Supernatural: Meg And Castiel (MF,rough)
by The Fan

The Fallen Angel Castiel looked at his lover, the Demon woman known as Meg Masters, as they lay in bed together. Gently Meg tugged at his chest hairs, then she looked up at him. Her dark hair framed her pale face ever so nicely, and her bright eyes sparkled with mischief. "Want to go again?" She asked, grinning.

Castiel smiled, and shook his head. Even his superhuman physique had its limits. Damn it, it's like she was trying to kill him using sex. And in spite of the fact that they were both Immortal, she just might be succeeding. Castiel took her hand in his and kissed it, and Meg took it away, rolling her eyes and pretending admirably that she didn't like what he just did.

Meg Masters had been a Demon for a long time. Even before she lost her Soul, went to Hell and became one of the Dark Ones, she had been a troubled young woman. Her mortal life was filled with sorrow, anguish, pain and misery. And she'd done her share of terrible things. Oh, yeah. She killed people, long before she became a Spawn of Hell, and she liked it. Still, there had always been a core of her, which remained decent. The things she did were a result of circumstances, and poor choices, that's all. She played the cards she was dealt, lived with abandon, and played by her own rules.

After she got sent to Hell thanks to a lifetime of misdeeds, Meg got tormented like all the Damned were. Her tormentor at the time was a lower-level Demon known as Crowley. He saw potential in her, the soul that simply wouldn't give up. The one who refused to surrender. The sadistic wench who taunted her tormentor even as he sliced her to pieces in the bowels of Hell. Crowley recruited her to become his Acolyte and fellow Torturer. Together, they tore the souls of the Damned even more mercilessly than these poor sods were accustomed to being tormented.

In Hell, where the souls of sociopaths, racists, misanthropes, religious nutcases, pedophiles, rapists and terrorists are tormented by expert Torturers, it takes a lot of gumption to stand out. Crowley and Meg worked their way up the Ladder of Hell, until he became one of the Demon Lords and she was his Henchwoman. Together, they were virtually unstoppable. As Crowley became more and more powerful, he assigned Meg Masters those tasks which a Demon Lord simply couldn't be bothered with. She crawled her way up to the planet Earth from the Pit of Hell and once there, she wreaked havoc, like all Demons do.

Meg Masters rose to dear old planet Earth, and continued to shine like only a Darkling could. She made deals, acquired souls and when their time came up, the Hounds of Hell came to drag them away. She was really good at what she did, and when Crowley became a Demon Overlord, a Lord to the Lords of Hell, right below the Fallen ArchAngel Lucifer Morningstar himself, Meg Masters became the first female entity to be elevated to the rank of Lord of Hell. Not since Lilith herself, the Demon Matriarch and Lucifer's ex-girlfriend, had a lass wielded such power. For a while, Meg Masters was the envy of the Underworld. Given Crowley's meteoric rise to power, without a doubt when he became the King of Hell, she'd be his Dark Queen.

Well, that was before Meg Masters caught Crowley in bed with Alistair, the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Yeah, in spite of everything she'd been through, the feeling of betrayal that shot through Meg Masters when she saw Alistair and Crowley going at it Brokeback Mountain style, that was some deep pain indeed. From that day forward, Meg Masters hated Crowley. For years, he pretended to care for her, but he'd been lying to her all along. Crowley would never make her his Dark Queen once he became the King of Hell. No, not when he and Alistair had big plans to rule the Underworld together, Siegfried and Roy style. Yeah, the would-be King of Hell was a closeted homosexual. And Meg Masters hated him with a singular passion. That's what happens to love gone sour.

Meg Masters had been through a lot of things in her life, but even through her darkest deeds, she always sought something greater than herself to believe in. And Meg always threw her lot with bad guys, guys who took advantage of her need for leadership and direction, and used her. First that fruitcake Crowley, then Lucifer Morningstar, the Founder of Hell, first Ruler of the Underworld and, through his union with Lilith, the Creator of the Demon race. Yeah, Meg Masters had lousy taste in men. Especially when it came to her hatred/fascination for the Winchester brothers. Dean got to her, but he fucked it up by being a bastard. As for Sam Winchester, he was trouble with a capita T and she knew better than to tangle with the likes of him. Whoever was considered fit to be a Vessel for Satan himself, that wasn't the kind of guy she needed in her life.

So where does that leave her? The first time Meg Masters met Castiel, her current beau, he was trapped within a circle of fire by Lucifer Morningstar, her former leader. She teased and taunted him, the Angel who walked away from Heaven out of loyalty for the eternally haunted and downtrodden Winchester brothers, whom both the Kingdom of Heaven and the Pit of Hell despise with equal fervor. Meg Masters initially viewed Castiel as just another obstacle to take down, considering he was allied with the Winchester brothers, her sworn enemies and sometimes, her grudging part-time allies. When Castiel returned from the dead (again), Meg Masters found him oddly charming, especially during his amnesiac phase where he developed a crush on her. The thought of it made her chuckle. A fallen Angel and a Demonic woman, happily together in a fucked up but endearing kind of way.

The fallen Angel she nicknamed Clarence had become dear to her indeed. Castile looked at Meg, and she suddenly kissed him full and deep. Castiel looked at Meg and grinned, amazed at the energy still residing inside the female Demon's meat sack, as she called her deliciously curvy body. He gave her big butt a firm slap and Meg grinned. And just like that, they were at it again. Castiel grabbed onto Meg's big, firm breasts and gently squeezed them. Meg straddled Castiel, grabbing hold of his long, thick cock. She stroked it, watching it harden like steel and grinning with anticipation before inserting him into her wet pussy. Castiel gasped as he entered her, and gritted his teeth as she sank her claw-like fingernails into his flesh, drawing blood. Meg definitely liked it rough, alright.

Meg straddled Castiel, and rode him hard. She took his left hand and kissed fingers, one by one. Locking eyes with him, Meg told Castiel to smack her ass and for once the sweet but sexually načve fallen Angel did as he was told. He gave her big butt a firm slap, and she growled sexily before urging him to do it. At the same time, Castiel bucked his hips, thrusting his cock deep into her pussy. Her wild hair cascaded all over her face, and her breasts swung wildly as she rode Castiel, loving the feel of his hard cock inside of her. Throwing her head back wildly, she screamed passionately, an ethereal sound, which caused the nearby window to shatter. At the same time, Castiel cried out sharply, for Meg's pussy gripping his cock tightly just caused him to erupt inside of her. As he came, flooding her with his seed, lightning struck in the sky above, and a burning tree fell, less than ten feet from the shattered window. Neither Angel nor Demon paid attention to the maelstrom unleashed by their passions.

Bursting with otherworldly energy, Castiel seized Meg and soared into the heavens, their immortal flesh still entwined. Meg's heart skipped as Castiel summoned his otherworldly wings, and took the two of them up in the sky. The whole time, he clutched her to him, her breast in his mouth, his right hand on her butt even as his hard cock filled her cunt. Even though she knew that, as a Demon, getting too close to his Angelic light might prove harmful or even fatal, she didn't care. If she had to go into her eternal reward, this was as good a way to go as any. Castiel, her favorite little cloud hopper kept rising higher and higher into the heavens, his throbbing dick inside of her, ramming it home all the way. He flew until they were close to leaving the planet, and then he fell.

Their bodies entwined in love and passion, Angel and Demon crashed to Earth. When dawn came, it found them lying in a field, the remnants of their clothes burned away. Castiel was the first to recover. Meg woke up seconds after he did, and grinned at the sight of his robust, naked body. He was sporting a morning erection and a big grin. She liked both on him. Taking her hand in his, Castiel pulled her to her feet and kissed her. At that precise moment, a trio of students with the logo Carleton University on their T-shirts walked into the clearing. Castiel had inadvertently transported Meg and himself to Ottawa, Ontario. As the shocked Canadians gawked at them, the Angel snapped his fingers and he and his lovely Demoness vanished in a flash of light.


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