Supernatural: Angels (MM)
by The Fan

Legendary demon hunter and scourge of all things evil Dean Winchester stood naked before the tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian male whose body was inhabited by Castiel, the Angel of the Lord. Smiling cockily, Dean did his best to tempt Heaven's Angelic Emissary. Ever since he first laid eyes on the Angel Castiel, Dean wanted a piece of him. Castile was one sexy guy. And since he was an Angel, he'd probably never gotten laid. Dean, a bisexual seducer who chased men and women all over the country, had never met a person he couldn't break. Especially since he knew Castiel liked him as well.

The Angel known as Castiel had risked his immortal life to save Dean and Sam Winchester when he found out the Archangel Uriel had turned traitor. Uriel, the once-magnificent Archangel whose essence resided in the body of a tall, good-looking, forty-something dark-skinned Black man. Uriel was revealed to be in league with the Forces of Evil. He wanted to let the Demon Lord Alastair kill Dean Winchester so he could free Lucifer Morningstar from the darkest pits of the Underworld. Unfortunately for him, Sam Winchester arrived just in time to stop Alastair from slaying his brother Dean and breaking free. Castiel was in love with Dean Winchester. Angels were supposed to be pure beings. Without malice, without lust and without emotion. The perfect servants of God. Unfortunately, Castiel had begun to feel doubt. He had developed certain cravings and urges. And he very much wanted a piece of Dean Winchester.

For a long time, Castiel struggled with his love for Dean Winchester. He talked about it with his friend, the redemption-seeking Fallen Angel Anna, and she actually understood. After all, back when she was trapped in a human body without her Angelic powers, she had a brief fling with Dean Winchester. From time immemorial, Angels had been falling in love with ordinary men and women. Unfortunately, these romances seldom turned out well for either party. There were tales of what Heaven did to punish the winged men and winged women who dared to disobey heavenly decree by having dalliances with mortals.

The price of disobedience was a steep one for an Angel. All Angels were expected to obey the rules of Heaven without question. Those who disobeyed were stripped of their greatest powers and hurled down either to the flaming Pits of Hell or to the planet Earth. Angels were immortal. Fallen Angels weren't. That's why the Fallen Angel Anna was able to kill the Archangel Uriel. He turned to the dark side by betraying the Code of Heaven and turning against his winged brothers and winged sisters. For this, he became mortal. Oh, he still had most of his powers since Archangels were stronger than ordinary Angels but immortality was no longer his to claim. So he died, just like Demons die. Slain by a Blade blessed with the ability to kill evil.

The Fallen Angel Anna told Castiel that there was nothing wrong with his love for Dean, or his sexual attraction to the young bisexual man who roamed the country with his younger brother in an Impala, looking for demons to slay. According to Anna, sexual attraction wasn't a bad thing. Men were drawn to women. Women were drawn to women. Some men preferred men and some women preferred women. Some men and women liked both men and women. Sex itself was often a very enjoyable experience. And there was nothing wrong with that. So she encouraged the Angel Castiel to express his love for Dean Winchester in a physical way. Tonight, Castiel decided to make his move. And Dean Winchester was waiting for him.

Dean smiled, and walked up to Castiel. Without hesitation, he pulled the Angel into his arms and kissed him. Castiel hesitated. But he kissed Dean back. Dean embraced Castiel, and they stared into each other's eyes. Dean looked into the eyes of the Angel of Heaven who saved his life countless times. For it was Castiel who fought against the Legions of the Underworld to pluck Dean's soul from the Pits of Hell and restore him back to life on the planet Earth so he could save the world from Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil himself. Dean was fond of Castiel. Just like Castiel was fond of Dean. Tonight, they were both ready to admit it.

Dean undressed Castiel, and gasped as he beheld the Angel of the Lord in all of his great beauty. Castiel's body was beyond smoking hot. It was perfect. Dean kissed him again, and then licked a path from Castiel's lips to his throat, and played with his tiny chest hairs before kissing his sex. Castiel gasped as Dean's lips found their way on his member. Dean licked Castiel's dick. The Angel was definitely well-endowed. His dick was eight inches long and uncircumcised. Dean stroked Castiel's cock and gently rubbed his balls as Castiel breathed a sigh of pleasure. Dean grinned. He knew this was Castiel's first blowjob and he wanted to make this a special occasion. So he sucked the Angel's dick and licked his balls like oral sex was going out of style. Castiel moaned in pleasure as Dean Winchester began to rock his world. He'd never felt anything like that before, and he'd existed since the beginning of time.

Dean grinned as he sucked off Castiel, loving the effect he was having on the Angel. Castiel was gasping and moaning as Dean sucked his dick and licked his balls. When Castiel came, Dean happily gulped down every last drop of his angelic seed. Castiel sighed, and asked Dean if there was more to sex. Dean smiled, and showed Castiel all he had to offer. He grabbed some lube, and smeared it all over Castiel's cock and his own ass. Then he got on all fours and told Castiel to fuck him. Castiel hesitated, but only for a moment. He came up behind Dean, and pressed his dick against his ass. With a swift thrust, he penetrated him. Dean grunted as he felt Castiel's thick cock enter his asshole. Dean had been fucked many times. By men with big dicks and women with strap-on dildos. However, Castiel's cock was in a league of its own. The Angel slammed his cock up Dean's ass, and the Hunter screamed.

Dean squealed as Castiel fucked him in the ass. The Angel didn't seem to know his own strength. He was tearing Dean's ass apart. And Dean loved it. His ass was practically burning from Castiel's brand of butt-fucking but he didn't want it to stop. Castiel pounded Dean in the butt until he came, flooding the Hunter's ass with his angelic seed. The Angel Castiel and Dean Winchester screamed in unison as they exploded. They laid on the ground, spent. An Angel from Heaven and a human whom Heaven chose to hunt Demons to save the world. And they were lovers.. The universe truly made some strange bedfellows. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

When the Angel Castiel and the Hunter known as Dean came to, they found out they weren't alone. Dean's brother Sam Winchester was there, along with his dark-haired, dark-eyed and bronze-skinned demonic girlfriend, Ruby. Oh, and Dean's ex, the Fallen Angel Anna was there too. Castiel greeted the trio with a smile on his face. Dean looked somber. Sam laughed, and told Dean he looked sore. Castiel laughed and patted Dean's ass. Dean looked pale. Anna and Ruby laughed as well, noting that both Dean and Castiel needed to get laid. Dean laughed, as did Castiel. Then they got dressed and back to business. Lucifer couldn't be allowed to rise. It would mean the end of the world. The end of all hope. They had work to do.


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