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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, Episode 15 of Supergirl.

Keywords: FF, Fist, Oral

Supergirl: Super Dating Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Kara groaned softly and opened her eyes to a beautiful sunny day, and a beautiful woman lying next to her in bed, both things making her smile with blissful happiness. Which was very telling, as even before she remembered everything that happened last night she was comfortable in this bed with this person. She was safe, and knew it without thinking. Then she remembered who this was, and what had happened, and Kara just beamed even wider. It helped that the red light was off and she was restored to her full-strength, the sunlight forcing it's way through the curtains filling her with life, Kara sitting up to greet her lover good morning. Then she frowned as she noticed that Lena was playing with her glasses.

"It's strange. I thought this disguise was so ridiculous. So laughable. And that it was so inconceivable that anyone would be fooled even for a second by such a thing." Lena confessed, still staring at the glasses like they were something wondrous. Then she looked at Kara and smiled, "And then all it took was one meeting for you to make me doubt what I knew to be true."

There was a long silence as Kara thought very hard about those words, and then softly concluded, "You're, you're talking about the first time we met?"

"Of course." Lena smiled softly, gently placing Kara's glasses down onto the bedside table before turning her body, and her full attention, to her lover. She then wistfully murmured while reaching for Kara's hand, "It feels like so long ago now."

Happily taking that hand in her own and interlocking their fingers Kara admitted softly, "Like, a lifetime."

Lena enjoyed the moment for a few long seconds, then sighed, "I was so miserable back then. But you change my life that day, and every day since. And I want to just stay in this moment forever, but after all these lies I think both of us deserve the truth. Don't you agree, Kara?"

Kara nodded gently, "Yes"

"Well, go on then ..." Lena asked softly, "Ask me anything."

Kara thought about this for a few long seconds, then asked, "You knew who I was when we first met?"

"Yes." Lena said softly, adding with a smile, "Or at least, I believe I did. Like I said, you did a very good job at making me doubt it."

"But, but how did you know?" Kara asked, "Did you hack into the DEO?"

"No. Well yes, but not to find out who you were." Lena quickly clarified, "Just to find out if there was a way to neutralise your powers without using Kryptonite, and most importantly without hurting you. And maybe to confirm my suspicions that your sister was working with you. And to give a more effective background check to a few of my employees, and enemies. Honestly it was difficult at first, but now I'm half tempted to deliberately make a mistake to freak Winn out and make him redo everything to give me a challenge again."

"Well I'm sure Winn would oblige." Kara grumbled, "But you still haven't answered my question."

"Well, I answered the second one." Lena pointed out cheekily.

"Lena." Kara whined.

"I know, I know." Lena sighed, before confessing, "When Lex was arrested the cops confiscated everything they could find, but they didn't find everything. I could have helped, because I knew all of his hiding spots, or at least most of them, but I didn't. You must understand Kara, I had to know the truth. I had to see it for myself. So, I kept my mouth shut, and later discovered a laptop which proved all my worse fears had come true. That everything they said about him was true. That he truly lost his damn mind. That I had lost him forever."

"I'm sorry Lena." Kara said softly.

"It's okay." Lena smiled softly, and unconvincingly.

"No, it's not." Kara said firmly, "And we can stop talking about this if you want."

"No, it's okay." Lena pressed on, "At first it was about finding the truth, then I had to know everything. Everything he had done, everything he was going to do, everything he knew. All of it. That way maybe I could stop him from doing something terrible someday in the future. I succeeded, BTW. I managed to keep my name out of it, because I didn't want the situation to be tainted, or for people to accuse me of trying to fool them, or whatever nonsense most people accuse me of doing. But I also found files on Superman, and every other hero on this planet. And, well... how could I resist? It was the answer to so many questions, and even though I deleted it afterwards you could never forget the face of God."

"I'm not God." Kara interrupted.

"Debatable." Lena smiled, quickly adding, "But so we don't become fixated on the issue, with the power you possess you might as well be a God. And even if you're not a God, you're still Supergirl. The cousin of the men who took down my brother, and proud wearer of the most iconic costume on the planet. How could I resist finding out what you look like outside of it? And how could I ever forget your face? And yet, you had me questioning my own mind. But then you would also say things like, 'I flew here, on a bus'."

Kara blushed, "Oh, picked up on that, did you?"

"Well, there were definitely suspicious things you said. Like, virtually everything." Lena grinned.

"Soooo..." Kara hummed softly, and a little sadly, after a long pause, "This whole thing WAS about finding out who I was?"

"No! Well, yes and no. It's complicated." Lena poorly explained quickly, before laughing, "I, I honestly thought you'd come clean much sooner than you did, but Kara, you can't really think after all this that I don't want you. I just... I knew in my heart Kara Danvers and Supergirl were the same amazing person, and I wanted to date that person. Not just Supergirl, and not even just Kara Danvers. I wanted you. I wanted all of you."

There was a long pause and then Kara asked softly, "But, if you knew, why didn't you just, you know?"

"Out you?" Lena offered flirtatiously.

"Yeah." Kara blushed.

"Believe me, I wanted too." Lena laughed, before sighing, "But it wouldn't have been the same. I wanted you to tell me because you wanted too. Because you trusted me. Because, I was worthy of your secret... and, well... you. All of you."

"You are!" Kara insisted, before smiling, "Wow, I guess Maggie was right."

"Your sister's girlfriend?" Lena frowned as she thought about it, then realisation hit and she smiled, "You told her about our relationship."

"Alex too." Kara said proudly.

"Wow." Lena murmured breathlessly, reaching out and taking the other girl's hand, "So, I guess we're for real, huh?"

"I guess so." Kara grinned as she interlocked their fingers and then quickly added, "I mean, I don't normally sleep with people I'm not in a relationship with, soooo..."

"Sooooo..." Lena smiled, and then after another pause asked, "Kara Danvers, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh my God yes! Rao yes!" Kara squealed, pulling Lena in for a bone crushing hug. Almost literally, Kara only just remembering to restrain herself she was so happy, quickly murmuring her apologies, "Sorry."

"It's fine." Lena gasped, struggling to breathe and not caring. They stayed like that for a few blissful minutes, then Lena murmured, "You'll have to introduce me, you know?"

"To Alex? But you've met her." Kara frowned in confusion as she pulled back. Then realisation hit, "Ohhhhhh, you mean is my girlfriend. Absolutely. Oh, we can double date! I know Maggie would love that. There'd be so many chances to make Alex blush. Which is her favourite thing ever, and pretty fun for me too. Mostly. Maybe we could team up on her? No wait, bad idea. Bad, bad idea! Because then you and Maggie would team up, and oh, bad idea!"

Lena could listen to Kara rambled all day, and something it kind of felt like she did, but eventually she interrupted, "I mean to everyone in your life. Eventually. No pressure. And we can hide our relationship in public, if you want. It's not easy dating in the public eye, and you'll be dating a Luthor, so they'll be twice as many dumb questions. Also you're a reporter, and a woman, so-"

Kara love to hear Lena ramble, but in this case it seemed important to interrupt her before her mind went somewhere too bad, so she gently kissed her lover and then told her, "Let's have a dinner party. Invite all my friends and family, and introduce them to the most important person in my life. My girlfriend. My Luthor. And then I'll Tweet about it. I don't have that many followers, but I'm guessing that'll change afterwards. Or you can Tweet about it. Maybe include a photo of us like this, only fully clothed. Then, what happens, happens. I mean, I fight aliens on a regular basis, what's a few rude people on Twitter and on the street really going to do?"

"You'd be surprised." Lena muttered bitterly, before quickly adding, "But if you're serious, I'm so down for that."

"I am." Kara reassured softly, before grinning, "In fact, let me show you..."

Slowly floating off of the bed and then hovering above her in all her glory Supergirl stared lustfully down at her Luthor, eventually smiling and softly lowering herself down on top of her and thus pinning the poor helpless human to the bed, that human then grinning and offering up, "Morning sex?"

"Morning sex." Kara agreed with a grin, leaning in for a kiss.

At first Lena leaned in too, then she hesitated and asked, "One thing first?"

"Anything." Kara promised.

"Can you put the suit back on?" Lena explained with a lustful grin, "Like, all the way. I want Supergirl to ravage me."

Kara grinned, "Your wish is my command, Luthor."

* * *

Lena laughed. What would her brother give to hear your wish is my command, coming from a Super? Probably anything. She just wanted to hear it from her beloved Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl, a.k.a. the most important person in her life. In this case it was a really easy demand to make, as most of the uniform was still on her body. Cape, check. Skirt, check. Most of the top, check. She was even still wearing her boots. So in the end, all Kara had to do was pull down the top. She also sadly retrieved her panties, which Lena could have done without, but she wasn't about to complain. Not to the vision in front of her, especially not when she was about to have sex.

Even though it was such a small change it made a big difference, as an instance it wasn't a dishevelled Kara Danvers in front of her, but the strong and powerful Supergirl, ready and very willing to ravage her, just like Lena wanted. Which was reflected in their first kiss, Kara hovering above her for a few long seconds, and then dropping back down when she was fully dressed and kissing Lena so roughly it almost bruised her lips. Or worse. But as always, Kara was just gentle enough not to hurt her. In fact, a sadistic part of Lena wouldn't mind a bit more pain. Although again it was impossible to complain when receiving this truly wonderful gift, namely kissing Supergirl.

It was so distracting Lena didn't initially notice that she was no longer lying on the bed, but hovering in mid-air, the only thing keeping her from falling, and more importantly keeping the kiss from ending, being the strong arms of the Kryptonian around her. When she did notice there was a brief moment of panic and she froze up, but then Lena quickly relaxed, reassured that she was in the safest place on earth, a.k.a. the arms of Supergirl. Then Kara carefully repositioned them mid-air so she was in the sitting position with Lena on her lap, impressively not breaking the kiss the entire time. Briefly Lena wasn't sure what was the purpose of this, then it became clear as Kara's hand started sliding over her body, unlike last night immediately going for her butt, then a boob, then while one hand went back and forth between those two the other hand went exactly where Lena most wanted it.

This caused Lena to gasp into the kiss, which in turn caused Kara to grin into it. Although the fact that Kara had just discovered how wet she was already might have something to do with it, and it was kind of embarrassing, but Lena defied any woman to wake up next to the object of their desire and then be kissed by them and to have it not affect them. Of course that fleeting embarrassment was quickly forgotten as Kara gently rubbed her pussy with one hand while fondling her with the other, and all the while keeping her perfectly balanced in the air. Things stayed like that for a while, and then when Kara finally broke the kiss she smiled at her with the most wicked expression Lena had ever seen on her face.

"You Luthors, you think you're so smart. Using your little tricks to get the upper hand on a Super." Kara teased, "It made you feel powerful, huh? To have me helpless beneath you? Quivering, moaning, writhing... whimpering under your touch. I bet you loved that, didn't you?"

"Yes." Lena moaned, only too happy to return Kara's wicked expression with one of her own.

"Well now you're mine!" Kara growled, slowly pushing a finger into Lena's pussy.

"Oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss!" Lena happily agreed, "I'm yours Kara, all yours!"

"Damn right you are." Kara continued, "Now I'm the one who has you right where I want you, and you're not going anywhere. You'll just have to quiver, moan, writhe and whimper, until I feel like showing mercy to a Luthor."

Kara worried that she was taking this little role-play a little too far considering just how scarred Lena had been from her family, and from people associating her with them. But as childish as it sounded Lena had literally started it, and Kara was paying careful attention to Lena's every reaction, and it was all positive so far. Very, very positive. Especially in one particular area, Kara thought with a slight blush. Oh, and then there was the fact that Lena had literally asked her to ravage her, a request that Kara was only too happy to oblige. Even if it did have her racking her brain for Sara's advice, including the things she had classified as advanced tricks. The one she hadn't thought Kara was ready for, but had mentioned anyway, mostly as a way to make Supergirl blush.

Supergirl wasn't blushing now. No, Kara was in full Supergirl mode, as having that full costume on again gave her a rush of power and confidence that she never felt when out of it, or when things had been pulled out of place like last night, and when she'd eventually woken up. She would never have tried sex mid-air otherwise. Which would have been a shame, because it was quite a rush of power to show off her power like this, even if they weren't flying high, only a few feet above a soft bed, so if she did drop Lena she wouldn't fall far and the landing wouldn't hurt. Although as it would damage Lena's confidence in her such a thing was unacceptable, Kara making sure that wouldn't happen regardless of what she did before, and what she did next.

That was why Kara made sure to keep a gentle but firm grip on Lena even as she quivered with delight as Supergirl added a second finger and then slightly increase the pace of the fingering. Kara enjoyed the sound of Lena crying out in pleasure for her, a wide happy grin crossing her face, before she leaned forward and kissed her. The kiss was initially gentle, but Lena made sure it didn't stay that way for long, kissing back enthusiastically in pushing her tongue into Kara's mouth. To 'punish' Lena for that Kara quickly added a third finger, and then her fourth while rubbing the other girl's clit, making it hard for Lena to return the kiss.

Second-guessing her earlier decision Kara then broke the kiss, rested her forehead against Lena's and looked into her eyes before asking, "Can, can you take more?"

Immediately understanding what she was being asked Lena beamed, "Yes! Oh yes please Supergirl, give me more. I can take it. I promise."

For a few long seconds Kara bit her lip in hesitation, then she tucked her thumb into Lena's pussy right next to her middle and ring finger. Just as Sara had said, it was easy, surprisingly so, but now for the hard part. It kind of felt like it should be impossible, at least under the circumstances. Because sure, women could... give birth, but Kara's hand was as hard as steel. Surely if she tried this she would only hurt this woman that she so adored? And maybe both give them an embarrassing trip to the hospital. Rao, this was a bad idea. Bad, bad idea. And yet, after another brief hesitation, Kara did it, albeit while paying close attention to Lena's reactions and going very slowly. Luckily those reactions were very positive.

Lena had done this before with a few previous lovers, but obviously none of them were the Girl of Steel. As far as she had known they'd all been human, with soft human hands who couldn't do her any damage, making this somewhat nerve wracking. However she trusted Kara more than she'd ever trusted anyone before, and while this wasn't exactly something she was expecting from her, especially this early in their relationship, she was more than willing to try. Especially as Kara was so slow and gentle about it, her obvious nervousness somehow cute and endearing as despite showing her inexperience it also showed just how much she was trying to get this right, and how much she cared for her.

As a result of this extremely slow and gentle technique the last part of this took several long minutes, Kara at first pushing forwards more with every thrust of her fingers, then when Lena's pussy was stretching as wide as it could around her knuckles she always seemed to pull back. The latter became really frustrating, but just as Lena was worrying that Kara was chickening out Supergirl continue to push forwards, forcing the biggest part of her hand past Lena's defences, and then that was it. Kara Danvers had her whole hand inside of her. Supergirl! Her family's enemy Supergirl had her whole hand inside her Luthor cunt! And it was also her dear friend Kara Danvers! Oh God, this was so overwhelming.

"Are you okay?" Kara asked nervously.

"I, I just need a minute." Lena replied breathlessly.

Kara tried, she really did, but only a few seconds later she nervously pushed, "Lena?"

"Kara." Lena opened her eyes a few seconds later and gave the superhero her best 'fuck me' look, before clarifying, "Fuck me."

In return Kara gave her an almost worrying look of lust and then the Kryptonian began gently thrusting her hand back and forth, officially beginning to fist her. The pace then slowly increased, and although it never got to the point where it was painful it became close, although Lena barely noticed as she was too busy cumming wonderfully hard. It didn't even take that long to get to that point, the fact that Kara was staring at her the entire time with such love and care, and being held in Supergirl's strong arms, quickly pushed Lena to the edge of orgasm, and then over that edge. Which was becoming a recurring theme when having sex with this wonderful woman.

Another recurring theme was Kara giving her multiple orgasms, which she did just as effortlessly as before, if not more so now her pussy was being assaulted by something larger than a few fingers. It was enough to make Lena consider other things they could try together, which of course just made it easier for Kara to make her cum. So much so it was tempting just to let her fuck her into unconsciousness. Again. But no, Lena would not allow that to happen. At least not without making Kara cum first. Also it would be embarrassing to pass out this early in the day from exhaustion. So even though the fisting was overwhelming Lena found the strength to put a stop to it, for both their sakes.

Even if it was only Lena weakly whimpering, "Stop."

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" Kara blurted out nervously, slowly removing her fist from Lena's cunt before she added, "Lena? Talk to me!"

"No, I..." Lena began softly, calming Kara's fears as soon as she could, and then when she had the strength Lena smiled wickedly and practically purred, "I want... I need to make you cum."

"Oh..." Kara blushed, "How-"

"I want to eat you out." Lena interrupted quickly, adding with another smile, "But I'm at your disposal, so if there's anything you'd prefer..."

"Oral is, is fine." Kara smiled bashfully, and began slowly lowering them down, "More than fine-"

"Stop!" Lena suddenly ordered and then when her lover looked nervously at her Lena quickly explained, "Stay in the air. I wanna lick Supergirl's tasty little pussy while she hovers over me like the goddess she is."

"I'm not a-" Kara began, before Lena gave her a look which clearly said now was not the time for that debate, so instead she just sighed, "Fine."

Lena grinned, and then a few seconds later sighed herself, "You can just drop me. I'm not made of glass, you know?"

"I know..." Kara grinned, "I just... ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd!"

Kara finished lowering Lena down as slowly and gently as possible during that exchange, however the second she let go of the other girl Kara found herself losing her train of thought as Lena literally shoved her head in between her legs. No pulling her skirt up, no pulling her panties down, no further words or foreplay. Just Lena literally shoving her head up her skirt and licking her. At first just through her panties, but it was more than enough to cause Kara to freeze and then let out a long moan. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Lena began to do what she had wanted. What she had needed. What she was so very good at doing.

After half a dozen long slow licks through those by now very much ruined panties Lena slid her hands up Kara's legs and into the skirt, one hand pushing those panties to the side and keeping them there while the other hand grabbed onto Kara's ass. There was just flesh touching bare flesh, and Kara's eyelids fluttered, her head tilted back and she let out an even louder and longer moan than before, which of course had Lena giggling with delight against her cunt. Then Kara closed her eyes and just enjoyed this wonderful heaven for a few long minutes. After all, who wouldn't want to just lie back and enjoy having their lover go down on them? Even if in this case Kara was more gently floating than lying back.

Of course it wasn't quite that simple. Kara couldn't relax completely. Not while her powers were in full effect. She just couldn't risk hurting Lena like that, which made Kara long for the bliss she had felt while Lena was going down on her with the red light on her. She even considered putting her foot down and demanding it. But no, this was clearly a fantasy of Lena's, and Kara fully intended on fulfilling it. And any other fantasies Lena might have about fucking Supergirl. Or Kara Danvers for that matter. Then again, who knows what that devious mind could come up with? Maybe Kara would have to learn pretty quickly how to say no to Lena Luthor.

Which was of course absurd. Kara knew it was even before seconds later Lena's tongue touched her clit for the first time this morning. It was like Lena was a mind reader. Which wasn't totally out of the realm of possibility. But the point was, the second that Kara even considered defiance Lena licked her clit, the clit she had been avoiding with almost every lick which had come before, practically melting Kara's mind with pleasure on the spot. That alone was enough to remind Kara that Lena could ask her to do just about anything and she would do it, just because she was so grateful for this kind of pleasure. And if she ever tried to resist a few simple touches was all that it would take for Lena to have her right where she wanted her again.

Lena had been so physically drained by her own orgasms that the original plan was to make Kara cum as quickly as possible, but that plan quickly changed once she was right where she wanted to be, a.k.a. between the legs of Supergirl. It quickly became clear that rushing this would be a disservice to this wonderful woman, and the treat in between her thighs, and even if Lena was exhausted she should find the energy to give that treat the attention it deserved. But she wasn't exhausted any more. No, the taste of Kara Danvers quickly filled her with pure adrenaline and need to get more of that heavenly flavour. And more importantly, maximise Kara's pleasure.

So Lena quickly slowed her role, lingering her tongue against Kara's panties, drawing out that little tease which was only supposed to last a few seconds. Even when she pulled those panties aside Lena forced herself to go slow and steady. Well okay, there may have been some frantic licking as she struggled to slow down, but to her credit she completely avoided Kara's clit, which again was hard as it got an oh so satisfying cry out of the Girl of Steel. God, Lena always loved those cries. They were so satisfying, a wide grin crossing her face the first time she allowed her tongue to travel up to Kara's clit. She even lingered on it a little just to get an extra loud cry.

Of course the mighty Supergirl had been constantly crying out, gasping and even whimpering from Lena's attention. Most importantly she was moaning, and God, did Lena love it when this woman moaned for her. Unfortunately her hearing of it was a little muffled thanks to her head being surrounded by that pretty red skirt. Worse, it was obstructing her vision. Lena loved looking up to see pleasure on her lover's face, and seeing it on Kara's face was way more intense than when it had been some random girl she had managed to pick up. Of course given that the other girl floating off the ground with her boots clearly just below her it was pretty unmistakable who Lena was eating out.

Also on the plus side being under that skirt meant that her entire world really did become Kara's pussy, Lena feeling cut off from everything else as all she could see, taste and especially smell was pure Kara Danvers. Pure Supergirl. Oh God, it was getting harder and harder not to just make this wonderful woman that she so adored cum. But after the incredible orgasms she had been treated too, and the fact that this woman had saved her life in more ways than one, Lena felt that she owed it to her to give her a proper pussy licking wherever she possibly could. That included drawing this out until Kara was literally begging her for more. Which she was sure wouldn't be much longer.

Kara had wanted to beg for more for a while now. Pretty much since Lena stuck her head under her skirt. She just wasn't sure she could find the strength to say the words. Mentally of course, not physically. Not that she was truly embarrassed to say what she needed to get what she wanted, she was just mentally overwhelmed by having Lena Luthor do this to her, especially like this. But that was the best thing about being with Lena now, Kara could truly be herself and use her abilities to enhance the sex between them. Like holding Lena in the air while she fucked her, and yes, floating in the air while Lena's talented little tongue caressed her pussy. Both of which Kara definitely wanted to do again, and often.

Some of Kara's previous boyfriends had known about her abilities, but not many, and they'd never tried using her abilities while having sex. For a moment Kara wondered if that had been an oversight, then she remembered that most of those who found out, or she told, hadn't like the fact that she was stronger than them, while Lena seemed to delight in it. Which of course just made Kara happy, and fall harder for Lena Luthor. It was also the final straw, because she just couldn't take it any more. This pleasure was wonderful, but she needed to cum. She needed to cum so bad. Especially as she knew just how hard Lena could make her cum.

"Lena, ooooooh Gooooddddd Lena. Lena! Make me cum Lena, ohhhhhh Rao, I need to cum!" Kara whimpered in between loud cries of pleasure, "Please? Please make me cum, mmmmm, Lena please-"

"Demand it." Lena suddenly interrupted, barely moving her mouth away from Kara's cunt to do it, confident that even though she was muffled by the skirt Kara would hear perfectly.

Kara did, narrowly avoiding whimpering again as she tried and failed to sound demanding, "Make me cum Lena. Make me cum now!"

"Louder!" Lena pushed, and then after a brief pause added, "Don't overthink it, just be Supergirl and do it."

Taking that advice to heart Kara took a deep breath, called upon her inner Supergirl, and demanded, "Make me cum, Ms Luthor. Make Supergirl cum in your wonderful little mouth, just like you've always wanted. Make, oh God, make me cum, mmmmmm yessssssss, that's it, give me more of that tongue, ohhhhhhh fuck! Fuck me! Oh fuck me, ooooooh, fuck me Lena! Don't make me ask again! Just, ooooooohhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss, oh Rao! Oh Lena! Oh fuck! Fuckkkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, fuck me!"

It was very rare for Kara to say bad words, especially the 'F' word, but again Lena Luthor could make her do just about anything, and Kara was really, really desperate to cum so it was particularly easy for Lena to push her into things she wouldn't normally do. She even tried her best to comply, although she wasn't sure how demanding she sounded. Hell, especially after Lena went back to work on her pussy Kara mostly just sounded whiny and needy. And God, she just needed to cum so badly it was embarrassing. But it was definitely worth it as after gradually focusing her attention on Kara's clit Lena suddenly switched gears and shoved her tongue inside her pussy, almost instantly triggering a powerful climax.

As was becoming a wonderful tradition Lena effortlessly made Kara cum over and over again, the blonde's eyes rolling in the back of her head and her toes curling from the force of each overwhelming climax. She also threw her head back in some pretty deafening cries of pleasure, while her arms and legs shot backwards in a weird starfish like shape that she was so scared she was going to hurt the woman she was falling for. Which she may have done anyway, given the way that Kara automatically pushed her pelvis forwards and into Lena's face. Luckily Lena seemed to take it in stride, and even pushed her face deeper into Kara's cunt, making it even harder for the Kryptonian to concentrate on not hurting her human. Or anything else for that matter.

Lena adored making Kara swear, and more importantly just being naughty with her, but what she really loved was the idea of bringing Supergirl out to play. She was under no illusions that they were anything except the same person, and she loved that, but if she could persuade Kara to stick to one of her identities during sex now that would be literally heaven. Because then she could be topped by Supergirl, and top Supergirl. And just as delightfully, she could be topped by Kara Danvers, and top Kara Danvers. But such thoughts could wait for another time. Right now Lena needed to focus on the incredibly important task of making Kara cum, and almost as importantly swallowing as much as her reward as she possibly could.

Just like last night it wasn't easy, but Lena was just about able to swallow everything Kara had to give her. At least at first. Mostly because she could remove her tongue and replace it with her mouth. But soon she wasn't so lucky, and there seem to be more heavenly liquid than before, and at one point Kara pushed herself forward in a way that Lena wasn't expecting, and although she recovered a few seconds later it was a few seconds too long as far as she was concerned. Especially when it caused her some precious Kara cum. Although at least it covered her face, marking Lena has what she'd always wanted to be, Kara's. Oh yes, she was Kara's, the thought making Lena's heart flutter.

Wanting more of that wonderful feeling Lena allowed more of Kara's cum to cover her face, and at one point even rubbed her face directly into that orgasming cunt. Of course it was Kara's pleasure which was the priority here, so she wrapped her lips around the other girl's clit and started passionately sucking and licking it to make sure that Kara was kept on the edge, or kept cumming in Lena's face, and not often enough in her mouth. All of which was honestly a little exhausting, but Lena never wanted it to end. No, she wanted to spend all morning fucking this woman. Or better yet all day. Even forever. Oh, why couldn't this just last forever?

Sadly that just wasn't possible and far sooner then Lena would have wanted Kara started lowering them back down to the bed. For a few wonderful seconds this included Kara sitting on her face, but then that yummy treat was taken away from her, and no matter how hard Lena tried to stop it, which wasn't much given how weak she was in comparison, she just couldn't. Although then she was given a consolation prize, namely Kara's lips against her own, and Supergirl's imposing body on top of hers. They then kissed for a few glorious minutes, before again Kara pulled away from her while Lena tried to stop her.

"No, don't go!" Lena whimpered weakly.

"I've got work." Kara pointed out, then more to the point, "You've got work."

"We can call in sick." Lena offered hopefully.

"You're the CEO of a company, and I'm Supergirl. We don't get days off." Kara pointed out sadly, and then pointed out, "And even if you won't, Snapper would never allow me to do it. He'd see right through me, and God, I don't want him to know anything about my sex life."

"We don't have to have sex." Lena protested, "We can just cuddle."

"I want too..." Kara admitted, before sighing, "But no."

"Come on, please Kara." Lena whined rather petulantly, "See it as an apology for when I inevitably screw this up by being too busy to see you, and you think I don't want too, when it's the only thing I want. It might buy me a few more days before you realise I'm a workaholic, and you could do so much better, and you ultimately leave me."

There was a brief pause, then Kara gently cupped her face and told her, "I have to go, but I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me, Luthor."

"Promise?" Lena asked softly.

"I promise. I..." Kara trailed off, catching herself just in time before she kissed Lena's cheek and whispered, "Bye."

Just like that, she was gone.


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