take them off." Kara said as boldly as she could, then clarifying just in case there was any confusion, "My glasses. Take them off."

Kara had been second-guessing this decision a lot, especially when she got to Lena's doorstep, and Lena wasn't exactly doing anything to soothe her nerves given the way she was looking at her. Maybe she should have done it in the reverse order, a.k.a. be Supergirl and then put her disguise on? Or maybe just have the guts to admit the truth out loud? But that was the scariest option, and she wasn't not a Drama Queen. This entire thing was a good argument for that. So this was the plan she'd had gone for, and now was determined to stick too, even as Lena seemed so hesitant to do as she was asked, further proving that she suspected the truth.

After a long pause though Lena did reach up, grab the glasses gently, then after another pause slowly pulled them off Kara's face. There was another pause, then Lena closed the glasses and gently place them down on the nearest surface. She then reached behind Kara's head to grab her hairband and then gave her an expectant look, as if to say, may I? Kara gently nodded an affirmative, and then Lena slowly pulled the hairband down and off, blonde hair dropping down around Kara's head as the brunette placed it down on the same surface as the glasses. Then yet another pause, before a wide smile crossed Lena's face as recollection, and possible realisation, hit her.

"There she is." Lena beamed, "There's my girl."

Kara blushed, "You're not mad?"

"Why would I be mad?" Lena laughed softly.

"I lied to you." Kara pointed out sadly.

"It's okay, I understand." Lena reassured, before admitting, "I lied to you too. Kept things from you. Kara I, I manipulated you. But... I didn't do it to hurt you. I would never hurt you. You know that, right?"

"Right." Kara said softly.

"And we should talk about it. All of it." Lena admitted, before smiling slyly, "Just not now."

"Oh?" Kara asked with false innocence, "What did you want to do now?"

Lena grinned wickedly, leaned in and then whispered into Kara's ear, "I want you to pick me up and fly me up to my bedroom. Where we'll see just how long you can last with my tongue and fingers inside you. Pounding you. Making you scream my name as you cum over, and over, and over again."

Kara gulped, and then after a brief pause picked Lena up bridal style, softly smiled at her and said teasingly, "Up, up and away."

* * *

Kara then slowly and effortlessly flew in the direction of Lena's bedroom. Luckily there were no doors which Kara would be forced to awkwardly open, or more likely just smash through, on her way to Lena's bedroom. Hell, she counted herself lucky that she managed to maintain a slow speed throughout, as she really wanted to reach her destination at top speed, even at the sacrifice of a few walls, which Lena could definitely afford to replace. But if they were going to have sex then it was more important than ever that Kara control herself, as the last thing she wanted to do was hurt her precious Luthor. And to her credit, Kara got them there in one piece, gently placing Lena down on her bed and then crawling on top of her when Lena grabbed onto her and gently pulled her into position.

There was then a brief pause as they stared at each other, then their eyes dropped down to each other's lips, then up again, then they simultaneously closed their eyes and leaned in. For that moment Lena lifted her head up slightly to meet Kara in the middle, the two women kissing like that for a few long seconds before Kara gently pushed downwards so she lowered Lena's head to the pillow. Then everything kind of became a blur, Kara desperately trying to maintain a little concentration into her actions, although Lena was just being so very distracting. Of course eventually they had to break apart for air, but when Kara leaned back in for another kiss Lena turned her head to the side, causing Kara to frown.

"Is, is something wrong?" Kara stammered.

"It's, it's silly." Lena blushed, not meeting Kara's eye.

"What?" Kara pushed.

After a brief pause Lena looked Kara in the eye again, and confessed, "I, I just kind of need you to say it."

For a moment Kara frowned, and opened her mouth to ask what the other girl meant, then realisation hit and with a soft smile she made a confession which she thought would be more difficult than it actually was to verbalise, but one which made her feel better after she said it, "I'm Supergirl."

Lena closed her eyes, and then let out a soft chuckle of relief. She was beginning to think she would never hear that confession, and she had gone to extreme lengths to get it, and now she finally had it Lena just couldn't help laughing. And crying a little. Which was extremely embarrassing, but even she hadn't realised how badly she needed to hear it until this moment. Which was really saying something, because she had thought she had wanted it pretty badly. That she needed the confession was ridiculous of course, considering Kara had literally flown her to her bedroom, but she just really needed to hear the words.

When she opened her eyes Lena found no judgement from Kara, just a soft look of endearment. Then Kara lifted herself up and forward so that her chest was over Lena's face. For a long second Lena frowned in confusion, then realisation hit and she smiled widely before reaching up for the buttons of Kara's shirt. Embarrassingly her fingers trembled, but one by one she undid those buttons, eventually revealing the unmistakable family crest which looked like a big S, but truly meant so much more, further proving exactly who this was above her. Then Kara moved back down slightly so that they were grinning face to grinning face.

Just as Kara was leaning down for another kiss Lena revealed her little surprise by reaching over and flicking a switch. Immediately a red light shone down from above and an adorably cute look of confusion crossed the face of the mighty Supergirl, which in turn caused a wide grin to cross Lena's face. It worked! It actually worked! Grabbing onto the Girl of Steel Lena effortlessly flipped her over so she was now straddling her, which only caused her to grin wider. Of course it also caused her dear sweet Kara to look up at her with a mixture of fear and betrayal in her face, but despite the urge to quell those feelings Lena just couldn't help tease her pray.

"Who would have thought it? I'm the Luthor who finally has a Super helpless underneath them?" Lena practically purred.

"What, what is this?" Kara stammered.

Lena suddenly had a horrifying thought, "This isn't hurting you, is it? Because I followed the DEO's construction plans perfectly. I'm sure I did."

"The DEO's?" Kara parroted weakly.

"Uh-huh." Lena beamed, unable to resist the urge to brag, "Your little friend Winn has very, very good security. But he's not a Luthor."

There was a long pause, then Kara gulped softly, "So... Luthor, now you finally have me helpless underneath you, what are your fiendish plans for me?"

"You'll just have to wait to find out." Lena teased with a wicked smile.

Given the way that Kara was obviously trying not to smile, and totally failing at it, Lena thought it was pretty clear that Kara knew that this wasn't her finally turning Luthor on Supergirl, but simply a way to even the playing field between them in bed. After all, she knew Kara would never hurt her intentionally, but every time they had sex was tempting fate. This made things so much more safer, and as an added bonus meant that she could top the mighty Supergirl. And oh dear God, did that give her ideas. But for now it was best to keep things simple. Besides, more than anything else right now, she wanted to return the favour from the other night.

Kara trusted Lena, she really did, but she couldn't stop herself from being a little afraid when initially that red light shone down, robbing her of her powers. Even then she had been pretty sure it was just a mean trick, and it was, but Kara felt a little lingering anger and fear left over from the mock betrayal, at least for a few long seconds which felt like an eternity. But when it became clear that Lena was worried that she was actually hurting Kara pushed all that down, and she was rewarded for it, first with a wicked smile and a soft kiss which more or less melted her fear and anger away. Then those feelings went away entirely as Lena moved down to her neck and began kissing that while sliding her talented hands over her body.

For a few long minutes Lena didn't do anything more than that, and she avoided all the 'good stuff', making Kara whimper rather pathetically. Lena then finished unbuttoning her shirt, and slowly pushed her Supergirl shirt upwards to reveal her bra covered breasts. More kissing followed, mostly to her neck, although Lena did briefly move up to her lips and then back down to the other side to give that some attention. Then she unhooked Kara's bra and then pulled away with the kind of ease which could only come from experience. Honestly it annoyed Kara a little bit. Although it was hard to stay annoyed as Lena then started kissing her way downwards.

She even kissed part of the suit on the descent, before reaching Kara's right breast and slowly kissing up that before wrapping her mouth around Kara's right nipple which made the Kryptonian gasp, whimper and even moan with delight. Kara then continued regularly letting out those sounds as Lena gently swirled her tongue around that nipple and just as gently sucked on it for the next few minutes, before gently kissing her way down that boob and up the other so she could repeat the process with Kara's left nipple. Then Lena went back and forth, sometimes lingering on the surrounding flesh of each nipple, sometimes going straight for the kill, but always making Kara want more.

Just as Kara reached the point where she would beg for it Lena finally started to move lower, leading to Kara letting out a sigh of relief. Then she huffed in frustration as Lena insisted on lingering on her stomach, kissing around the flat and firm area for almost a full minute before finally reaching underneath Kara's skirt, sliding her fingers featherlight across her right thigh until she reached her destination. Lena then grinned widely against her skin as she discovered just how wet Kara was, which in turn caused the blonde to blush. Then she quickly and eagerly lifted her butt and then legs up to make it easier for Lena to pull her panties down and off, and then with one final wicked smile she finally lowered her head down... only to go too far, making Kara sigh and then whimper with frustration.

Lena in turn chuckled. If Kara wanted her to hurry up and get to her ultimate destination she was doing a lousy job of it, as those adorable sounds just made her want to spend all night long teasing Kara by sliding her mouth all over her body, worshipping every inch of her, and this iconic suit. Which would be weird for a Luthor, but that thought only made Lena enjoy it even more. Unfortunately her own desire to get her first real taste of Supergirl/Kara Danvers overruled even her desire to tease, so Lena didn't spend nearly as much time she was like to on Kara's tits or thighs, in the case of the latter only kissing up and down each thigh a few times before making her way underneath that oh so recognisable skirt.

It had been something Lena had wanted since she had laid eyes on this woman in this outfit, but that feeling went into overdrive when she first truly saw her in action, a.k.a. the day she first saved her life. It was the first of many times that this Super had saved her from certain death, and now after all this time Lena finally got to reward her for that. Not to mention the amazing orgasms Kara had given her during their first time together. Although this would be easily better because they were no longer playing games. No longer withholding the truth. No longer lying to each other. No, now it was just the two of them, and Lena could tell it was going to be truly special.

Once she reached her destination Lena closed her eyes and took a few long seconds to savour the moment, and the smell, before sticking out her tongue and slowly sliding it along Kara's pussy lips for the very first time. She, Lena Luthor, took her first lick of Supergirl's pussy, that exact thought, or at least something similar, echoing in Lena's head for the next few minutes as it became difficult for her to think of anything else. Luckily she had plenty of experience in this department, so her body kicked into autopilot, continuously lapping away at the yummy treat in front of her, each time making sure her tongue started at the very bottom and worked it's way to the top, resulting in more of those wonderful sounds and flavours.

Even though she wasn't exactly good with long-term relationships Lena had never had a problem with finding women willing to sleep with her. Partly because she was pretty, but mostly because of her fortune, and even her name, especially later on, as apparently it was a thrill to bed a Luthor. So she had eaten a lot of pussy, and unsurprisingly this was easily the best she had ever tasted. True, Lena was biased, but she was sure if she'd somehow been able to trick Kara into bed before she was completely in love with her that it would still be just as tasty. And God, if this was what her cream tasted like, how would her cum taste? It was almost enough for Lena to rush to find out. But no, she had waited too long for this to rush it. So instead Lena did the opposite, dragging this out for as long as she could bear.

Kara kind of hoped that Lena would rush, as she wanted more of the amazing pleasure she was currently receiving. At the same time she was hoping that this would last forever, and she wasn't sure she could take any stronger form of pleasure than this, at least not without exploding or something. It was kind of 50-50 at first, then settled into being more of the latter before finally and inevitably becoming more of the former. Kara knew that was inevitable, but given this was their first time during this, and arguably their first real time together now everything was out in the open, Kara did her best to relax and enjoy it.

Which was easier than ever to do, because this was her first time having sex underneath the red light which mimicked the effects of her own world's sunlight, stripping away her superstrength and the chance that she might accidentally hurt Lena. After all, even if she could summon the courage to ask the DEO to make a version of this for her bedroom, which was extremely unlikely, it would be hard to explain the purpose of this to most guys. Or any girls. Not that Kara wanted girls. Or guys! Just Lena. Only Lena. But that was a whole other issue. The point was, for the first time in a long time Kara felt free during sex, which led to her trying new things, like reaching down and cautiously stroking Lena's hair.

She couldn't have done that before without running the risk of ripping out some hair, or worse, but now she could do it. Now she could not just see, but feel the head between her legs. Or at least feel it in a whole new way which only added to the eroticism. Especially as Lena rewarded her for it by smiling against her pussy, which in turn made Kara blush and whimper. Actually she did a lot of that during the early stages of Lena Luthor licking her pussy, those words echoing in some form or another in her head which was only making Kara whimper more. It also made her gasp, cry out and most importantly moan, all of which seemed to encourage a little reward from the tongue between her legs. Especially the moans.

Those rewards came in the form of Lena's tongue lingering on her clit instead of just brushing up against it, and sometimes Lena giggling, which cause the most wonderful vibrations against her twat. Sometimes she even got both. It was enough to make Kara want to be louder. Maybe even beg for more. She could tell that was what Lena wanted her to do, and ultimately the mighty Supergirl would give it to her. So why wait? Especially when part of her didn't want too. But for a long time what Kara wanted even more was to savour this wonderful moment, and of the pleasure that Lena was giving her. So she resisted for as long as she could. Even as waiting became kind of painful.

Eventually though Kara whimpered, "Lena... please..."

For a few long seconds it looked like that was all it would take, as Lena slid a hand up one of her thighs and over her pussy lips, causing Kara to whimper in anticipation and need. However Lena just continued to tease her by sliding a couple of fingers up and down before teasing her entrance, while her tongue concentrated on her clit. It was an increase in pleasure, but not enough. Not nearly enough. Kara wanted more. She needed more. And she had to have it. She, she needed to cum. She needed Lena to stop teasing her and make her cum, just like she had wanted for so long. Perhaps even before this whole thing began.

"Please, make me cum! I need you to make me cum!" Kara whimpered desperately, before channelling her inner Supergirl enough to be bold with her begging, "Fuck me. Please Lena, fuck me and make me cum! I need to cum, oooooooh, please make me cum! Please? I need it, oh God, oh Rao, fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhh, your fingers, mmmmmm, whatever, I don't care, just do it! Fuck me! Please? Lena, I need you. Only you. Please? Lena?"

After a little smiling against her clit Lena began slowly crawling up Kara's body, making Kara worried that she had said the wrong thing, or worse, hurt Lena in some way. Panicking a little she used her x-ray vision to study Lena's body, but she couldn't see anything wrong, and thankfully when she switched back to normal vision Lena was giving her an amused look, telling her everything was okay and Lena was just teasing her some more. Or maybe she had a weird plan in mind, which seemed to be the case as while moving she moved her finger up to rub Kara's clit, making sure that Kara didn't come down from her high. But it didn't entirely stop Kara from being concerned, especially when they were once again face to face and she couldn't read Lena's expression.

"Lena?" Kara repeated breathlessly.

"Sorry, it's just... a little overwhelming for me." Lena smiled softly.

Kara laughed softly, "A Super begging for mercy from a Luthor?"

"No." Lena quickly corrected, "You begging for me to make you cum."

"Oh." Kara blushed, then after a few long seconds gently pushed, "So?"

"So..." Lena grinned wickedly, "Just make sure you keep looking at me, and keep your eyes open, and I'll give you what you want. Because I want... I need... I need to look in your eyes at least the first time you cum for me."

With those words Lena slowly lowered her finger down to the entrance to Kara's pussy again, only this time she barely teased it before slowly pushing her way inside, making Kara let out a soft cry and almost immediately close her eyes in pure pleasure. Desperately wanting this to continue Kara forced her eyes to stay open and looking at Lena, which was a lot more difficult than she initially thought it would be. Hell, she saw, and did, incredible things everyday, and yet somehow this was hard for her? WTF? Then again there was just something so intense about having Lena Luthor inside her for the very first time, especially after all that build up. Although it was even better when Lena's finger was all the way inside her and then pumping in and out, meaning that Lena Luthor was fucking her for the very first time.

"Cum for me Kara." Lena ordered softly after a few minutes of gentle thrusting.

That was all it took. Well, to be fair during that command Lena not only curled her finger upwards to hit Kara's G-spot but used her thumb to rub her clit. Combined with Lena staring down at her with awe and devotion which sent Kara over the edge of the climax she had been craving, and she had never been more glad of the red light, or the fact that Lena was a genius and not only was able to steal the plans for it, but more importantly get it right. It allowed her to just relax and enjoy. Well, she had to keep her eyes open, which again was harder than she thought it would be, but it was something she wanted to do, as it made her orgasm that much more intense, it was the same story with the orgasms that followed as Lena Luthor effortlessly fucked her through orgasm after orgasm until it felt like her mind melted from ecstasy.

Lena had lied before. Well, it was overwhelming because of who had begged for her, but it was equally overwhelming because it had been a Super begging for a Luthor. How could it not be? But that it was Kara was the most important thing, and that went double for the overwhelming heaven that was having Kara Danvers a.k.a. Supergirl cumming for her, a Luthor. Lena Luthor. Not Lex, or Lillian, but Lena Luthor had the mighty Kryptonian trembling underneath her, and the most twisted part of her sang with joy. But also the best part. The part that loved Kara unconditionally, and revelled in what she saw on her face, and more importantly in her eyes. Namely pleasure, gratitude, and maybe even love.

Desperately wanting more of that Lena fingered Kara through her climax and then immediately started working on giving her another one, increasing the speed and force of her thrusts to make sure that the second climax came much sooner than the first. Sure enough, with her thumb rubbing that cute little clit and finger curling inside of Kara, Lena got what she wanted. Not once, but twice more. Then, in the name of giving Kara more pleasure, she lowered her mouth back down to suck on Kara's clit mercilessly until she squeezed another climax from her. Well, that and her selfish desire to taste Kara's cum was becoming truly overwhelming.

Sure enough it was not long before Lena was replacing her fingers with her mouth, taking a few minutes or so to greedily lick and suck up every drop of girl cum she could find before slamming her tongue as deep into Kara's cunt as it would go. She then tried to tongue fuck Kara slowly and gently, but given the adorably needy sounds from her girl Lena just couldn't resist rapidly increasing the pace. To be fair the time of the teasing was passed, and Supergirl didn't exactly complain. No, it was exactly the opposite, as all her sounds were very positive, especially when she came in Lena's mouth, and then all over her face.

At first Lena was able to swallow at least the majority of Kara's cum, but then the Kryptonian tightened her grip on her hair and pushed her face deeper into her cunt in a way which would have probably been painful if it hadn't been for the red light. The next part would have definitely been painful, as the sweet and innocent seeming Kara Danvers started rubbing herself against her face, which both impressed and delighted Lena. For a few long minutes Lena was in heaven and she tried to likewise rub her face against Kara's cunt, getting her face nice and covered with the cum of Supergirl, making her feel like she was being marked as hers. Then much sooner than she would have liked Kara pulled her up into a passionate kiss. Not that Lena really did much to fight it.

Kara was feeling completely overwhelmed. She'd never felt anything like that. Never cum that hard, and perhaps most importantly free. It was truly game changing, and she had a strong urge to let Lena see if she could fuck her into unconsciousness, or at least let her continue to push her to climax after climax. But no, Kara felt like she physically needed to return the favour, even if she also needed to kiss Lena as an excuse to get some of her strength back. Then without breaking the kiss, and without giving Lena any warning, Kara slipped a hand in between her girlfriend's legs to begin the process of returning the favour.

When discovering just how wet Lena was from going down on her it was hard for Kara not to reach over, turn the red light off, and then smash it so that the wicked Luthor would have no way of slowing down her righteous justice in the form of a relentlessly hard and fast finger fucking. It was only her love for Lena which probably stopped Kara from doing something she probably would regret. Instead she gently rubbed Lena's pussy for a few long minutes while making Lena moan into her mouth. Then Kara pulled back, grinned wickedly, and then shoved her fingers as deep as they would go inside of Lena's womanhood, which was all that it took to make Lena cum. Well, there may have been a little thrusting first, but honestly it was hard for Kara to tell as she was so busy staring lovingly at the expression on Lena's face.

She continued staring into that face she so adored, and especially into those eyes which returned the overwhelming desire and love she felt for the other woman as she relentlessly fingered her through orgasm after orgasm. The best part was that she didn't have to hold back, or worry about anything except pleasuring her lover. Literally the whole world fell away and it was just the two of them. Even the fact that although they didn't look it they were actually different species. All that mattered was that they loved each other, and after receiving the greatest ecstasy she'd ever known Kara worked tirelessly to be the one to fuck Lena into unconsciousness.

Eventually she succeeded, although Kara quickly regretted that decision, as it meant they couldn't talk, and they really needed to talk. On the other hand, maybe it was for the best, because Kara's body probably wouldn't let her do anything except fuck Lena tonight, which seemed like a fitting celebration that they were now truly on the same page and with everything out in the open, and most importantly that they'd been truly together. So when Lena did finally pass out instead of reviving her Kara snuggled up to the other woman and drifted off to a blissfully content sleep, leaving the light on so at least for this moment they could still be too normal girls in bed together.


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