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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, Episode 15 of Supergirl.

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Supergirl: Super Dating Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

"No Kara!"

"But-" Kara started.

"I said no." Alex said firmly, quickly grabbing a magazine and curling it up, preparing to do something she hadn't done in years.

"Hey, no fair!" Kara protested, "It isn't even that bad."

"No?" Alex questioned.

There was a brief pause, then as quickly as she could Alex bonked Kara on the nose with the newspaper like a disobedient puppy, Kara then grumbling, "God, you can be so childish."

"Look who's talking." Alex quipped, hitting her sister again.

"You know this doesn't even hurt?" Kara whined, and then when she was hit again she pointed out, "And I can stop this at any time."

"And the fact that you're not just proves I'm right, and you know you're being stupid." Alex pointed out, only for Kara to firmly grab the magazine on her next attempt.

"I'm in love with Lena Luthor." Kara beamed, "What's wrong with telling her that?"

"Kara, you've barely started dating." Alex pointed out pleadingly, "You've only gone on three dates."

"Or like a billion if you count all those friend dates." Kara argued, letting go of the magazine.

"It wasn't that many." Alex grumbled, letting the magazine fall down to the table as she quickly interrupted Kara as her sister opened her mouth again, "I counted."

"You counted?" Kara frowned, before realisation hit and she sighed, "Because she's a Luthor?"

"Yes! Which is the number one reason why you should be taking things slow." Alex argued.

"Oh?" Kara frowned, "And just how long after you started dating did you tell Maggie you loved her?"

The brief silence was telling, as was the way Alex huffed, "That's not relevant."

"Why? Because Maggie isn't a Luthor?" Kara asked.

"YES!" Alex exclaimed, "Maggie is not allegedly the black sheep of a family at war with mine."

"To be fair it isn't the entire Luthor family. Just Lex and Lillian." Kara argued.

"So half? Great." Alex quipped dryly, "So what? Are you waiting for a long lost Luthor to tip the scales?"

"Well, Lena is the long lost Luthor, as she only just found out she's biologically one of them, sooooo..." Kara pointed out cheekily, before sighing and taking Alex's hand, "I love how protective you are of me. Even though I'm the one who's bullet-proof."

"Yeah, but you have a big glass heart, which I don't want to see broken." Alex quickly butted in.

"And I love you for that." Kara pushed on, "But I love her. I just got scared this morning about her freaking out, but deep down I know she'll welcome it. I just needed my big sister to talk through it with me. Because I love Clark, and Sara, but I've missed this."

"I've missed this too." Alex admitted, before sighing, "You really want to tell her, huh?"

"I can't not." Kara beamed, "Talking just made me realise just how badly I need to tell her. God, I want to scream it from the rooftops. Which is something I can literally do."

"Well try to refrain." Alex grumbled, before admitting, "But I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. It's your choice. But it's going to be awhile before I trust her."

"I get that, but I swear, once you get to know her you'll love her as much as I do." Kara beamed, before quickly correcting herself, "Well, almost."

Alex rolled her eyes, "Yeah, don't worry Kara, I'm not going to steal your girlfriend."

"I know. You're happy with yours." Kara grinned, "Speaking of which, Lena had a great idea, which I think might help you trust her."

"What, a double date?" Alex guessed.

"Yeah..." Kara admitted, "But I was thinking we could do better."

"How?" Alex frowned.

"We can make it a triple date." Kara grinned excitedly.

* * *

"You're so cute when you're nervous." Kara said dreamily after a few minutes of watching her girlfriend fuss over every little thing they had prepared together.

"I'm glad my suffering amuses you." Lena grumbled softly.

"Hey, come here." Kara said softly, gently pulling the other woman into her arms, who pouted adorably, but let her do it. Then Kara smiled softly and reassured, "This is going to be amazing, and my family is going to love you. I can't wait to introduce you to them as my girlfriend. I'm so happy we're doing this."

There was a brief pause and Lena sighed, "How do you do that?"

"Do what?" Kara asked.

"Make me feel like everything is going to be okay with just a few pretty words and a smile?" Lena questioned/admitted/blushed.

"It's one of my superpowers." Kara grinned, slowly leaning in for a kiss.

"Yeah?" Lena grinned, also leaning in.

"Yeah..." Kara confirmed, gently kissing Lena Luthor for a few heavenly seconds before pulling back, caressing her cheek and softly murmuring, "Lena, I..."

Just then there was a knock at the door, and the Super and the Luthor quickly broke apart and scrambled to the door, where they were greeted by the stern face of Alex who grumbled, "Hi."

And a grinning Maggie, "Hi."

"Hi." Lena greeted nervously.

Avoiding the urge to further echo that word Kara insisted, "Well, don't just stand there, come in, come in."

Maggie and Alex walked into Kara's apartment, closing the door behind them. There was then a long, awkward silence, which Maggie tried to break before being interrupted, "So, erm-"

"This is my girlfriend!" Kara blurted out, grabbing Lena's hand. Then she blushed, "But you already knew that."

"Yeah, we did." Maggie grinned, nudging her grumpy girlfriend, "Relax Baby Danvers. And Danvers."

Kara laughed nervously at that response, and the look on Alex's face, and then offered, "Can I get anyone a drink?"

"God yes." Alex quickly took her up on that offer.

"Maggie?" Kara asked.

"Always." Maggie grinned.

"Okay, be right back." Kara promised her guests, but mostly her girlfriend.

Lena let out a soft and kind of pathetic sound as she was left alone, before forcing a smile and telling the other brunettes, "It's great to see you both again."

"Yeah..." Maggie said hesitantly as recollection suddenly hit, "Hey, sorry about the whole arresting you thing. It wasn't personal, I was just doing my job."

"No, I get it." Lena reassured.

"So no hard feelings?" Maggie smiled.

"Of course not." Lena said, before adding sadly, "It wasn't the first time I've been arrested, and it probably won't be the last."

"Well, it is a way to meet a hot cop." Alex smiled at her girlfriend, before frowning at Lena, "But you can't have this one. She's mine. And you have, my sister... oh God."

"Just breathe honey." Maggie said soothingly.

Disheartened by this reaction Lena did her best to reassure her lover's sister, "I know I'm not anyone's first choice for dating someone they love, and I know what this must look like-"

"What does it look like?" Alex interrupted.

There was a brief uncomfortable pause and then Lena offered, "Like a Luthor is trying to seduce a Super for nefarious means. But I'd never do that to Kara. I love her."

There was another pause and then from her place frozen right behind her girlfriend Kara mumbled, "You do?"

"Of course." Lena said it is if the alternative was absurd, then she turned to look at Kara, blushed, and then admitted, "Our friendship was the most important thing in my life. Kara, you were... and thankfully still are, my bright and shiny raft in an ocean of darkness. I wouldn't have risked losing that if it hadn't physically hurt to pretend not to be completely in love with you."

There was a long pause and then Kara put down the wineglasses she had been holding on the nearest surface and then fell into Lena's arms. Those arms, and more importantly Lena's lips, welcomed her in a tight embrace and the two women passionately kissed for a few long seconds. For those seconds the whole world fell away and Kara became lost in perhaps the strongest feeling of love she had ever known. Then she remembered they had an audience, which included her sister. More importantly, there was something she needed to say. So she avoided the temptation to add tongue, and instead pulled back and stroked Lena's face.

"You're not going to lose me." Kara promised softly.

Lena smiled softly, "Promise?"

"I promise." Kara quickly obliged, "I, I love you."

With a sad smile Lena told her, "You don't have to say it back just because I said it."

"No, I mean it." Kara insisted, "I love you. I'm in love with you. I, I don't know when it happened. If it was on one of the billion friendship dates we had, or right from the start, but I started falling for you. I thought it was just intense friendship, but now I just feel stupid for thinking that, because the way I feel about you was so obvious in retrospect. I just wish I'd figured it out sooner, that way you wouldn't have to have asked Supergirl out. But I'm so grateful that you did, because now we're here. We're together. And I get to introduce you as my girlfriend. Lena, you're my girlfriend! I have a girlfriend! And I'm so happy. You make me happy..."

"Oh Kara." Lena softly gasped after a few long seconds of silence, and then falling into another passionate kiss for a few long seconds before they were interrupted.

"God dammit!" Alex swore, causing Kara and Lena to break apart and look at her, before she addressed the Luthor, "Now I can't hate you."

"Oh?" Lena raised an eyebrow, moving out of Kara's personal space.

"All I want is for my sister to be happy." Alex sighed, feeling awkward as she added, "And you make her happy. In fact she seemed happy when you first became part of her life, and now? I have never seen her this happy. So... thank you for that. And as long as you keep her happy we'll be all good."

"Alex! You promised no shovel talk!" Kara whined.

"It's okay, I deserve it." Lena reassured.

"No you don't!" Kara protested.

"Kara, hurting you is the worst thing I can possibly imagine." Lena admitted softly, "It would be literally losing the sunshine in my life."

"You're not going to lose me." Kara said firmly, although she was cut off before she could continue.

"We get it." Alex grumbled.

"God you guys are sappy." Maggie chimed in with a smile, seeming more amused than annoyed, unlike her girlfriend.

"It's sweet, but kind of sickening." Alex added.

"Erm, excuse me, are we forgetting just how bad you two were in the beginning?" Kara pointed out.

"We were never that bad." Alex protested, before turning to her girlfriend, "Tell me we were never that bad."

"Please!" Kara scoffed, throwing an arm around Lena so they were side by side and beaming, "You're just mad because you're not the cool new lesbian couple in town."

Lena couldn't resist smiling happily, and then, emboldened by Kara, smirk teasingly at the other couple, "And now you're the second best lesbian couple in town."

"Oh, burn!" Kara giggled, turning to her girlfriend and holding her free hand up for a high five, causing Lena to roll her eyes slightly but ultimately oblige.

Of course Alex was rolling her eyes twice as hard, "Please! You two dorks?"

"Yeah..." Maggie chimed in, throwing an arm around Alex, "Super Baby Gay, and Ms How To Manipulate A Super Gullible Girl Into Your Bed In Ten Easy Steps? Please, you've got nothing on us."

"We're adorable." Alex added.

"What couple could compare to us?" Maggie scoffed.

Just then the doorbell rang.

"Straight couples don't count!" Maggie protested, realising that was probably Lois and Clark.

Kara laughed, untangled herself from Lena and strolled towards the door. Lois and Clark had a truly epic romance which had lasted a decade now, in one form or another, although to many it felt like several lifetimes. Mostly because of Clark's second job as Superman, but also because their romance had always been a will they, won't they kind of a situation, and at times things were very tense. Despite that Kara had always been jealous of what they had, which was still true even though she felt she finally found someone to love as much as they loved each other. Then again it seemed like there was trouble in Paradise from the look on their faces when she opened the door, immediately causing Kara to frown.

"What's wrong?" Kara asked softly in concern.

"It's Mon-El." Clark sighed, "You've got to take him back."

There was a deafening silence and then Kara exclaimed in disbelief, "What?"

"I don't mean as a boyfriend." Clark clarified, realising how that sounded, "I just mean like physically take him back. Please?"

"Erm... come in." Kara beckoned in confusion, and then when the other couple were safely inside and the door was closed she turned to Lois and asked, "What is he talking about?"

"Mon-El..." Lois sighed, "He's been crashing on our couch, eating all our food, and basically just getting in the way ever since you broke up with him."

"In his defence..." Clark reluctantly pointed out, "My planet's death also killed his, so he is right, I do owe him."

"That wasn't your fault." Lois pointed out softly but quickly, "And neither was Kara breaking up with him."

"Which is all he talks about." Clark grumbled, turning to his cousin, "That and being a hero so he can win you back. Or overshadow you. It depends how drunk he is. Which of course means he causes more problems than he actually solves. And Kara... HE keeps calling ME his sidekick!"

"Wow, I've never seen you like this." Kara said softly.

"I thought you said he didn't have an ego." Maggie whispered to Alex, only hesitating for a second as she knew the Kryptonians would hear, but it was unlikely she would have anything to fear from Superman.

Proving Maggie right Clark turned to her and smiled sheepishly, "It's not that. I don't mind giving credit where credit is due. Kara is as strong as I am, maybe stronger, and she has earned the right to call me her sidekick, if she really wanted too. But Mon-El..."

"Hasn't earned squad, and went down after just one punch." Lois chimed in, then further explaining, "Clark lost his temper before we left, and believe me, it takes a lot to do that. Although in retrospect it was kind of funny."

"It wasn't funny." Clark protested, turning to Kara again, "I failed him. But he was making progress with you, which was why I was hoping you could take him back as a partner. Or-"

"A sidekick?" Lena quipped.

"Yeah. That." Clark said.

Kara smiled, placed a hand on her cousin's shoulder and promised, "I'll talk to him."

"Thank you." Clark smiled, before turning his attention to his cousin's new significant other, "It's good to see you again Ms Luthor."

"Please, call me Lena." Lena insisted, for multiple reasons.

"Kara has told me a lot about you." Clark grinned, "I believe it can be called gushing. Erm, is that right?"

Lois found it endearing the way he nervously looked at her like he said something wrong, and to reassure him she smiled and truthfully admitted, "I think so... Kara?"

"Yes, that's accurate." Kara admitted with a blush, quickly telling them, "And guys, Alex already gave Lena enough of a shovel talk. Don't embarrass me further. I can take care of myself, you know?"

"I know." Clark smiled at Kara before telling Lena, "And believe me, you should be way more afraid of Alex than me."

"I believe you." Lena quipped, glancing at her lover's sibling.

Following the glance Clark decided it was time to turn his attention to Alex and, "Maggie, I presume? Alex has told me, well, next to nothing about you."

Maggie smiled, "What do you want to know?"

* * *

By some miracle they made it through the entire dinner without an emergency calling Kara and/or Clark away, and while it was a bit awkward some of the time for the most part Kara thought it went really well. Even the food turned out alright, which had to be another miracle given that Kara and especially Lena weren't exactly well practised at cooking for a large number of people. Sure, they created quite the mess, but superspeed would mean that would be easy enough to clean up. Later. At the time Kara was way too preoccupied with entertaining guests, even though Clark made his apologies and left before anyone else as he felt one of them should be out there patrolling.

Lois followed him out, but Alex and Maggie didn't leave until a few hours after that, and by the time they left Kara was emotionally exhausted. Meanwhile Lena was just straight up exhausted, suggesting this would be the first night since they officially got together that they wouldn't have sex. In a bizarre way Kara liked that, as it confirmed what they had was about more than sex, and this was an important milestone in their relationship. Of course at the same time her girlfriend was incredibly sexy, even when she was tired. And worried. Why was Lena worried? Kara thought, suddenly feeling kind of nervous, but she tried not to freak out.

"Hey, is everything okay?" Kara asked cautiously.

"Why wouldn't it be? I thought that went great." Lena smiled softly, then second guessing herself, "Was that not great? Oh God, did I black out from happiness and say something stupid?"

"No, no, it was great. You just seem, distracted." Kara pointed out hesitantly.

"Oh, it's nothing." Lena dismissed.

"Lena, what did we promise each other?" Kara scolded gently, before in her best professional and stern voice added, "To always be honest with each other no matter what."

"It's really not fair to use my own words against me." Lena whined petulantly.

"You were right." Kara said, "We got together under unusual circumstances, and spent the first week of our romantic relationship, and all of our friendship, lying to each other. So the only way a real relationship is going to work between us is with 100% honesty. And I know you. I know your tricks. Don't think I don't. So don't tell me this can wait until tomorrow. Just tell me. Please?"

There was a long pause and then Lena laughed softly, "You're going to think it's silly. Or..."

"I'll be the judge of that." Kara said softly after Lena had trailed off, gently pushing, "Come on Lena, please?"

Another long pause and then Lena sighed she confessed, "When this whole thing began I was hoping Supergirl and Kara Danvers were the same person. I'd seen physical evidence that it was true, but you made me doubt it enough that I was actually relieved to be proven right. And I'm so, so happy the way things turned out. But... I miss Kara Danvers."

That last part came with a laugh which Kara was too confused to enjoy, "But... I'm right here?"

"Yes, and no." Lena said, quickly clarifying, "You're not Supergirl or Kara Danvers, you're a mix of the two. Which makes you beyond perfect, but I miss my sweet, nerdy little reporter friend."

"Ohhhhh." Kara nodded in understanding, before smiling, "So, did you want to do a little role-play where you can tell me all about this new girl you're seeing, and I can play the role of the surprised but totally supportive best friend?"

"Not exactly." Lena grinned, "But it's funny you should mention role-play..."

"Oh!" Kara blushed furiously as she realised what Lena actually wanted, "You want to use my secret identity for kinky sex?"

"Well, yes." Lena confessed.

"But, I was your friend." Kara blurted out, immediately hearing how stupid it sounded.

"And I wanted to fuck the hell out of you." Lena bluntly replied with another grin, before quickly clarifying, "Of course we don't have too if you think it's crossing a line, but... we already used Supergirl for role-play fun, so why not your other mask?"

"I, I... I..." Kara stammered.

"Hey, hey ,hey!" Lena cooed, taking Kara's hand, "We don't have to do it tonight. Or at all, if you want. But particularly not tonight, because I'm so tired, and I want to do this right, so we can really make it worth your while. And you know I will, if you're up for it."

There was another long pause, and then Kara took a calming breath and asked, "What did you have in mind?"

Lena grinned wickedly.

* * *

Two days later...

Pressing a button on her desk Lena spoke into it, "Kara, can you come here for a second?"

About a second later the most adorable creature came through Lena's door and stammered, "What, what is it Ms Luthor?"

"Kara..." Lena beamed a genuinely happy smile, momentarily forgetting herself before adding in a more stern voice, "Come in and close the door. There is a private matter I wish to discuss with you. "

Quickly Kara did as she was told and then walked up to Lena's desk, her eyes downcast as she slowly asked, "Am I in trouble? Cause I really need this job, and I would do anything to keep it."

For a second Kara looked up and the two lovers exchanged a little smile, before Lena let them know they weren't skipping to the inevitable conclusion to this game, "Of course not. Well, not really. I just want to have a little one-on-one chat, woman to woman, with my best friend. So please, take a seat, and we'll get started."

"Cool." Kara parked her cute little butt down and then grinned mischievously, "What's up my platonic best friend who I've totally never had sex with."

Lena raised an eyebrow and considered scolding Kara, but her friend gave an apologetic look and she decided just to ignore that comment and continue like nothing happened, "Well, for starters, when we're off the clock you are more than welcome to call me Lena, or whatever else, but this is our place of work, and I wouldn't want my other employees to get the wrong idea and think I'm giving you special treatment. Besides, I can't imagine Cat Grant allowing you to be so informal with her. So from now on, whenever you're at work, I must insist you call me Ms Luthor."

"Even when it's just us?" Kara asked, more or less pulling off an innocent tone and stopping herself from smiling.

"Especially when it's just us." Lena nodded, quickly explaining, "That way you won't get out of the habit."

"Okay... Ms Luthor." Kara smiled.

"Good, now that's out of the way, I'd like to talk to you about your behaviour." Lena said hesitantly.

"Oh God, I knew I did something wrong." Kara said sadly and worriedly, finally getting into character.

"No Kara. No... it's just that..." Lena briefly trailed off as if she wasn't sure to say, "I know you've been going through a tough time lately. Breaking up with your boyfriend. Taking a second time-consuming job filled with a lot of, annoyances. And losing your last job because of a lack of... let's say, punctuality? But I'm wondering if all of that, combined with the shock of your sister suddenly coming out of the closet, has caused you to become a little, curious?"

"Why do you say that Ms Luthor?" Kara asked, not having to fake a blush.

"Well, I've just been noticing you staring at me a lot, and..." Lena started.

"I'm sorry Ms Luthor. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Kara quickly interrupted.

"Oh, it's quite alright Kara..." Lena grinned, "In fact I-"

"I just can't help it. You're so smart, and pretty, and amazing, and I just... I..." Kara stammered.

"Kara, stop interrupting." Lena scolded firmly.

"Yes Ms Luthor." Kara said apologetically.

"It's okay... I just..." Lena bit her lip, and then asked, "I was just wondering of the reason that you dress so sexy was for my benefit? That maybe if you stood in front of the mirror each morning and wondered, would Lena like me in this? And you constantly seem to be reaching for something or bending over when I'm around, and I was wondering whether that's because you wanted to show off your cute little ass to me? And Kara, I was wondering, were you hoping I would do something about this?"

There was a long silence and then Kara admitted huskily, "Yes."

"To which part?" Lena pushed.

"All of it." Kara said softly.

"What did you want me to do about it?" Lena smirked.

"Anything you want." Kara gulped softly, further admitting, "I'm yours."

"As I thought." Lena nodded sadly, "I'm sorry Kara, but I can't let this blatant sexual harassment slide."

"What?" Kara frowned in genuine confusion.

"Kara, you just admitted to deliberately trying to distract me so I can't concentrate on work." Lena pointed out, trying not to smile at this absurdity, "You'd have to be a saint to be able to resist you're world's sexiest librarian routine up close, and Kara, I'm no saint. I'm a Luthor, which pretty much makes me the opposite. God Kara, it's a miracle I could ever resist. And you're blatantly tempting me, eager for whatever repercussions come your way. Add to that you're far too sexy attire, and the fact you keep disappearing with lame excuses, and I'm afraid I have no choice but to punish you."

For a moment Kara was too taken aback by the response, then she forced herself back into character as best she could, "I understand, but please Ms Luthor, don't fire me. I need this job."

"Relax Kara. I would never fire a friend." Lena reassured, "But I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a spanking."

Kara nodded, again trying not to smile, "Well, if you think it's for the best."

"I'm glad you agree." Lena grinned, pushing her chair out of the way as she stood up, "Now, come here so I can give you the punishment you so richly deserve."

"Yes Ms Luthor." Kara nodded solemnly, getting out of her chair and walking around the desk until she was face to face with her girlfriend, at which point she tried to bend over, only to learn that was the incorrect response.

"Did I tell you to bend over?" Lena asked, arching an eyebrow.

"No Ms Luthor." Kara apologised, quickly realising her mistake and straightening up.

"See, this is the problem with you Kara. You're so headstrong, like you're as strong as steel, but you just don't listen to instructions properly, and it gets you in trouble." Lena huskily whispered against Kara's ear as she closed the space between them, and then grabbed onto that cute little ponytail, "Like now, for example. If I wanted you to bend over I would have told you too. No, I didn't want you to bend over. I wanted to bend you over my desk personally, just like this. Mmmmm yesssssss, just like I've been dreaming of doing ever since the first day you stepped into my office and accused me of a crime."

Lena slowly but firmly yanked on that ponytail while pressing her other hand firmly to Kara's back as she spoke, 'forcing' the other girl to bend over. Of course no one could have forced the mighty Supergirl to do that, not without something weakening her, but little Kara Danvers acted the part and allowed Lena Luthor to manhandle her. Or womanhandle her, as the case may be. Whatever, the point was Lena Luthor was bending the mighty Supergirl over her desk, making Lena feel more powerful than she ever had before. Or at least as powerful as when she made this goddess quiver, cry out and cum just by using her tongue and/or fingers.

It certainly made for a breath-taking sight, as did just having her perfect girlfriend remaining in place when Lena let go of her hair and allowed her hands to slowly slide downwards, pausing on Kara's hips before completing their journey. Because wow. Just, wow. Lena needed to take a few seconds just to admire Kara's perfect little ass being hugged tightly by her little red skirt, emphasising just how spank-able Kara Danvers truly was. And God, how did Kara get away with wearing red skirts and still no one guessing who she was? Whatever, Lena wasn't going to worry about that. Not when she had much more fun things to do, like sliding her hands over that perfect little bottom.

For a few long minutes that's all Lena did. Well, that and deciding that next time she'd had to make Kara where some of those cute little pants which looked like they were painted on, because that would look equally as tantalising, but she was glad that for the first time she had told Kara to wear the skirt as at least an unconscious reminder of Kara's alter ego. And this would be the first of many times, Lena promised herself that. Because it had to be. The idea of spanking Kara was just too good to be a one-off, and Lena was sure that would be the case for both of them as she raised both her hands and bought them down as hard as she could on Kara's cheeks, officially starting the spanking.

She then second-guess that thought, and felt a little guilty, at the sharp cry that Kara let out. Although to be fair it sounded mostly of surprise, and it was wasn't like Lena could actually hurt Kara, not without some help, so she probably shouldn't worry so much. But she couldn't help it, she so wanted this to go well, both so they could do this multiple times, and because Lena wanted to make this an enjoyable experience for Kara and was confident that she could succeed. With that in mind she spent plenty of time caressing her lover's bottom before the next strike, and made sure to keep it light for that and the following spanks.

Kara blushed and whimpered when the time finally came for her to bend over for a spanking, and she continued doing that as Lena 'disciplined' her. Not because it hurt, as Lena could have been giving her everything she had and Kara would barely feel it, not without the special red light or at least some kryptonite. No, Kara was whimpering and blushing because she enjoyed this way more than she thought she would. Which was incredibly embarrassing, but it was also weirdly thrilling. Mostly because she was being dominated so completely by someone she loved and trusted, but also by a Luthor, something Kara couldn't forget in this intense moment.

All her power and strength didn't matter at this moment, because she was playing the role of weak and feeble little human Kara Danvers. Or at least the version of herself which had been hiding the fact that she was Supergirl from this woman. Either way she was helpless against the physical and particularly the mental strength of Lena Luthor. And yet, in reality Kara knew all she had to do was call out her safe word and Lena would stop, so in a really weird way she had all the power here. And maybe, maybe she wanted more of this. Maybe she could ask for it. But could she really do that, and inevitably admit just how much she was loving this? Yes, yes she could.

"More." Kara croaked, softly gulping before crying out a little louder, "Give me more! Please Ms Luthor, harder. Oh God, spank me hard."

Taken aback Lena froze on the spot and softly asked, "Are, are you sure?"

"Yes." Kara admitted, briefly biting her lip before asking, "Do, do you have any kryptonite on you?"

"No." Lena admitted huskily, and then smiled, "But why should that matter, Ms Danvers?"

"It, it shouldn't." Kara stammered, partly to get back into character and partly because she was embarrassed with her own blatant desire, "I was just... I..."

"I mean, if you want more, I'm happy to oblige." Lena grinned, "But first, if we're going to do this properly, I must insist I give you a bare bottom spanking."

"Oh yes, please spank my bare butt Ms Luthor!" Kara eagerly agreed, "Punish me for being a bad girl."

This caused Ms Luthor to let out the most adorable little chuckle while pushing her skirt up and her panties down around her ankles. Lena then admired the sight for a few long seconds before restarting the spanking, even managing to put a little more speed and force into it, which okay, didn't actually make a difference to Kara physically, but mentally really worked for her. She was less thrilled with Lena phasing out time in between each blow, but mostly because Lena had been using that time to grope her ass in a way which Kara would have never allowed anyone else to do, which again was weirdly thrilling. Although the harder spanking more or less made up for it.

What really made up for it was being able to see such joy on Lena's face as she really started to give her everything she had. Because that's what Kara wanted to do most in this world, please Lena Luthor, and it was so thrilling to do it in such a twisted way. In a way which was actually causing her to become wet, something Kara couldn't have predicted when Lena had first bought up the idea of the gentle spanking. Although it was a welcome surprise, and solidified the fact that Kara would be happy to do this for Lena again whenever she wanted. And maybe even Kara would request it herself. But as surprisingly enjoyable as it was it was really just foreplay, and that combined with the little role-play fun soon had Kara aching for Lena to fuck her. Or break her promise of not turning the tables on her sexy girlfriend and fucking her.

Lena was very aware of what Kara wanted given the sounds of her cries, and the fact that she could just about see the glistening wetness between her girlfriend's legs. But, even though she was now fairly certain this wasn't going to be the only time she would have the mighty Supergirl in this position it was the first time and Lena wanted to take full advantage of that. Especially as when she had pulled Kara's skirt up and panties down she could see that cute little bottom of hers slowly turning pink. Not quite as pink as she would have liked, and even towards the end she could only get it a very light red, but it was still beautiful and worth spanking her a little longer.

Then when her hand really started to hurt, and she could sense that Kara was about to beg to be fucked, Lena abruptly stopped. For a few long seconds Lena just admired her handiwork, then she placed her hand back on that bottom and then gently caressed it for a few long seconds, making Kara whimper pathetically. But then she had her crying out with joy as she slowly slid a hand in between her legs, and God! Lena had known that Kara had been enjoying this, and even that she saw more than a hint of wetness, but it was even better than she hoped, a wide grin of satisfaction crossing Lena's face as she teased Kara's entrance and clit relentlessly for the next few seconds before getting what she wanted, namely that begging she had prevented before.

"Lena, please..." Kara whimpered.

"Please what?" Lena pushed, quickly adding with a grin at the irony, "And remember, professionalism in the workplace."

Briefly Kara was confused, then she smiled at the irony of being inappropriate when the other woman was gently caressing her pussy, before pleading, "Please Ms Luthor, fuck me."

"I don't know..." Lena teased thoughtfully, "This IS meant to be a punishment. How will you learn your lesson if I just make you cum? Surely I need to make you pull up your panties and kick you out?"

"No please, mmmmm, I'll do anything! Just please, fuck me!" Kara whimpered.

"Anything?" Lena raised an eyebrow, and then after Kara just nodded she added, "Well, I suppose I could turn you into my personal little office slut. Which comes with privileges like eating my pussy, and being fucked hard and often, but I'll have to discipline you even more, maybe including things other than spanking. Like licking my ass. Would you do that Kara? Would you lick my ass hole? Literally become an ass kisser?"

"Yes! Please let me be your personal little office slut!" Kara whimpered, "I'll do whatever you want, eat your pussy and ass, mmmmm, and whatever else, ohhhhhh, just please, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God! Hey, what are you doing?"

"Sorry Kara, but if you're going to be my personal little office slut, we need to break you improperly." Lena announced as she opened up the bottom drawer of her desk and pulled out a sex toy.

Which made Kara's eyes go wide. They had discussed using a dildo, but Kara had been expecting a 'normal' one, not one with straps attached to it, and even if she hadn't heard of a strap-on before, thank you Maggie, Kara thought with a grumble, she would have probably figured out what it was for. Of course the moment that Lena's wicked smile disappeared as a result of Kara's hesitance the blonde gave her a little nod to let her know it was okay, causing the brunette to smile beautifully again, and more importantly remove her pants so she could strap on the dildo. Which Kara had thought would look silly, but it didn't. Well, maybe a little, but Kara was still wound up from everything that came before, so she certainly wasn't laughing as Lena secured the toy cock around her waist.

Instead Kara was wetting her lips just in case Lena asked for a blow job, which was almost as appealing as being fucked to climax. Luckily before Kara could make a fool of herself Lena close the distance between them and went back to work on her needy pussy. Sadly it wasn't with her newly acquired cock, but after a minute or so of no contact whatsoever Kara welcomed the teasing touch. Then it went away again, and came back, this process repeating a couple of times, much to Kara's embarrassment. Although she would get even more embarrassed when she saw what Lena was actually doing. Lena who, of course, was only too happy to explain herself, what was unnecessary and a little embarrassing, but like the spanking weirdly enjoyable.

"Since you're obviously eager to get started, and not in need of a lot of lube, I'm using your slut juices to lubricate my cock." Lena explained cheerfully, then a few seconds later ordered, "Now relax and give me that pretty little pussy of yours."

"Yes Ms Luthor." Kara grinned, before letting out a loud moan as Lena's hand returned to her twat, "Oh God yes, mmmmm, fuck me, fuck my pussy. Please Lena, ah!"

Kara cried out loudly as Ms Luthor smacked her naughty ass for her cheekiness, which honestly she had been expecting and even goading Lena into. However she was then expecting to be rewarded with that cock, when instead Lena pushed a finger inside her. Maybe it was supposed to be further punishment for her cheekiness, but if that was the case it was a lousy punishment, because it felt so amazing. Plus it was arguably better, because this was literally part of Lena being pushed inside her, and Kara loved having Lena Luthor inside her. Although she had to admit, the idea of Lena using that strap-on to fuck her had quickly become very appealing, so it would be a shame not to at least try it.

"More! Please Ms Luthor, give me more." Kara moaned happily, "Mmmmm, it feels so good, but I want more. I need more. Please give me more fingers, ohhhhh, or your cock. Just please, give me more."

"That's what I like to hear. Mmmmm, a slutty little secretary bent over my desk and begging to be fucked!" Lena growled lustfully as she pushed another finger into Kara's cunt, "Yessssss, you love that, don't you Kara? You love having your boss's fingers inside you? Your female boss? Ohhhhhh yes, you love it. You love getting fucked by a girl. Ooooooh Kara, you're such a good girl. Mmmmm, such a good little lesbian slut. Mmmmm yes you are, yes you are, ooooooohhhhhhhhh Kara, I bet I could make you cum just like this. Yesssssss, I could make you cum just by using my fingers to fuck you. I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? Well... to bad, you're getting my cock instead!"

During that last sentence Lena suddenly pulled her fingers out of Kara and delivered several hard spanks. If Kara had been human it would probably have hurt a lot, as her ass would have still been very sore, and Kara found she actually wished that was the case. The thought made her blush a little, but she was too busy playing the part of completely human Kara Danvers and crying out. Although those cries weren't exactly fake, as Lena totally dominating her like this was totally getting her off, perhaps more than anything ever before. Maybe even totally topping Lena. Then Kara let out a loud and long moan as Lena stopped that little spanking as abruptly as it started, grabbed hold of her cock and quickly pushed it into Kara's pussy.

Thanks to all the build-up Kara's pussy was extremely eager to receive that strap-on, which slid into her like a hot knife through butter. In what felt like seconds Lena's thighs were pressed against Kara's butt, announcing every single inch of the dildo was buried inside her. Then... Lena reached down, grabbed her ponytail and gently but forcefully pulled her head upwards and back until she was almost standing up straight. Lena then leaned forward, pressing her tits into Kara's back as she began to cover her neck and shoulders in kisses, and caress the kryptonian's body, and just do everything except fuck her. God, it was maddening.

"Lena, please!" Kara whined.

"Ms Luthor!" Lena reminded her, digging her teeth gently into her neck.

"Oh Rao! Ms Luthor, fuck me!" Kara corrected herself, adding with a whimper, "Please fuck me. I need you to fuck me. Please? Oh please, make me your little office slut and fuck me with your big cock."

For a few long seconds Lena just looked thoughtful, and then whispered in her ear, "You do it. Mmmmm yessssss, bounce your cute little ass back at me. Show me just how badly you want it. Oh, and Kara, if I see even a hint of super speed, I swear I'll kick you out of my office and we'll never do this again. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ms Luthor." Kara literally wept before doing as she was told.

Deep down Kara knew how badly Lena wanted this and it was highly unlikely that if she screwed up they'd stop, and it was even more unlikely they wouldn't do this again. However in that moment even the slightest possibility was unbearable. Kara needed this. She needed Lena. Only Lena. She needed her in every way she could have her, but right now, she really needed her cock. She needed her cock fucking her needy pussy. So she slowly started pushing herself back and forth, which was maddening because Lena was holding her firmly in place with very little space in between her body in the desk, meaning only a few inches were being pumped in and out of Kara's pussy, when she wanted so much more. But at least for now it would have to do.

Lena went right back to kissing Kara's shoulders and neck as soon as the alien started impaling herself on her cock, eventually moving as far down her back as she could and up to Kara's cheeks. She also started licking, sucking and biting at that flawless flesh, dearly wishing she could leave a mark which would last, either where no one could see or better yet somewhere they could and Kara couldn't cover it up. Just something to show that this perfect being was hers. For this primal reason she even bit down harder than she would ever do with the human, somewhat breaking their role-play, but it only made Kara cry out more loudly with pleasure, so Lena kept doing it.

She also started to slide her hands all over that perfect body, of course paying extra attention to Kara's perky little boobs and the rockhard nipples attached to them. Occasionally she would reach down to caress Kara's ass, but as she was feeling her girlfriend's butt against her thighs as the other girl constantly pushed back against her Lena concentrated more on Kara's front. Which eventually included reaching down to rub Kara's clit, which felt deliciously cruel given how slow and short she was forcing the current thrusts to be. It certainly made Kara let out a cry which made Lena's heartbreak, yet at the same time it also made her want to cum, once again proving Lena really was a Luthor.

For a moment Lena was distracted from the perfection that was Kara Danvers with pure self-hatred. Which was actually a fairly normal occurrence, as Lena was very aware that she didn't deserve someone so perfect as Kara, or Supergirl, and she certainly didn't deserve to have them both in this one package of perfection. But as always, she got past it by promising herself she would do everything in her power to make Kara happy. Beginning to thrust her hips back and forth would have been the best way to do that right now, but Lena knew when she started she wouldn't be able to stop, so instead she drew things out even further by beginning to whisper loving words into Kara's ear.

"You're so beautiful." Lena whispered softly, not holding back from showing her girlfriend everything she felt for her, "I can't believe you're real. Or that you would give me a second of your time. God Kara, you're perfect. Your body, mind and soul, they're all perfect to me. Ohhhhhh, and the things that you can do... oh Kara, you're a goddess. I know you don't believe that, but I do. So many people look up to you, mmmmm, see you as a goddess, oooooooh, and tonight, their goddess is going to cum on my cock. My perfect little goddess is going to cum all over my cock. But not before I give her permission. Yessssss, you're going to have to wait for Ms Luthor's permission to cum like a lowly office slut on her boss's cock. Oh Kara! Ride me Kara! Oh God!"

Some of those words went against their little role-play, but Lena didn't care. The whole point of this game was to bring them both pleasure, so she didn't mind breaking character at least momentarily in the name of achieving her ultimate goal, making Kara Danvers feel good. Well, and herself feel good, if she was being honest. Although Kara was thankfully making it very clear she was enjoying every bit of this, including those words, a lot of which were just for Lena's benefit. Which again, she hated herself a little for being selfish, but she just couldn't help herself, and as long as the end result would be Kara cumming nice and hard Lena doubted that the mighty Supergirl would complain.

Kara actually wanted to complain. Not about the words, because she loved it when Lena whispered naughty things into her ear like this, especially when they were having sex, but those words combined with the little touches Lena was giving her, and of course the dildo gently thrusting inside her pussy, made Kara want to cum so bad it was infuriating. At the same time she didn't want to cum without Lena actually getting to fuck her with that strap-on, especially since she suspected Lena wanted it almost as badly as she did. So Kara did her best to just stay silent and keep letting Lena have her way with her, even as it became almost painfully hard to do so.

Of course there was no guarantee that the sneaky Luthor would actually make her cum if she started begging for it. Now there was a scary thought. Maybe Lena would be extra cruel and punish her if she tried. Claim that she should have asked permission to beg first, or something. Spank her, or maybe even stop entirely. And Kara had to admit, this all felt so wonderful. Lena's hands against her body, the words being whispered into her ear, and especially the dildo which in this moment felt like part of Lena, meaning Lena was penetrating her deeper than ever before, was so heavenly that part of Kara never wanted it to stop. But... she just needed to cum so bad.

"Please..." Kara finally wept.

"What is it Ms Danvers?" Lena teased, while subtly reminding Kara to be 'professional'.

"Please Ms Luthor, fuck me! Fuck me hard." Kara whimpered softly, "Fuck me hard and make me cum. Fuck my pussy-"

"Cunt!" Lena growled, "Say it like a big girl Kara."

"My, my cunt." Kara stammered, before becoming desperate, and delirious, "Fuck my cunt and make me cum. Oh please Ms Luthor, make me cum. Or let me do it! I don't care, I just want to cum so bad. Oh Rao, please Ms Luthor, let me cum on your cock. Ohhhhhhh please, please, please Ms Luthor, fuck me hard and make me cum on your big cock. Fuck me and make me your personal little office slut! Ah God, please Ms Luthor, just fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum! Ooooooh Gooooodddddd, I wanna cum for you. Mmmmm, cum for a Luthor, OH GOD! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, fuck me, fuck me Ms Luthor, fuck me, oh Lena, oh fuck!"

It took longer than Kara had been hoping for but finally Lena started to pump her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Kara's pussy. Of course she did this slowly at first, but at least it was a start, and a promise of more to come. Eagerly Kara match those thrusts with some of her own, causing the dick to feel like it was going deeper into her with every thrust, Lena rewarding her by losing her grip somewhat and stepping back, allowing those thrusts to be longer and deeper. Then the pace increased, and just as it was getting really good Lena suddenly pushed Kara down until her face was almost pressed against the desk, then pulled back on her ponytail and smacked her ass.

"You wanna cum? Cum!" Lena ordered, "Cum for me Kara! Cum for Ms Luthor like a good little office slut!"

Happy to obey that order more than any other Lena had given her during this little role-play Kara came, and came hard. Surprisingly it wasn't the instant she had been given permission, but it was shortly afterwards, and as always with Lena Luthor it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. The only downside was that Kara couldn't let go completely, not without something suppressing her powers, so throughout the next few heavenly minutes, or however long it was, Kara had to concentrate on not hurting her girlfriend. But she used every ounce of strength she dared so she could ensure that she would cum as hard and as frequently as possible.

Lena tried her best to match Kara's thrusts, but it was hopeless. Supergirl had abandoned the pretence of being human and was now a blur as she slammed herself back and forth, eventually knocking Lena back into her chair, which was thankfully right behind her. Out of what must have been pure instinct Kara followed that cock, not allowing it to slip out of her even for a second, meaning that she ended up sitting on Lena's lap. Although she was only sitting there for less than a second before she started jack-hammering herself up and down, now in the reverse cowgirl position, her cum still covering the cock inside her cunt as the mighty Supergirl screamed so loudly it probably echoed to the empty building.

The only way they could do this and not be disturbed was to do this at night, but Lena was now regretting that decision. She just couldn't stop focusing on the delicious thought of one of her employees checking up on her and seeing sweet innocent looking Kara Danvers exposing the fact that she had super-speed by riding her strap-on cock. And everyone in her building to know Supergirl was being fucked by Lena Luthor from the sounds of those screams and cries. Although maybe they still would. Maybe the sound of Kara's screams would echo throughout the city, if not the entire world. Oh yes, Lena loved that idea. Almost as much as the fact that her office would now smell like sex for at least the next day. And better yet, it would smell like Kara.

While those thoughts distracted her for some time Lena quickly started to thrust up into Kara's cunt as hard as she possibly could. Not that it truly mattered, as either way Kara got fucked hard, but Lena strongly felt that when she did Kara came harder, and there was definitely something to the mental stimulation of a Super and a Luthor working together to make that Super cum as hard and as frequently as possible. Although in the process the Luthor came too, the harness rubbing against her pussy and the sheer mental stimulation of doing this to the Girl of Steel making Lena cum almost as much as her beloved Kara. So much so Lena was actually relieved when Kara stopped and lowered herself back down on top of her, leaving the two women to pant and gasp for breath.

Even though Kara collapsing down onto her might have been painful Lena actually felt disappointed that Kara was able to stop and then slowly lower herself down. Oh well, Lena would just have to find a way to wear her out, and hopefully she would have the rest of her life to try. For now Lena would concentrate on the after-care, gently caressing the beautiful body on top of her and sliding her hands all over it as soon as she had the strength, and of course pressing her lips to the nearest available skin, which just happened to be Kara's shoulders. Which made Kara whimper and moan with delight, and shift her body slightly so Lena could kiss her neck.

After a few long minutes of that Kara whimpered, "I love you. I love you so much, oh Rao!"

"Shhhh, I love you too Kara." Lena whispered in her ear, before adding with a grin, "Now get down on your knees and suck your cum off of my cock."

Grinning wickedly Kara turned her head and purred, "Yeah? Does Ms Luthor want her slutty little secretary to suck her big cock underneath her desk?"

"God yes." Lena grinned, "Ohhhhhh yesssss, slip under my desk and clean my cock! Oh yes, mmmmm, good girl. Oh fuck!"

Kara wasn't at all eager to get off of that dildo. In fact she felt she could go another few rounds, especially after her girlfriend had just returned her declaration of love. However she didn't want to wear out the other woman, or worse hurt her, by becoming consumed with her own pleasure. At least not without something to dull her powers. Which might in turn dull her pleasure, although that was hard to believe, as the most important thing was that it was Lena Luthor's cock that was deep inside her. Oh yes, Kara had cum easily as hard as ever before, and perhaps harder, on that fake cock, and it was only right that she would show it gratitude, and more importantly show gratitude to it's wearer.

So Kara reluctantly slipped off of that cock, letting out a soft cry at the loss of Lena Luthor inside her, and then got down onto her knees and turned around so she was kneeling before her girlfriend. Then just for good measure she slipped back a little so she was underneath the desk, the two lovers exchanging a wicked smile before the exhausted business woman moved her chair forwards so Kara could literally suck her cock beneath her desk. Fuck, Kara had cum a lot, but her greedy body was already craving more pleasure just from the mental high of doing this. But no, it was Lena's turn, and if this was what her girlfriend wanted, so be it. At the very least it would make a good start.

It definitely made Lena happy, Kara keeping eye contact with her as she wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo and then started bobbing up and down while noisily cleaning the cum from it. Kara had tasted her own cum before, especially with Lena, who took great pleasure in kissing her after going down on her, or pushing her fingers into her mouth after they had been inside her pussy. Honestly Kara preferred both of those things, but there was definitely something to sucking that cock, especially given the delighted look on Lena's face. Surprisingly she didn't give her any words of encouragement, or orders, even when Kara forced the strap-on into her throat so she could get every drop of her own cum.

Then a worrying thought suddenly filled Kara's head, one that she just couldn't shake, so she moved her mouth from the toy cock and asked, "You don't do this with your actual secretary, do you?"

"No, never." Lena said quickly, before admitting, "Actually, this is the first time I've ever done something like this."

"Good." Kara grinned in relief, that grin getting wider as she teased, "So, Ms Luthor is using Supergirl to act out all her naughty little fantasies?"

"God yes." Lena purred wickedly, "And I promise you Ms Danvers, I have many more where that came from."

Kara grinned back and offered, "How about this?"

Lena's eyes lit up and she gleefully encouraged, "Oh yes, mmmmm, oh Kara!"

As she spoke those last words Kara undid the straps of Lena's harness and gently pulled it off of her. Clearly that was enough to make the extremely smart woman know what she was referring too, although she didn't give Lena a chance to properly respond before leaning down and beginning to lick the cum from her pussy. First the cum that was left over from what they had just done, and then Kara spent the better part of the next hour tongue fucking her girlfriend through orgasm after orgasm. Oh yes, it was truly a special night, one filled with kinky love-making which the couple would repeat over and over again in the days, weeks, and months to follow.

* * *

"So... what exactly does one pack for travelling through time?" Lena asked with a smirk.

"Just your sexy self." Kara beamed, before further explaining herself, "The Wave-rider has this technology which replicates anything you want. Food, clothes, books, vintage games, it's got it all. And that's a direct quote. And, like, a super high-tech medical lab. And plenty of free cabins. Oh, and bathrooms. So seriously, don't worry about it."

* * *

But Lena did worry about it, as while on the one hand a long weekend travelling through time had sounded like a truly unique couples vacation, the variables were astronomical. Sure, it had been Lena's idea, but now she was second-guessing it. Especially considering the company included the woman that Kara had gone to for sex advice, advice which Kara had used on Lena, making the meeting at best awkward, and at worst Lena might embarrass herself and Kara by becoming jealous. Which was silly, because it had now been six months since they had gotten together, and they had only fallen harder for each other. Lena had even bought an obscenely expensive engagement ring, for God sakes.

Lena had promised herself she would wait until they had been together for at least a full year before popping the question, but as she stood on the roof of L-Corp waiting for her lover and a time ship to show up, hopefully in that order, her breath was taken away by the sight of Supergirl suddenly appearing above her. Clearly showing off Kara smiled lovingly down at her and slowly descended from the heavens like the literal goddess she was, an Lena just wanted to drop to her knees and propose on the spot. Not because she wanted an excuse to finally get rid of her troubling surname, or because having Supergirl secretly be a Luthor, as in Kara Luthor, was beyond thrilling, but just because she loved this girl so much. But somehow she was able to hold it together, even as Kara landed in front of her, pulled her into her arms and kissed her.

That kiss was way too short for Lena's liking, but breath-takingly sweet, especially as when Kara pulled back she smiled sweetly and greeted her, "Hey."

"Hey..." Lena replied, her voice hoarse as it took her a few long seconds to recover, before she asked, "So, how long do you think they'll be?"

Kara grinned, "Oh, I'd say it's only a matter of time."

Lena couldn't avoid rolling her eyes at the bad pun, which caused Kara to giggle. Lena was going to say something snarky in response, but there was a loud noise and a sudden flash, causing them to look up to see what had to be The Wave-rider. It was certainly impressive, and made Lena's inner nerd squeal with delight. What was even more impressive was that during the descent a cargo bay door slowly opened to reveal another stunning blonde in a 'superhero pose', except she was dressed in white, and yeah, Lena's inner green eyed monster was growling. And her inner teenaged closeted self had passed out from the amount of beautiful blondes surrounding her, and the grown-up version was struggling not to follow.

"Her? You got sex advice from her?" Lena murmured in disbelief. Which of course Kara heard.

"Hey, she's no Lena Luthor." Kara chuckled, gently nudging her girlfriend, and then when Lena kept staring upwards she gently took Lena's hand and asked, "You're not jealous, are you?"

"What? No, I..." Lena started, before Kara gave her a look, making her change her tune, "Maybe a little."

"Well don't be. I love you." Kara said softly, bringing Lena's hand up to her lips and pressing a lingering kiss to the back of it.

"I love you too." Lena smiled softly.

It was embarrassing to be so insecure, but Lena just couldn't help it. She couldn't help but feel that even having Kara in her life at all had been too good to be true, so now they were actually together she kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. For something to happen which would break them apart forever, and possibly push her down that dark path which everybody else assumed was inevitable for her. Yet through it all Kara was nothing except loving and supportive, making Lena fall even more in love with her. In fact she became so lost in staring at Kara she didn't notice the other blonde goddess landing right in front of them. Almost. Then again Sara Lance seemed impossible to ignore.

"Lena Luthor." Sara greeted with a nod of respect, trying and failing not to be obvious as she admired the other woman, "Kara has told me a lot about you."

"Kara has told me a lot about you too." Lena responded with what she hoped was a friendly tone.

There was an awkward pause and then Kara exclaimed, "So, are you ready for our Super Date?"

The other two women turned to her, Sara raising an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"Really Kara?" Lena chuckled.

"What? It's what we're doing?" Kara beamed, before turning to Sara, "Get it? Super Date? As in this will be a Super Date? And that we're Super Dating? Because I'm Supergirl? And we're dating?"

"Yeah..." Sara nodded mockingly, "I've heard the more you explain a joke, the funnier it gets."

"Really?" Kara said hopefully, before Sara gave her a look.

"Oh my God, you're dating such a dork." Sara chuckled.

"I know." Lena beamed at Kara, "She's my dork."

"Yeah I am." Kara beamed at Lena.

Despite herself Sara couldn't help smiling softly, briefly wishing she could find love like that, before announcing in a mock cheesy announcer voice, "So ladies, where to on your next Super Date?"

Kara and Lena went from smiling at each other, smiling at Sara, and then just thinking before announcing their choice like the dorks they were...

The End.


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